Chapter 13

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Su Ranqiu came here directly after class so his stomach was empty. After he said he couldn’t eat, he thought Qin Yuyang would persuade him to take two or more bites, but he didn’t.

Instead, he took two bites and commented, “This doesn’t taste good.”

Su Ranqiu didn’t hold back as his eyes showed suspicion. How could such an expensive cuisine taste worse than his stir-fried dishes?

“You want to try?” Qin Yuyang glanced and stuffed it directly into his mouth.

“It’s obviously delicious.” Su Ranqiu chewed and realized that Qin Yuyang’s mouth was full of bullshit.

“Then eat some more.” Qin Yuyang was still serious.

Huang Mao, who was next to them, stared at the two with a look in his eyes that would make people panic.

Just now, when he heard the wealthy man call Ji Ruoran ‘Second Young Master Ji’, he understood that Xiao-Yu’s former partner was someone with an exceptional status, not just a rich businessman.

According to this fact, the people who could marry Ji Ruoran wouldn’t possess a lesser status themselves.

Huang Mao already had a hunch in his heart that his brother Xiao-Yu definitely wasn’t an ordinary person, but he hadn’t expected the man’s background to be far beyond his imagination.

Thinking of this, he put aside the twists and turns in his heart, and greeted him more enthusiastically than before, “Xiao-Yu, what are thou up to now?”

Occasionally, Qin Yuyang didn’t listen carefully, but he remained calm.

Su Ranqiu heard the word ‘thou’ from the side and chuckled, thinking Mao-Ge was really interesting.

“I’m not busy, just investing in stocks.” After Qin Yuyang answered, he felt that something was wrong. “Mao-Ge, you’re boring.”

He was a friend of Qin Yuyang so there should be no distinction between superior and inferior class.

Huang Mao smiled, although he didn’t say anything, he became affectionate once again.

Su Ranqiu ate, again and again, tasting food he’d never eaten before while listening to Qin Yuyang and Huang Mao’s nonsense.

Despite Huang Mao not knowing anything about Qin Yuyang’s family, he vaguely knew that he was from a wealthy one, so every time he heard Qin Yuyang call him Mao-Ge respectfully, he felt satisfied in his heart.

On the other hand, Ji Ruoran didn’t think so. When he saw Qin Yuyang talking and laughing with a poor and unsocial person, he only felt that the old Qin family was about to end and that their son had fallen past the point of hopelessness.

But later, when he saw Qin Yuyang and a certain entertainment industry’s tycoon talking and laughing together, he couldn’t help but be surprised. When did this crummy guy get to know someone with such an identity?

Wasn’t he just an ignorant, pointless dandy?

Ji Ruoran felt uncomfortable in his heart. He really didn’t want to pay attention to Qin Yuyang’s every move, but this person was always dangling in front of his eyes; he couldn’t help thinking about him.

After the party, Ji Ruoran sat in the car and made a call. “Qin Yushun, I saw your brother at XX Hotel. If you want to find him, you can ask around for Huanling’s boss.”

Qin Yushun asked in surprise, “How did they get associated?”

Ji Ruoran replied, “I don’t know about that. This is all the information I can give you.” Then he hung up the phone.

Opening the car window and looking out, he watched Qin Yuyang hug his mistress and enter a yellow sports car.

“Self-indulgence.” Ji Ruoran closed his eyes, not optimistic about Qin Yuyang’s future. As for his relationship with the mistress, it was even more ridiculous.

“Okay, thank you Mao-Ge.” Huang Mao once again dropped them at the door of the milk tea shop.

Huang Mao brazenly said, “I still don’t know where you two live yet. Won’t you invite me in?”

Qin Yuyang pointed to Su Ranqiu. “You’ll have to ask him since I’m also relying on another.”

Su Ranqiu patted that hand away. “Okay, but the house is very narrow and there’s nothing to entertain you.”

“When you say that… Xiao-Qiu you’re still being so polite to me? Do you think I’m that kind of a person?” Huang Mao believed that no matter how narrow it was, it must have at least one bedroom and a hall.

It was only when he entered the room where Qin Yuyang and Su Ranqiu lived that he realized what they meant by narrow.

