Chapter 18


It was just a little rose, it’s not a rare thing.

“You’re so easy to coax.” Qin Yuyang thought to himself, back then when he and Shao Fei used to pick up girls. Ah oops, no, it was only Shao Fei himself picking up girls, and he used to watch from the side, they were all picked up in an open roof convertible car.

Whereas this was only a ten dollars flower.

But Su Ranqiu is silly,  he doesn’t care about materialistic things, as long as people are good to him, he will easily fall in love.

For example, it’s only a rose, still, he’s holding it and sniffing it again and again with a silly look of contentment.

On the way home, he always held it carefully and after entering the room, he found a bottle of Old Godmother1It’s a chilly sauce, washed and placed the flowers inside, and set it on a small desk.

“Is the Old Godmother all finished?” Qin Yuyang felt distressed, what would he do while eating the noodles tomorrow morning?

“There, it’s in the bowl.” Su Ranqiu was in a hurry to use the bottle, so he poured out the rest in the bowl. He kind of regretted throwing away all the previous bottles.

Qin Yuyang subsided for a while, leaned on the bed, carelessly, as he pulled open the phone screen, hesitating back and forth between the stock and game apps, and finally clicked on the game.

“Xiao-Qiu.” He shouted outside, “Come, play the game with Gege.”

“I’m studying.” Su Ranqiu took a glance at the book and the flowers on the table, his heart sweetened.

“Xiao-Qiu Ge, just take me with you.” Qin Yuyang propped himself up, not believing that Su Ranqiu was really studying, but when he sneaked a glance, he really was studying, “A diligent and studious learner!”

“You have an opinion about what?” Su Ranqiu looked back at him, “Call out Xiao-Qiu Ge again.”

“Crazy,” Qin Yuyang gave a thumbs up, “You are going to take it or not.”

Su Ranqiu pretended for a while, holding the phone and leaning over with a smile “Gege.” Why would he not bring his beloved man, he’s even willing to die eight hundred times.

“Sit here.” Qin Yuyang let out the seat for him.

Su Ranqiu sat up, his shoulders attached to Qin Yuyang, one leaning against the wall, one attached to the person, he opened the game started adding him as a friend, “You wait first, let me call a group of people, I’m afraid I can’t bring you alone.”

“Fuck.” Qin Yuyang said.

He knew that Su Ranqiu disliked him for being a technical idiot.

Soon, the people Su Ranqiu called arrived. They were the people from his former dorm, who often played games with him.

“Ranqiu, are you being a trumpet2to boast or brag about one’s own abilities, skills, success, achievements, etc. … The guy just can’t stop tooting his own trumpet! again?” Xi Zhikai said as he saw a brand new person on the team.

“No, this is my friend’s number, you guys help him make some points.” Sue Ranqiu said.

“Okay.” A few people agreed in a righteous manner, after all, they had never brought a trumpet to Su Ranqiu before.

After a few games, a few of the dorm mates, one by one found excuses to slip away. “I’m going to take a shower, I’ll play again next time I’m free.”

“I am going to eat.”

“I’m going to study.”

In just a single game, Qin Yuyang was beaten to shit by itself, poisonous as hell; Qin Yuyang subconsciously looked to the side, a bit embarrassed.

“It’s fine, let’s form a wild team.” Su Ranqiu was calm.

A few minutes later, the group’s wild team was once again dispersed, and the room was quiet for a moment.

Su Ranqiu looked to the side, “Still want to play…?” pretending to be calm for a moment, but his trembling shoulders betrayed him.

“You can laugh.” Qin Yuyang said, “Don’t hold back.”

That guy really laughed, “Hahaha…”

Qin Yuyang looked at Su Ranqiu as he was laughing and pounding the bed, and threw the phone with an ugly expression “No more.” He turned around and pressed down Su Ranqiu who was still laughing, lowering his head to play a rogue.

“Hello?” Su Ranqiu looked at him in shock, forgetting to laugh.

“Tonight. Roll. Bed.” Qin Yuyang said.

Without much explanation or opening statement, that is, if he wants to roll or have fun then he will have fun.

Young, what’s the point of that?

He became three years older compared to his actual self after transmigrating, it’s like losing three years worth of fucking session.

But it seems like it can’t be calculated like that if he didn’t meet Su Ranqiu and roll in bed with him. There wouldn’t even be a single person around him, he might still have been single.

“Okay… ” Su Ranqiu likes him, there is no reason for him to refuse, “Then I’ll go and wash up.” It’s just that it’s quite cold, and it’s faster to use a kettle to boil water.

Qin Yuyang was stunned and stopped him, “Forget it, roll over after the bath at night, I’ll just kiss you for now.”

