Chapter 33

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Qin Yuyang made such a decisive decision not simply because he was deceived, but when he saw Wei Lin, he suddenly understood. 

The editor-in-chief of XX magazine originally had a relationship with Shen Muchuan, so it is easy to explain the sense of violation he had felt when the other party had gone to the prison to interview him. 

To put it simply, it is hostility from a love rival, especially a jealous one. 

Qin Yuyang thought about what had happened recently, and it was not difficult to reason that the key to his release from prison was related to Wei Lin.

What’s left is nothing but Shen Muchuan begging Wei Lin to do something. 

Normally, Qin Yuyang has no thoughts about such transactions. He admits that this is the status quo of society. 

But as the party involved, letting others decide one’s own affairs is another thing. 

Speaking of Shen Muchuan, he was not Qin Yuyang’s ideal type at the beginning. But for various reasons, he was willing to give the other person an opportunity to see if they could get along in their marriage. 

It turns out that two people who are too strong and prone to doing their separate affairs are not suitable for forming a family. 

Then again, it’s pretty much the same as being friends who help each other fire each other’s guns.

“How is it?” Wei Lin saw Shen Muchuan coming back and stood up excitedly. 

“I didn’t find him.” Shen Muchuan sat down without an expression on his face and said, “Don’t worry, I will contact you when the time comes, and then you can explain clearly.”

Anyways if he doesn’t go back, this marriage can’t be divorced. 

“Is it really okay?” Wei Lin felt suspicious. Was the panic he saw on Shen Muchuan’s face just now fake? 

Shen Muchuan didn’t say anything, just nodding.

“Or…” Wei Lin said, “Let’s go back to China. This kind of thing just happened, going on a vacation will not make anyone happy.” He could see that Shen Muchuan was not in the mood, and it was meaningless to forcibly tie people there. 

“I promised you, how can I go back?” Shen Muchuan picked up his fork and lowered his head to eat breakfast.

“No, you have something in your heart. You will not be able to play well.” Wei Lin drank a hot drink and decided, “That’s it. I’ll book tickets right now.” 

“Sorry.” Shen Muchuan said, “Then I will solve it. This matter will be repaid to you in the future.” 

“Hopefully it turns out well, I booked a day in vain.” 

Learning that his male god is lying under someone else’s body, the flame of his love has been extinguished. Now he envies Shen Muchuan’s love life and harmony. 

The ticket booked was an evening flight at eight o’clock. Coincidentally, Qin Yuyang also booked the same class of tickets. 

Qin Yuyang was carrying a small duffle bag, sunglasses, a sun hat, and a tight T-shirt on his upper body, which outlines his attractive figure that attracts the attention of ladies and made men full of envy. 

The zeroes hidden in the crowd all have their eyes glued onto him and they are unable to take their gaze off. 

Wei Lin is a zero. When he passed the security check, he saw Qin Yuyang in the crowd. When he was looking at the figure in gusto, he found that something was wrong. Isn’t this the partner of his former male god?

“Mu Chuan…” Looking back, Shen Muchuan’s eyes were fixed on the hands of the security inspector. 

The hands that touched Qin Yuyang’s body. 

Wei Lin thought to himself, if his boyfriend was touched by others, he would be jealous. 

“Do not be impulsive…” He pressed Shen Muchuan’s shoulder and said, “Qin Yuyang is on a flight back, we must be on the same flight, you have a chance to talk to him on the plane.”

Yes, this time he must not go over to hit the grass and startle the snake. According to Qin Yuyang’s personality, he might give up this flight. 

“I know.” Shen Muchuan was quite calm, even if Wei Lin didn’t remind him, he had no thoughts of going over. 

Looking at Qin Yuyang from such a distance, except for his deep eyes, the rest of him looked ordinary.

Even Wei Lin couldn’t see what made Shen Muchuan attracted to him. What did he think of Qin Yuyang in his heart?

“Why do you like him?” The queue is still so long, and they were also idle. People like Wei Lin who rely on their mouths to eat have no reason to be quiet.

“I don’t know.” Shen Muchuan kept looking at Qin Yuyang, “Perhaps he was right, I just like him being young and strong, and his tools are good.” 

“Puff—” Wei Lin was caught off guard. 

This is really worthy of being a person who has had sex. 

“Is this what he said?” Not to mention, it is indeed Qin Yuyang’s style, with a cynical and straightforward taste. 

