Chapter 20

“Why are you reacting so strongly?” Su Ranqiu recalled that his boyfriend had just warned and covered his mouth at the dinner table, and even if he was so opposed to this because he didn’t like children, it hurts his heart a little.

What’s more, the parents of Qin Yuyang clearly stated that if they don’t have a child, he won’t be able to enter their home.

He knows very well how much it will cost to go to the hospital for that kind of operation.

“You listen to me on this matter.” Qin Yuyang’s tone of voice hardened, and in less than a second he sighed, “Really. Motherfucking. Dumb.” He really regretted that he had scourged Su Ranqiu and dragged him from the ordinary world to a more fucked-up one, the so-called upper-class circle. 

“You’re still young.” Only twenty years old, the years to come will be long, “If you make an impulsive decision at this time, you will surely regret it.”

“I won’t,” Su Ranqiu said.

“You will.” Qin Yuyang said.

The poor child, who had never seen the world, suddenly faced a big battle with the rich family, and was stimulated to mutter that he wanted to have a child, it was an emotion Qin Yuyang understood.

But he… Damn it, love is not a meal.

The most important thing that Su Ranqiu can do is to rely on himself, and if he makes a mistake one day, he will lose all his money.

“You don’t like children, or you don’t like me?” Su Ranqiu looked at him.

“I don’t like you to have children.” Qin Yuyang looked at the road in front of him, his mind was clear and rational, and his words were like a knife, “You can grow some brains, don’t jump on conclusions, if anything happens, I’m afraid you can’t afford it.”

“…” the surroundings became quiet.

“People will grow up, you’re only 20 years old. Later you will find that the world is very big, and I’m only a small part of it. If you, like me all the time, then I’ll do the same,” Qin Yuyang said with a smile, “Anyway, in this respect, I am a Qihua, do you know the meaning of Qihua?”1 Qihua, a Chinese word, pinyin is qí pā, which means peculiar and beautiful flowers. It is often used as a metaphor for unusual and outstanding literary works or very outstanding characters. It is a metaphor for someone (or something) who does not fall into the world and has a full personality. The term is more ridiculous, referring to the difference between beautiful and outstanding things. It points to some unimaginable behaviors other than normal people’s behavior and thinking

Su Ranqiu shook his head silently.

“You’re so smart, you know it in your heart.” It’s just that you take love too seriously, and you have blinded your heart, and don’t want to take the good road to prosperity, preferring to be a little fool.

“It’s really nothing.” Qin Yuyang said, “We are good as we are now.”

With food, clothing, ideals, and company, life is much better than many people.

If there is any shortcoming, it is that the bed at home is too small, and if there is money we can go get a big one.

“How could you… ” Obviously Qin Yuyang was a young man from a prestigious family, Su Ranqiu does not understand how this man’s mentality works. The words and actions that come out of him, all of them, were so grounded! But the appearance of the man is always more than others and one can’t forget him.

The first time he saw him, he thought Qin Yuyang was just a playful and heartless person, but inadvertently looking into his eyes and being not careful enough he felt like he would be seen through by those eyes.

But Su Ranqiu was not afraid, he believed his own personal feelings, this man was harmless and gentle.

“Be obedient.” Qin Yuyang resumed his dignified look and stretched out his hand to ruffle Su Ranqiu’s hair.

“You’re right, I’m twenty years old.” Su Ranqiu brushed his hand from the top of her head, “Don’t touch my head anymore.”

“Haha.” Qin Yuyang laughed.

When he got home, he parked the car, walked through the intersection, and found that a small store was open. He went in to buy a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

He always liked to smoke cigarettes, but before there was no money, and he can’t afford to smoke a good smoke, so he chose to endure.

After all, smoking is not the same as eating, drinking, clothing, and living. If you change it into something that you don’t like, then what would be the difference between smoking and not smoking.

Su Ranqiu was sitting in the room and occasionally looked at him. His man was holding a cell phone and smoking at the door. His posture and expression were one he only had seen in bed, he looked like he was in ecstasy.

“Brother.” Su Ranqiu said, “Come in and smoke.”

“It’s almost finished,” Qin Yuyang turned his head, “There’s just one more puff left.”

After saying that, he put the cigarette butt into his lips, took a sip, then walked to the bathroom and threw it into the hole.

Thinking of coming here, Qin Yuyang took off his trousers and refreshed himself.

In the early hours of the night, Su Ranqiu was sitting on him and he couldn’t get up. He stretched out his hand to touch a cigarette and started smoking again.

For him, it was a triple enjoyment of physiological, psychological, and spiritual aspects which is called ecstasy.

“My eyes are fucking lame… ” Su Ranqiu cursed in a good and funny way, saying that he was an ordinary person to the core.

“Less bullshit, more work.” Qin Yuyang said.

“Come on.” Su Ranqiu kicked him with his foot.

“Can’t you see that your husband is smoking?” Qin Yuyang pulled the man back, “Hurry up, if you don’t come, I’m going to get soft.”

“That’s impossible.” Su Ranqiu said.

 Luckily, the next day was Saturday, and students didn’t have to get up early.

“Fuck…” Qin Yuyang jumped up from the bed and shook the sleeping beauty beside him, “Xiao-Qiu, did you hear last night? Did my brother ask me to report at nine o’clock?”

“Well?” Su Ranqiu said in a muddled voice, “Yes, but isn’t today… Saturday?”

