Chapter 6

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Qin Yuyang had no choice left, he could only call Huang Mao again in front of Su Ranqiu. “Mao-Ge, can I bring one more person with me tonight?”

Huang Mao was surprised. “Who is it? Does Xiao-Yu have a follower?” 

“My lover,” Qin Yuyang replied then turned around and whispered, “they’re afraid that I’m gambling, so they wanted to follow me.” 

After hearing this Huang Mao chuckled and said, “Okay, since it’s my little sister-in-law, bring her along with you. I promise to greet her warmly.” 

Qin Yuyang smiled coldly. “Say that again?”

Huang Mao immediately shuddered and hurriedly replied, “Then it’s settled. I’ll see you at 7 in the evening.” 

After hanging up the call, Qin Yuyang sat at the table waiting for dinner.

Today, it was fried green vegetables with too much oil; the food looked quite shabby.

Qin Yuyang made no remarks, he just picked up two bowls and ate them with relish. His appetite made Su Ranqiu suspect that he wasn’t raising a rich, second-generation prince, but rather a fat cat wearing the skin of a rich second-generation. 

Either way, after a short time, Qin Yuyang had almost altered the impression of a scum he had left in Su Ranqiu’s mind into one of a fake, wealthy second-generation who was a bit rouge and couldn’t support himself. 

He was almost certain that Qin Yuyang wasn’t disguising himself and that this was his true self.

But it had only been a mere two days together, who knew what would happen in the future. 

Su Ranqiu believed sooner or later, this man would go back to being a rich young master and he’d only be one of his many romantic affairs, that was all.

At 6 in the evening, Su Ranqiu cooked an early dinner, locked the house from inside and out, and prepared to accompany Qin Yuyang. 

After dinner, Qin Yuyang laid on the bed with his small, bulging belly and took a nap.

Su Ranqiu went over and kicked him, commanding, “Get up and change your clothes.”

The two of them hadn’t gone out all day, so both of them were still in their pajamas. 

Qin Yuyang opened his eyes and suddenly saw Su Ranqiu’s hands raised over his head, stripping off his top. His white, slender, and elegant waistline attracted his attention. 

He moved his eyes away as if nothing had happened. It was clear that he hadn’t left a deep impression on the other party that night, seeing as how he still dared to take off his clothes in front of him.

After a while, Qin Yuyang sat up and advised, “It’s really cold on the mountain. You should wear more clothes.”

“Oh.” Su Ranqiu bowed his head and searched in the drawer for the mask he’d used before so he could put it on. 

On the other hand, Qin Yuyang himself was wearing a thin shirt and a casual blazer at the moment, looking very fashionable.

Su Ranqiu suddenly thought that in the places where Qin Yuyang and his friends often visited, it was certainly suitable to wear these stylish clothes. But in such a room where there was no heater to warm it up, didn’t he feel cold?

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Qin Yuyang asked and suddenly felt a little stressed out. 

“Nothing.” Su Ranqiu stiffly shifted his eyes away, realizing that even if Qin Yuyang was cold, he had no money to buy him clothes. 

Su Ranqiu couldn’t help remembering Qin Yuyang’s body temperature and the feel of his muscular arms from when he’d slept with him.

It was the young man’s first time experiencing the term ‘skin-to-skin contact’ in his entire life.

He didn’t have any clear memories, but men were very sensitive to this kind of thing. It wasn’t something the opposite sex could understand. 

After finding the milk tea shop where he’d freely used the wifi yesterday, Qin Yuyang pulled the bored Su Ranqiu who was walking with him and said, “This is the place.”

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but when he walked in, the waitress seemed to be glaring at him.

“Welcome, what can I do for you?” The beautiful shop assistant was very friendly to Su Ranqiu who was walking behind. 

Qin Yuyang interrupted and remarked, “You should have a glass of hot milk on such a cold evening.” 

Su Ranqiu looked speechless but didn’t refuse. “Then, hot milk.” 

The shop assistant asked, “For both of you?”

