Chapter 26


The day of the incident was in Shen Muchuan’s private villa. At that time, he organized a business party and drank a little alcohol.

Then Lao Jing took a subordinate who committed the crime to the second floor and asked him to go up and deal with it.

After all, it was the private matter of the Shen family. Shen Muchuan was interrogating behind his back. The process was a little bloody, but he knew in his heart that it would not cause the other person to die.

It’s just that Shen Muchuan didn’t expect the other party to come prepared. During the interrogation, he was thrown back and hit his head directly.

When he woke up again, he found that he was holding the murder weapon in his hand, and his subordinates were in a pool of blood.

When the police arrived, Shen Muchuan knew that he had been screwed; but who that person was, he has not been able to find out until now even after he was imprisoned.

Shen Muchuan asked people to check everyone who was present that day, none of them were suspected, and they all had an alibi.

Especially Qin Yuyang, because the news of the marriage between the two parties was revealed, everyone kept toasting him, and after a few moments, he was so drunk.

In this case, Shen Muchuan never doubted Qin Yuyang. Firstly, there was no grievance or enmity between each other, and secondly, it was not good for the other party to kill himself.

His impression of Qin Yuyang so far was that he is perfect, but it was inexplicably suspicious and unreal.

“What?” Hearing Lao Jing’s report, Shen Muchuan had a question mark on his face, “You said he was drunk in a bar and kept talking about me?”

He heard, feeling absurd in his heart…

“Yes, Brother Chuan.” Lao Jing personally came to the prison and met Shen Muchuan face-to-face, “The person sent to monitor said that Mr. Qin had a face full of pain, and he was fierce to those who came to strike up a conversation.”

At once, a fierce face of Qin Yuyang appeared in Shen Muchuan’s mind, making himself stunned, “Aren’t you guys mistaken?” He pursed his lips, feeling that today’s report was not reliable.

“There’s no mistake.” Lao Jing couldn’t wait to swear to heaven, without waiting he said frankly, “It’s all true, Brother Chuan, Mr. Qin has become a loner recently and had no communication with anyone, except going to work and then return at home.”

If these actions are all acting, then that’s too ridiculous, Lao Jing doesn’t believe it anyway.

“Oh…” Shen Muchuan didn’t know how to respond. He was not good at dealing with such questions, “Ah, how is the investigation of Ma Jinliang’s case going?” The conversation turned around and they started talking about business.

“This…I don’t have a clue yet.” Talking about this matter in the prison was not good, Lao Jing whispered, “We have checked all the guests who were there that day. There was really no trace at all.”

He was also very depressed; if he didn’t have trust in his boss, just by looking at the evidence at the scene, he would have also believed that Shen Muchuan killed the person.

“…” Shen Muchuan’s face became ugly.

Because he was also unclear, what exactly happened after he fainted? How did the person die?

“Then Mr. Qin’s side…” Lao Jing cooed in front of Shen Muchuan’s face.

“What?” Speaking of Qin Yuyang, Shen Muchuan’s mind was taken back from the case, “Ahem.”

“Mr. Qin is a kind and righteous person.” Lao Jing sighed with joy when he thought of Ah Xiao’s report thinking his boss’s luck in love is very good, there are people who think about him every day.

Seeing Shen Muchuan’s obvious change in expression, he closed his mouth in understanding.

“You go back.” Shen Muchuan hurriedly drove the person away.

“Well, I will continue investigating the case.” Lao Jing secretly reflected, thinking he should just keep his mouth shut. “Ah, then I’ll go first, and see you later Brother Chuan.”

After he left, the prison guard came over and took Shen Muchuan back to the prison.

Generally speaking, prisons have set dates for visits, and visits can only be made once a month.

But Shen Muchuan was different. His connections were strong enough. Apart from not being able to let him out, his life in prison was still going well.

It was a matter of minutes for relatives and subordinates to visit him.

Not to mention a partner.

“Ahem, Qin Yuyang…” Shen Muchuan called but did not call him Mr. Qin this time.

“Shen Muchuan?” The phone call caught Qin Yuyang’s little heart as he thought what kind of need does this gangster have, “What’s the matter?” He smiled on the other side of the phone.

“…” He didn’t know why the words forced smile appeared in Shen Muchuan’s mind without any buffer.

“Hi?” Qin Yuyang had a lively face and a guilty conscience.

“Have you been busy lately? How’s life going?” Shen Muchuan asked.

