Chapter 23


In fact, Qin Yuyang didn’t do anything, he just picked up Qin Yushun, and by the way, held down the other side and took a simple and rude battle bath with him.

According to his iron straight character and thick romantic nerves, when he did this, he was genuinely brotherly, without a trace of any crooked thoughts.

Not to mention that the other party was his own brother in various senses. Even before crossing here, Qin Yuyang chose to sleep with a man because he had no choice.

Although he was not naturally gay, but between the same sex and the opposite sex, he will certainly not hesitate to choose the same sex.

Some people may think that he is unfair to his lover because of this. Since he doesn’t love them deeply, why should he provoke others?

What they think is correct.

But Qin Yuyang felt that instead of living alone blindly, wasting a handsome and considerate good resource, it would be better to settle down and take a good look at the people around him.

Then choose a good companion for oneself, instead of finding others.

Qin Yuyang has never been confused about what the future would be like or what his life should be like. No matter where he is, he is a person having this kind of personality.

This summer vacation, Su Ranqiu stayed at home to study every day and taking care of his boyfriend’s daily life by the way.

He enjoys such a life very much and hopes to live it forever.

“Xiao-Qiu, why don’t you go back to your hometown?” Qin Yuyang raised the idea that he wanted to ask for the past few days. He noticed that Su Ranqiu had not been home during the whole semester, and he rarely called his mother.

“Huh?” Su Ranqiu frowned, “Why do you suddenly want to go back to my hometown?” His expression was not too happy.

“I’ve been with you for half a year, and you never mentioned a word about your family affairs to me. Do you even consider me your own?” Qin Yuyang asked as if it were true or not.

“I don’t treat you as my own person?” Su Ranqiu smiled, and then threw the rag in his hand, like a little cat with blown hair, “Qin Yuyang, can you say this again after touching your conscience?”

He had followed the other party with his heart for half a year, never having such thoughts on any day.

He usually always pours his heart out in front of Qin Yuyang, but it has been just the family that he really has nothing to say about.

“Huh?” Qin Yuyang looked at him.

“Now my mom has been remarried for so long, she really doesn’t care how I’m doing outside,” she might be even relieved if he doesn’t go back, “If you are worried about my homesickness, then I advise you to think more about how to love me.”

“You’re really not ashamed,” Qin Yuyang laughed for a while, “You are such a wonderful son, how can she still not like you?” what a blind mother, he thought to himself that he would never dislike Su Ranqiu.

“Speak out if you don’t believe it.” Su Ranqiu picked up the rag and started wiping the table again, “Except for you, I rarely hear anyone say that I’m good.” Most of them think he is pitiful or feels sorry for him, but don’t want to have a deep relationship.

However, it was enough for him to have one person to understand that he is good, and he was very satisfied after spending half a year mixing honey with oil1be deeply attached to each other.

If he only had one year to live, Su Ranqiu would rather change such a life.

“No, I still have to go back to your house.” Qin Yuyang decided.

Although Qin’s father and Qin’s mother haven’t let go, sooner or later they would get married, regardless of whether they have the certificate.

Su Ranqiu couldn’t argue with him and was forced to take the phone and call home. After getting through, he greeted, “Mom.”

Since he seldom calls home, and every time there must be that something happened, she asked carefully, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Su Ranqiu said, “I’m coming home in a few days with a friend.”

“Is it a girlfriend?” Mother Su breathed a sigh of relief. But marrying a daughter-in-law would require another sum of money. If Su Ranqiu wants to ask the family for a bride price, she doesn’t have it.

“No, it’s a boyfriend.” Su Ranqiu said straightforwardly, “Don’t worry, I won’t ask you for money.” He knew what his mother was thinking, “I won’t take any money even when we would be getting married and buying a house in the future.”

“Oh…” The exposed Mother Su’s face heated up for a moment before she said, “Then you can come back, but there is no place to live at home.”

Su Ranqiu sighed, “We will figure it out by ourselves.” Hanging up the phone, with delicate eyebrows hanging down, he said, “My house is just a very ordinary home, it has only two rooms.” The younger brother and sister are more than ten years old and still live in the same cramped room.

This cannot be called ordinary, it’s actually called poverty.

“Do you think I would mind?” Qin Yuyang dangled and flew a few winks at him, then grabbed his mobile phone to book a ticket, and bought a lot of practical gifts along the way.

He bought these things and sent them directly, as he was too lazy to take them with him.

On the day of the trip, he just brought Su Ranqiu and a change of clothes.

Now that they have all gone to Su Ranqiu’s hometown, they must at least play for two days before returning.

“Hey, why are you such a nice person.” Su Ranqiu couldn’t bear to stand and leaned toward his boyfriend. Since the last meeting when he saw his parents being taught, he has rarely acted blatantly.

But sometimes he can’t help it, emotions are easy to be moved.

Occasionally when he heard that someone broke up again, or someone had encountered a sad thing, he would think of himself. If it weren’t for Qin Yuyang, what would his life be like now?

In fact, he can’t imagine it, nor does he dare to think about it.

In mid-August, they went to Su Ranqiu’s hometown and met his mother, uncle, and two younger siblings who were in junior high school.

How to put it, Su Ranqiu used to be an invisible person at home and had no sense of existence.

This time, he brought Qin Yuyang back; it was like he… completely recovered his sense of existence?

Anyway, when he went out from home, he cried his eyes out in the bathroom of the hotel, and then he let go and said goodbye to the past, greeted his new life as well as himself.

“Xiao-Qiu,” Qin Yuyang opened the door, “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah.” Su Ranqiu stopped crying, but his eyes were still red. He turned his head on the washstand, “Is there a cigarette? How about lighting a cigarette for me?”

