Chapter 21


“Akai, what are you looking at?” A hand was placed on Xi Zhikai’s shoulder, and he returned to his senses in a daze, shook his head, and said, “No, no, nothing.”

Just now, he seemed to have seen a familiar figure walking intimately with a man.

He said, “Let’s go, and hurry back to eat.” The roommate said, after all, the dining hall in C University was much cheaper than outside. After buying books this month, they must tighten their pants to live, “Alas, information books are getting more and more expensive, and you can’t afford them unless you redeem your card.”

“Yeah…” Xi Zhikai said in a daze, “It’s even more difficult to buy information books when you are only working part-time.”

He scratched his head and sighed a little uncomfortably.

“Ran Qiu.” The next morning when they were in class, the people in their dormitory were still sitting together, “Are you seeing someone?” Xi Zhikai hoped that the man he saw yesterday was Su Ranqiu’s boyfriend and not a sugar daddy.

“Is it so obvious?” Su Ranqiu touched his face, “Ah.”

This smile instantly brightened Xi Zhikai’s mood, “Fuck, you didn’t even say a word about you seeing someone.” He hugged Su Ranqiu’s shoulders, “Are you afraid that we’ll crush your boyfriend or something?

“How do you know it’s a boyfriend?” Su Ranqiu was dumbfounded.

 “Um…” Xi Zhikai touched his nose and said what he saw in the bookstore yesterday, “Ahem, your boyfriend is so handsome, no wonder you are so fascinated.”

At first sight, that handsome guy looked like a playboy with a good family background, like a person who couldn’t hold back the waves. He didn’t understand why Su Ranqiu would find such a person.

Was it just to have a little fun?

That’s not bad.

“Thank you.” Su Ranqiu touched his face again. Was it really that obvious?

 “How long have you been dating him?” He was in a daze, and Xi Zhikai said again, “Just bring him out for a meal, and we’ll get to know each other.”

“Actually, you have all been in contact with each other.” Su Ranqiu said, “The handicapped player who played the game together last time was him.”

“Ah, isn’t he…” Xi Zhikai wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to laugh, “Ahem, how could it be? He looks very smart.”

“I don’t know either.” Su Ranqiu grinned.

Regarding Qin Yuyang’s handicap in games, it’s an unsolved mystery.

As for the question of bringing him to meet his roommates, well, it was ignored intentionally or unintentionally in the conversation.

A key was suddenly placed in front of Qin Yuyang, “1503, 15th Floor, Building C, XX Community.” The other party finished the sentence.

Qin Yuyang stayed for a while, thinking that he was having hallucinations, but the situation was really like this. His brother bought him a house, “Brother…” What kind of reason the brother had to buy a house for him?

Wait, he felt the address was a little familiar.

“The renovation is complete, you can move in with your luggage.” Qin Yushun watched him, “If you don’t like the style, you can redecorate.”

Okay, he finally figured out that his president brother is a man of action.

“Thank you.” Qin Yuyang received the key, feeling slightly moved in his heart.

Only at this moment did he realize that he was very grateful for the sense of accomplishment.

“When are you going to move?” Qin Yushun said.

“I have to go back and discuss with Xiao-Qiu.” Qin Yuyang said.

“Look for a moving company to do it.” The president brother was particularly talkative today.

“I got it.” Qin Yuyang answered, not taking it seriously, after all, he and Su Ranqiu didn’t have many things in the house, maybe there were only a few things that can be taken away.

Moving was a sad thing, as it means change and parting; perhaps for young people, it also means growth.

Moving from a familiar place to an unfamiliar place, to become familiar with it, then to move over and over again, people grow up like this.

However, Qin Yuyang didn’t feel that he was such an emotional person in his heart, but he knew that Su Ranqiu was.

It took more than a week from the announcement to the actual move.

It was a bright sunny day when they moved, and old things were placed on the mottled aisle which was ready to be thrown away.

When you move things back and forth repeatedly, you can’t help but look at them.

Although it’s not worth anything, but the act of discarding things, it happened to be a soft spot in Qin Yuyang’s heart that cannot be touched.

 A poke will be sore and painful.

It took a long time for Su Ranqiu to realize that the person he likes was so old-fashioned, that they are hopeless… it can also be regarded as a reassuring trait.

The environment of the new home was much better than the small single room, with bright windows, comfortable and spacious.

“This bed,” Qin Yuyang kicked the two-meter-wide bed in the bedroom and laughed, “I like it.”

From the first glance, the bed looked very sturdy and durable, and he finally doesn’t have to worry about collapsing the bed board when rolling the sheets.

“I like it too.” Su Ranqiu came over and took a look, and continued to use the rag to clean the kitchen, “By the way, make a call and ask your brother, can he come down for dinner tonight?”

He had heard that this house was bought by Qin Yuyang’s brother, who was living upstairs.

“Mm.” Qin Yuyang answered, turning around and opening the door to go out and turned left, went upstairs to call out to someone.

It was Saturday, a holiday.

The doorbell rang five times, and a handsome guy in pajamas appeared in front of Qin Yuyang.

“Tsk, tsk.” Qin Yuyang whistled, “Handsome.”

The president brother was not only handsome when wearing formal clothes but also has a unique style when wearing casual clothes.

“What’s the matter?” Qin Yushun asked.

“I moved today.” Qin Yuyang pointed to down, “Xiao-Qiu is cooking dinner tonight, will you come down for dinner?”

“Okay.” He looked at the time, “Not at noon?”

“Um.” Qin Yuyang said, “It should be okay too, so you’re coming down now?”

