Chapter 27.2


It may be because the other person was his legal partner, and he will not leave, which always makes him feel at ease, not making him entangle with the thoughts of who is with whom, or how much Qin Yuyang has sacrificed for himself.

Anyway, no matter how much he sacrificed, Shen Muchuan would let Qin Yuyang know that he was worthy of his choice.

So the most urgent task was to get out quickly.

He was always uneasy to leave this idiot alone outside.

“4087!” The guard shouted outside, “I will come in if you don’t come out!”

Shen Muchuan gave a dry ‘Ahem’, reluctantly speeding up, letting himself fly.

To be honest, Qin Yuyang also had a good time. He must admit that it was really exciting to have sex with Mr. Shen, but his mouth was suffering a little.

He touched his lips and said, “I suggest that you treat me more gently next time…”

“Gentle, do you mean like this?” Qin Yuyang didn’t say it was okay, but Shen Muchuan already came up and ruined his lips, “I heard you are very popular, eh?”

It’s best to let others know by biting his lip, that this is a man with a master.

Qin Yuyang was too painful to speak, “…”

“4087! I’m warning you for the third time!” The guard was going crazy.

“We will discuss this issue another day.” Qin Yuyang pushed him away, picked up his clothes, and put them on quickly.

“Go out and find my subordinate Lao Jing, I will let him call you.” Shen Muchuan leaned on the bed with a satiated face, his eyes fixed on his spouse, “Since the Qin family kicked you out, you will go manage Shen’s.”

Qin Yuyang almost didn’t trip himself in his pants, “What did you say?” He looked at the man with a twitching face, “Mr. Shen, are you kidding me?”

“No.” Shen Muchuan said, “Shen’s has no one to manage it now.”

This was a very serious problem. Shen Muchuan knew that if he couldn’t get out, Shen would sooner or later fall into the pocket of others.

Instead of letting others get their hands on it, he was more willing to hand it over to Qin Yuyang temporarily.

What’s more, Qin Yuyang was his legal partner and was more than qualified to manage the Shen family.

“Now that you are in jail. I guess the Shen family should be in a mess. There must be a lot of internal struggles.” Qin Yuyang was not overwhelmed by the opponent’s decision. He analyzed it clearly, “I’m undoubtedly doing you a favor by going over to manage Shen’s, but why should I do such a thankless thing?”

Shen Muchuan smiled, “Aren’t you bent on me? What’s wrong with suffering a little more for me?”

Qin Yuyang paused putting his clothes on, as he looked back and said, “You are the most shameless person I have ever seen.”

“Hahahaha.” Shen Muchuan laughed, and his mood reached an unprecedented peak since he was imprisoned, “Promise me, that you won’t let me suffer.”

Qin Yuyang did not answer, “…”

Shen Muchuan added a bargaining chip, “My confidant has a good ability, and he will help you.”

Qin Yuyang sighed, his acting skills burst out, “Shen Muchuan, it’s really my bad luck that I met you.”

“…” Shen Muchuan suddenly palpitated, feeling that his heart was pinched by something until Qin Yuyang said goodbye to him.

“I’m leaving.” The next time they’ll meet, it may be after half a month or longer, but Qin Yuyang was not sad.

“Yeah.” Watching Qin Yuyang leave, Shen Muchuan slowly cooled his face, thinking who was the one who rectified himself?

Outside the prison, the Qin family who was restless hurriedly took over Qin Yuyang’s management authority.

Since Qin Yuyang has only been in power for less than two years, his foundation in the company was not deep.

After they seized his power, he became the commander of the bachelors, with nothing.

But he was rich, and the Qin family was not afraid that he will starve to death for a while.

After the shareholder’s meeting, Qin’s mother passed by her son and stopped, “If you regret it, you can come back to me at any time.”

“Mom.” Qin Yuyang said solemnly to her back, “It might be hard for you to manage the company in the future.”

The burden of supporting the family was relieved, and to be honest, it’s a little refreshing.

Mother Qin, “…” The woman’s sixth sense told her that there’s only a slim chance of her son regretting this decision.

The headline news in the city the next day was indeed the news of Qin’s change of CEO.

“Even their own son could be replaced, the Qin family is awesome!”

“The company’s profit went up by eight percent in a year, Qin’s is awesome!”

“So what happened to the Qin family? Does anyone know any rumors?”

Financial forums and local platforms are almost brimming, and there were all kinds of news about Qin’s sudden change of CEO.

Taking this opportunity, Qin Yuyang’s formal photos circulated, and most of the people eating melons on Weibo did not read the content, instead licked their screens.

Today, when the work was officially handed over, Qin Yuyang left the company with his belongings after handling the matters in the company.

“Mr. Qin?” A strange face suddenly appeared in front of Qin Yuyang, blocking his way.

This person was Shen Muchuan’s confidant, Lao Jing. In fact, Lao Jing’s full name was Jing Heng. He was middle-aged, handsome, and a jaded gentleman.

“Who are you?” Qin Yuyang stopped with a good temper.