“Me?” Qin Yuyang said, “Having a pretty good time, how about you?” He responded tremblingly, afraid that the other party would say something cold and he would be dead.

“Come to visit the prison.” Shen Muchuan said, “Apply for a spousal visit.”

Qin Yuyang knelt immediately, “Yet again, I have to visit the prison again?”

“Um…” Shen Muchuan didn’t feel sorry for anything, he just thought Qin Yuyang was very pitiful, “I won’t fool you this time.”

“…” I would like it if you only want to fool me.

Qin Yuyang couldn’t figure out what this person thought. After a moment of silence, he nodded, “Okay, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow,” Shen Muchuan said.

“Well, then hang up.” Qin Yuyang hung up the phone and stood there for a while, thinking about the unused lubricant from last time. Where did he throw it away?

Shen Muchuan didn’t seem to be very hooked last time.

This time Qin Yuyang changed his clothes and walked on the route of pure nakedness.

Wearing clothes casually, grabbing hair casually, and when he arrived, his eyes were still lazy as if he just woke up.

“Hi.” Qin Yuyang leaned against the door frame, and said hi heartlessly to Shen Muchuan, “You want to roll the sheets so early, can you harden it?”

“…” Shen Muchuan has never encountered this in his entire life, he even suspected that his spouse had been switched.

Qin Yuyang shrugged, came in and closed the door, and stretched out his hand while twisting a set of condoms.

He leaned to Shen Muchuan’s side and looked up nervously. The man was wearing a thin prison uniform with long sleeves, “Aren’t you cold?” It’s early May, and the weather was about 16 to 20 degrees, it’s not cold nor hot, it’s just right to wear two pieces of clothes.

“It’s not cold.” Under his eyes, Shen Muchuan slowly receded.

“Hmm.” Well exercised.

If the other party is doing this, it means there must be a battle today, either I’ll die or I’ll live.

With a small calculation in his heart, Qin Yuyang leaned forward, observed carefully, and began to touch briefly.

After trying hard on the edge of death and confirming that the other party was not disgusted, so he would not be polite and will come for real.

“…” Shen Muchuan breathed quietly, and when Qin Yuyang approached, he calmly observed with his eyes open.

“Can you give me some feedback?” Qin Yuyang poked the wood that would only accept the output from others.

Shen Muchuan was not gay. He has no fantasies about the male gender and was an old-fashioned person when it comes to his private life, but unexpectedly, he found that he did not dislike Qin Yuyang.

Hearing the request, Shen Muchuan let out an, oh, only to realize that he had forgotten to respond.

“…” As soon as he came up with a brutal and domineering style, Qin Yuyang collapsed, regretting very much that he just had a very cheap mouth, “Shen Muchuan!” 

This all could have been a little more harmonious as they were not in a war.

“What?” Shen Muchuan followed, his eyes darkening.

“Nothing…” Qin Yuyang continued to provoke him thinking this kid looked like he couldn’t find his way, he might be a  virgin.

But after thinking about it, he found it impossible.

Shen Muchuan was at least 27 or 28 this year, and he might have experience with many people

There may not be many people who dare to stand firm before him, and Qin Yuyang was one of them.1here let me clear it up for you Qin Yuyang was talking about standing firm as a Gong [top] 

This man used his own abilities to travel north and south, without distracting thoughts, and really worked hard.

In order to fool Shen Muchuan, there were many small tricks on his hands.

Shen Muchuan didn’t even know that he had been made a boiled frog in the warm water2“Boiled frogs in warm water” comes from a “boiled frog experiment” done by scientists at Cornell University in the United States at the end of the 19th century . When the scientist put the frog in 40 degrees Celsius water (not boiling water), the frog couldn’t stand the sudden high temperature and immediately jumped out of the boiling water and managed to escape. When researchers put the frog in a container of cold water, and then slowly heated it up (0.2 degrees Celsius per minute), the result was different. Because the frog hand at the beginning of the water temperature felt comfortable so he remained in the water leisurely. When the frog found that it could not tolerate the high temperature, it had more excess energy but insufficient strength and was boiled to death in the hot water unknowingly. This story tells people that you must be vigilant at all times in a superior environment, otherwise, you may become extremely happy and sad. When dealing with opponents or to achieve something purposefully, if you do not master the method and act recklessly, it is not easy to succeed. You can use it first. Similar methods like this paralyze the opponent, so the success rate will be higher.. He only knew that Qin Yuyang was very gentle and would like to please people. But looking here he cursed, a big liar.