“Yeah.” Accompanying this sound, the door slammed shut in front of Qin Yuyang, which was really… a complete mess.

“Fuck…” Su Yanqiu threw down the rag in his hand and went to the room to dig through the cabinets to find out his pajamas.

 Halfway through the process of wearing pants, he suddenly heard a strange voice outside.

He hurriedly covered his crotch, walked over, and closed the bedroom door. Because he was used to living in a single room, he was not used to closing the door while changing his clothes.

“Xiao-Qiu!” Qin Yuyang came and knocked on the door, “Are you having a baby in the nest in the middle of the day? Come out and meet the guests.”

“Giving birth to your uncle.” Su Ranqiu opened the door, “Is your elder brother here?”

“Isn’t he your elder brother too?” Qin Yuyang pointed at him in distress, “You’re done, you were taught badly by me.” He talked about his uncle and likes to say fuck.

 “Get lost,” Ranqiu pulled his hand away, cleaned up his expression, and went out, greeting obediently, pouring tea, and letting people order, “Brother, would you like to have noodles for lunch?”

The president brother thought for a moment and chose to eat the noodles, leaving the meal to eat at night.

“Spicy?” Su Ranqiu asked.

“Slightly spicy.” Qin Yushun said, taking a look at Su Ranqiu in passing.

“Okay.” Su Ranqiu went into the kitchen and took out the powder he had just put out to soak.

“Xiao-Qiu, you have worked hard.” Qin Yuyang came in carelessly.

“Wash the vegetables.” Su Ranqiu threw him two dishes, washing and cutting the meat by himself. He seasoned it and occasionally glanced at his boyfriend, almost choked: “You… fuck, you have a handicap in this too, right? You are washing vegetables like this?”

“Fuck.” Qin Yuyang said.

He looked at the ceiling to reflect on himself, and thought in the future, he would not speak foul language in front of Su Ranqiu.

At noon and in the evening, Qin Yushun stayed at1503 for his meal, and Su Ranqiu was under a lot of pressure because of his own dignity.

But fortunately, this brother only looks serious on the surface but was actually quite easy to serve.

Now that the home has been moved, and the hygiene has been improved, Su Ranqiu was holding a cup of tea and sitting on the small balcony in the evening, quietly taking a look at the scenery of this new home.

He was very calm in his heart and thought nothing of it.

The period of going home with Qin Yuyang and seeing his parents seemed to have passed without leaving any traces.

“Xiao-Qiu, let me talk to you about a very serious matter.” Qin Yuyang came in with a cigarette in his mouth, destroying the quiet atmosphere of the small balcony.

“What’s the matter?” Su Ranqiu looked at him sideways.

“That’s right,” Qin Yuyang found a place to lean in annoyingly, “You should learn less from me in the future.”

“Oh.” Su Ranqiu thought he was going to say something big, “What’s the matter?”

“Disappointed.” Qin Yuyang said.

“Didn’t you say that boys should work day in and day out?” Su Ranqiu said, “I… what’s wrong with me?”

Qin Yuyang, “The problem is that you’re all just talk, what’s the use of that?”

After staring at him for a second, Su Ranqiu rushed towards him, “Then you… let me fuck you.”

“Coming onto me, the taste is so heavy?” Qin Yuyang caught him with a very awkward smile, “Fuck. I’ll avoid it. You can go find a soft girl.”

Su Ranqiu who was in his arms was stunned, then pushed the men away and went back to the room to read.

He, indeed admitted that Qin Yuyang was a Qihua1Qihua, a Chinese word, pinyin is qí pā, which means peculiar and beautiful flowers. It is often used as a metaphor for unusual and outstanding literary works or very outstanding characters. It is a metaphor for someone (or something) who does not fall into the world and has a full personality. The term is more ridiculous, referring to the difference between beautiful and outstanding things. It points to some unimaginable behaviors other than normal people’s behavior and thinking, a strange bastard who makes people love and hate.

“Are you angry?” Qin-Qihua-Yuyang leaned against the door and smiled.

“What do you mean?” Su Ranqiu looked at him coldly.

“Just saying it casually.” Qin Yuyang straightened his face, “You didn’t say that you were born GAY, right? If you want to try what it’s like to fuck someone else, I don’t really have any opinion.”

 This was Su Ranqiu’s right, it’s fine if he wants to or not.

“Do you think I want to?” Su Ranqiu said.

“I don’t know, I’m just telling you, I don’t mind if you want to, that is your right.” Qin Yuyang also wanted to say that because I feel sorry for you, I have this tolerance, and to others, he doesn’t show this type of favor.

But seeing that Su Ranqiu’s face was not good, he chose to shut up and found an excuse to slip away, “Then what, I’m going to take a bath.”

In fact, he didn’t need to hide at all. Su Ranqiu’s anger was just tossing himself, and he wouldn’t do anything to others.

When Qin Yuyang came back from a bath, he was fine, and Su Ranqiu continued to read attentively.

He can’t help but sigh that this man has a good temper and was not angry.

However, on Sunday evening, Qin Yuyang felt that he was wrong, ridiculously wrong, completely wrong.

“I’m going out.” After Su Ranqiu came out of the bedroom, dressed as a little prince of a nightclub, he not only exposed his knees but also his belly button.

Fuck, he knew he was good-looking, but…

“What are you going to do?” Qin Yuyang looked at him incredulously, scared to pee.

“Pick up girls.” Su Ranqiu said.

“Pick up your own uncle!” Qin Yuyang was trembling with anger, “If you fucking go out and come back alive with this outfit, I would respect the gay guy outside for being a man!”



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