Chapter 15

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Although Qin Yuyang felt that Su Ranqiu was quite long-winded and was telling him precautions a three-year-old knew, he wasn’t impatient and quietly listened before asking, “Have you had lunch?”

It was a good thing that no one could tell from his appearance and background that he was so nice.

Su Ranqiu’s heart warmed and he replied that he hadn’t yet because the temperature was a bit high today during the day, it made him lose his appetite.

“Then quickly go eat, I’ll contact you if there’s anything,” Qin Yuyang spoke.

“Alright.” Su Ranqiu smiled and hung up the phone. Walking back to the cafeteria, he found that his friend had already bought a meal for him.

“Thanks, Kai.” He picked up his chopsticks.

“What’s wrong?” Xi Zhikai stared at him and could tell that the boy was in a bad mood, something was definitely up.

“Nothing, why is it so hot today?” Su Ranqiu muttered, “Just yesterday I was shivering.”

“Did you fall in love?” Xi Zhikai inquired.

“Huh?” Su Ranqiu’s hand placed between the dishes trembled a bit. “It can’t be considered a relationship, we’re just at the mutual probing stage.” Although what should’ve been done had been done, and what shouldn’t have been done had also been done. How was there to say that there was no bottom line.

“Which department’s beautiful girl?” Xi Zhikai’s eyes were full of curiosity.

“They belong to society now,” Su Ranqiu said as he laughed.

“Isn’t that older than you?” Xi Zhikai teased, “I sort of knew, so you like the big sister type?” This wasn’t something to be surprised about as Su Ranqiu was born into a family lacking so many things, not just his parent’s love and care.

On Qin Yuyang’s side, the atmosphere wasn’t as relaxed as among the little classmates.

Qin Yuyang was standing in his father’s study room, accepting his endless comments.

After discovering that his youngest son had changed his past lover, Father Qin couldn’t control his erratic mood any longer as he dredged up Qin Yuyang’s dark history from childhood to adulthood.


“…” Qin Yuyang wasn’t the original jerk; he was a young man respectful of his elders, and his posture was such that it made people incapable of picking any faults.

Mother Qin and Qin Yushun were also beside them to watch. One was wary of a fight that might lead to her son being hurt, the other was afraid that his father would indulge Qin Yuyang again. The purpose of their presence was precisely contradictory, but both were unanimously determined; their eyes burned like a torch.

The older brother thought to himself: This bastard is pretending to be a good boy. He couldn’t tell if he was being serious or not.

While the mother thought to herself: My son is so pitiful that he dares not talk back while he’s being scolded. It hurt to be a mother.

“As the old saying goes, you should be able to stand by yourself at 30, you’re 27 this year!” Father Qin stood up and pounded the table, scolding angrily, “But what kind of life have you lived till now?”

“Cheating, getting divorced, leaving the house, and finally not coming home. Just to fool around with your mistress.”

“Are you a human being? Qin Yuyang?”

His father’s fingers were placed in front of his eyes, Qin Yuyang sighed at the accusation that iron couldn’t be turned into steel1Regret that one’s offspring hasn’t lived up to one’s expectations.

He wasn’t the real Qin Yuyang, nor did he love this couple who’d spoiled ‘Qin Yuyang’ for 27 years. But as a younger generation, he respected the hearts of parents all over the world and didn’t mean to take them seriously.

“Yes, I was wrong.” Qin Yuyang closed his eyes and bowed deeply.

Instead, it made the house as quiet as a chicken with the father and son duo facing each other.

Qin Yuyang guessed what question they might have thought in their hearts. What kind of influence was this child receiving outside?

“Yuyang?” Mother Qin really leaned in and said, “Don’t scare mom, tell me what happened, your father and I will stand up for you!”

Qin Yushun turned dark as he pulled his mother away. “If you think he’s not enough of a jerk, then keep indulging him and watch how he’ll cause you a big problem someday.”

“How can you say that about your own brother?” Mother Qin looked fiercely at her eldest son.

This look made the other party shut up. Clenching his fists, he turned as if about to run away.

The scene was a bit out of control. Qin Yuyang was debating whether to save the situation, or continue to stand aloof and watch things unravel.

“Um, my big brother is right, I used to be a jerk.” With his kind of inquisitive personality, Qin Yuyang really wished to change “Big brother.” He pulled Qin Yushun’s arm and muddled, “If it wasn’t for big brother searching for me this time, I wouldn’t have the face to return.”

The atmosphere in the Qin family had never been good; they were obviously a family of four, but one person had always been strayed away.

Furthermore, according to Qin Yushun’s character, it was already very touching that he’d gone through the trouble of finding his brother.

“Let go.” Full of disgust, Qin Yushun shook off the hand on his arm.