“Well, he said it on the phone today.” Shen Muchuan’s smile didn’t look like a smile, “I also think that we talk too much about ‘feelings’.” 

Wei Lin didn’t know why, but he felt sad listening to such remarks. 

Even if the person is a great master, they actually also yearn for a sincere relationship. 

It was then time to get on the plane. In the shuttle bus to the plane, the two people are destined to meet on a narrow road.

Qin Yuyang is in the bus station, and so is Shen Muchuan. 

When the driver made a big turn, Qin Yuyang felt the big brother behind him violently pressed onto his back. 

The problem is that after he straightened his body, the big brother behind him was still leaning on him. What do they mean?

Qin Yuyang took off his earphones, unable to tolerate the person behind him and turned his head to warn the person behind him with fierce eyes, “Have you stuck onto me enough?” 

Shen Muchuan raised his head with a low smile. His handsome face was reflected on Qin Yuyang’s sunglasses, making the person dumbfounded. 

“I rely on…” Qin Yuyang turned back around and moved forward like he was avoiding a ghost. 

However, the bus carriage is just that big and his step is equivalent to an ant’s big step. 

Shen Muchuan started talking, “Dragging on for half a year, this is the first time I met you outside.”

In other words, they had been married for half a year, and time flew by so fast. 

Qin Yuyang did not pick up the conversation this time nor did he want to, even if he was killed. 

Shen Muchuan continued talking, “Country X is my favorite tourist attraction but after this time, I may not come again.”

No one asked him why, he answered it himself, “Because this place left me a psychological shadow.” 

Qin Yuyang finally spoke, nodding and agreeing, “I won’t come again, this place leaves me with a green shadow.” 

“Puff–” Shen Muchuan couldn’t help raising his arms to hug him, “What green shadow? Wei Lin is a zero and so am I.”

After serious consideration, he had no thoughts on the topic of attacking and receiving before the first time he rolled in the sheets, let alone think of himself as gay. 

Now for Qin Yuyang, he was willing to make himself a zero. 

Wei Lin was ashamed of being revealed to be a zero, but he was even angrier that his character was misunderstood, “Even if Mu Chuan is not a zero, do you think I would do that kind of immoral thing? Your heart is so small. *Huff* ” 

“Who knows?” Qin Yuyang unwrapped the arm around his waist, “Boss Shen, what I said on the phone is true. When are you going to take my words seriously?” 

“I’m sorry, lying to you saying I was in City X was wrong of me. There is nothing to refute about this matter. But you breaking up with me over this matter, I am not convinced.” Shen Muchuan firmly hugged him. Refusing to cooperate in a non-violent way. 

“Let go.” Qin Yuyang roared in a low voice. 

“…” Shen Muchuan resolutely didn’t let go, on the other hand, he tightened his hug even more. 

“It seems that you want to fight with me here?” Qin Yuyang said viciously. 

“You can try.” 

“Hey, you guys…” Wei Lin was dumbfounded. If these two disagree, they would shout and scream at each other?

It feels more like a bunch of beasts protecting their food rather than falling in love. 

It wasn’t convenient for them to fight in their current location. Qin Yuyang thought about it for a while before giving up, “Hah, you wait for Laozi.”

These ruthless words are empty. 

Shen Muchuan sneered at him dismissively and continued to hold the man he admired triumphantly. 

As a bystander, Wei Lin no longer understands what they were thinking. 

Suddenly he was a little grateful that a little white rabbit like himself hadn’t mixed himself in, otherwise, he might have been eaten up by these two without any meat left.

After arriving under the airplane cabin door, Shen Muchuan released the arms clasped around Qin Yuyang’s waist and said before leaving, “I won’t sign the divorce agreement. If you want to fight against me, you are welcome any time.” 

Qin Yuyang didn’t show any reactions to his words, carrying his duffle bag and thinking, ‘Is Laozi getting threatened?’

He was just going around in a circle, the initiative is still in the hands of others. 

How unlucky!

“At first glance, he looks like a person who doesn’t care about threats or tears…” Wei Lin followed behind Shen Muchuan and he didn’t understand his friend’s actions, “Why are you threatening him?” Is it because their relationship broke down too fast?

Shen Muchuan found his seat, sat down, and said blankly, “Since he doesn’t care about tears, what can I do? Could it be that I should kneel down and beg him?” 

Qin Yuyang found his seat, took off his sunglasses, and said, “I must have gone out today without reading the almanac, otherwise I wouldn’t be meeting you everywhere I go.”