Private life is clean?

Clean my foot…

If Qin Yuyang was not a veteran in love, people can cut off Shen Muchuan’s head and can use it as a ball to kick.

Nevertheless, no matter how angry he was, he did not want to lose face.

Ten minutes passed, the small movie had come to an end, and they were still sluggish.3The small movie here refers to the fight they were having for the position of the top/gong

And there was a tendency of it to be endless.

Whenever Qin Yuyang wanted to retreat a little to do the construction, the other party followed up, “…” It made him very helpless, and he could only continue to stick with a big guy.

But that’s okay, when the big guy was focusing on insignificant areas, he secretly prepared to eat meat.

“Qin Yuyang…” When it was really time to grab the lead, Shen Muchuan, the frog was thoroughly cooked. Except for the murderous look in his eyes, the rest was like a lamb to be slaughtered.

“Hush, be quiet…” Qin Yuyang was full of an aura of deceiving elementary school students and tried his best to stabilize Shen Muchuan.

This extremely deceptively soft beginning was well maintained by Qin Yuyang. If it hadn’t been the process of letting go, Shen Muchuan would have believed in his evil.

At the moment when the tiger fell flat4means that the tiger leaves the mountains and falls into the flat ground to be trapped. Metaphor of losing power., Shen Muchuan was full of thoughts about how to kill Qin Yuyang later.

“Room 415.” The guards standing outside knocked on their door twice with their batons, “The time is almost up, please prepare to end the visit.”

“So soon?” Qin Yuyang took the time to mumble, he was still very busy.

“…” Shen Muchuan didn’t respond to the urging from outside the door. He was lost in the world that the other party had built for him, deaf to everything outside.

However, there were regulations in other prisons, one hour is one hour, and he can’t play a hooligan and ask for additional time.

“Room 415–” the guard called again.

Qin Yuyang could only step on the accelerator to accelerate and cut off Shen Muchuan’s food.

“Qin Yuyang, what are you doing?” The big man frowned and looked at him like a crocodile that had eaten until he was only half full.

“One hour is up.” Qin Yuyang said honestly.

“Fuck.” Shen Muchuan cursed, and then opened his eyes and looked at the side. The man acted frivolously and stroked his sweaty hair, adjusted his breath while bending over to pick up his clothes.

“I’m going back.” Qin Yuyang dressed quickly.

“Go out and tell the prison guard to shut up.” Shen Muchuan was lying on the bunk full of anger, feeling irritated from the body to the heart.

“Okay.” Qin Yuyang said, walking over and bending over and kissed Shen Muchuan’s lips, “Bye, see you next time.”

“Yeah…” After watching the other party leave, Shen Muchuan took a deep breath. The surroundings were still filled with Qin Yuyang’s scent. His nose felt itchy, something was better than nothing.

Walking out of Room 415, Qin Yuyang looked satisfied and proud of the spring breeze.

In a short time, he doesn’t need to worry about Shen Muchuan coveting his own chrysanthemum, and he doesn’t seem to worry that the other party will doubt him.

Although the symptoms were not the root cause, hidden dangers still exist, but the short-term relaxation really makes people happy physically and mentally.

Lao Xiao’s report came the next day, “Well…Since he went to the prison to meet you yesterday, Mr. Qin’s mood has risen sharply, and he kept smiling all day.” To say that nothing fishy happened inside must be a lie, right?

Lao Jing’s report, “Brother Chuan, since Mr. Qin came to the prison to meet you, he seems to be in a very good mood. He has been smiling all day long and has eaten two more bowls of rice.” It must be because of love, right?

They felt that Mr. Qin was a bit pitiful.

After all, there was no progress in the case. When their brother Chuan will come out was still unknown. Maybe it will take several years.

“I see.” The person on the other side said, and then hung up.

Anyway, it would be the same even if he continued to listen. There was a prison between them, and too much attention would just add to the trouble.

“Oh.” Lao Jing smelled the deep taste of sadistic love.

It took a few months after the incident that he realized that the two people separated from each other cannot be considered in a sadomasochistic relationship. Only when they fall in love and kill each other it’s a deep sadomasochistic relationship.

Qin Yuyang, who was indeed in a good mood, stood in the daily necessities section of a large supermarket and bought himself some new daily necessities.

In this way, he can throw away the previously used ones and replace them with the texture and preference he was used to.

