Chapter 1

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The sky outside was still dark, but the temperature in the room was unexpectedly hot.

Qin Yuyang let go of the escort boy in his arms as he laid beneath him with his sweaty body, trying to fall asleep.

Last night was Shao Fei’s birthday party and the scene had been quite dramatic.

Qin Yuyang, as Shao Fei’s best friend, had naturally been obligated to help drink the wine on behalf of his good brother.

Before drinking, he had told everyone to book a room for him and send him up if he got too drunk later.

Somehow, there had been an escort boy, who was really hard to deal with, lying on the bed. Normally, for Qin Yuyang, it was impossible to approach anyone for he didn’t have any interest in strangers.

But due to drinking excessively, lust won over sanity and he had pressed the youth down and tossed him three times.

It wasn’t him being dramatic, the escort boy had been very difficult to handle. He’d shouted at every turn to stop, so Qin Yuyang could only be careful, again and again, as if serving his ancestors.

It was a long story.

Qin Yuyang was a  son from a high-ranking and powerful family. When he was in junior high, he didn’t do well in English for a period of time. His parents tried their best to hire a beautiful, foreign female tutor who’d graduated from a prestigious school and possessed excellent qualities in all aspects.

It didn’t take long for this beautiful female tutor to sexually harass him while giving lectures.

It may be normal for male students in foreign countries to have their first experience in middle school, but imagine that in this country; a boy who’d just graduated from primary school had been sexually harassed, he’d certainly have a psychological shadow.

The follow-up was of course that nothing happened. It was because at that age, the amount of lust Qin Yuyang felt was still very little.

Unlike two years later when his body rapidly grew. As such, his level of lust reached an unprecedented peak.

There were always a few girls chasing after him.

Qin Yuyang’s circumstances were akin to a cat whose tail had been stepped on, making it leap ten meters from the ground.  

Only later on did he slowly calm down and adopt a cold attitude of indifference.  

The scary thing was the girls who’d come in contact with him even said he was warm.

When his friend Dafei heard this comment for the first time, he laughed for 40 minutes while holding his stomach in his arms. After laughing, he was dumbfounded for a while because there was nothing wrong with what the girls had said, Qin Yuyang looked unreliable, but he was indeed really warmhearted.

For example, the escort boy who’d been pressed by him tonight was exhausted from being tossed around, but by no means was he injured. On the contrary, Qin Yuyang’s own back and arms were gruesomely scratched by the moneyboy.

The escort boy was lying on top of Qin Yuyang so he laid the boy aside to relieve himself from the weight and took a big breath full of sweat and male hormones. Mixed with tobacco and alcohol, it further intoxicated him.

The young man that Qin Yuyang mistook for an escort boy was called Su Ranqiu; a 20-year-old sophomore in college, he wasn’t an escort boy at all!

At best, his real identity was that of a waiter at a Western restaurant who was unfortunately hunted a month ago by the brilliant ‘Qin Yuyang’ 1The original Qin Yuyang. who’d caught a glimpse of him. The man had fallen in love with his face that was more gorgeous than average males, at first sight.

‘Qin Yuyang’ — who loved beauty — immediately tried to hook up with Su Ranqiu with money. He believed that a poor student could be taken to bed in a matter of minutes if money was offered.

In reality, Su Ranqiu was dismissive of his money. Every time he saw ‘Qin Yuyang’, he’d give him the cold shoulder or tried to avoid meeting him.

These types of rich and ignorant people were the existence that Su Ranqiu disdained the most.

The restaurant manager’s reaction when he found out about this was to persuade Su Ranqiu to be submissive and even said something about ‘getting tired of playing after a few days’ which made him sick to his stomach.

If it wasn’t for the salary the restaurant paid, Su Ranqiu would’ve wanted to resign immediately.

Thus, the dog-like man who’d pretended to be gentle for a month forced him to warm the bed with dirty means.

When Su Ranqiu woke up, he wanted to pretend that he’d been bitten by a dog.

Looking at the man fast asleep around him, it was really hard to calm the resentment in his heart.

The dog man’s phone was placed on a pillow and Su Ranqiu struggled for a moment before finally being unable to resist and picked it up.

It was a new iPhone released last year and it had clearly been used for several months as the scratches on the screen were relatively obvious.

Su Ranqiu turned on the other party’s cell phone. After snooping around for a while, he was surprised to find that the man had a partner, one who was also male.

Su Ranqiu thought for a moment before gritting his teeth and turning his back to the man behind him. He quickly typed on the screen, “Are you Qin Yuyang’s lover? He’s cheating.”

At this time.

Qin Yuyang was still deeply asleep, he had no idea that his whole world had changed.

