Chapter 25


Since the beginning of last month, Shen Muchuan has been in prison. From the moment he was imprisoned, the Qin family immediately called Qin Yuyang to discuss countermeasures with him.

Since Qin scum’s image was established flawlessly, even his parents believed him, so at the beginning, he just played sideways, not daring to express his attitude directly.

So Qin scum pushed the boat along the water, pretending that he was very entangled and until now he has not given his parents a clear answer.

After all, he didn’t want to get a divorce in his heart, because he was worried about the property of the Shen family, and by the way, he could also continue his label of affection and justice to the end, that’s why he didn’t bring up the matter.

Early this morning, Father Qin thought about it and felt unsure, so he called his only son.

“Yuyang, what is the matter between you and Shen Muchuan?” he said.

“Huh?” Qin Yuyang came home last night and slept until dawn. He wasn’t in the role when he received a call in the morning, “What’s the matter?” He thought about it sleepily and finally remembered with a headache, “…” only to feel that he fucked up.

“I know you are upset,” Father Qin followed with a sigh, “But you are such a good person, you can’t spend your whole life with him, even if you mention divorce now, no one will make irresponsible remarks.”

What’s more, the crime committed by the other party was an intentional homicide, and there is nothing wrong with divorcing a murderer.

His own son is too kind, Father Qin thought.

“It’s okay to get a divorce, but not now.” Qin Yuyang said, “Till the day he is still in jail, I cannot divorce him unless he comes out…”

“You…” Father Qin was anxious, “Why are you so stupid?” He asked rhetorically, “If you were the person in jail today, do you think others would treat you so lovingly and righteously?”

“I don’t know, so what if they don’t?” Qin Yuyang asked, “I don’t care what others do. I can’t do this anyway.”

“…” Father Qin couldn’t persuade him to move, so he stopped.

On the other side, after Song Yingchen’s visit to the prison, he followed Shen Muchuan’s instructions to find the lady who opened the room with Qin scum that day and asked the professionals to torture her.

Then he investigated whether Qin scum attended the dinner that night and whether the situation was the same as he said.

The result was certainly the same because Qin scum pays attention to his image in front of others. Even if he took the lady away, even with the bad intention. Everyone knew him well and no one will believe that he really intends to play with the young lady.

It may also be that in order to maintain the image of a depressed person in recent years. After the marriage, the person’s partner went to jail and felt that there was no one to control, so the idea of ​​indulgence emerged.

Thanks to Qin Yuyang’s early arrival, the other party has not had time to have a relationship with the young lady.

All the information Song Yingchen found proved that Qin Yuyang was indeed innocent. He was unwilling to continue the investigation. Even if there was no evidence of the other party’s prostitution, he may find some dark history of invisible people.

But no, the foundation of the surname Qin was very clean, so clean that makes people feel unreal.

Song Yingchen, who has been in the entertainment industry for many years, is very clear about how powerful people are. He cannot believe that a rich, powerful, and handsome young man can maintain a clean lifestyle.

This kind of person only exists in everyone’s fantasy, and simply cannot exist in reality.

“Mr. Song, I can’t find anything. Mr. Qin’s private life is too clean.” The private investigator commissioned by him said, “I have been a detective for so many years and have not met such a perfect person. He is like a prince of some fairytale.”

“What?” prince my ass, Song Yingchen twisted his face, “Do you believe it?”

The private investigator scratched his head, “I believe it.” Seeing is believing. Whether others believe it or not, he believes it anyway.

“Okay, I don’t believe that he will not reveal his feet1give oneself away for the rest of his life.” Song Yingchen sneered and paid the private investigator’s money and then called the prison to have someone arrange for Shen Muchuan to answer the phone.

“Let’s talk.” Shen Muchuan was wearing a gray-blue prison uniform, standing on the grass field basking in the sun, behind him were other inmates waiting to make the call.

They dare not get close to the tall gentleman in front.

“Nothing was found.” Song Yingchen told unwillingly.

