Chapter 22

“What’s wrong?” Su Ranqiu ruffled the tawdry clothes on his body, “What’s with the big reaction? Aren’t you the one who told me to find a girl?”

“Fuck off!” Qin Yuyang said, “I didn’t mean that at all, do you really don’t understand or pretending not to understand?”

“I don’t… I don’t care what you mean.” Su Ranqiu lifted his leg in his ripped jeans and continued to walk towards the door.

“Stop.” Qin Yuyang said.

“Who cares about you,” Su Ranqiu sat down in the hallway to put on his shoes, “I’m telling you, I’m on fire, and I have to go get a girl.”

“Shut up,” Qin Yuyang came over and kicked him in the back, “The girl invited you? In this state? I’m afraid you’d leave the girl a psychological shadow for her entire life.”

“Heh, I envy you.” Su Ranqiu said.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t let you go.” Qin Yuyang grabbed his tawdry clothes, “You go back inside and change clothes, where you want to go, I promise not to put a farce.”

“Okay.” Su Ranqiu threw down his half worn shoes, went back to the house barefoot, changed his clothes three times, “Now I can go out, right?” He came out again with his usual look.

“…you can go out.” Qin Yuyang leaned to the side.

It was all said and done, but Su Ranqiu in his heart was not happy at all.

He put on his shoes and went out of the door without looking back.

What nightclub, what pick up girls, give him a billion he would not do this kind of thing.

After arriving at the door, he chatted with the security guard who was sitting in the security room.

From the wife and children to the economy and people’s livelihood, and not to mention film and television gossip, there are a lot of things a person can talk about.

Su Ranqiu thought to himself, that two hours later he will go back, and would make up a lively and erotic story for that stinky man to listen to, which would piss him off.

On the other side, Qin Yuyang seemed heartless, crossing his legs on the sofa to play games.

After dying in two games in a row, he sat up and sighed.

“Xiao-Qiu, your acting skills are too inferior.” Next time… next time act a little more realistically or just believe it yourself.

“However, in the Three Kingdoms Romance, my favorite is Zhao Yun. He, this person ah…” an old man and a young man in the security room were chatting about the Three Kingdoms Romance.

Qin Yuyang came to the window, raised his hand and knocked on the window, “Xiao-Qiu, let’s go home.”

 Su Ranqiu listened to the lecture while leaning expressionlessly at the window without paying attention.

“Xiao-Qiu!” Qin Yuyang’s voice went up high.

“Uncle.” Su Ranqiu only then interrupted the eloquent security uncle, “That well, my Gege is here, looking for me to go home.”

He was quite embarrassed.

“Your brother?” The uncle looked out of the window, “Oh, he looks really handsome, but he doesn’t look like you.” One was very tall, like a piece of granite, and the other was slightly shorter, like a piece of jade. They don’t look from the same origin at all.

“I’m his ‘Gege’ as in a lover,” Qin Yuyang said as he walked in and wrapped his arms around the person’s neck, “of course we wouldn’t look alike.”

“Fuck you!” Su Ranqiu raised his foot to kick him in embarrassment.

“Hehe.” The uncle understood, his expression was clear, it’s good to be young ah.

“Go, say goodbye to the uncle.” Qin Yuyang said.

“Uncle,” Su Ranqiu waved his hand, “I’m going home, I’ll come back to nag you when I have time.”

After exiting the security room, two people walking like conjoined twins on the road. The awkwardness in the air just now seemed to be gone “So what now,” Qin Yuyang talked first, “Xiao Qiu, picking up girls, this… can you not mention it in the future?”

“Yeah.” Su Ranqiu said with a nasal sound.

“Gege solemnly apologizes to you, if you forgive, call me Gege.” Then he said, “Sorry.”

“Gege.” Su Ranqiu immediately called, repeating a thousand times, as if all his feelings were poured in this single word.

As a result, Qin Yuyang’s heart felt sour and guilty, and he instantly remembered the last time he swore to the mirror in the small single room.

What he said at the time was that he would be good to Su Ranqiu and would never bully him because of his stupidity.

Now it hasn’t even been half a month, and he started behaving like a jerk again.

“Let’s… let’s go home and Gege will give you a massage.” Qin Yuyang said with a big conscience.

“You, get off.” Su Ranqiu kicked him, “You… what massage, it’s obvious you just want to take advantage.”

Qin Yuyang immediately touched his body, “You are mine, do I need to take advantage? Here and there… which place is not mine?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Su Ranqiu gave himself up, “My heart is all yours, where else is not yours.”

Qin Yuyang hugged his head, “Just because you said this, I will love you for the rest of my life.”

Su Ranqiu, “What about the next life?”

“Aiya, do you still want me in the next life?” The elevator arrived, and Qin Yuyang dragged him out, “Let’s go, let’s understand this life first.”

Examinations, then entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship, then examinations. Doing what you want to do at any age is quite good.

Qin Yuyang followed his president brother for a period of time to learn, the result was that he naturally improved by leaps and bounds, and now he was gradually preparing his own entrepreneurial team.

During this time when he left early and returned late, Su Ranqiu was so focused on studying that time swooped by.

“Mom?” Today Qin Yuyang was out with Qin Yushun for socializing, suddenly he received a phone call from Qin mother, Qin Yuyang greeted the person at the table and came out of the door to answer the phone.