“I… ” Su Ranqiu wanted to say it was not troublesome, but in the end, he didn’t say it. He was still a little afraid that he would seem too eager to be cherished.

Qin Yuyang bowed his head and kissed, in the process, he happily observed the person being kissed by him, and found that the other party’s eyelashes were thin, occasionally trembling gently, like the wings of a restless butterfly which looked truly beautiful.

Su Ranqiu’s image in Qin Yuyang’s heart was of a very tough and strong person, as Su Ranqiu took care of his own life in an orderly manner. Even if he encountered ups and downs, he would always fight hard.

Actually, very manly.

“Why don’t we… just roll like this?” Qin Yuyang felt bewitched, his heart itched and rose, a bit unable to manage the lower half of his body.

“That’s fine too.” Su Ranqiu didn’t move to indulge him.

Rolling in bed tonight. The quality of the sheet felt twice as good.

They don’t know how to say it, but the feelings of both sides were a little bit unexplainable, not only enjoyment but after doing the deed they surprisingly even felt a little shy.

“Ahem.” The atmosphere was slightly awkward.

Qin Yuyang sat beside, and Su Ranqiu was sitting with his back to him.

“You’re a bit anxious tonight… ” Su Ranqiu buried half of his face, “What’s wrong, do you suddenly think I’m cute?”

“Yeah.” Qin Yuyang picked up the stubble, “Cute, want to fuck.”

“Then come again…” Su Ranqiu smiled, liking the pleasure of flirting with his boyfriend.

“Xiao-Qiu.” Qin Yuyang called out to him.

“Hm?” Su Ranqiu’s voice was rustling.

“You’re really sexy in bed.” Qin Yuyang laughed suddenly, “I’m serious, you’re really sexy even more than a woman.”

“You’ve slept with women?” Su Ranqiu looked at him.

“No,” Qin Yuyang touched his face, “I don’t like the opposite sex.”

The teenager’s memories of being taken advantage of had almost faded away, but sometimes people are a little paranoid, and they don’t bother to change what they believe even if it was wrong.

Like the fact that he carelessly chose Su Ranqiu, which was a completely thoughtless choice.

Maybe it was wrong, but so what, amidst a chorus of unsupportive voices, he had to get a good ending for both of them.

“It’s not like I mind who you’ve slept with before.” Su Ranqiu was next to him, “That’s your past I can’t control it.”

“You just have to be generous.” Qin Yuyang chuckled lightly.

The whole night both of them slept quite well and the next day they woke up full of energy.

Seeing his boyfriend getting up so early, Su Ranqiu was surprised, he remembered that Qin Yuyang wasn’t such a diligent person, he usually didn’t get up so early in the morning.

“Don’t be surprised.” Qin Yuyang said, “I still have to go to my brother’s place today.” So I would drop you at school and adjust my devilish routine, otherwise what if the time gets shorter and shorter later?

“Oh.” Waking up early in the morning to be affectionate, Su Ranqiu ran a hand through his hair and followed Qin Yuyang out the door.

X Mao Building, 17th floor.

“Morning, big brother.” The bastard brother had a pair of peach blossom eyes smiling as he stared over, waving his hand for attention immediately when he saw him coming.

“You…” Qin Yushun’s eyebrows jumped, why did this bastard is here again.

“I want to tell you something.” Qin Yuyang greeted and hugged the president brother’s shoulders, “I have decided to come and work in your company in the future, do you think whether I’ll be given a manager position or… hey?”

“Get off.” Qin Yushun gave him no face.

“You’re too ruthless, aren’t you?” Qin Yuyang quickly hugged his arm, “We are brothers, if you don’t cover for me who will?”

“…” Qin Yushun took out a fountain pen to pry his fingers open, one by one.

“I didn’t ask my family for a penny after I left home[1]! What’s wrong with this!” The previous Qin Yuyang was someone who definitely couldn’t afford to do this, as his own brother does Qin Yushun has no compulsion in his heart?

“I can make you an assistant.” Qin Yushun didn’t know on which point he was poked, but he put away his pen.

“That’s fine.” Qin Yuyang replied with kindness, “How much will be the salary start at? Are the lodging and board included? You also know the environment I’m living in, so it’s better if you rent me a place with two bedrooms and a small balcony.”

“Go inside first.”

What a disgrace!

Following his president brother into the office, the other party took out his wallet, pulled out a card from it, and tossed it to him. It was a real throw, “My secondary card.”

Fuck, secondary card.

Qin Yuyang picked it up with a complicated mood and suddenly had the sour feeling of being taken care of by the big money.

“Thank you brother, you are too good to me.” He said with a drawl.

