Chapter 27.1


How can a person describe a dilemma? For Qin Yuyang, the current situation was like a dilemma.

He had to maintain his inner state, but also has to consider the mood of Qin’s father and Qin’s mother.

For a moment he was silent.

Qin Ma thought to herself that her trick worked.

Qin Yuyang, “I choose to hand over the management rights.” Firstly, the Qin family was not his own, so it doesn’t hurt to return it back. Secondly, his future was uncertain, and whether or when he will go to jail was also uncertain.

“What are you talking about?” Mother Qin’s eyes widened, she wanted to kill this unfilial son!

Qin Yuyang repeated, “I choose to hand over the management rights.” Then he took a deep breath and lowered his head, “I have let you down, but please trust me, I will take care of this matter.”

Although his mind was blank now and he had no clues.

“You…you…” Father Qin was furious, did this kid have his head caught in the door!

How could he easily give up his management right? Did he not take his family business seriously?

“Are you relying on the fact that you are the only child in our family?” Mother Qin gritted her teeth and said while thinking if so, she felt that she needed to re-examine the child she had given birth.

“No.” Qin Yuyang held his forehead, but he couldn’t explain it now, “Let’s do it like this, you should wait for me to take care of everything after that I’ll return home and plead guilty.”

If there is still freedom to go home by then.

“You disappoint us very much.” Father Qin and Mother Qin looked sad. This was the first time since childhood that their child did not respond according to their expectations.

Qin Yuyang, “I’m sorry.” But his stubborn eyes told his parents that he would not change his mind.

Nearby, two detectives who monitored and watched saw this unexpected family dispute in their eyes.

Lao Xiao was stunned, and raised his hand to wipe the corners of his mouth, “…I was so scared that I almost dropped my melon out.”1It’s an expression that came from pictures of a hamster who was so scared that he dropped his melon seeds; scared to death. I have posted a picture as t/n for reference 🙂

Ah Xiao nodded in agreement, “This melon is too big, I almost couldn’t hold it firmly.”

After the Qin family left, Qin Yuyang faced a table of food alone and smoked depressedly.

This picture was very distressing.

Two minutes later, they saw him throwing the cigarette butt in a smart manner, then he picked up his chopsticks, and immersed himself in the meal.

“…” Lao Xiao and Ah Xiao couldn’t help but glance at each other, both of them saw the distress in each other’s eyes.

They thought it was lonely enough for a person to smoke sullenly at a table of dishes, but they didn’t expect that after smoking, he would bury his head and eat alone, which was even more heartbreaking.

In the end, this scene was frozen in Lao Xiao’s camera and he reported to Lao Jing along with the best news they got today.

“What? Mr. Qin is going to be expelled from Qin’s house!” Lao Jing exploded on the spot, no, he was almost burning with fire, and ordered, “You pay close attention to Mr. Qin’s movements, I’m going to Brother Chuan now!”

In the middle of the night, they let people arrange for prisoners to answer the phone, and the prison guard felt that it was a shame to be a prison guard and he should be a spy instead.

But no matter how he complained in his heart, what should be arranged still has to be arranged.

Shen Muchuan followed the prison guard with a solemn expression. According to his analysis, Lao Jing looked for himself in such an anxious manner, it should be that the case is progressing.

When he arrived at the prison guard’s office, Shen Muchuan answered the phone, “Say.”

Lao Jing, “Brother Chuan, it’s a big deal, something happened to Mr. Qin.”

Shen Muchuan frowned. Although it was not the news he expected, it was equally important, “What happened?”

“It’s like this…” Lao Jing succinctly stated the contents of today’s detective report one by one, “It seems that Mr. Qin is infatuated with you, and even said no for the Qin management rights.”

These petty people were stunned for a while, that was more than tens of billions of property.

“…” Shen Muchuan was silent for a while, he was as shocked as Lao Jing, and after a while, he said, “How is he now?”

