Chapter 2

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Originally, Qin Yuyang was prepared to get beaten by Su Ranqiu, but the other side chose to keep it in his heart so there was nothing he could do about it.

“Then let’s go.” He put away the used ointment into his pocket and led the way out of the door.

Sitting inside the high profile, foreign luxury sports car belonging to the original ‘Qin Yuyang’, a scum, Qin Yuyang felt the difference between the car in this strange world and the car he’d driven before.

Su Ranqiu suddenly said to him, “Take me to Green Square.”

“What’re you going to do there?” Right, Qin Yuyang thought,  this person works at Green Square, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been targeted by the scum.

“A part-time job.” Su Ranqiu said succinctly, “It’s Saturday, I have work to do. Don’t you know this very well?” He glanced at Qin Yuyang. The two of them first met in the Green Shade Restaurant and every time he worked part-time, the other party would deliberately come and strike up a conversation.

“No, I mean… don’t go to work, your boss won’t be able to bear letting you work with such a swollen face.” Qin Yuyang tactfully diverted the subject while simultaneously trying to carefully persuade him.

He couldn’t imagine Su Ranqiu working as a waiter with that miserable face.

“…” Su Ranqiu thought of his appearance and frowned, not knowing what to do. 

Because their store manager was very strict, if he didn’t go today, he probably wouldn’t be called in next week.

Recently, he had to pay back his student loans while also preparing the tuition fee for next semester. If he thought about it carefully, he couldn’t resign willfully; unless he didn’t want to study anymore.

While Su Ranqiu was lost in his thoughts, Qin Yuyang had already driven the car in another direction.

He turned on the GPS navigation and set the destination to Jiayue law firm.

Almost halfway through the journey, Su Ranqiu regained consciousness and looked out of the window, asking, “Where are you taking me?”

Qin Yuyang replied, “Jiayue Law firm.” Then he patiently explained, “They asked me to sign the agreement at the office at 9 am, it’s almost time to head over there now.”

Half an hour later, a high-profile, red sports car was parked outside of the firm.

Qin Yuyang pulled up the handbrake, unfastened his seat belt, and asked, “Are you going to wait for me here or go in with me?”

Su Ranqiu put on an eye mask and laid down on the seat, answering the question with his actions.

“All right.” Qin Yuyang closed the door and entered the strange firm by himself.

However, he was very calm so his manner seemed the same as usual. He walked a little lazily while his whole body smelled like a high-grade salted fish that belonged to an idle noble child.

“Hello.” Qin Yuyang was at the front desk, he was about to ask who was here when he saw Ji Ruoran come out in a suit.

When the other party saw him, he stopped and nodded, “Come in.”

Qin Yuyang waved to the girl at the front desk and followed Ji Ruoran into the room.

“You still have a chance to go back on your word,” Ji Ruoran said as he walked alongside him.

“My arm still hurts.” Qin Yuyang hooked the corner of his lips, this subtle action was seen as repenting for his previous actions in Ji Ruoran’s eyes.

“So you asked for a divorce because I beat you?” It wouldn’t be a bad idea to apologize as divorce meant making a really big deal out of this matter.

“No, it’s purely because I hate violent men.” Qin Yuyang specifically looked at him and stated, “Especially those who beat their partners.” Although catching the debauchery of a partner could be pretty disheartening, it didn’t mean beating people was justified.

What shocked Ji Ruoran was that he was even more straightforward in saying, “Of course, I also hate men who cheat on their partners. They’re trash among the trash, so why bother staying with trash?”

 Ji Ruoran immediately turned livid and was so angry that he couldn’t wait to beat Qin Yuyang to death. “Hmph, then let’s proceed.” Since the other party had given up everything, he should also be a bit more relaxed.

After entering, Qin Yuyang looked at the agreement given by the lawyer and signed his name without hesitation.

“These are the settlement documents.” The lawyer handed all kinds of papers over to Qin Yuyang to sign one after another.