“With your brother?” Mother Qin said.

“Well, looking for my brother or for me?” Qin Yuyang asked.

“I’d like to find him,” Mother Qin said in an impulsive tone, “but only if he’s willing to answer the phone.”

Qin Yuyang glanced inside, “You quarreled?” He asked while looking at his president brother who had an aura of ‘do-not-come close’, reflecting his mood.

“I just asked him to go on a blind date, he is already at this age, when does he want to give us grandchildren?” Mother Qin continued, “You’re only 27, you don’t want to get married, mom is not in a hurry, but he’s 31!”

The shrill voice made people want to cover their ears involuntarily.

“So you want him to get a license with a woman now and then have a big fat grandson for you to hold next year?” Qin Yuyang continued, “Mom if you are in a hurry to hold a grandson I’ll give you a surrogate now, just don’t go to my brother.”

“Huh?” Mother Qin scolded, “Brat!”

Now he’s all over his brother, he’s even moved his family over. What kind of evil is this?

“Who’s calling?” Qin Yushun saw his brother come back and asked.

“Our mother’s call,” Qin Yuyang lied, “told us not to drink too much wine.” He didn’t want to talk about anything else here, it was disturbing.

“Heh.” He seemed to hear the president brother’s sneer.

Then tonight, the president brother drank too much.

He and Assistant Lin struggled with their hands and feet, only to get the tall man Qin Yushun to his home to lie down.

“Brother, Brother…” Qin Yuyang said while helping him undress, “You’re so childish, you’re really childish.”

“Get off.” Qin Yushun suddenly opened his eyes and looked at his brother with an uncomfortable face, he was indeed drunk, but not so drunk that he was unconscious, at least his voice was still full of anger, “Go down, don’t cry in here.”

“You’re awake?” Qin Yuyang went down and poured a glass of water for him, “Here, drink some water.”

“…” Qin Yushun looked at the cup of water, his gaze was complicated, for the first time he felt that this shrewish character was really good, he was not angry no matter what he said.

“Do you want to throw up?” Qin Yuyang asked.

“Don’t want to.” The president brother’s mouth twitched, as he put down the empty cup and said, “Let go, I’m going to take a bath.”

“Will you be okay in the bathroom alone?” Qin Yuyang was not very at ease, he got up to help him over, “It is better for me to accompany you, I’ll go downstairs after helping you shower.”

After all, he was really drunk, if there was something wrong, he must not cry to death.

“No, I’ll take a bath.” Qin Yushun refused.

“Take a bath with your uncle, you drunkard, take a shower!”


Twenty minutes later, Qin Yuyang went downstairs while whistling.

It was quite late, and he was afraid that Su Ranqiu had fallen asleep, so he lightened his grip to not make a commotion.

“Back?” But as soon as the bedroom door was opened, the person inside turned on the light, lifted his sleepy face, lifted the covers, and got out of bed, “Have you been drinking?”

“Just a little bit.” Qin Yuyang said, “There was no need to get up, I didn’t want you to wait for me.”

“That… can’t I get up to pee?” Su Ranqiu drummed his face and put on his slippers and went into the bathroom.

“This little temper of yours…” Qin Yuyang followed him in and said, “Is it because of the weather?”

“Too lazy to care about you.” He took off his pants and let the water out.

“Xiao-Qiu is good.” Qin Yuyang greeted and went to the side to take a shower.

Su Ranqiu wavered for a while before coming back to his senses: “I’m going…” he said staring at his bottom, “You’re getting treated better than me.” At least someone is there at home to greet him.

“Haha, what are you badmouthing your own lover?” Qin Yuyang looked at him with a smile.

“Of course I’m talking bad about you.” Su Ranqiu had a serious look.

“Oh my, my Xiao-Qiu is so cute.” Qin Yuyang said, “Then come and roll in bed later.”

“Fuck.” Su Ranqiu didn’t understand what was the relationship between the two things.

“Screw it, Didn’t I tell you,” Qin Yuyang came over and pinched his face, “Don’t let me hear you swearing, or I’ll tear your mouth off.”

“Fuck you,” Su Ranqiu screwed up his face: “I love to swear, what’s wrong, fuck, fuck, fuck …” he said one after another, like a repeater.

“You really do not believe in evil.” Qin Yuyang fished him to the shower. “Kneel to Lao Tzu!” When all is said and done, he was executed on the spot.

“Brother, I still have to go to school ……” Su Ranqiu later knew what it is meant to be afraid and shouted hurriedly.

“OK, for the sake of your schooling.” Qin Yuyang let go of the other party and served himself somewhere else to finish the remaining half of the matter.

After finishing, he lit a cigarette on the bed and said, “You are really a wimp, wimp through and through.”

“….” Su Ranqiu thought to himself, Who the hell wouldn’t become a fool after meeting you? There’s no one okay.

The only person he can think of that doesn’t goad Qin Yuyang was Qin Yushun.

But that was before tonight, from tonight, Qin Yushun also came into the category of a wimp.

The president’s brother went to work the next morning, his eyes wandering, his face ugly. No matter what, he just refused to meet his brother’s eyes.

Because he was afraid that he would be impulsive and couldn’t resist slapping him in the face; killing that shameless bastard of their family.





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