Lao Jing bowed and said with a smile, “I’m one of Brother Chuan’s subordinates, I’m here and take you to the Shen family.”

Qin Yuyang looked back at the Qin clan behind him, and then at Lao Jing. After going back and forth like this, he had become really famous.

And whether he can return to the Qin clan in the future was still two different things.

He didn’t want to do business at a loss, so he changed the box of his belonging to the other hand and said, “Tell your Brother Chuan, I didn’t promise to help him manage the Shen family.”

Lao Jing looked disappointed, “But Brother Chuan is looking forward to your visit. He doesn’t believe anyone now…”

Qin Yuyang, “He doesn’t believe anyone, how can he believe me? Tsk, don’t make such a nasty joke, it’s not like my head is really caught in the door.” He said this and left.

“Mr. Qin!” Lao Jing called out to him anxiously, “I have been with Brother Chuan for more than ten years, and this is the first time I have seen him without hesitation.” This time he eagerly sent the authority of the Shen family over, and he really feels sorry for Mr. Qin, “Really, Brother Chuan is not joking.”

Qin Yuyang thought about it seriously, and stopped, “How’s the situation inside the Shen family? Do I have to be a head or a gun handle?”

Lao Jing was stunned at first and then he smiled, “Mr. Qin you don’t have to worry that much, Shen is very stable now, no one dares to fight internally.” After all, Shen was not an ordinary business group.

In the past, Shen Muchuan was hegemonic. Whoever dared to retaliate would be killed.

The high-level people who can stay in the Shen family were all loyal.

But nothing was absolute, and it’s normal to have one or two people eating out of the normal, such as the person who brought Shen Muchuan to prison.

Qin Yuyang, “Okay, for the sake of your Brother Chuan’s face, I promise to go and take a look.”

Lao Jing shed a handful of tears, “Okay, please get in the car, I’ll be your driver.” By the way, he went to pick up the suitcase of Qin Yuyang’s belongings to put it in the trunk of his car.

The way of managing the company was more or less the same. In the past, Qin Yuyang had a lifetime of experience, so he could understand everything by just Lao Jing mentioning them. Whether it was thinking or means, he was sharp and old, which didn’t match his age.

After staying in the Shen family for a long time, Lao Jing was convinced in his heart. Qin Yuyang was worthy of a perfect personality. He was outstanding at such a young age and was even more enchanting than their Brother Chuan.

The news of Shen’s appointment of Qin Yuyang as the CEO was not fancied, but those who should know soon learned.

Song Yingchen’s mother was Shen Muchuan’s aunt, she was the only person whose surname was also Shen.

When Mother Song received the news, she immediately contacted her nephew’s confidant, “Jing Heng, what is going on?”

Lao Jing respected this aunt from his heart, “Mrs. Song, this is what Brother Chuan meant. He knows it well and hopes you respect his choice.”

Mother Song calmly said, “I think Mu Chuan’s recent decisions are becoming more and more willful, otherwise he will not be framed and sent to jail. As an aunt, I hope that he will be responsible not only for himself but also for the Shen family. “

Lao Jing, “Yes, you are right.”

After dealing with Aunt Shen, Lao Jing hung up the phone carefully, and then did what he should do.

The people in the company only recognize one boss, Shen Muchuan.

At this time, Qin Yuyang was lying in his apartment.

After finally letting go of the important responsibilities and having to become the CEO of Shen’s again, he was tired.

“Mr. Qin?” Lao Jing said on the phone, “Your suitcase was left in my car. I’m really sorry. I may not be able to deliver it to you until tomorrow afternoon. Or should I just leave it directly at the company?”


Qin Yuyang was at a loss, and finally remembered, waving his hand indifferently, “Those are all old things, you can throw them away.”

Even if there are things that need to be used in the new office too, it’s a good idea to buy new ones.

Lao Jing was stunned, “Oh, good, good.”

These were Mr. Qin’s things and it seemed improper to throw them away. Lao Jing thought about it wisely and moved these things to Shen Muchuan’s home.

After that, he made a call to Shen Muchuan to report, “Um, Brother Chuan?”

The voice on the other end was cold, “Say.”

Lao Jing swallowed, “Successfully completed the task. Tomorrow Mr. Qin will officially go to work in the Shen family.” He paused, “Then… what about Mr. Qin’s salary?” This was a problem.

There was silence for a moment, and the voice became warmer, “I deposited a sum of money in XX Bank. You can find it in my bedroom. The card should be in the drawer.”

Lao Jing looked around blankly, “Well, I’m in your bedroom right now.”

Shen Muchuan, “???”

“Cough cough.” It was obviously not he who was in love, but Lao Jing blushed and his heartbeat fastened as he twisted on the spot and said, “The suitcase of Mr. Qin’s belongings was left in my car. He said let me deal with it, and so l…”

Shen Muchuanm “Moved it to my house?”

Lao Jing touched his somewhat cold ear, “Well…”

Shen Muchuan, “Very good.”





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