“So, is it true that prostitution was vain?” Shen Muchuan smiled unhurriedly, “I had expected this result a long time ago.” It was impossible for Song Yingchen to find out anything.

“Cousin!” Song Yingchen thought his cousin was convinced of that surname Qin, “I don’t understand how you trust him so much. Anyway, he definitely has something fishy, but I just can’t find it out yet.”

But this kind of person is more terrifying, isn’t it? Hiding so deeply.

“It’s not that I trust him. I have checked this person a long time ago. Even I wasn’t able to find out anything. What do you think I believe him or not?” Shen Muchuan asked, although there are really very few clean people in this world, but what if there are any?

“Then he has never even once visited you since you were imprisoned, Why is that?” Song Yingchen was heartbroken, “You are such a good person. Isn’t it good to find someone who likes you desperately? Why find someone who has no feelings for you?”

Even if it’s a sacrifice for the sake of the family, this sacrifice was too much.

What’s more, the Shen family was still quite stable now. The reason why there was no sign of rising was just because of the transition period, as long as it passes slowly…

“You’re right, he really doesn’t have feelings for me for the time being,” Shen Muchuan said as a matter-of-fact, “As for not coming to see me, it’s a matter of politeness. If I don’t let him over, he won’t come over rashly.”

“Huh? Polite.” What the hell is this, “Then let’s make a bet. You call him now. I bet he will say that he is busy at work and has no time to see you.”

“Naive,” but Shen Muchuan was still willing to prove: “Alright, report the phone number to me.” He doesn’t have it on hand right now.

“Okay, wait a minute.” Song Yingchen was in a hurry and confusion, and finally found Qin Yuyang’s number, and then reported it hurriedly.

After Shen Muchuan finished listening, he hung up and dialed the number that his cousin had just reported.

At this hour, Qin Yuyang was working, as he took over the original owner’s company, but there was no sense of stagnation, everything was going smoothly.


At the moment when the phone was connected, Shen Muchuan heard a vague voice, as if the person was reporting on work, and then the voice drifted away until it disappeared completely.

It was because Qin Yuyang walked to a quiet place to answer the phone.

“It’s me.” Shen Muchuan’s deep voice came out from the phone.

Qin Yuyang touched his ears, only to feel them tickling, and he had to admit that the man’s voice was a bit amazing, “Muchuan?” The other party said um, and he said, “Why did you call me?”

“Are you busy with work?” Shen Muchuan said, not giving the impression that he was calling from prison, but rather like being on vacation somewhere, especially leisurely.

“It’s okay, because it’s a peak period recently and work is really busy.”

“You can always make at least three hours of free time. Right?” Shen Muchuan smiled.

“Well, what did you say,” Qin Yuyang was a very smart person, and said directly, “Do you want me to make time for you?”

Then the other side said something, which startled him: “Tomorrow, report a spousal visit in the prison and apply for an hour of solitude. After all, I seem to owe you a bridal night.”

Before he could get into the bridal chamber, he was arrested.

“Then what do I need to prepare?” Qin Yuyang was calm.

“The prison has condoms. You can bring a tube of lubricant.” After Shen Muchuan finished speaking, he added, “The prison environment is so simple. Thinking about it, it’s still a little aggravating. If you don’t want to, you can not come.”

A few short sentences were full of temptation and threats.

This person was certainly not a dead-end loser, clearly, he’s like a winner who holds everything in his hand.

His self-confidence made Qin Yuyang feel that sooner or later the truth will come to light, and sooner or later the tricks he has done will be exposed in front of people.

When the time comes, the collapse of the persona would be just a trivial matter, and the failure of life will be a major one.

He knew that unlike ordinary businessmen, Shen Muchuan was a marginal person who was both righteous and evil and had many secret hooks and relationships.

Otherwise, after being sued for intentional homicide and drug-related involvement, he will not be so leisurely.

“Don’t worry, I will come.” Qin Yuyang said.

The original owner seeks benefits from Shen Muchuan, simply seeking skin with a tiger, not knowing how high the world is.