At first, he was shocked, after that there was only silence and admiration. “Xiao-Qiu…” Taking advantage of Qin Yuyang leaving to use the bathroom, he patted Su Ranqiu’s arm and said, “Xiao-Yu is a good man, you can rest assured, really.”

The words were spoken so suddenly that Su Ranqiu blushed and agreed, “I know.”

“You know nothing.” Huang Mao lowered his voice anxiously, “When you enter society, you’ll know that even if there were more people like my Xiao-Yu, they wouldn’t get involved with someone like you.”

This sentence poked at Su Ranqiu’s heart, his red face turned blue.

“You might not like the words I just said.”

“No.” It was all true, but he couldn’t suppress the unstoppable sentiment that had grown; Qin Yuyang was such a gentle and strong person.

“Be more sensible, like today… alas…” He broke out in a cold sweat beside him.

“Thank you, Mao-Ge.” Su Ranqiu stopped talking when he heard the sound of the flush.

“It’s because I see that you’re young, I’m just lifting your heart for you.”

“What are you talking about?” Qin Yuyang returned and the sense of presence in the room was naturally occupied by him. “Mao-Ge,” he kicked Huang Mao, “your comprehension of emotion is really low, it’s late at night yet you’re still here stuck to me.”

Huang Mao’s face suddenly became awkward and switched without pressure. “I understand, I understand, then I’ll take my leave. Let’s eat together when you have time, as I’m always free.”

Qin Yuyang nodded. “Well, I won’t see you off so you can leave by yourself.”

After boiling water for about half an hour, Su Ranqiu felt that the temperature was suitable. “Are you going to help me wash?”

Qin Yuyang replied, “You wash by yourself, I’ll wait for you in bed.”

Su Ranqiu stood under the not-so-bright lights and was stunned. With quiet eyes, he glanced at the backpack that accompanied him to and from school. “Then, how do I wash it?”

Doing that between men was still something to prepare for— they both knew it.

“Take a basin of warm water and a large syringe, inject the warm water into the chrysanthemum…”

Su Ranqiu’s heart collapsed. “Okay, don’t say anymore.” He closed the door and cleaned that spot in his own way.

During the entire process, he blushed like a ripe peach.

“Pfft.” Qin Yuyang laughed uncontrollably. Even at such a time, he was still fooling around.

But anyone who knew him would never think that he was unreliable.

“I’m fine.” Su Ranqiu’s thin body, which had just finished taking a shower, was hidden underneath the large-sized light pajamas. In the cold night, he passed through the narrow room and headed straight towards the bed.

Because of the cold, his trembling alarmed Qin Yuyang beside him. “Why don’t you wear more clothes?”

Su Ranqiu answered shyly, “Won’t you be taking them off sooner or later?”

Qin Yuyang felt heat rising in his heart. “That’s also true.” He immediately began releasing the restraint in his body; his whole person resembled Mount Tai shrouding a shivering object.

“Are you cold or nervous?”

The way he was shaking was extremely fucking abnormal.

“It’s cold, I’m nervous too…” Su Ranqiu said with shivering lips then smiled shyly.

“Then I’ll help warm you up.” Qin Yuyang leaned down and took in his pink face and peach cheeks. Suddenly, he understood the meaning of ‘May you pluck more, this thing that means love the most’.

Recalling these two sentences of a lewd poem, he plucked Su Ranqiu’s lips and red beans.

The other party was greedy for his tenderness and pushed away in a hurry. “That… is in my backpack.”


“You told me to buy it.”

It took Qin Yuyang several seconds to remember, he patted his head. “Oh, Xiao-Qiu.” He’d forgotten about protection.

When he returned with the condom, he tore it with his mouth and put it on.

Su Ranqiu stared at him blankly. Finally feeling ashamed to death, he buried his face in the pillow and questioned, “Does it fit?” He’d brought the biggest pack this morning which had gotten him a special look from the shopping guide.

“It does, it’s the first time I’ve used this thing.” Qin Yuyang concentrated on researching and inadvertently exposed his lack of experience.

Su Ranqiu misunderstood and grumbled, “So you and Second Young Master Ji didn’t need to use it.”

“That’s—” Realizing he was jealous, Qin Yuyang simply explained, “I was in a sexless marriage with him, you have to understand.”

“So… Ah.” Su Ranqiu smiled suddenly, his little emotions quickly came and went.