He always wanted to do this, but was not in the mood before.

When he was in a good mood and it happened to be the weekend, so Qin Yuyang went shopping alone.

“Wow, the picture of Mr. Qin choosing cups and towels is too warm. Would you like to take some photos to show to Brother Chuan?” Several people following now know that Qin Yuyang and Shen Muchuan are a pair of bitter lovebirds separated by reality. It’s usually quite difficult to see each other.

“You’re right, why didn’t we think of it before?” They said and just did it, they took out the miniature camera from their trouser pockets, and clicked at Qin Yuyang.

“Oh, although the person in the photo is smiling, but why did I always feels a kind of loneliness accompanying him like a shadow, don’t you think? Lao Jing?” He reported to Lao Jing that day. The content was a few more photos than usual, and they were still developed out.

“What?” When Lao Jing held it in his hand, he realized that it was Qin Yuyang’s photo, “Uh…” He didn’t dislike Ah Xiao’s extravagant move. He felt that Shen Muchuan would also like to see these photos, but, “You are right, Mr. Qin is indeed a bit pitiful.” 

He obviously married to the person he likes, but he still has to live alone, and he refuses to divorce.

He’s waiting for Brother Chuan, Lao Jing thought to himself.

Originally, it was not allowed to enter the prison for a while, but it was just a few innocuous photos. Using the connections, the prison guards gave it to Shen Muchuan.

It was nighttime, and the prisoners were staying quietly in their cells, with two of them in one room without disturbing each other.

“4087, come here.” It was normal for prison guards on patrol to knock on the cell door with their batons occasionally to ask prisoners to come over for questioning.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Muchuan recognized this prison guard, and he walked over pretending not to recognize him.

“How have you been in the jail recently?” The prison guard squeezed his eyebrows at him as he spoke, then took out a tawny envelope from his arms, passed the jail door, and stuffed it into Shen Muchuan’s hand.

“It’s okay, sir.” Shen Muchuan didn’t know what was inside, so he stuffed it into his prison uniform.

“Okay, go back to sleep.” The guard finished the task and walked away casually.

The inmate on the second bed looked around and muttered, “The guards here are really sick.” In the middle of the night, they came to ask how they are in the prison and how can they be?

Shen Muchuan ignored it. He fell back on his bed, took out a thin envelope under the not very bright light, and took out three photos from it.

“…” He thought that the case had made important progress, but after seeing the content his mouth twitched.

But these photos captured Lao Xiao were really well taken, and they captured Qin Yuyang’s peaceful and calm temperament that was independent of heaven and earth to the fullest.

He seemed to be fearless, but it was a bit pitiful to contact him with recent events.

After seeing it for an unknown period of time, Shen Muchuan put the photo back into the envelope and threw it beside the pillow.

He was foolishly fooled by Qin Yuyang last time, and the anger in his heart still remained.

Five minutes later, Shen Muchuan took the envelope and looked at it again in a bored manner.

His mood was a bit complicated because he agreed to marry Qin Yuyang at the beginning, it was entirely with the idea of ​​a sacrificing marriage to safeguard his interests, and he never thought of having a normal married life.

But Qin Yuyang actually liked him… Shen Muchuan felt surprised, but not disgusted.

Some even faintly enjoy such love.

Life in the prison was boring, day after day repeating the life of the previous day.

Shen Muchuan didn’t interact with others in prison, except for occasionally dealing with others on the grass field, he stayed alone most of the time.

While thinking, sometimes in a daze, or sometimes exercising.

The daily unpredictable content might only be Lao Jing’s report.

“Who asked you to take pictures of him for me?” Shen Muchuan asked abruptly on the call that morning.

Lao Jing was frightened for a moment, thinking that he had misunderstood his boss’s intention and had made a mistake, “Uh, what… what’s wrong Brother Chuan, you don’t want to see Mr. Qin’s picture?” It shouldn’t be?

The more he talked, the more other side whispered, feeling that he was getting cold he toned down a bit.

“I mean, do you think I really want to see his photos?” Shen Muchuan’s tone sounded bad.

The inexplicable question came too suddenly, and Lao Jing was confused, “No, I just feel…”

“Feel what?” Shen Muchuan asked.

“Well, I feel that Mr. Qin is a bit pitiful.” Lao Jing smiled self-deprecatingly. In fact, what qualifications does he have to pity Mr. Qin? He has what he wants and can also be called a winner in life.

