Chapter 17


The air in this city had always been like this. Even early in the morning, the quality wasn’t good.

In Qin Yuyang’s memory, he rarely saw blue skies and white clouds in Beijing.

“Here we are.” He stopped the car at the side of the road.

“Are you going home later?” Su Ranqiu looked at him, unbuckling his seatbelt a little slower.

“No,” Qin Yuyang said, “I’m going to look for my big brother.” He looked at the time, it was only 8 am, the company might not be open, but driving over should take some time and he might reach the company at the same time as the company’s opening hour.

“Oh, that’s quite good.” Su Ranqiu didn’t know anything about Qin Yuyang’s family, he just thought it was nice to have family, no matter what, he should get along well, “Then I’m going to school, bye.”

“Are you leaving without giving me a kiss?” Qin Yuyang smiled at him.

The carefree appearance and the handsome face, coupled with the character, easily reversed Su Ranqiu’s negative impression of the rich second generation.

Because of Qin Yuyang, he had a good feeling about this title.

“Tell me when you’ll be back, and I’ll kiss you.” Su Ranqiu sat back and said. “Or you can kiss anywhere.”

“Fuck.” Qin Yuyang muttered.

“Also okay.” When Su Ranqiu wasn’t smiling, his temperament was aloof, but when he was smiling at his man, he looked like he was sloshing to the heavens.

“I’m not staying out overnight.” Qin Yuyang looked at him: “You don’t have to worry about me going out to mess around outside.”

Su Ranqiu shook his head. In fact, he was not worried about Qin Yuyang going out and messing around, instead, he was worried about the fact that he wouldn’t come back.

“Go.” Qin Yuyang looked at his watch again.

“Love you.” Su Ranqiu leaned over and touched at the corner of his mouth.

People who have been in love around them say, don’t get hot too fast, those who talk about love with their husbands and wives have all been broken up.

Qin Yuyang drove on the road in a trance for some time, taking Su Ranqiu’s face out of his heart. He opened the navigation to locate Qin Yushun’s company.

–Big brother, I’m going to your company now.

Regardless of whether the other party will read it or not, sending a message to notify is the right thing to do.

Qin Yushun read it, slightly annoyed, he instructed his assistant in the car, “Organize a meeting at 10 am, there is no theme, just to talk about the recent work.”

He wasn’t patient enough to teach the jerk from home, so let the other party watch it for themselves.

There were no expectations anyway, much less disappointments.

“Yes.” The assistant was slightly surprised, the decision was a bit sudden.

His boss had a strict personality and was more inclined to do things with a plan.

At the front desk of the company, two beautiful girls were standing, it was reasonable to say that seeing Qin Yushun’s hauntingly handsome face every day, they should be immune to handsome men.

But the moment Qin Yuyang swaggered in, he still looked straight at them.

He was a completely different type of handsome guy compared to their boss. At first glance, he looks like a playful type of person, probably with a dozen girlfriends.

The kind of man who can’t keep the waves1can’t contain/stop himself, in short, a playboy, one couldn’t help but be attracted to him even though they know they would be hurt.

“Hello.” Qin Yuyang went over, “Is your General Manager Qin here?”

“He’s not here yet.” The girls at the front desk were like deers as they bumped into each other, the man looked even better up close and was young and spirited.

“What time does he usually come?” Qin Yuyang said.

“It’s 9:30.” The front desk girl spoke softly.

Qin Yushun came in with his assistant and immediately saw the girl chatting with Qin Yuyang. This bastard brother, he regretted it.

“Ah, the president is here.” The girl whispered.

“Brother.” Qin Yuyang smiled and shouted.

The two front desk girls carefully covered their mouths, surprised, the handsome brother who just chatted with them was president’s brother?

“Did you come to my office to pick up girls or study?” Qin Yushun asked in a cold voice.

“Of course to study.” Qin Yuyang followed up, “I pick up a fart, if I’m willing to pick up a girl, the kids will be playing soy sauce2someone who has the least role in a movie or something like that of a passerby.”

Qin Yuyang looked at him, unsure whether the other party was a cold, aged virgin or a superficial two-face man who seemed to be abstinent, but a wild beast on the bed.

“Be honest with me.” Qin Yushun’s eyes were extremely unfriendly, “If you dare to waste my time, I’ll throw you down from the seventeenth floor.”

“Dear brother…” Qin Yuyang’s heart trembled slightly, really, so much…

The assistant beside him had seen Qin Yuyang for the n times, and this time he was more surprised that the other party seemed to be a lot more pleasing to the eye, following the boss like an obedient ferocious beast.