“You…” Mother Qin was about to say something to him again, but Qin Yuyang immediately let go of his hand and sweetly said, “Thank you big brother, as I’ve already delayed you for a long time, you can go on ahead. You must be very busy.” In his memory, ‘Qin Yuyang’s’ older brother was always particularly busy.

After being released, Qin Yushun left his father’s study without looking back.

To him, their home itself felt like that of an outsider’s; only those three in the study were like a family, but he didn’t care.

“Mom, don’t be so mean to big brother,” Qin Yuyang advised. This family pampered their youngest son to the heavens, but didn’t care about their capable and sensible eldest son. As the younger brother, he didn’t say much, but felt very uncomfortable.

Qin Yushun was 31 this year, but his parents never worried about his marriage.

Mother Qin argued, “If I’m not fierce, he won’t take my words seriously at all.” In her heart, that child had been ignorant since he was young, making his own decisions regarding everything— just like a heavenly lone star. It was fine if he didn’t love his parents, but how could he not even love his younger brother.

“Just like your mother asked, did something happen to you?” Father Qin said awkwardly, “If you’re being bullied, just speak, do you think we’ll make you feel wronged?”

Qin Yuyang was really speechless. “…” So the parents in this family educated their children like this. It was strange, like they were teaching their son to be a bear child2The bear child is often described as a naughty child; young, ignorant, lawless, and without a good family education..

“I’m not being bullied.” He shook his head and said seriously, “I’m also almost 30 years old, I want to tidy up my feelings again and learn business.”

Father Qin retorted, “You said the same thing last year when I told you to go to your big brother, but you didn’t dare to go. Your mother gave you money to start a business, but in the end, you used it all to eat, drink and buy a yacht.” He didn’t look that angry while recalling the matter.

Qin Yuyang very much suspected that the anger just now was aimed towards Qin Yushun.

“The money has already been spent, so why are you bringing up the past?” Mother Qin said while glaring at her husband. She then turned and smiled at Qin Yuyang while saying, “If you still want to start a business, then mom will give you money again and this time hire better people. There’s no need to go to your big brother, he’s too impatient with you.”

Qin Yuyang couldn’t help but think to himself. Very good, I can only say that this family is really full of grooves.

The only normal one seemed to be Qin Yushun, but unfortunately, in the eyes of the Qin couple, he was an inhumane child.

“Forget it, you’ve been divorced and besides, that child Ruoran was too smart. You wouldn’t have been able to suppress him at all.” Father Qin said, “There’s no hurry in starting a business, tell me what’s going on with that lover of yours?”

The couple’s first reaction to the news was: boy or girl?

If they were a girl, it would be nice if she could give Qin Yuyang a son and daughter.

However, Qin Yuyang had come out of the closet early; the chances of them being a girl were slim.

Regarding Su Ranqiu’s information, Qin Yuyang and his parents briefly exchanged a few words, and they concluded that his lover was a young college student from an ordinary family.

It was another boy. Qin Yuyang’s parents were disappointed, but they were a little pleased due to his lover’s ordinary background as it meant that the boy wouldn’t have the guts to interfere with Qin Yuyang’s inheritance.

Mother Qin devised a small plan in her heart and with a calm face, she asked, “You’re living outside now?”

“Mm.” Qin Yuyang said, “I’ll have a meal at home then go back.”

His father declared with a stern face, “We’ve been looking forward to your return.”

Thinking of the family atmosphere at home, Qin Yuyang faintly sighed and nodded. “Okay, I’ll ask big brother if he’s free to come home for dinner.” He remembered that Qin Yushun had never eaten with them before.

“He won’t attend even if I ask, he’s always so busy.” Mother Qin was quite happy, but she still had troubled feelings for Qin Yushun in her heart.

“If we always think like that, we won’t have a chance to eat with him in the future.” Qin Yuyang didn’t care about what she said and walked out to make the call himself.

As expected, Qin Yushun picked up the phone and after hearing his brother’s invitation, he replied, “Busy.”

Qin Yuyang still continued after he said he wanted to hang up. “That’s okay, it doesn’t matter if it’s tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I’ll visit your company to find you and have a casual dinner together. We can talk about work by the way.”

Qin Yushun raised his eyebrows. “Work?” He couldn’t believe that he heard such serious words come from Qin Yuyang’s mouth.

“Well, I want to gain some experience from you. Hm? You don’t mind, do you?” Although Qin Yuyang knew many bosses, in the end, he’d never done business himself, so he didn’t dare to say that he’d be okay.

“Suit yourself.” After a long time, Qin Yushun uttered and then the phone hung up.

The assistant beside him heard an irritated sigh from his mouth. “Trouble.”

After the call with Qin Yushun, Qin Yuyang dialed Su Ranqiu’s number. “Xiao-Qiu, I won’t be back tonight, so eat and sleep well by yourself. Don’t wait for me.”