“…” It turned out to be like this, Shen Muchuan said, “I know” and he added, “He is not pitiful.”

“Yeah.” Lao Jing said quickly, “I was the one who thought poorly.”

The conversation between the two people was not on the same channel. In fact, Shen Muchuan actually meant that he did not ignore Qin Yuyang’s heart, so Qin Yuyang was not pitiful.

Whereas Lao Jing interpreted it as he was not qualified to pity Qin Yuyang.

Another half month has passed since the visit, Qin Yuyang has recently been adapting to life and work in this world, and also met with the family of the original owner by the way.

“Yuyang, you listen to your dad and divorce him.” Father Qin looked at his excellent son earnestly, “It is a fact that Shen Muchuan is in jail now. No matter how strong his connections are, a life sentence is a life sentence. What reason do you have to spend a lifetime with him?”

Qin Yuyang was silent, the relaxed smile on his face had long since disappeared, replaced by an upset and sad expression.

The detectives who listened and watched nearby fully understood the target’s current mood.

“Dad.” Qin Yuyang said, “How do you tell me to get through this hurdle?” Shen Muchuan was wronged, his criminal evidence was planted by the original owner, and his intentions were extremely terrible.

I don’t want to fish him out now, so why do I still need to divorce him?

Qin Yuyang couldn’t do it. If he could do it, he would have lived a happy life on his own and even had abandoned the original owner’s parents.

“Dad knows that you are kind-hearted, and can’t bear to watch him fall into trouble, but it is true that he tortured employees. What pity do you have for such a person?” Father Qin believed in the fact that Shen Muchuan committed the crime.

“I don’t believe that he killed someone.” Qin Yuyang said.

“Are you trying to piss me off?” Father Qin said.

Qin Yuyang didn’t look into his eyes or speak.

“Wife, you come and persuade him to stop doing stupid things.” Father Qin said, when Qin Yuyang was going to marry Shen Muchuan, he didn’t agree with him, because the Shen family was a thorn in the side, and their pure and honest son simply couldn’t be subdued.

“Oh.” Qin Yuyang’s mother sighed. She really didn’t know what she was going to say. Anyway, she just repeated a few sentences. The problem was that the child wasn’t willing to listen to them. All the talk was in vain, but she still has to say, “Yuyang, you’re still young, only 26 years old, and there are still days to come. Are you willing to live a lifetime with a jailed partner?” 

To say that Qin Yuyang did this for profit. Qin’s mother does not believe, how good her child is she knew it in her own mind.

The only possibility was that this child likes Shen Muchuan.

It’s not surprising, the only son of the Shen family has outstanding abilities, good looks, and he is in charge of the Shen family from a young age. In the past few years, the Shen family has managed to rise even if it was not steadily rising, still, there was no sign of regression.

It’s normal for Qin Yuyang to like him. If he hadn’t gone to jail, this marriage would be considered passable.

But now the person is in jail, no matter how good it is, it’s a thing of the past.

The Qin family would never allow a murderer who was in jail to drag their son for life. Even if they have to cry, made trouble, or hang themselves, they have to make Qin Yuyang divorce him.

“Mom, it’s not whether I’m willing or not. Actually, you people are not reconciled.” Qin Yuyang was also very bitter. If it wasn’t for his guilty conscience, of course, he would have gone along with the suggestion of the Qin family.

The problem was divorce, he really can’t do it.

Unless he turns himself in and admits that the scene of the crime was his own artwork, and prove that the murderer was not Shen Muchuan.

The deceased did something sorry for the Shen family but he didn’t want to drag his family down and committed suicide.

At that time, the drunk Qin Yuyang, who was wandering around after waking up, came across the idea of ​​framing him.

Thinking that when the time will come, he will get another heir to the Shen family, and the Shen family would be equivalent to being in his hands and that his plan can be described as perfect.

It’s a pity that people were not as good as the heavens. Unfortunately, his fake perfect persona collapsed, and there came a master with a truly perfect persona.

“So you’re not getting divorced no matter what?” Mother Qin looked at him desperately, she had no choice but to make a killer move.

“Yes, at least until he comes out, I can’t get a divorce.” Qin Yuyang said.

“Bam!” Mother Qin stood up with a slap on the table, looking intolerable, “I won’t talk nonsense with you now, I will give you three days to think about it. If you insist on not getting a divorce, you will hand over Qin’s management power.”




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