Chapter 11

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All that was on the mind of a 20-year-old boy was that thing.

Qin Yuyang wasn’t so old that he couldn’t move, but he ignored the solemnity in his pants as he walked into the small kitchen.

As a man who thought not with his crotch but rather his head, Qin Yuyang didn’t have the habit of indulging his lower body.

Usually, even if he encountered this kind of situation, he wouldn’t care about it much.

After all, what use was a grown man who only knew how to keep his head down all day long?

He spent ten minutes showering and returned with a blatant bulge in his pants after he was done.

Su Ranqiu was lying at the edge of the bed, staring at him intently. “…”

Such a deep and focused gaze couldn’t help but make Qin Yuyang’s scalp numb with goosebumps. “Xiao-Qiu, move in.”

“Mmm…” Su Ranqiu was very obedient. He sat up and moved in, but he had his hands on his knees and wouldn’t sleep; he was a little stubborn all over and looked quite childish to Qin Yuyang.

He raised his eyebrows and asked, “What are you doing, not sleeping?”

Su Ranqiu replied, “You sleep, I’ll wait.”

“…” Wait? What the hell? Qin Yuyang stretched out his arm and pressed the other person down; the action was coherent and overbearing.

“I don’t want to sleep…” The youth bowed his body, and while struggling, he heard the man beside him question, “You want me to kiss you, don’t you?”

He wanted to say no, but the warmth of the touch imprinted on the corner of his mouth and his own urge to cry was so strong that he couldn’t refute it.

“Don’t move.” After the man soothed him with a domineering kiss, his fingers started moving skillfully.

Su Ranqiu’s eyes opened and closed in the darkness, the smell of alcohol came in and out as he inhaled the cool air and muttered, “Qin Yuyang.”

“Mm,” Qin Yuyang replied calmly.

Su Ranqiu quickly leaned towards him with his forehead resting against Qin Yuyang’s shoulder and his hand grasping the other’s strong, muscular arm.

Is he trembling? Qin Yuyang thought to himself to be more gentle with him.

“…” Su Ranqiu nestled in the other’s embrace and gritted his teeth. His breath was unsteady and it was like being addicted to drugs… One knew the danger but was unable to stop.

“Alright?” After a moment, a voice sounded from the top of his head.

He gasped as if a muscle had been taken out of his body and was left with no strength.

 “Are you all right?” Qin Yuyang asked again in a low voice, estimating that the climax was almost over. He pushed Su Ranqiu away and told, “Get up, I’ll go wash up.”

“…” Su Ranqiu was lying there flat on his back, affixed in a long trance, before finally saying, “Bring me some tissues.” He realized then, that his voice was hoarse.

“Don’t you always have them at your bedside?” Qin Yuyang countered.

Before Su Ranqiu could say anything, Qin Yuyang went to the side of the bed and handed over some haphazardly pulled tissue papers.

“Thanks.” Su Ranqiu took the tissues and turned towards the wall, hiding under the blanket to wipe.

“Only after one round you became sober, hmm?” The man behind him teased, his voice was horrible.

“What about you?” Su Ranqiu wiped himself and was unsure what to do with the used tissue papers.

“Give it to me.” Qin Yuyang took them over for him.

“Thanks.” This was the first time he’d lost his composure in front of someone, Su Ranqiu was slightly embarrassed.

“What did you just say about me?” Qin Yuyang helped him throw away the remaining tissue and asked while he laid back onto the bed, yawning.

“Nothing.” Su Ranqiu got under the blanket.

“Oh.” Qin Yuyang also laid down. “Sleep, you have school tomorrow.”

“Goodnight.” Su Ranqiu hesitated for a long time but still didn’t dare to reach out.

He stared at the black roof, thinking about what had just occurred. After that, he started thinking about Qin Yuyang. Isn’t he hard...

The next morning when he woke up, Su Ranqiu looked in the mirror and noticed dark circles under his eyes.

As always, he covered it up with a mask before he left the house. “I’m going to school now, you can eat breakfast by yourself.”

“Xiao-Qiu,” Qin Yuyang poked his head out from inside and called out.

“Hm?” Su Ranqiu turned his head to look at him, unable to guess what he was going to say.

“Tonight, come back with a box of condoms,” Qin Yuyang said.

After saying that he went back to sleep. Su Ranqiu had opened the door for a moment and almost fell there…That, what did he tell me to buy?