After a while, more unexpected expressions appeared on that face of his.

Qin Yuyang, this big old man, found out for the first time how a man could be coquettish. There was nothing wrong with a woman.

Su Ranqiu wasn’t slutty, but rather tactful and gentle; he knew how to please someone.

He hadn’t delivered his sincerity at the beginning as he had always frowned and replied coldly.

Thus, Qin Yuyang couldn’t tell that Su Ranqiu possessed such a side. Now that he was falling in love with him, any little look of affection was overwhelming.

The tossing went on for a long time and when they looked at the time their endeavor ended, it was past 1 a.m.

Like a fully fed tiger, Qin Yuyang quickly got off the bed and took a bath with the hot water in the bucket.

“Xiao-Qiu, I left some water, can you get up and wash?” Ten minutes later, he fell back on the bed and softly asked.

Su Ranqiu was feeling cold when the man had just left without saying a word. “I’m too tired, I don’t want to bath.” Fortunately, he knew how to come back and inquire, Su Ranqiu’s discomfort was half gone.

“You should always wash your face and clean your… chrysanthemum.” Qin Yuyang stated before turning around and leaving.

When he returned, he was holding a warm towel in his hand which he rubbed on Su Ranqiu’s face in a not so gentle manner, and then directly rubbed on his buttocks.

The efficiency of this show was awkward and sweet.

Su Ranqiu forgot the discomfort of being left behind and returned to a state of a rippling spirit at the center of a fierce battle.

It was just that Qin Yuyang, with his usual expression, laid back down and fell asleep.

Su Ranqiu, who was silly enough to want to hear a few words of love and have a good night kiss, was disappointed.

But he wasn’t upset, Su Ranqiu still fell asleep on the other person’s shoulder in a good mood.

In the morning.

Ring… ring… ring…

“Damn…” Qin Yuyang was awakened by Su Ranqiu’s alarm clock. He opened his eyes and saw that it was only 7 a.m. The question was why, as today was Saturday. “What did you set the alarm clock for?”

Su Ranqiu also woke up and answered sleepily, “I have my part-time job today.”

“What?” Qin Yuyang stretched out his ears, not wanting to believe what he just heard. “Didn’t I tell you to stop looking for a part-time job?”

Su Ranqiu was silent for a moment then asked, “How can I live without a job?” He had to pay tuition, repay loans, and earn living expenses.

Qin Yuyang’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot. “Listen, let me make it clear to you today, I’ll be responsible for this soon.” Since he was irritated, instead of going back to sleep, he sat up and grabbed his and Su Ranqiu’s phones and transferred all the money left in his WeChat wallet to Su Ranqiu.

“Qin Yuyang, I’m not with you for your support or your money.” Su Ranqiu looked at him stubbornly, all his anxiety displayed between his brows.

“But aren’t you putting the cart before the horse1Reverse the proper order or procedure of something. by messing with me over money right now?” Qin Yuyang returned the other’s cell phone and sharply said, “Call and quit the part-time job so a bad impression isn’t left.”

“…” Su Ranqiu didn’t move.

“Did you get your head caught in a door?2 Asking if the brain is broken; being stupid.” Qin Yuyang squeezed his chin. “If I can’t even see who you are, why would I still be on your bed? Just to be romantic?” I have been single for a long time, and I was so chic by myself, there’s no man who wouldn’t want to be unrestrained and chic by themselves?

“Where did you get the money?” Su Ranqiu said gloomily, “You can’t find a job without leaving the house…” Could it be that his family gave him some money these days? Or did he borrow the money from Mao-Ge?

“Last time when I got paid by Mr. Tao, the total was 27,000 yuan. 20,000 yuan was invested into the stock market and that leaves 7,000 yuan from which I transferred 5,000 to you. I still have 2,000 yuan left in cash,” Qin Yuyang explained in one breath.

Su Ranqiu glanced at him in surprise and remembered Mao-Ge’s advice to him. First, Qin Yuyang was a good person, and second, he wouldn’t be so naive.

Thinking of this, Su Ranqiu shuddered and hurriedly called the part-time manager’s phone, he resigned with a firm attitude.

Showing a stance of not loving money was one thing, but to be upset with Qin Yuyang because of it, his head was indeed caught in a door.




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