 “…” Qin Yuyang was petrified for a second, then closed the door with a bang, “You continue to cry.”

“Hahahaha…” Su Ranqiu’s laughter burst out, especially wild.

Damn, how could such a good young academic scholar be led by him in this?

“Hey.” The academic scholar poked his head out. In this little half a year, he had a very good life, and his face and figure have grown more enchanting, “Do you want to play in the bathroom?” Su-slutty word repeater-Ranqiu said.

Qin Yuyang leaned beside him, wearing silver-gray silk pajamas, with a small portion of shoulders exposed.

“Not interested.” Just played yesterday, tired of it.

“Then you choose yourself.” The man posed on the door frame, “As long as it is not too wild, I will accept it.”

“That’s what you said,” Qin Yuyang hooked his finger at him, and when he came over, he gave him a mobile phone, “Come, accompany me to the stars.”

“On, on to the stars…” Su Ranqiu almost twisted his waist in an enchanting posture.

——Did I pick up my boyfriend from the garbage, damn it!

He took the phone and threw himself on the bed. He couldn’t help it and clicked on WeChat to complain to his friend.

——If a person is wearing sexy pajamas and you invite him to play a gun, and he pulls you to play King of Glory. Which one is the most coquettish situation you have heard this year?

——Ah ah ah!

Talking about returning to Beijing, some of their dormitory brothers did not go back to their hometown, and they were all staying in Beijing.

“Tomorrow? How about coming out to get together?” Xi Zhikai mentioned it the second time, thinking it might not be possible.

“Okay.” to his friend’s surprise, Su Ranqiu replied with a smile.

He probably would not forget about this summer vacation in all his life.

A partner who lived together, friends who studied together, and the unknown rookies or gods who played the king of glory together, were all wonderful like something that happened in a dream.

In April of this year, when he took Qin Yuyang’s car on the way to school and listened to the song “Travel”. From then on, he fell in love with Uncle Xu Wei’s song.

At the end of the sophomore’s summer vacation, they went to a concert together.

Maybe he was stimulated by rock-and-roll. Qin Yuyang was very fierce that night, laughing and teasing, “Fortunately, I changed the bed.”

It seems that after leaving the dilapidated and dim small single room for half a year, he still hasn’t forgotten the days they had spent together.

Su Ranqiu was so tossed by him that he couldn’t speak, he could only cry with tears, yelling Gege again and again.

Speaking of this good half a year, Qin Yuyang usually loved him, seldom indulged wantonly, and always sticks to the end.

At first, Su Ranqiu only regarded him as having a pure heart and low desire. Later, when he saw him in the bathroom, he realized that this man had a lot of desires, but he was very restrained, and would not behave in front of him.

Since then, Su Ranqiu has taken the initiative a lot, and he helped his man blow a shot when nothing happened. Seeing his relaxed look, he was also very happy.

The emotional thing was like this, beyond Su Ranqiu’s expectations, he was so stable that he was in a trance.

Work, right, after the beginning of his junior year, Qin Yuyang went out solo by himself.

On the night of resignation, he went out for a drink with his brother. There was no one around, but the two of them had a heart to heart talk.

Then Qin Yushun went to fall in love, um, he was on the way to fall instead of having already found a partner.

He still had a long way to go.

On the day of the celebration meeting for the establishment of Qin Yuyang’s Company, Su Ranqiu saw many familiar faces.

For example, classmate Jiang, who was wearing eye-catching clothes, came over with a glass of champagne to say hello, “Isn’t this classmate Su who pried second young master of Ji out of his corner?” His eyes looked like a scanner, “What’s the matter, has Qin Yuyang not broken up with you?”

Being ridiculed again, Su Ranqiu had no ripples in his heart and was especially calm.

“Welcome classmate Jiang, please eat and drink well.” He smiled and read this sentence, then turned to find his husband.

“My ass, mistress.” Jiang Yilang cursed.

“…” Su Ranqiu paused, thought for a while, and walked back to this low-mouthed classmate Jiang, “I said… you keep holding on to me, are you jealous of my good life or jealous of me? Hmm?”

“What…” Jiang Yilang asked.

“When Qin Yuyang cleaned up for me, you didn’t know that there was someone like him in the world, right? You are a just passerby, do you understand?” Su Ranqiu looked at him, “My life with him is none of your business, so put your ass out of our way, okay?”

Qin Yuyang watched from nearby, his face calm.

He has always been worried that Su Ranqiu will not be tough, and if he leaves for some reason in the future, the other party will have a bad life alone.

Now it seems to be worrying too much. The more people grow up, the stronger they would become. They are actually not as fragile as they seem.

“Second Young Master Jiang, I’m sorry.” After watching for a moment, Qin Yuyang walked to them, and put out a hand around Su Ranqiu’s waist wrapped in his suit, “But I think he’s quite right.” His smile was as boisterous as before, and it made people helpless, “your ass really can’t get in the way of others, so please, please stop beeping again in the future?”

“…” Jiang Yilang’s face was stiff, staring incredulously.

“Excuse us.” Su Ranqiu said, and he took Qin Yuyang’s hand and walked away.

He didn’t take back his sweaty hand until he blended into the crowd, and let out a sigh of relief, “I was very nervous just now…” For the first time, he was afraid that he would not be in place enough and was too embarrassed.

“It’s okay.” Qin Yuyang lazily stood beside him and said, “There is me.”

Hearing these reassuring words, Su Ranqiu felt unrestrained and overwhelmed, and then he leaned in, to peck his boyfriend’s lips when no one was paying attention.

“Thank you.” In the vast sea of people… the one I chose is an unremarkable person.





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