Rao Shi, a very knowledgeable lawyer, was shocked by the speed with which Qin Yuyang signed the documents. He assumed this was every last bit of his money. If he signed all the pieces of paper, he’d be losing a large sum of money. Was this person not feeling distressed at all?

“Here, this is the key to the car parked outside.” Qin Yuyang fetched out the car keys, put them on the table, and took out all kinds of credit cards and cash from his wallet. Except for his ID certificates, everything was handed over while the lawyer was totally dumbfounded. Ji Ruoran’s own face was as pale as a sheet of paper.

“I don’t have anything else left to give you. I’m leaving, I’ll see you again if it’s fate. Goodbye,” Qin Yuyang said then turned to leave.

After exiting the building, he knocked on the window at Su Ranqiu’s side before opening the door to say, “Get out of the car.”

Su Ranqiu took off his eye mask and unbuckled his seat belt. “What’s the matter?” On the pale face, there were purple and blue bruises that looked quite miserable.

“Nothing, this car isn’t mine anymore.” Qin Yuyang pointed his finger towards the law firm and said, “Let’s go to the Green Shade restaurant, I’ll help you with your work.”

“Eh?” Su Ranqiu wrinkled his face like a steamed stuffed bun and asked, “Are you kidding me?”

Qin Yuyang worried about him first, “Doesn’t it hurt when you wrinkle your face?” Then he answered, “Not joking, I’m penniless now. I’m bound to rely on your help during this period of time, so of course, I can’t let you lose your job at the restaurant.”

Su Ranqiu thought for a moment then turned around and walked away. Qin Yuyang hurriedly grabbed him, “Can’t you be a little realistic?”

“I have no money either,” Su Ranqiu replied coldly. So Qin Yuyang still had the face to terrorize him even more?

“There must be a place to live, right?” Qin Yuyang explained, “I didn’t say you have to support me the entire time. After all, isn’t it a matter of minutes to make money?”

Upon earning money, he’d give it all to Su Ranqiu so that the other party wouldn’t have to worry about finances. This was the method Qin Yuyang had just thought of to compensate the youth.

Su Ranqiu said a little sarcastically, “Then go and earn some now.”

Qin Yuyang pulled Su Ranqiu onto the bus, “Come on, let’s go make some money.”

“Hey–” Su Ranqiu took a look while struggling and realised that this bus was heading towards Green Square; what a coincidence.

There was only one empty seat so Qin Yuyang pressed Su Ranqiu’s shoulder and said, “Sit down and don’t stare, what you’re thinking is correct.”

Su Ranqiu sat down angrily, the slightly stiff seat made him frown a little.

Even when he reached the entrance of the Green Shade restaurant, Su Ranqiu still didn’t believe that someone like Qin Yuyang would be able to support themselves by working as a waiter.

 “Don’t dawdle, your payment will be deducted if you’re late.” Qin Yuyang took Su Ranqiu by the wrist and warned him as he walked into the restaurant.

 “I’m on the middle shift so it doesn’t start until 10 am,” Su Ranqiu commented and pursed his lips. His slender, white wrist seemed like nothing in Qin Yuyang’s broad palm.

“Where’s your manager?” Qin Yuyang asked, taking a look at his watch. “Huh?”

Su Ranqiu’s heart thumped, “What?” He thought he was really late so now he’d have his salary deducted.

“Nothing, this watch is worth quite a bit of money.” Qin Yuyang muttered, “Unfortunately it’s carved which means it’ll be hard to sell.”

Su Ranqiu breathed a sigh of relief. He said, “That’s our store manager Wang. If you want to take over my shift, go and tell him then.” Honestly, he didn’t believe Qin Yuyang would actually do it.

“Which one?” Qin Yuyang took a look and said, “Then let’s go.” He pulled Su Ranqiu over.

“Don’t pull me here,” Su Ranqiu told him.

“I see.” Qin Yuyang was afraid of hurting him so he let go immediately.

“Boss Qin?” As soon as Wang – the manager of the restaurant – saw Qin Yuyang’s figure, he immediately greeted him with a smile. He also glanced at Su Ranqiu who was beside Qin Yuyang with a meaningful gaze, before being frightened by the slap mark on Su Ranqiu’s face. “Xiao-Qiu, your face?”