“Good,” Shen Muchuan said, “Tomorrow at 9 in the morning, I will be here waiting for you.”

After hanging up the phone, Qin Yuyang went back to the meeting.

Originally, Shen Muchuan wanted to call Song Yingchen to tell Song Yingchen that he had won the bet, but seeing so many people waiting to call, he gave up the idea of ​​bullying.

At the same time, he felt a bit annoyed. After my spouse’s application for visitation, how should I spend an hour?

However, he would understand later that one hour was far from enough.

“Put off my schedule for tomorrow, I’m going to visit the prison.” At the end of the day, Qin Yuyang told his assistant Linda.


“Okay, do you need me to accompany you, boss?” Linda was a professional woman in her thirties with excellent work ability and a rigorous and generous personality.

“No, I can go alone.” Qin Yuyang admired the scumbag very much. He really paid attention to building up his own image in all aspects. For example, the secretary and assistant were both elderly and capable.

The next morning, Qin Yuyang woke up very early. He carefully shaved in the mirror, combed his hair, dressed neatly, sprayed a mild men’s perfume, and went out with a rose-scented mouth-fresh candy in his mouth.

It was true at first; he was a careless and rough-talking young man, but as he got older, he became a refined rough-talking middle-aged man.

But he didn’t expect that when he was about to die, he would pick up a lifetime in vain.

At 7:30, Qin Yuyang set off from the city center in a luxury car, and it took an hour to arrive at the XX prison located on the outskirts of the city.

There may not be many people who wear formal attire to visit the prison, but he was one of them.

When the prison guards first saw the flashy young boss, they were envious and spiteful, pretending to be in prison, huh?

“Hi.” Qin Yuyang smiled warmly and greeted them kindly.

“Visitors, please register here.” The guard said without squinting, trying not to pay attention to how expensive the handsome young boss’s outfit was.

The staff in charge of the procedures saw that he was here to visit his spouse and that his spouse was a male.

He couldn’t help but feel his chrysanthemum tighten. After all, this man was so tall and strong, he must be a strong attacker.

“Okay.” When the prison guard spoke, his tone was involuntarily persuaded. After all, the target that people used to oppress every day was the same powerful murderer.

“Thank you.” Qin Yuyang received the access card and was led by the prison guard for a body search.

“What is this?” The prison guard found a tube of lubricant from Qin Yuyang’s pocket.

“Lubricant, can’t we bring it?” Qin Yuyang smiled at the prison guard, his brilliant eyes full of energy.

The prison guard was uncomfortable, so he quickly moved his gaze away, “Let me confirm it.” He twisted it out a bit. After sniffing it, there was nothing unusual, and then he returned it to Qin Yuyang.

Then he entered a passage. On both sides were rooms with door numbers.

Qin Yuyang looked down at his card, it said 419, this room number was really fucking appropriate.

“Okay, go in,” the guard said.

“Thank you.” Qin Yuyang opened the door with his card and walked in with a smile.

His smile disappeared after entering. There was only one bed in the empty room, and on the bed was a figure that was not weak, even taller, and stronger than the original owner remembered.

The face was the same as in the memory. The person was very handsome, stimulating people’s desire to mate.

“Hello.” He greeted stiffly.

Seeing the tall and handsome man walk in, Shen Muchuan’s mood was almost as depressed as the other party, “Hello.” He said with a cold tone.

From the moment he sat here, Shen Muchuan regretted it. He had nothing to say about spousal visits on the phone before, and he was simply asking for trouble.

“Well, how are you doing here?” Qin Yuyang was at least a veteran who has eaten for decades. He chuckled quietly on his face, chatting with Shen Muchuan leisurely, and found a place not too far not too close to sit down.

These calm actions make people feel that he is very decent and charming.

“It’s okay.” Shen Muchuan turned his head and glanced at him, “I think you know my situation in your heart.” If there was no accident, he wouldn’t have been given life imprisonment.

“Well,” I know, “Hmm?” So what?

“What are your plans?” Shen Muchuan asked.

