Chapter 24


The words “Return of the prodigal son”, almost throughout Qin Yuyang’s life not only describe his sudden enlightenment, from a playboy to a successful businessman; but also describe him as a lover, after divorcing his first partner to living with his true love and focusing on life with zero scandals, zero quarrels, which was simply incredible.

Either a life winner or a prodigal son, Qin Yuyang’s life was worth living, but also adequate.

He was always ready to go to the west and fall asleep at any time.

It’s just that when he slept and woke up again… Woke up…

The fuck.

The bright incandescent lamp dazzled Qin Yuyang’s eyes. He took a long time to figure out that he was lying in a luxurious bathtub for a bath.

Yes, a bath.

When Qin Yuyang saw his long, firm, and young legs, he almost fainted without turning his eyes.

This… crossed again?

What the hell is it this time?

He couldn’t lean back in the bathtub to rest, waiting for the memory to come up on its own.

Two minutes later, Qin Yuyang got up in despair and preparing to hit the pillar and die, anyway, this identity would be dead sooner or later! Instead of dying in pieces, it would be better to die with dignity!

“Young Master Yang, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, have you washed up?” A person with a whiny voice shouted at the door.

Qin Yuyang finally came back to his senses, he was now preparing to fuck a lady.

Yes, fuck a lady.

People are going to die, and he was still in a goddamned mood to fuck a lady!

He felt his life was returning to the gray water1life is gloomy, the person begins to feel all kinds of misfortunes., he wanted to strangle the person who left a mess for himself.

After a five-minute reprieve, Qin Yuyang put on his clothes and walked out, he couldn’t do nothing.

“Young Master Yang,” the prostitute stood by his side docilely waiting for him, when she saw Qin Yuyang fully dressed, her soft face was full of surprise, “Are you leaving now?” But they hadn’t even gotten into bed…

“Don’t stand around here, go back from where you came.” Qin Yuyang said, “I don’t go whoring prostitutes.”

“Hey?” the prostitute was confused. She clearly remembered that Young Master Yang just went in and told her to wait for him, “Then… You give me the money…”

“How much?” Qin Yuyang took out his wallet and was ready to pay.

Just when they handed over the money with one hand, the door of the hotel banged and was kicked open, then came in five or six people with a whimper.

Under the circumstances of such a Shura field2Shura Field is a Buddhist language, which refers to the pit of death between Shura. People usually use “Sura Field” to describe a tragic battlefield; later it was extended to mean “a person in a difficult situation must fight to the death.” in anime, it means that multiple people like the same person, and all are in one scene. A scene where multiple people express themselves, exclude others and compete with each other in front of the loved one., Qin Yuyang still calmly paid the money and asked the lady to retreat to the side.

“Open a room? Whores?” A handsome young man came up with a sneer and grabbed Qin Yuyang’s collar.

“Wait,” Qin Yuyang, an experienced old veteran, how could he let this young boy get his hands on him, he held up his hands and said, “What are you doing?”

Song Yingchen, “My cousin just went to jail, and you’re here whoring around with girls? Are you a fucking human being?” As he said he wanted to hit Qin Yuyang, but the difference in strength was so great that he couldn’t reach him. “Xiao Zhang, Xiao Ma!” He shouted angrily behind him, “Come and help!”

“Uh, Brother Chen…” the assistants and agents he brought with him were dumbfounded. Was this to catch adultery?

“Are you blind?” Qin Yuyang said, “From which eye did you see me whoring?” He grabbed Song Yingchen’s hand and pushed it down to his third leg, “My cock isn’t even hard, what kind of lady am I fucking?”

Song Yingchen was stunned, his face was red, he was so angry that he grabbed his hand back and moved far away from Qin Yuyang, “A stinking slag with a tough mouth at the end of the day, do you know who I am?”

Of course, Qin Yuyang knew who this handsome male in front of him was.

He was his own legal partner’s… Fuck… Shen Muchuan’s celebrity cousin, a musician, but not the same way as Shen Muchuan.

“You’re Shen Muchuan’s cousin, right?” Qin Yuyang finished expressionlessly, then hooked his finger to the prostitute, “This young lady come here, tell this brother, did I have an inappropriate relationship with you?”

The prostitute opened her big eyes, came over timidly, and said, “No.”

“Nonsense!” Song Yingchen blew up, “If you didn’t have an improper relationship, why did you get a room together? What did you give her money for? Don’t tell me you were playing fighting the landlord3 Fighting Landlords is a popular card game in China. For details about class struggle in the old society, see the Land Reform Movement. fighting landlord is a poker game. The game is played by at least 3 players, with a 54-card deck (including ghost cards), one of which is the landlord, and the other two are the other. The two sides play against each other, and the player who finishes the cards first wins. The poker game was originally popular in Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei, China, and has gradually become popular all over the world.!” Are you fooling a three-year-old?

The assistants in the back nodded their heads. Yes, the point was that there were not enough people to play fighting the landlord; it must be a lie!

Qin Yuyang listened to him and said slowly, “First, I brought her out, so I have to pay her for sure, this is someone’s job and I’m wasting her time. Second, I clearly told her that I don’t use prostitutes. You can ask her yourself, and third, no means no, not before, and not in the future.”

Because this was the original owner’s first time out stealing food, there really was indeed no previous life experience.

“Yes,” the prostitute said honestly, “I haven’t opened my business today, and Young Master Yang said he doesn’t use prostitutes.”

Song Yingchen’s face was black, “Didn’t you bring a prostitute to open a room?” What kind of logic is this! No one will believe it, okay?