“Terrible.” Lao Jing sighed,  ” I heard that his parents left the table in the middle as he stayed alone in the room while smoking, and finally ate his meal alone by himself.”

Shen Muchuan wiped his face, very good, Lao Jing’s report was very graphic.

“With all due respect, did he have his brain caught in the door or took the wrong medicine?” He pretended to phrase the words calmly, “If I were his parents, I would have done the same.”

Lao Jing, “Brother Chuan, do you want to divorce Mr. Qin?”

Shen Muchuan, “…”

In the end, Shen Muchuan said nothing to Lao Jing, “That’s it then, hang up.”

He went back to the cell, and couldn’t sleep all night. The next morning, he came to the grass field to line up to call.

When it was his turn, the sun was already high.

For the first time, Shen Muchuan had the evil idea of cutting in line, but he controlled his mind’s demons.

“Hello?” A feeble voice came from the other end. Just by hearing the voice, one could tell he was having a bad time.

“It’s me, Shen Muchuan.” Shen Muchuan cut straight to the topic, “What happened to you being expelled from the Qin clan?”

Qin Yuyang had a head full of question marks, “…” Expelled?

Shen Muchuan admitted frankly, “I have arranged someone by your side.”

Qin Yuyang was still struggling with the problem of inaccurate wording, “It’s not expulsion, I just handed over the management rights of the Qin clan and have become a worthless child of the Qin’s, that’s all.”

Shen Muchuanm “…” that’s all? What a good thing to say, courageous.

Qin Yuyang recollected and frowned, “You said you arranged someone by my side?”

“Yeah.” Shen Muchuan said frankly, “This is to protect my rights and interests, and it’s not excessive.”

Qin Yuyang’s face was black, “Your rights and interests? Then who will protect my rights and interests?”

“…” Shen Muchuan knew that this matter was his own fault, so he chose to change the subject forcibly, “You come to visit the prison, let’s talk in person.”

Qin Yuyang, “I’m not going.” Knowing that he was being watched, he broke out in a cold sweat, and now he was thinking about whether he has shown his feet.2There is an idiom in Chinese for having a ghost in heart and showing feet indicate that person can guess that he was a ghost as they have feet facing backward; in a clear sense, it means that the secret is revealed.

“Huh? No? What do you mean?” Shen Muchuan said, “Wasn’t it for me that you gave the management rights of Qin’s?”

“So what?” Qin Yuyang curled his lips, feeling very upset, “Since you know that it was for you, you still sent someone to spy on me?” Is he really a human?

“Cough.” Shen Muchuan said again, “Come to visit the prison.”

Qin Yuyang, “I’m not going.”

Let’s put it this way, Shen Muchuan did make this call with the mood of comforting Qin Yuyang, which was very different from his always cold and strong style, “I have limited patience.”

Qin Yuyang said, “Just so, my patience is also limited.”

When he wanted to say something more, he found that the other party had already hung up with a snap.

Oh-hoo, having a temper.

Shen Muchuan’s face was a little unsightly as he repeatedly invited the other party but he refused.

After all, in his cognition, he himself came to offer Qin Yuyang, which was already a shame! But the other party refused, one after another. Didn’t he just lose his face?

The inmate behind, “Friend, do you still want to call?” The expression in his eyes means that if you don’t want to, get out.

“Call.” Shen Muchuan cursed, took out the coin, and dialed a certain number again.

“You should know that I’m feeling very annoyed lately.” Qin Yuyang finished what he wanted to say.

“Oh, is it?” Shen Muchuan said coldly, “I hope you will also understand that you are the one who gave up the management right, and I did not let you do this; you are the one who insisted not to divorce. What reason do you have to vent your anger on me?”

Qin Yuyang, “You are my legal spouse. Whom shall I vent to if not to you?”

Shen Muchuan, “…”

It’s not terrible for him to feel speechless. The terrible thing was that he actually felt that it was reasonable.

“Okay.” Qin Yuyang sighed, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” he said in a tone that felt like, I agreed to your request, please stop acting like a baby.