“Isn’t that great?” Shen Muchuan said with a smile, “Sit down, dear.”

“…” Qin Yuyang shrugged, placed his duffle bag away, and sat down.

Shen Muchuan is a man with a temper, he is aware, but is there a person without any temper?

After being threatened, he could still face Shen Muchuan calmly. Qin Yuyang personally felt that he had a great temper.

On the plane at night, the air conditioner on the plane is turned on.

After the plane had taken off, Qin Yuyang tore open a blanket bag and shook the blanket to cover himself.

Most of the surrounding passengers waited for the airplane staff to provide them with blindfolds and began to sleep. Qin Yuyang closed his eyes and tried to see if he could fall asleep. 

Falling asleep, a head pressed over from beside him. 

Qin Yuyang was awakened. After seeing the head of Mr. Shen on his shoulder, he felt a little helpless and pushed him back. 

“…” But within two minutes, the other party pressed over again.

“Hello?” He was still not waking up. Qin Yuyang seriously suspected that the man was pretending to be asleep.

Only Wei Lin knew that Shen Muchuan was really sleepy. Otherwise, where did those big dark circles under his eyes come from?

After Qin Yuyang did it a few times, he didn’t have the patience to take care of the head on his shoulder. After all, he also needed to sleep.

Wei Lin next to them saw this picture and thought they might be in true love.

The plane would be flying for a few hours.

In the early hours of the morning, most of the passengers woke up and there was a whistling noise on the plane.

Shen Muchuan opened his eyes and found that he was leaning on Qin Yuyang. He immediately sat upright in shame.

In fact, no matter what he thought in his heart, his body will still involuntarily lean towards this person.

The reason why he had threatened him with harsh words was that he felt that there was no other choice.

“Hey, Mu Chuan, what do you want to drink?” Wei Lin also woke up and was asking the stewardess for something to drink.

“Coffee.” Shen Muchuan said.

Qin Yuyang frowned and said, “What kind of coffee are you drinking late at night? You should be drinking milk.”

Shen Muchuan and Wei Lin were both surprised and Shen Muchuan took the lead in reacting and said to the flight attendant, “Two glasses of milk.”

Wei Lin was dumbfounded and gave a thumbs up, “Blame me for worrying too much. In fact, the two of you are a natural couple.” 

Then Qin Yuyang became sober. It was a conditioned reflex just now. He thought about the life he had lived with his previous partner in a daze.

In fact, although his temper is a bit stinky, he really has no distracting thoughts about his partner in this life. 

“The milk you wanted.” Shen Muchuan’s heart was beating fast, and he brought the hot milk to Qin Yuyang.

“Thank you.” Qin Yuyang took the milk from his hands.

“Give me another chance.” Shen Muchuan said to him. 

“…” Qin Yuyang suddenly felt that the milk in his hand was a bit complex, he neither wanted to drink it nor did he not want to drink it. In the end, he drank it fearlessly. After drinking a mouthful, “Okay, but you must promise me one condition.”

Shen Muchuan nodded at him, “You tell me the conditions.”

Qin Yuyang shook the white liquid in the cup, “If you can make me stand up on the plane. I promise to give you another chance.”

“Puff–” Wei Lin spat out his tea, “*cough cough cough*.” As an old virgin, he is unable to bear these sorrows. He was jealous and envied them.

The blue veins on Shen Muchuan’s forehead jumped and he said in disbelief, “Are you kidding or serious?”

“Of course I am serious.” Qin Yuyang covered himself with the blanket, “If you are still considering it, you can give up this opportunity.”

“I think you are deliberately embarrassing me.” Shen Muchuan said.

“What you think is right.” Qin Yuyang replied.

After a long time, Shen Muchuan raised his hand and without hesitation, took off his watch and bracelet, then unbuttoned his cufflinks, rolled up his sleeves, revealing a muscular forearm with a healthy complexion.

This slender and beautiful palm stretched out under Qin Yuyang’s blanket without hesitation. 

“…” Qin Yuyang caught him with his hand, and inside his heart, he thought ‘motherfucker’. Damn it, the idiot Shen Muchuan really did it, “Go away.”

“Didn’t you tell me to do it?” Shen Muchuan’s face was expressionless. Inside his heart, he was laughing crazily. It turned out that Qin Yuyang was just a paper tiger, and he broke through his facade with a single poke. 