“Qin Yuyang… I didn’t hear you clearly.”

“Buy a box of condoms.”

This time it was crystal clear and Su Ranqiu’s heart started thumping like crazy from hearing the words box of condoms. He wanted to grab someone and ask clearly, buy it for what?

But he didn’t question anymore and went out.

Before the time reached 12 p.m, Qin Yuyang was messing around the stock exchange when he received a call from Huang Mao. “Xiao-Yu, it’s Huang Mao, do you still remember me?”

This was Huang Mao’s signature question which he’d ask every single time.

Qin Yuyang answered, “In your heart, do you think I have amnesia?”

“Hehe.” Huang Mao commented, “I’m afraid that nobles are forgetful.”


“Let’s have dinner tonight, with Ting-Ge and the others.” Huang Mao put away his childish play and told in a serious tone.

“Huh?” Qin Yuyang pursued to ask for clarification. “Is it just dinner, or do you have some activities planned?”

“We’ll simply eat while Ting-Ge entertains his guests.” Afraid of Qin Yuyang’s might, he persuaded, “Just take it like a trip to open your eyes. What does it matter? By the way, bring Xiao-Qiu along.”

“A game made by someone else?”


With that said, Qin Yuyang inferred in his heart that someone had invited Tao Zhenting to dinner, and Tao Zhenting wanted to give that person some face by bringing over a few friends to socialize with.

Qin Yuyang was tall, energetic and his temperament wasn’t bad, so it was needless to say that Tao Zhenting wanted to invite him so that he could also save his own face.

[Xiao-Qiu, wait in front of the school after class. Mao-Ge and I will pick you up.]


[Let’s go out for dinner.]


Su Ranqiu touched the box of condoms in his backpack and continued with his classes.

After school in the evening, he put on his mask and waited in front of the school.

[I’m done with school.]

[Wait at the door, I’ll be there.]

“Fuck, those noble grandsons are blocking the road, call Xiao-Qiu and tell him to come over.” Huang Mao looked at the luxury cars picking up students in front of them, one by one, he couldn’t help but show an irritated expression on his face.

Qin Yuyang unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car as he called and searched for Su Ranqiu in the crowd. “Where are you? Do you see me? I’m looking for you at the door.”

Su Ranqiu answered, “I can see Mao-Ge’s car.”

“Oh, then I’ll go back to the car.” He thought to himself that sure enough, Huang Mao’s car was the focus of the world.

In fact, the first thing Su Ranqiu had seen was Qin Yuyang, who was more conspicuous than Huang Mao’s car.

It was just that he was too shy to walk over, not knowing how to face him.

“Where are we going to eat?” Seeing that Qin Yuyang had come, Su Ranqiu asked in a low voice.

“I don’t know.” Qin Yuyang kicked Huang Mao’s seat. “Mao-Ge, answer the question.”

“Ah? Where?” Huang Mao replied seriously, “I don’t know, I just know how to get there.” He’d forgotten the name of the hotel.

There was no movement in the back seats, so Huang Mao had a look in the rearview mirror.

Su Ranqiu’s hand was resting on Qin Yuyang’s leg, their fingers interlocked with each other.

They were really clingy, Huang Mao thought. He also wanted to look for a young partner who was sweet, but young people got too attached and loved to be in a more serious relationship; they weren’t mature enough.

Just in case he got tired and wanted to break up.

However, glancing at the rear-view mirror again, his brother Xiao-Yu appeared to be fooling around. He should be a veteran in love…

Their fingers weren’t interlocked by Su Ranqiu, his hands were in his own lap at first.

Rather, it was Qin Yuyang who had asked him if he was cold and touched his hand to confirm, after that he didn’t let go.

The evening wasn’t cold, but since it was a cloudy day, it was a bit windy after getting off.

“Why are you wearing trousers this way?” Qin Yuyang saw that Su Ranqiu’s ankles were exposed so he pulled his pants down a little without saying anything.

Huang Mao couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s how people dress these days, it’s trendy.” Then he went to have a look at Su Ranqiu, his face really was something.

But he didn’t feel envy, anyway, he was still a student; Huang Mao didn’t dare touch.

“Clothes too, you’re not that big, why buy such a large size?” Qin Yuyang berated as he hugged Su Ranqiu and found that there was just a little waist beneath the clothes.