Although the goal was achieved, Shen Muchuan always had an unspeakable depression.

Calling Qin Yuyang twice today gave him a new understanding of his tolerance.

Qin Yuyang did the same. Rejecting Shen Muchuan’s request twice in a row just now was a temptation for Shen Muchuan. He wanted to know what weight he had in the other party’s heart now.

The results were quite satisfactory.

This was related to whether his first plan can be realized.

The matter of the case still has to be dealt with after all.

“Success or failure, all depends on this…” Qin Yuyang murmured into the mirror, admiring his handsome young face by the way, and then realized that he was really handsome when he was young.

The next day, Qin Yuyang still dressed himself up, at least to make Shen Muchuan feel that he valued him.

But in order to match the bad mood, the clothes were still dark.

Yes, Qin Yuyang admits that he was such a scheming BOY.

However, there was a traffic jam on the road, which he did not expect, and it lasted an hour.

Inside the prison, Shen Muchuan looked at the time for the eighteenth time, and he almost confirmed in his heart that Qin Yuyang had stood him up.

The prison guard walked over and knocked on the door, “4087, the visiting time is about to pass. Come out quickly.”

The last time Shen Muchuan looked at the time, he calmly said, “There are five minutes left.” If Qin Yuyang can come within five minutes, the application for visits will still be counted.

At the gate of the prison, a silver sports car hurriedly arrived.

After getting out of the car, Qin Yuyang rushed in all the way and quickly registered, and then while panting, he was searched by the prison guards, “There was a traffic jam on the road…ha… I ran to death…”

The searching guard took pity on him, “Hurry in, your wife is waiting for you.”

Prison Guard, “…” Wife? It seems to be a male prison…

“Thank you.” Qin Yuyang walked to the door of Room 407 with sweat. First, he set his hair that had been messed up by the wind, then straightened his collar, and after that, he opened the door with a smile on his face.

To be precise, he did not push the door open, but Shen Muchuan opened it.

After seeing each other, the two of them were surprised. They don’t know how to describe it. The meeting was originally a dull and non-emotional meeting, but there was a feeling unexpectedly created by a series of accidents.

Qin Yuyang said nothing and went up to kiss the handsome guy in front of him.

“Um…” Shen Muchuan caught the man who was leaping towards him. After the initial astonishment, he raised his hand and hugged the opponent tightly, and kissed back violently.

“Hiss…” Qin Yuyang was pulled in and slammed, and his head hit the wall, painful and shocking. During this period, both couldn’t breathe smoothly and continued to hurt each other.

If the last time it was a well-prepared tug-of-war, which was tepid and slow, then this time it was a siege that was thunderous and ignites at one point.

This time they really rolled the sheet.

For an entire hour, there was no time to say a word, and the guard knocked on the door.

“4087! Prepare to end the prison visit!”

Shen Muchuan was on the rise, clinging to Qin Yuyang, “Ignore him!”

“Hey…” Qin Yuyang said embarrassedly, “He is going to open the door and come in. We will be famous.”

Shen Muchuan snorted, “Am I not famous enough?” He was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder at such a young age, only a few people in the city didn’t know him, “Don’t worry.” Then he turned over and changed his position, “You will also become famous in a few days.”

When he thought that the Qin heir gave up his family property for love, his heart trembled, as he added, “I thought you were not coming.”

“No.” Qin Yuyang said, “I encountered a car accident on the road and a traffic jam. It made me wait for an hour.”

Shen Muchuan nodded and stopped talking, but the way he looked at Qin Yuyang became very different from before.




  • 1
    It’s an expression that came from pictures of a hamster who was so scared that he dropped his melon seeds; scared to death. I have posted a picture as t/n for reference 🙂
  • 2
    There is an idiom in Chinese for having a ghost in heart and showing feet indicate that person can guess that he was a ghost as they have feet facing backward; in a clear sense, it means that the secret is revealed.


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