“Oh, something happened.” Qin Yuyang asked, “Do you think it’s alright for me to cover for him today?”

“Well, what?” Manager Wang looked surprised and wondered if he had a hearing problem.

“Store manager, I can’t work today, but a temporary leave of absence would have a negative effect on the restaurant,” Su Ranqiu explained with drooping eyelids, appearing a little pitiful.

“Yes, since it’s like this, I’ll be replacing him, but the salary will still be given to him.” Qin Yuyang sincerely asked, “Is it fine with you?”

Manager Wang thought to himself that rich people nowadays really knew how to play. No one could hardly know what to expect since they always behaved out of the ordinary, but he still kept a straight face and joked with a smile, “You’re so good at joking, haha.” The young master of the Qin family, a distinguished and flamboyant man, how could he be a waiter at their small restaurant?

Then Manager Wang looked at Su Ranqiu and stated immediately, “The salary will be given, of course. I’ll go to the financial department to settle Xiao-Qiu’s salary. You two should sit down and wait for a moment.”

“Hey?” Qin Yuyang was dumbfounded, he was talking about the shift, not the settlement. “Manager Wang…”

“Forget it.” Su Ranqiu grabbed him and refused to let him go after Manager Wang. “Just let him settle the payment, I’m short of money right now.” After saying that, he found himself still pulling on Qin Yuyang’s sleeve and hurriedly let go.

Qin Yuyang’s attention was immediately pulled back, “Lack of money?” He couldn’t help glancing at his watch.

“Mm-hmm,” Su Ranqiu uttered coldly, “It’s just a few hundred yuan in student loan debts.”

“…” He still has to pay off the financial aid?

Qin Yuyang frowned, “Where’s your family?” Why is it that a 20 year old student, who hasn’t yet graduated, has to pay for his own tuition fees while going to school and working at the same time?

“This has nothing to do with you.” Su Ranqiu felt Qin Yuyang’s anger and was surprised. He didn’t know if he was out of his mind, he even felt that Qin Yuyang was distressed for him.

“I’ll help you earn tuition in the future.” Qin Yuyang promised, setting a goal for himself in his heart to help Su Ranqiu earn enough money, within a month at the latest, to study and live.  All in order to leave with a peace of mind.

“No, I don’t want your money.” Su Ranqiu thought to himself, who on earth was the person who was penniless and needed help from others?

“Doesn’t matter whether you want it or not,” Qin Yuyang said then regained his heartless appearance and waited with Su Ranqiu.

Soon, Manager Wang came over with an envelope and gave it to Su Ranqiu with a smile on his face. “Xiao-Qiu, go back to school. You won’t have to work so hard in the future.”

“Thank you, manager.” Su Ranqiu took his salary and pretended to not notice the meaningful look in the manager’s eyes.

“Then we’re leaving, goodbye Manager Wang,” Qin Yuyang said then put his arm around Su Ranqiu’s shoulders, turning around to leave.

“All right.” Manager Wang nodded, smiled at their backs, and said, “You’re welcome to dine here for dinner at our restaurant more often in the future.”

They walked out of the square and to the roadside stop sign to wait for the bus.

Su Ranqiu glanced gloomily at the man who clung onto him and said coldly, “Qin Yuyang, you don’t have to follow me all the time, you can go to your friends.”

Even if he was kicked out of the house, the family identity was still there. Su Ranqiu didn’t believe that Qin Yuyang would really be so desperate.

“Although I know that you hate me very much,” Qin Yuyang spoke, “please endure for a few more days.” If I don’t follow you now, I won’t know where to find you in the future.

On the other hand, this world was really quite strange. Even Qin Yuyang, who was a very generous person, was a little disappointed.

“My small house can’t fit you.” Su Ranqiu looked coldly at him, but when he thought of the dilapidated environment in which he resided, he suddenly stopped refusing. “You can follow if you want.”

Anyway, he didn’t believe that Qin Yuyang could live in poverty.


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