Before he used to show his claws, as if he did not care about the brotherhood with the boss, and not to mention, how much of a jerk he was.

The meeting was at 10 am, Qin Yuyang honestly sat next to his president brother, listening and watching more than trying to attract attention.

Whenever he did not understand, before he could open his mouth he was killed by his president brother’s sharp eyes, “…” it’s okay, I will ask after the meeting.

Qin Yuyang took notes seriously, after the meeting in the president’s office, Qin Yushun had a look at his brother’s full page of questions, he was actually a little surprised.

“These are very simple questions,” he sipped his tea, “But with your intelligence, I should explain to you slowly.”

Qin Yuyang thought to himself, “…” Can we not be so outdated?

This morning, N high-level executives were wandering at the door wanting to go in to discuss work with the boss.

However, they heard from the assistant that the boss was not available right now, he was educating his brother

11:30 at noon.

“No, I’m hungry.” Qin Yuyang put down the pen with a snap, quitting the work, and picked up his phone to order takeout, “Brother what do you want to eat? I’ll buy you food.”

“No take-out.” His brother got up and grabbed his jacket, “Eat downstairs in the dining hall.”

“Okay.” Qin Yuyang followed up, sneakingly putting his hands on his president brother’s shoulders.

“…” the president brother glanced at him and shook his shoulders, “Roll/go away.”

“Hey.” Qin Yuyang did not take it seriously, “Brother do you have a girlfriend?” he didn’t let go of his hands, he had a thick face and was not afraid of being disliked.

Qin Yushun ignored it.

“Then what type do you like? When do you plan to get married?” Qin Yuyang asked again.

“Who told you to ask?” Qin Yushun finally reacted a little.

“We all want to know,” Qin Yuyang blinked, “We just don’t dare ask you, you’re too cold.”

“Then why are you asking?” Qin Yushun looked at his brother and sneered.

“Ah…” he was subsided for a while, and then said, “If you really find one, bring me to meet her, I’ll help find the right person.” Qin Yuyang had no choice, he actually didn’t want to meddle in the Qin family’s affairs, but he couldn’t get past that hurdle in his heart.

He has the kind of personality in which a person can’t want to watch something deteriorate and would always want things to get better.

Qin Yushun didn’t bother to pay attention, he didn’t think the asshole’s vision was worthy of reference and hadn’t thought about marriage for the time being.

“If you also like men, then I’ll go and surrogate a baby.” Qin Yuyang said to himself.

Then it was very quiet, with no questioning during the meal.

Qin Yuyang stayed until four in the afternoon, dropping by to pick up Su Ranqiu from school.

“Let’s go, Gege will take you out to a restaurant.”

Su Ranqiu has just finished with classes and was waiting at the school’s gate after receiving the message.

Qin Yuyang whistled over in his car and poked his head out with a happy face.

They went to a ramen shop and ordered one seafood and one beef, the two servings added up to 46 yuan.

It was very affordable, Su Ranqiu was touched by the food, he finally felt the happiness of eating and saving money.

They found that the seafood was still better, but the beef was heavily flavored.

“Boss, check out.” Qin Yuyang said.

“I’ll pay.” Su Ranqiu was more anxious than him, “You have given me all the money, just let me pay.” It’s better to leave some money on a man, not to mention that Qin Yuyang was still driving, and the fuel seems to be quite expensive.

“You’re with a fake rich second generation.” Qin Yuyang spat out to himself, the kind of carelessness in his eyes suddenly disappeared a lot as compared to when he first came.

“Let’s go.” He took off his jacket and draped it over Su Ranqiu.

“I’m not cold.” Su Ranqiu was surprised and tried to give it back to him.

“There’s a kind of cold called your boyfriend thinks you’re cold.” Qin Yuyang said, “understood? Put it on, let’s go.”

“…” Su Ranqiu was speechless, but it was really a bit cold when he walked out of the ramen shop.

He wanted to return the jacket to Qin Yuyang, but thinking about it, two grown men on the street together, the picture was too beautiful to look at.

From the ramen shop to the parking lot, passing by a plaza with bright lights, where there were people coming and going and people playing the piano, the atmosphere was really good.

“Do you want to go to a movie?” Qin Yuyang asked.

“But there doesn’t seem to be anything good lately.” Su Ranqiu turned his head to look at the tall building, “Maybe next time.” Having spent so much money, he was a bit reluctant to spend more.

“Then I’ll give you a flower.” Qin Yuyang spent ten yuan to buy a small rose from a shop on the side of the road.

“What’s the point of spending money unnecessarily?” Su Ranqiu murmured, but his expression snapped as he smiled.




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