“If you mean divorce, then I don’t have any intention of divorce.” Qin Yuyang said, “Unless you are released, and there are special circumstances where the solution is the only divorce. For example, if you want to divorce.”

Under Shen Muchuan’s gaze, he said his thoughts.

This was not to maintain the image established by the scumbag, but it was his own moral requirements.

“What if I can’t get out all my life?” Shen Muchuan asked again.

“Why?” Qin Yuyang smiled purely, “You are so capable, I don’t believe you will be stomped here forever.”

“Then do you believe that I am a murderer?” Shen Muchuan asked. This time the other party did not answer within three seconds, and there were signs that he could not answer.

Just when he wanted to say forget, the man beside him said, “No, I don’t believe you can kill people.”

Shen Muchuan, who didn’t care about the answer, raised his eyebrows and smiled indifferently, “Is that so, thank you Mr. Qin.” At this moment, he suddenly remembered the other party’s “Muchuan” on the phone yesterday, but in fact, they were not so familiar.

So today’s trill will end here, and it was good that the other party didn’t ask for a divorce.

“Time is limited, Boss Shen, should we hurry up?” Qin Yuyang said while taking off his coat. In order not to be deprived of the opportunity, he decided to take the initiative.

“…” Shen Muchuan’s whole person was petrified for a while, and then frowned, this person wants to do this for real?

“This little thing is not easy to bring in. It was almost confiscated by the prison guard.” Qin Yuyang continued to beep without knowing it and found the free set of condoms in the room. There were as many as three boxes, the models were large, medium, and small. He took a large size without hesitation.

“Mr. Qin…” Shen Muchuan’s voice contained a rare dryness.

He fully realized what it means to hit himself in the foot.

“What?” Qin Yuyang turned his head, he was a man who was not ashamed to be both open and conservative about bed matters.

On the one hand, he feels that young people should enjoy the love of men and women (unless the subject should be restrained if they are studying). On the other hand, he feels that it’s good to go with one person because bed matters are not suitable for the involvement of many people.

Shen Muchuan’s appearance was of an impeccable type, and Qin Yuyang didn’t feel disgusted when he thought of suppressing him under himself.

So when he turned around, the looming picture under the shirt was already pleasing to the eye, even a calm and a self-sufficient man like Shen Muchuan forgot to breathe.

The long body of the other party has been well-trained, and the appearance was half-concealed, still, it was more attractive than many so-called male god photo albums.

“Nothing.” When Shen Muchuan reacted, he immediately felt amused. Is this slutty man seducing himself? How come he never heard that this person had such a side of him before?

Qin Yuyang doesn’t admit that he was slutty. He has more experience in battles, and there was a natural of lasciviousness in his body.

“There are still forty-five minutes left.” He raised his wrist, feeling a little worried that he would not be able to play by himself. If he really wants to do it, there was no time to grind.

“Forget it.” Shen Muchuan looked away from him, “I’m not in the mood today.”

Qin Yuyang held the small package in his mouth, and when he was halfway through the action, he suddenly said, “Are you kidding me?” He took down the small package and said, “I’m here and now you’re telling me I’m not in the mood?”

Who called him to bring lubricant yesterday?

Shen Muchuan looked at him calmly, with an expression of what can you do to me?

“Okay, fine.” Qin Yuyang simply put away the condom, put on his clothes swiftly, with an upset expression on his face, “Then what else do you have to say?”

“Nothing.” Shen Muchuan didn’t mean to be sorry at all, and said, “Thank you for visiting me today.” That meant that you could roll now.

“Well, you’re welcome.” Qin Yuyang was unhappy, but he was relieved in his heart.

Today, Shen Muchuan asked him to come over, and he didn’t believe that it was for the purpose of rolling in bed.

As for what it was, he didn’t know, it’s better if he hadn’t started suspecting himself.

“Then if it’s okay, I’ll be going, and if you have a need in the future, you can find me.” Before leaving, Qin Yuyang cautiously flirted with the other party.

Shen Muchuan stared at the chic back, thinking silently for a long time.