Qin Yuyang waved his hand. “I don’t want it.”

At 6:57, Su Ranqiu held a slightly hot cup of milk with sugar that he was slowly drinking.

Qin Yuyang sat beside him and read the news headlines with a serious face.

The bright yellow sports car took another five minutes or so before finally arriving at the destination. 

As soon as Huang Mao parked in front of the milk tea shop’s door, he got out of the car, entered and apologized, “Hey, Xiao-Yu! I’m so sorry, so very sorry. I’m a little late!” 

Right when he came in, Su Ranqiu placed down the cup and wore his mask.

“You’ve come just now, the milk is getting cold.” Qin Yuyang said lazily and then pointed to the person beside him. “I’m with Xiao-Qiu.” 

Huang Mao immediately greeted him, “Hello, Xiao-Qiu!”


Qin Yuyang met Su Ranqiu’s puzzled eyes and introduced, “This is Mao-Ge, the friend who helped me find a job.” 

Su Ranqiu turned to look at Huang Mao, nodded his head and replied, “Hello Mao-Ge.”

Hearing that the voice was indeed of a man’s, Huang Mao smiled and muttered to himself, “The wind’s really quite good.” All the good-looking ones had become gay, so there wouldn’t be anyone to rob the girls. 

Then they both got into Huang Mao’s car, this time sitting in the back seat.

Qin Yuyang’s leg was pressed against Su Ranqiu’s. He was dressed in a layer of long sweatpants and casually asked, “Is it cold?” 

Su Ranqiu was very quiet, he shook his head and murmured, “It’s not cold.”

40 minutes later, they finally arrived at the destination.

Huang Mao stopped his car and said, “Xiao-Yu” while pointing to the blue car in front of him, “That car’s a race car. Go and try it.”

Qin Yuyang got out of the car and looked around, there were only two or three people here and there. He knew that Huang Mao had deliberately let him come early to test the car in advance so he asked, “The starting time is 9:00?” 

Huang Mao nodded hurriedly. “Yes, Ting-Ge should be here soon. Go ahead and test it first.” 

“Xiao-Qiu,” Qin Yuyang turned back, not forgetting that he’d brought a small tail with him,  “Come, I’ll take you for a ride.”

The temperature on the mountain was so low that Su Ranqiu was wrapped up in his coat. He slowly walked over to get inside the blue sports car and sat in the passenger’s seat.

Qin Yuyang turned on the heater, slowly fastened his seat belt and told Su Ranqiu, “Fasten it tightly.” Then he asked, “Do you throw up when you ride in a car?” 

Qin Yuyang must have recalled the tragic situation of Huang Mao yesterday as his face was full of worries. 

“No.” Su Ranqiu carefully fastened his seat belt and checked it twice. 

Qin Yuyang replied, “That’s good.” Under his control, the car drove out with gentle momentum.

After some time he picked up speed, controlling the car when he met a curve, entering the corner and swinging the rear end.

From slow to fast, he gradually sped up the car until it reached its maximum speed.

Su Ranqiu raised his hand and grabbed the roof handle in the upper right corner. After balancing his body, he immediately looked ahead speechlessly. He felt that the car was going to fall at every turn, but that was just his delusion. 

Qin Yuyang was driving steadily.

Half an hour later, there were a lot more people present than before at the foot of the mountain. Tao Zhenting and Jiang Yilang also arrived one after another. The former was in a business car driven by a driver and the latter was driving his own iconic silver sports car.

“Ting-Ge, long time no see.” A fashionably dressed young man walked up to Tao Zhenting with a smile on his face. 

“Second Young Master Jiang, long time no see.” Tao Zhenting shook hands with him.

This young man was Jiang Yilang who was about to race with Qin Yuyang tonight.

“Hello, Mr. Jiang.” Huang Mao was so enthusiastic that he leaned forward and remarked, “I haven’t seen you in half a year. You seem to have grown a little taller.” 