The person who was on fire just now heard the word Saturday, which instantly extinguished his fire. He calmly picked up the phone to call Qin Yushun.

“Hello?” Qin Yushun received a call from his brother early in the morning and was surprised, “What is it?”

“Does your company work on Saturdays?” Qin Yuyang asked a question.

After a while, he also remembered his own command from last night, it was a good thing that Qin Yuyang can’t see his embarrassment from the phone, “You don’t have to come to the company, I’m working overtime at home, you come over.”

Qin Yuyang was confused, come over? Come over where?

A moment later, his phone received a location, which was of a residential area, which means that today he will land in the president’s brother’s secret garden.

“Xiao-Qiu.” Qin Yuyang continued to dress, “I’m going to report to my brother’s place, and I’ll accompany you tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Su Ranqiu looked at him, “I’m going to study at home today.”

“Oh, you want to study for the exam.” Qin Yuyang bent down and kissed him, “Go for it, Gege supports you.”

“Thank you, Gege.” Su Ranqiu curled his eyes and smiled.

Yes, he wants to study for the exam and Qin Yuyang wants to start a business; the time was very tight. Except for the occasional time to empty the head to think about other things, the rest of the time, he should really look forward.

“Right.” Qin Yuyang fell back, “Do you need me to buy any professional books? Make a list today if you need them, and I’ll go with you tomorrow to buy them.”

He said this and went out while whistling.

He was full of energy, young and vigorous, with his heart full of warmth.

Su Ranqiu spent a long time in bed, enjoying himself quietly and feeling like a thief, dark and melancholy.

“Ahem.” He dragged his body to get up and found that it was ten o’clock in the morning. He secretly sighed that he had fallen. After having a lover, he has become addicted to enjoyment.

As far as Qin Yuyang can remember, the president’s brother’s territory has never been trespassed by anyone in the family, and he has always lived alone.   He seldom comes home since high school and had never invited his parents and younger brother to come over.

Qin Yuyang casually entered the house which was like a forbidden area and found nothing special, it was just a normal house.

“Sit.” Qin Yushun glanced at his younger brother, resting his hand on the laptop’s keyboard.

“Oh.” Qin Yuyang went to his side and sat down.

After responding to an email in plain English, Qin Yushun closed his notebook, “Today I’ll teach you the basics of running a company.”

“Okay.” Qin Yuyang was very well-behaved.

As he talked, he found that the president’s brother’s output was not only the basic knowledge but also the content was very complicated and huge, which his real little idiot brother would not be able to understand.

“Understood?” Qin Yushun awkwardly stopped.

“Well, I understand, brother you are right, that is to say…” blah blah blah, the younger brother actually understood, and also cited a deeper discussion.

The president’s brother touched his little heart, confirming that the long-awaited relief was real.

“Good.” His mood was a bit complicated, in fact, his brother was very smart, but was delayed by his parents.

If he had taught him earlier… huh?

The two brothers spent a whole day together, before leaving, Qin Yuyang said, “Brother, is there anyone renting out a house in your community? I recently wanted to move.”

“No.” Qin Yushun said, “but someone is selling the house.”

“Oh.” Qin Yuyang looked a little disappointed, “It’s fine, I’m going home then. By the way, tomorrow, I’m accompanying Xiao-Qiu to buy books, and I will go to the company to work on Monday.”

“Mm.” The president’s brother said calmly.

He went back to give Assistant Lin a call, “Assistant Lin, keep an eye on the houses which are on sale in my community, and buy one if they are for sale.”

“Um,” the clever assistant Lin combined the boss’s recent movements and asked, “Is it for Second young master?”

After uttering the words, he blamed himself for being nosy, it’s hard to please the boss if someone annoys him.

“Yes.” The boss even answered in a good mood.

“Okay.” Assistant Lin touched his chest as he thought why did he felt like the situation of the boss and his brother’s rapprochement was as if they’re in love, that kind of careful care…

Forget it, it was not in his capability to understand his boss’s world.

So he immediately went to find out if there was anyone selling houses in the boss’s neighborhood. As soon as he inquired, he found that there was really someone selling the house, and he was downstairs in his boss’s building, and he didn’t know whether it was good or not to tell his boss.



On Sunday, inside the XX bookstore near the University of C, I heard that students who are taking the exams were buying materials from here.

They don’t know if the content is good or not, but the price was cheaper than the other materials and registration fees for tuition. It costs 20,000 or more to register for tuitions. Su Ranqiu would rather be more diligent than spend unjust money.

Today, he was dressed in light casual clothes. His slim figure was standing out in front of the bookshelf like a fresh scenery, which attracted the attention of many girls.

The tall man on the opposite shelf was the opposite, although handsome, but too aggressive, only a few people dared to stare at him.

“Gege.” Su Ranqiu probed and beckoned, “Come here, help me get a book.”

Like a summoning beast, Qin Yuyang was called over by his lover.

The surrounding little girls suddenly realized that these two handsome people were brothers.

The next scene made the little girls doubt their lives. The taller brother kabedoned his younger brother on the bookshelf and kissed him…

“Don’t be presumptuous.” Su Ranqiu stared at his slutty boyfriend, his heart beating faster.

“Oh.” Qin Yuyang stood up straight in a lazy manner, and with the end of his eyes winked at the high school girl with glasses on the left.

At this moment the girl blushed and ran away, Su Ranqiu leaned on the bookshelf with dark eyes, with the desire to destroy someone’s something.




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