It was true that agreeing to marry Qin Yuyang was purely out of interest, and they had no feelings before.

Shen Muchuan admitted that he was a domineering and selfish man, even if he had no feelings, he would never allow Qin Yuyang to have any derailment, even if he might not necessarily fulfill his husband and wife obligations.

“Cousin?” The next morning, when the prison was opened, Song Yingchen called again, “How was the bet with you that day, did he come?”

“Yeah.” Shen Muchuan paused, and said to his cousin, “In the future about Qin Yuyang, you don’t need to get involved, just perform your duties as a celebrity honestly.”

“Co… cousin?” Song Yingchen suffered 10,000 points of injury. Did he do something wrong?

“Hang up.” Shen Muchuan was not in the mood to pay attention to Song Yingchen’s glass heart. He hung up the phone and dialed a number again. After answering, he whispered, “Lao Jing, find a few good people to stare at Qin Yuyang, don’t let him notice.”

“Yes, Brother Chuan,” Lao Jing said, “24 hours?”

“Isn’t this nonsense?” Shen Muchuan urged, “Watch carefully and pay attention to his unusual behavior, and…”

“Huh?” Lao Jing listened respectfully.

“If you see him twisting flowers and making grass,” Shen Muchuan said, his voice became cold for a few degrees, “Knock him up before telling me.”

“Uh, yes.” Lao Jing thought to himself, that gentleman probably wouldn’t dare, otherwise, he would not provoke someone bad and would never have proposed marriage to their Brother Chuan.

So when he received the order, Lao Jing immediately began to look for candidates, and from his own network, he found four people with good skills and asked them to follow Qin Yuyang in turn.

At this time Qin Yuyang didn’t know that he had been targeted. After he returned from prison, everything was normal…Of course, it was only normal on the surface.

He would be happy to live another life, yes, but he didn’t want to take over Qin scum’s hypocritical life, it was too hypocritical.

But let him die now, it’s a bit awkward…

People cannot always think about death while they’re alive, this was Qin Yuyang’s principle of life.

Therefore, whether he should save Shen Muchuan regardless of whether he lives or die, Qin Yuyang thought his head was about to explode, and he didn’t even come up with anything.

“Alas, Shen Muchuan…” This man is really not a bad person. He is very enthusiastic about public welfare and donates a lot of money to schools and charity organizations every year.

Thinking of this, Qin Yuyang took a sip of wine with a headache, looking very bad.

“Ah Xiao, did you hear that just now?” Lao Xiao bumped his elbow into the young man next to him, and asked in a low voice, “Did the target just call Shen Muchuan?”

“Yeah.” The young man called Ah Xiao nodded seriously, affirming Lao Xiao’s question.

Now the two of them were hiding under the long table where Qin Yuyang was drinking, and their hiding skills were also great.

It was about 9:40 p.m., which was still early for nightlife.

However, this quiet bar has already gathered many people who plan to hunt for beauty.

Qin Yuyang looked good, and he was drunk alone and seemed to be in need of comfort. Therefore, there were many people who spoke to him, which made him feel very annoyed, and he checked out before 10 p.m.

At the time of the shift change at 12 a.m., Lao Xiao packed up today’s information and called Lao Jing to report, “Lao Jing, there was nothing unusual about the target today, but he went to a bar for a drink…”

 “You, you say…” Lao Jing’s face was weird, and he successfully polished Lao Xiao’s report, “Mr. Qin was drunk in a bar by himself, and he still said the name of Brother Chuan?”

“Yes.” Old Xiao listened to it again and nodded as he felt nothing wrong.

“Okay, I see.” Lao Jing scratched his face and said, “Then you continue to stare, be careful, don’t let Mr. Qin find out, otherwise we can’t afford it if Brother Chuan blames us.”

“Yes.” Lao Xiao said.

After hanging up the phone, Lao Jing whispered to the empty house alone, “It seems that Mr. Qin is a kind and righteous person.” Maybe he was sincere to their brother Chuan.

I should remember to tell Brother Chuan when telling the report tomorrow, Lao Jing thought.





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