“Tsk put away your meager tricks.” His president brother said, “This trick is useless with me.”

Qin Yuyang froze and laughed, “Yes, yes.” But his heart was muddled, when did he become meager? Living in such a bad environment was really just due to the lack of money.

“If you came to work in my company for the money,” said Qin Yushun, “then you don’t need to get in the way of my eyes or come in front of me, you can spend as much money as you like from the secondary card.”

“No, brother… ” Qin Yuyang explained, “If I was doing it for the money, I don’t even need to come in front of you to ask for it, I can just go home and… “

“That’s right.” Qin Yushun’s face darkened, “You don’t need to spend my money, you have plenty of money to spend if you want.”

“That’s not what I meant!” Qin Yuyang was anxious, “They’re them, you’re you, how can it be the same?” In the past, Qin Yuyang has never spent any money of his own brother, and that’s not because he was an asshole, he always wanted to keep his hot face away from cold farts. He hated Qin Yushun.

But to be honest, is this brother really bad?

“Have you said enough?” Qin Yushun pointed at the door, “If you have then go out.”

 “…” Qin Yuyang was momentarily hot in the head, “You’ll regret if you really let me go out.”

“Regret?” Qin Yushun sneered, “Why would I regret it, do you think you are too important?”

Qin Yuyang was at least a magnanimous person. He straightened his collar and turned to leave.


Hearing Qin Yushun’s voice, he showed a smile which reflected that the little master was now very upset, “I told you that you would regret it.”

“Give me back my secondary Card.” Qin Yushun said.

Qin Yuyang’s smile condensed on his lips, and his entire body was a little upbeat, “…” This was probably the most humiliating time in his life, “OK.” It’s just that with a puff the brotherly love has been poured into ice dregs.

He took out the secondary card and turned around to set it on the table in front of Qin Yushun.

“Then you can continue your work, I won’t bother you.”

Thinking that if he was willing to extend an olive branch, the other party would gladly accept it, but in return, he received a merciless blow, yes, never think that you are too important.

Qin Yuyang only realized today that he thought too highly of himself.

“Boss…” Assistant Lin spoke a little worriedly.

Alas, the second son of Qin had been gone for more than ten minutes and their boss still hadn’t slowed down.

If you didn’t want to cause a stalemate, why were you so forceful just now, leaving no room for the other party at all, it would be strange if it didn’t cause a stalemate.

Qin Yuyang walked out of the door of the company, in fact, he did not walk out completely, instead found a quiet step to sit, not wanting to do anything.

He felt a little restless, reflecting on what he did today that was wrong?

Qin Yuyang was not visible from the windows of the president’s office, but he could be seen from the windows of other offices.

Assistant Lin accidentally noticed that Qin Yuyang hadn’t left yet, he sighed, bit the bullet, and went to Qin Yushun’s office again.

“What is it?” Qin Yushun picked up his pen and began to sign the document.

“Mr. Qin hasn’t left yet,” said Assistant Lin, “Would you like to come over and take a look?”

He was quite anxious, afraid that Qin Yuyang would leave in a while.

A moment later, Qin Yushun stood in front of a floor-to-ceiling window and looked down to see a shadow, which was not so like his asshole brother.

“Ugh.”  Assistant Lin watched his boss go down, this time with a sigh of relief.

Qin Yuyang prepared to leave. Halfway as he got up, the remaining light reflected in his eyes only to look at the man standing behind him and he did not know how long the person had been standing, “Brother?”

“What’s the point of this?” The expression on Qin Yushun’s face was very bad.

“Huh?” Qin Yuyang was confused, what do you mean?

Wait, does he think I’m trying to get sympathy?

Fuck. He was wronged by his own uncle.3similar to digging your own grave

“I was just sitting and thinking about something,” said Qin Yuyang, “I’m leaving now.”

Qin Yushun was in a moment of anxiety as he reached out and pulled Qin Yuyang’s hand, “…” This move not only scared Qin Yuyang but also the president brother himself, and he quickly let go.

“… Is there something you want to tell me?” Qin Yuyang warned himself not to make a fool of himself, saving himself from being told to get out again.

“I’m not in a good mood today.” Qin Yushun’s apology was also very overbearing and tyrannical, “You come up with me and we’ll talk again.”

“Would it kill you to say sorry?” Qin Yuyang said cheaply.

“Exactly.” Qin Yushun turned around and said, “Keep up.”

this is the picture of the sauce:





  • 1
    It’s a chilly sauce
  • 2
    to boast or brag about one’s own abilities, skills, success, achievements, etc. … The guy just can’t stop tooting his own trumpet!
  • 3
    similar to digging your own grave


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