Immediately after listening to Huang Mao’s words, Jiang Yilang vomited blood in his heart. Damn it, what’s wrong with being short?

He looked around and questioned, “Where’s that amazing car god Ting-Ge was talking about? Why don’t I see anyone?”

Tao Zhenting immediately glared at Huang Mao who hurriedly replied, “Well, Xiao-Yu has gone for a test drive and should be back soon.” 

As soon as the conversation ended, they saw a car in the distance driving over with overwhelming momentum, straight in their direction.

The wheels were rapidly rubbing on the track, creating a series of harsh sounds.

After the car stopped, Qin Yuyang opened the window and whistled, “Mao-Ge! Nice car!”

Huang Mao immediately had the impulse to kneel down and thank him. He ran past and went to him. “Xiao-Yu, I’m glad you like it!” 

Since the car was nice, didn’t that mean he was going to win?

“Oh, that’s right,” he hurriedly said, “Ting-Ge and Mr. Jiang are here. Get out of the car and meet them.” 

“Hmm.” Before opening the car door Qin Yuyang turned around and told Su Ranqiu, “Wait for me here.” Then he opened the door and got out of the car. 

A person with a height of 6’1 walking down from the car immediately attracted the sight of Tao Zhenting and Jiang Yilang. Tao Zhenting was meeting Qin Yuyang for the second time, on the other hand, it was Jiang Yilang’s first time meeting him.

Surprisingly, they both had the same shocked expression on their faces.

Tao Zhenting himself was watching with great interest, but when he noticed Jiang Yilang’s shocked appearance, he laughed and joked, “What’s the matter? Did you think I’d find an unworthy opponent to compete with you?”

But even if you win then, you won’t be so satisfied.

Qin Yuyang was just right; tall, handsome, young and outstanding. All of his traits were better than Jiang Yilang’s. 

Although he hadn’t made a name for himself yet, it was only a matter of time.

“How could that be?” Jiang Yilang thinned his lips and complimented, “Ting-Ge has always had a good eye. The fact that you were able to find him to compete against me means that he definitely possesses something outstanding.”

Qin Yuyang swaggered over and said cheaply, “There are many outstanding things. For example, my legs are longer than yours.”

Everyone subconsciously looked at his legs while remaining speechless. It was indeed a pair of straight, slender, and admirable legs. 

But it wasn’t good to boast about oneself like that, right?

“Hahaha.” Tao Zhenting burst out laughing, looking particularly happy.

This situation scared Huang Mao to death. He started gazing at Qin Yuyang admirably, thinking to himself that this dude really knew how to please Ting-Ge.

“My name is Qin Yuyang.” Qin Yuyang stretched out his hand to Jiang Yilang and asked, “You’re Jiang Yilang, right?”

“Yes.” Jiang Yilang held his hand. “All the people who race with cars in 49 cities know me.” It was of no surprise that Qin Yuyang knew of him.

Qin Yuyang smiled slightly. “That’s right, let’s talk about the rules of the game.” He changed his words and straightforwardly stated, “One game to determine the winner, how we’re playing is up to you.”

Jiang Yilang replied, “The usual rules. Cross the bridge and return, whoever comes back first wins.”

“Good.” Qin Yuyang nodded and turned to go to his own car, but he suddenly stopped and expressed, “Wait, friendship comes first and competition second, whoever loses can’t be angry.”

Jiang Yilang immediately looked at Tao Zhenting speechlessly. He thought this old man purposely looked for such a person to depress him!

Tao Zhenting smiled but said nothing for the fear that others might notice he was enjoying himself. 

Five minutes later, the air gun sounded in the mountain tracks. Two cars — one blue, one silver — drove out at the same time.

Huang Mao suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, no! Xiao-Yu’s lover is still in the car.” 

It would have an immense impact on the game. 

“What lover?” Tao Zhenting received an answer and immediately scolded Huang Mao with a black face. “This brat really doesn’t know the meaning of moving heaven and earth…”1To do everything that one can to make something happen

Where do I place my old face if he loses?


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