“Why are you nagging? This is how everyone dresses,” Su Ranqiu stated, checking his style in the glass door of the hotel; he didn’t see a problem.

Then, with a single glance, he found that there were many modestly dressed socialites around and that he was the only student present which made him look out of place.

“Xiao-Qiu, were you born in 2000?” Huang Mao incessantly smiled and opened his mouth to talk to Su Ranqiu.

Su Ranqiu retorted, “In 1998.” It was still two years away from zero.

He was too young, Huang Mao had a look at Su Ranqiu’s delicate face. “Tsk, compared to you, we’re all like old geezers.”

“Just you, not me.” Qin Yuyang mocked then grabbed Su Ranqiu’s wrist with one hand and stuck it into his pocket with the other as he swaggered into the elevator.

“How old is Xiao-Yu?” Huang Mao had just finished asking and was about to close the elevator door when a voice came from outside.

“One moment please!” A man who looked like an assistant came rushing over with a briefcase.

Huang Mao quickly pressed the elevator button and smiled. “Dude, I’ll close the door if you don’t come quickly.”

“Thank you, thank you.” The assistant gasped, “Wait, my boss hasn’t entered yet.” He pressed the button and looked at his watch. It had a very elite paradigm1paradigm: a typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or model..

A figure in a suit and leather shoes walked in and both parties were taken aback.

Ji Ruoran spoke out, “Qin Yuyang?”

Qin Yuyang, on the other hand, raised his eyebrows high and said in a haughty manner, “Ji Ruoran?”

The male assistant’s boss was Ji Ruoran who’d been invited to dinner to talk about things in passing. He didn’t expect to meet Qin Yuyang here, inside the elevator with his male mistress.

He glanced at the young boy who was wearing a mask and the other party hid behind Qin Yuyang, not even daring to raise his head.

“What a coincidence.” Ji Ruoran thought to himself that he was lucky enough.

“It is a bit,” Qin Yuyang replied, incidentally hugging Su Ranqiu to his side and hoping he wouldn’t be afraid.

However, Su Ranqiu didn’t have the strength to raise his head. He tried to get out but hid once again.

Ji Ruoran, “…” Do you think I’m dead?

“Xiao-Qiu?” Qin Yuyang hugged the boy beside him while saying his name in a calm tone. He was now divorced, and it wasn’t Su Ranqiu who’d done anything wrong, there was no need for him to be afraid.

Su Ranqiu leaned against the man beside him, embarrassed with shame.

It was true that that night, he was caught and raped; he’d been forced and wasn’t guilty of sleeping in the same bed as Qin Yuyang, but now that he’d accepted Qin Yuyang, he truly became the third party.

Huang Mao felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange, so he kept his mouth shut and waited to see what would happen.

“Your big brother is looking for you,” Ji Ruoran said when the elevator stopped. “I advise you to give him a call.” Otherwise, according to Qin Yushun’s personality, there would be a good beating waiting for Qin Yuyang if he was found later.

“I know.” While Qin Yuyang was speaking, Ji Ruoran and his assistant took the lead and walked out first.

“It seems like the three of us also have to get off here,” Huang Mao said, scratching his head.

Qin Yuyang’s lip twitched. “You’re stupid…” He recalled that the button Huang Mao had pressed earlier wasn’t for this floor.

“Suddenly remembered, suddenly remembered.” Huang Mao apologized while asking doubtfully, “That one just now, is he Xiao-Yu’s friend?”

After that man left, Su Ranqiu’s face looked a lot better, and now, even he pricked up his ears to listen attentively.

“Wait, he’s not the one your Ting-Ge has to socialize with, is he?” Qin Yuyang made an expression like he had a toothache.

Huang Mao hurriedly answered, “No, no, this is a small cocktail party, there’s going to be a lot of guests.” Ting-Ge was just one of the people invited, the one with a larger position.

Qin Yuyang was relieved after hearing Huang Mao’s reply.

Su Ranqiu also felt relieved. He only had a few social experiences, and the most formal dinner he’d ever attended seemed to have been a classmate’s birthday party.

“That’s good, lest he frightens Xiao-Qiu,” Qin Yuyang commented.

“Eh?” Huang Mao waited for the rest of the story.

“That was my ex-husband just now, who I’ve recently divorced.”

“…” Well, Huang Mao finally knew where the bruises on Su Ranqiu’s face had come from.






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