“I tell you to do it and you actually did it? What about your morals?” Qin Yuyang snarled in a low voice, “You fucking let go, do you want to make international headlines?”

This time it’s Shen Muchuan’s turn to threaten him, “I’ll let go. But first, you have to give me a kiss.” 

Qin Yuyang’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot but for the sake of his freedom, he had to take advantage of the dim light and quickly kiss Shen Muchuan’s mouth.

This man is really easy to bully, Shen Muchuan smiled and thought to himself. Staying with him, he felt so happy. 

Regaining his freedom, Qin Yuyang turned his face away from Shen Muchuan. He decided to never talk to the other party or make eye contact with him from then on. 

“Are you angry?” Shen Muchuan asked. 

Qin-easily-bullied-Yuyang did what he said to himself and resolutely did not speak. 

“Hey…” Shen Muchuan sighed, feeling very powerless and helpless, full of irritability and confusion. He had never felt this feeling all his life. 

“I’m sorry, Qin Yuyang.” The heartless man ignored him until the plane landed. Shen Muchuan felt that he was being deliberate. 

“Who will pick you up?” Seeing that Qin Yuyang didn’t mean to get up, Shen Muchuan stayed a little longer.

“No one.” As soon as Qin Yuyang woke up, he forgot about his decision just now and accidentally talked to Shen Muchuan again.

“Then go back with us, I called someone to pick us up.” Shen Muchuan said in a low voice as if there was nothing wrong with their relationship, bending over to unfasten the seat belt for him, “Let’s go, you don’t have to trouble yourself in finding transportation.” 

“I’ll just call for a ride.” Qin Yuyang said. 

“At this time, won’t the driver kill you for calling this late?” Shen Muchuan asked.

“This lord has money.” Qin Yuyang’s words can really piss anyone off. 

Shen Muchuan stood looking at him, the surrounding passengers had all gotten off the plane. Wei Lin was waiting in front already. 

“… Do I need to beg you?” Anyone could hear the frustration in Shen Muchuan’s voice. 

“Is there anyone that stands up while they are begging others?” Qin Yuyang’s lips moved up and down, and there was still no signs of forgiving Shen Muchuan. 

“Do you want me to kneel for you here?”

Qin Yuyang quickly shut his mouth, he was really afraid of what Shen Muchuan might do, “Good bye.” He stood up and walked out with his things.

Shen Muchuan followed behind him without saying a word, and got on the shuttle bus together. 

What is a terrible person? Qin Yuyang would solemnly award that title to Mr. Shen, at the same time giving himself the title of a cool person. 

After the shuttle bus had stopped, Qin Yuyang quickly flashed away, squeezing out of the crowd and then ran to the exit as if he was fleeing quickly.

“Wei Lin!” Shen Muchuan threw his luggage to Wei Lin and chased him immediately. 

“Fuck!” Qin Yuyang felt like what he had gone through was not marriage, but a bank robbery!

What frustrated him was that the long legs he was so proud of couldn’t even outrun the long legs of Mr. Shen, and he was blocked by Mr. Shen before he could run out of the terminal. 

“…” Shen Muchuan pulled on his neckline breathlessly, gritting his teeth and saying, “What are you running for?”

Qin Yuyang couldn’t breathe properly with the front of his shirt being grabbed onto, “You don’t need to run after me though?” 

The stubborn eyes of both parties met in mid-air and sparks flew. Suddenly, Shen Muchuan dragged Qin Yuyang to himself. 

“Damn…Let… Hmm…” Before Qin Yuyang was able to breathe properly, he was held by Shen Muchuan and his rights to breathe were deprived from him.

The kiss lasted for five to six minutes and the surrounding passengers watched from afar. 

Shen Muchuan blocked Qin Yuyang’s figure with his back, covering the other’s face with his palm, consciously protecting his privacy but being reluctant to end their sweet contact.

“If you do this again… I’ll do you to death…” Qin Yuyang was finally allowed to breathe.

“I can’t ask for anything more.”

Damn, what else could he do if he meets someone like Shen Muchuan, of course he’s going to do him to death some other day!

“Do you really want me to fuck you here?” Qin Yuyang asked maliciously. He was so angry, he couldn’t keep his calm facade anymore, his anger was very visible now. 

Shen Muchuan finally let go of him, their chests rising and falling, leaning his head on Qin Yuyang’s shoulders, “I promise you that I’ll do everything I can…”

But Qin Yuyang smiled dismissively and tilted his head, “Your promises are all bullshit.” 