Su Ranqiu asked, “What about tomorrow?” He heard his own cautious voice, overflowing with anticipation.

“What do you think?” Qin Yuyang asked amusedly, “What do you want to eat, I’ll buy it for you tomorrow.”

Su Ranqiu immediately became happy and blurted out, “I can’t think at the moment, it’ll be fine if you just come back.”

The voice coming from the phone was soft and a bit tiresome, Qin Yuyang swept the goosebumps off his arms. “Then I’ll bring the soufflé3Egg yolk pastry you ate in the hotel last time.”

“Mm.” He believed that he’d just eaten one or two things at the party, but Qin Yuyang remembered it all. His heart which was a bit jumpy was now a little more at ease. “Today…”

“Huh? What did you say?” Qin Yuyang didn’t hear clearly.

“Nothing, I just asked you to come back earlier.” Su Ranqiu took a long breath and was silent for two seconds. “Then… hang up the phone, I’ll wait for your return.”

“Okay, you behave yourself,” Qin Yuyang said while slowly hanging up the phone.

Ever since Su Ranqiu had been around him, his gentle side had all been dug out.

“Your brother isn’t coming back, right?” Mother Qin came out and asked.

“Mm.” Qin Yuyang explained, “He’s busy at work, but that’s okay. I’ll go find him the day after tomorrow.”

Mother Qin wanted to ask why he was looking for his brother, but Qin Yuyang had already turned around and gone to his room. “Mom, I’m going up to sleep for a while.”

“Alright, mom will call you for dinner tonight.”

The room was the same as in Qin Yuyang’s memory, and since there was nothing to look at, he fell back down and slept until the evening when he was later called down by his mother for dinner.

“Since your car has been given to Ruoran, you can drive mom’s car.” Mother Qin inquired, “Or do you want to buy a new one? How about the new XX model? If you like it, I’ll have someone drive one back for you right now.”

“Mom, just give me an unused car.”

Their youngest son had surprised them again and again today.

The next afternoon, Qin Yuyang drove away a car that wasn’t commonly used at home.

He deliberately circled around the city and drove to the hotel he’d visited that day to buy his family’s lover special soufflé.

Even if the car wasn’t regularly used at home, it was still a valuable luxury car. Parked in front of the university, it was exceptionally eye-catching.

Qin Yuyang was very comfortable with the gazes around him; others never influenced him and he only did what he wanted to do.

Waiting at the door was much too boring, so Qin Yuyang texted— wanting to fool Su Ranqiu out of class to play.

[Xiao-Qiu, what’s the most extraordinary thing you’ve ever done?]

Three words came back quickly from the other side.

[Me liking you.]

Receiving such a teasing reply, Qin Yuyang touched his chest. His impetuous heart quieted down.

[I know, don’t worry. Now attend class.]

Su Ranqiu had waited an entire day before Qin Yuyang contacted him, so he replied with a sweet yet astringent heart. “Suddenly receiving your text message, how can I be in the mood for class.”

Then he sent another one asking, “Have you come back?”

[If you really don’t want to go to class, you can skip school and come out. I dare you.]

Su Ranqiu blankly stared at the screen, he wasn’t stupid. In fact, he was quite smart and quickly understood what Qin Yuyang meant.

[You’re at the door, aren’t you?]

Pleasure exploded in his heart.

Qin Yuyang replied to him with pictures of the school entrance.

For the first time, Su Ranqiu felt that his college entrance was really pretty as he replied, “Wait for me for five minutes, I’ll come out to find you now.”

He hurriedly sent the message and didn’t even have the time to explain the situation to his friend, only saying, “Kai, I’m slipping away.” Then he quietly crouched down with his backpack and snuck out from the back door.

The people around, “… ” Fuck, a diligent learner skipping class? What day is it today?!

After the teacher finished writing on the blackboard, he habitually looked for his good students to get up and answer the question, so as a result, “…” Ran?

Everyone squeezed out a cold sweat for Su Ranqiu. Because he was a familiar face for the teacher, it was too conspicuous that he directly escaped.

When Qin Yuyang saw a boy running out from the school entrance, his thick eyebrows raised. This person reminded him of the saying, ‘moth attracted to the flame’.

“Qin… Qin Yuyang… ” Su Ranqiu stood in front of his boyfriend, panting incredibly hard while being unable to stand up straight.

“Did you need to run so fast?” Qin Yuyang looked at him with heavy eyes.

Su Ranqiu smiled apologetically. “I was afraid that you would be impatient and wouldn’t wait for me.” After saying that, he leaned up and claimed a hug. “Thank you for picking me up.”

He was super happy.

Qin Yuyang hugged him as he thought to himself. I’m a scourge of you, silly little snuggler.

He wondered why he felt that Su Ranqiu wasn’t so naive before? Now he’d simply be sold and still help the buyer count the money.




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