“I was socializing earlier.” Qin Yuyang slightly loosened the tie around his neck and said, “In order to leave the venue smoothly, I came out under the name of prostituting.”

Hearing this, Song Yingchen’s assistant and the agent couldn’t help but carefully look at Qin Yuyang, they found that this person might be serious, “…” After all, the person was tall and handsome with an oppressive temperament, and was different from the young lady next to him…

And this person was looking all righteous, speaking with the tone of a superior, calm and unhurried, which was very comfortable and good to hear.

“Socializing?” Song Yingchen grabbed a point and said, “My cousin is in jail and now it’s a complete mess, yet you still have the heart to entertain?”

Speaking of this, Song Yingchen was very puzzled. His cousin was such a powerful person, why would he agree to marry such a hypocrite?

Obviously, it was just a profit-oriented businessman who married his cousin just for the sake of profit, and now that his cousin was in jail, he was only afraid that this person would already be thinking about the divorce plan, right?

“Otherwise?” Qin Yuyang’s eyes looked at him coldly, “Because your cousin is in jail, I have to abandon everything from my hands and go in to accompany him, is that what you are saying?”

But in fact, no one knew that his heart felt guilty when he said this sentence.

Because Shen Muchuan was sent in by his own hands, and if there was no accident, he would be sentenced to life imprisonment.

“Fuck! Do you have any humanity left? ” Song Yingchen squeezed up his fist to force him to look at him.

Flowery fist attacked but was easily defused, and was also scorned, “Do not come to bother me again, don’t mix things up between us as an outsider.”

What? An outsider?

Song Yingchen simply wanted to explode, because he was Shen Muchuan’s own cousin. And this man is what?

They hadn’t even finished their wedding, and the cousin was caught in.

“I’m busy, I don’t have time to spend with you.” Qin Yuyang put away his wallet and pretended to leave calmly.

After leaving the hotel and finding a chauffeur to get in the car, his nonchalant expression was revealed.

Just now Song Yingchen was right, the man who married Shen Muchuan was indeed a scum, cold, selfish, profit-oriented, and inhuman.

He did not like Shen Muchuan, but only saw the value of Shen Muchuan.

You know, the old Shen family died, leaving only Shen Muchuan. If he died, the biggest beneficiary would be his legal partner.

In the beginning, the scum did not want Shen Muchuan to die. He just had an occasional opportunity to plant the blame, and seamlessly he did not hesitate to do so.

It’s not wrong that Shen Muchuan agreed to marry the scum, after all, the reputation of the scum’s persona in the circle was first-class; both peers and elders he has gotten along with says he is good.

As a sensible man, Shen Muchuan wanted to find a good family and a reliable marriage partner for the Shen family. It was normal.

Qin Yuyang was now faced with a very difficult trade-off, that is, after he took over the life of the scum, should he save Shen Muchuan or not?

If he saves him, then he will be exposed and would be screwed to death by the surname Shen.

If not, he would have to watch the other sit in jail for the rest of his life, and Qin Yuyang would not be able to pass the hurdle in his heart.

While thinking about this problem, Qin Yuyang returned to the house where the scumbag used to live. There was only one big pet dog in the house, which was usually taken care of by the nanny and aunt, and it looked silly and cute.

He can only say that the scum was really good at creating the persona of a sunny, warm man, even the pet part was well calculated.

Isn’t it true? Even the circle of friends was full of positive energy and then came the cute pet, making people’s heart filled with warmth.

“I’m going to see my cousin tomorrow, I’m going to tell my cousin all about what that scum did!” Song Yingchen called his family in anger, but the anger was because they didn’t believe that Qin scum was that kind of person at all.

“You’re too possessive of your cousin, you don’t even think you’re worthy of such a good person. Do you want your cousin to be a bachelor for the rest of his life?” Mother Song sighed in an annoyed mood, “And this is not the time to talk about this, the key is how to get your cousin out, I absolutely do not believe he will kill someone.”

“I don’t believe it either.” Song Yingchen’s heart was very worried and sighed with his mother.

But what if they don’t believe all kinds of evidence were available, even the cousin himself can’t refute it.

“Even if you go tomorrow, don’t talk nonsense, just stay with the boy Mu Chuan.” Mother Song instructed.

“Okay.” Song Yingchen thought to himself, It would be strange if  I don’t say anything.

The next day he was fully armed, with three or four masks, and went to XX prison by himself.

This prison was located in the city and the people in it were relatively related to it, otherwise, they were sent away.

The Song family spent a lot of connections and money to keep Shen Muchuan here.

“Cousin?” When Song Yingchen looked at Shen Muchuan being brought out by the prison guards, his nose was sour and he simply wanted to cry, while thinking, “My cousin is so handsome, even in prison uniform, he looks handsome as hell.”

Indeed, the young man brought by the guards was tall and long, with profoundly handsome features and a pair of Danfeng eyes that do not match with the cold and hard temperament, adding a bit of style to him.

“Why are you here again?” Shen Muchuan sat in front of his brother, his left eyebrow raised, looking impatient.

“Cousin.” Song Yingchen looked angry, clenched his fist, and said, “Did you know that scum surnamed Qin went out to open a room with a young lady? If I hadn’t arrived in time, he would have given you a cuckold!”

After saying that, he was very much expecting his cousin to join him in his anger.

“Oh.” Shen Muchuan said in a light-hearted manner, “Send someone to check it out, if it’s true, kill him.”




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