Shen Muchuan’s shoulders shook, along with his irregular breathing, revealing his fragility, “Please…”

Qin Yuyang’s heart was stabbed a little bit, feeling a bit suffocated in his throat and he swallowed heavily.

“Is this lesson enough?” 

Shen Muchuan immediately nodded again and again. It was absolutely enough, this memory is deep and forever unforgettable. 

“Last chance.” Qin Yuyang lifted Shen Muchuan’s head that was leaning on his shoulder, their eyes meeting, and then giving his face a nice slap with his fist. 

Shen Muchuan rubbed the corner of his mouth that was beaten and smiled instead of getting angry. Because Qin Yuyang was so big and tall, it was impossible for him to have such little strength.

“Go.” Qin Yuyang carried his luggage and walked forward, depressed. 

Shen Muchuan followed behind him easily, with a smile on his face that could be called a smirk. 

“I thought you weren’t coming.” Wei Lin sat in the co-pilot, turned his head and looked at the two in the back row, “Mu Chuan laughing like this, did you guys reconcile?” 

Shen Muchuan looked at Qin Yuyang with a calm expressing and nodded. 

“From now on I will care whether you go out with a One or a Zero. Anyways you can’t keep it from me.” Qin Yuyang said coldly, “I’m not a corpse, I’ll get jealous.”

“…” Shen Muchuan felt as if a jar of honey was overturned in his heart, it feels so sweet.

“Oh, oh.” Wei Lin spoke up. “This time I was wrong. I apologize to you. I shouldn’t ask Mu Chuan to hide it from you.”

“It’s my own decision, don’t shoulder the blame.”

Looking at this, Qin Yuyang rolled his eyes, unable to take it anymore.

Everyone said that fierce women are afraid of being harassed, but fierce men are also afraid of harassment. Today, if it weren’t for Shen Muchuan to entagling him like a foot binding cloth, Qin Yuyang might have gotten away. 

“Brother Chuan, where do you want to go first?” the driver asked. 

It was still dark and there were not many vehicles on the road. 

“Send Mr. Wei home first.” Shen Muchuan said. 

Qin Yuyang didn’t care. When they had delivered Wei Lin home, the other party asked him, “Are you going back to your house?” 

He squinted at Shen Muchuan, “If I don’t go back to my house, where am I going? Your house?” 

“You are always welcome.”

Qin Yuyang glanced at his luggage, “In a few days. I’ll go back home and rest first.”

Shen Muchuan glanced at him and said nothing.

When Qin Yuyang arrived at his house, the sky was already slightly bright. He opened the car door, paused and then turned back to kiss the mouth of Mr. Shen, “Go back and wait for me.” 

Shen Muchuan felt his stomach tightening. He squinted his beautiful eyes, trying not to smile. 

He was glad that he didn’t show his temper, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to be molested by the other party like this ever again. 

Generally, people would drive away when they send someone back but Shen Muchuan was willing to dig out his heart for Qin Yuyang and he was unwilling to leave without seeing the other person’s figure disappearing completely. 

The person who was hiding in the dark and waiting for the rabbit to return to its burrow, landed a successful blow on Qin Yuyang and lifted him into a car and drove away.

Shen Muchuan witnessed the whole process and his face suddenly changed, “Chase the car in front! Drive and catch up! Hurry!” 

Someone dared to abduct Qin Yuyang away right under his nose. Shen Muchuan was so angry and was about to fly into a rage. Taking out his mobile phone to call people, his fingers trembling in panic.

“Damn! You better leave him alone… otherwise…” The call got through and Shen Muchuan said in a deep voice, “Find a few people immediately and stop a silver commercial vehicle with the license plate number XXXX on the XX section for me. Come on!”

The other party’s ability to take away Qin Yuyang proves that they don’t want to harm him. They might just want money. This was what Shen Muchuan speculated. 

He didn’t know that these were the pits left by Wei Lin from when Qin Yuyang was still in prison.

Qin Yuyang was drugged up by psychedelic drugs and for a while his whole body was paralyzed. His voice and vision was also unclear.

He only knows that someone had bounded his hands, feet and mouth with tape.

Damn… Was he being kidnapped?

Haha, someone dared to kidnap Shen Muchuan’s partner, the other party should have a pit in their heads. 

Qin Yuyang didn’t want to think about it anymore, he just wanted to rest for a while. 

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