It was two o’clock in the morning and it had been a whole hour since Su Ranqiu sent a message to Qin Yuyang’s lover.

There was movement outside, it sounded like a knock on the door.

When the sound became more and more apparent, Su Ranqiu pushed the man around him and said, “Wake up, there seems to be someone knocking on the door.”

“Don’t make any noise.” Qin Yuyang turned over and wrapped himself in a tight quilt, continuing to sleep.

As the sound of knocking on the door grew louder and louder, Su Ranqiu’s eyes became as calm as a dead man’s.

He didn’t know how many people would enter, who they would be or let alone what they would do to him, but he didn’t regret it. Even if he was killed, he’d drag Qin Yuyang with him.

Soon, the bedroom door was opened.

A group of strong men dressed in black quickly squeezed in and surrounded the big, white European bed.

Su Ranqiu turned a blind eye to all of this and sat next to Qin Yuyang in a looming nightgown.

Ji Ruoran stepped forward and looked down at Su Ranqiu. After about ten seconds, he suddenly raised his hand and slapped him fiercely. Five bright red fingerprints appeared on Su Ranqiu’s cheek. “Bitch.”

Su Ranqiu was knocked over by the slap and his slender body fell onto Qin Yuyang.

This scene made Ji Ruoran even angrier. He grabbed Su Ranqiu’s arm and pulled him up, raising his hand to slap him for the second time.

Su Ranqiu had already closed his eyes and was ready to be beaten when suddenly, a strong arm  stretched out from behind him Qin Yuyang firmly grasped Ji Ruoran’s wrist before saying, “Stop.”

Ji Ruoran’s eyes followed up along that arm and saw a handsome face with sleepy eyes. He immediately gritted his teeth and warned, “Qin Yuyang, let go! Otherwise, I’ll beat you both together!”

Qin Yuyang frowned and asked, “Why did you hit him?”

Ji Ruoran replied angrily, “If I don’t hit him, should I hit you?” He made a fist and smashed it in Qin Yuyang’s direction. “Good! Since you have the guts to cheat, I’ll kill you!”

“Cheating…” Qin Yuyang murmured in a daze. Seeing that his opponent’s fists were about to smash down, he quickly turned around and blocked both Ji Ruoran’s fists and kicks with his scratched back. It was also in this moment that a burst of memory manifested in his mind and suddenly made him understand everything that was in front of him.

It’s all bullshit, Qin Yuyang thought to himself, I’m a good man of the new century, but somehow, I’ve become a scum with no character to speak of!

He not only bullied men and women but also barely avoided wedlock. Now, he got caught in bed by his lover.

The youth who was being protected by Qin Yuyang was even more pitiful. He’d been threatened to bed by a scum man and was regarded as an escort boy for sale who was tossed three times in bed— all while being drunk.

Qin Yuyang was fortunate that he wasn’t the kind of person who’d go crazy after drinking. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Currently, his lover was punching and kicking him from behind. All while looking like he was going to send Qin Yuyang and his ‘mistress’ back to the West. The men dressed in black couldn’t think of a way to stop it for a while.

Qin Yuyang understood the anger of the original body’s lover, but he wasn’t that scum man2Qin Yuyang just transmigrated last night in a drunken state so he had no clue the original had a partner., so there was no reason for him to be responsible for the mess left by the original.

The only thing he was sorry for right now was the youth who’d been tormented by him all night long.

Qin Yuyang looked back and shouted, “Stop, that’s enough!” As he spoke, he received another punch to the jaw. “…” Oh my God!

“Haven’t you had enough!?” Ji Ruoran gave him another kick without saying a word as his hatred festered for this dead man that had protected his mistress, and would rather be beaten instead of handing him over.

The more he behaved like this, the more Ji Ruoran felt that his dignity was being trampled upon!

“Fuck, beating people can’t solve the problem!” Qin Yuyang argued, “This is the end of the issue, we should talk about how to solve it.” Besides, it was impossible for the other party to continue beating people. As a man, he had to bear the responsibility of cheating, he couldn’t fight back.

“Of course, hand him over and this matter will end.” Ji Ruoran said with fierce eyes, “As for you, let’s go back and talk slowly.”

Because he and Qin Yuyang were in a political marriage, the matter of cheating was destined to be resolved in a way that was unlike an ordinary couple’s.

But since Qin Yuyang himself didn’t try to hide it, then don’t blame Ji Ruoran for taking advantage of the fire.

“There’s still a need to talk after all this?” Qin Yuyang sat up and stared at Ji Ruoran in disbelief. First of all, they were in a political marriage devoid of any feelings, and not once had they gotten along in the past three years. Moreover, Qin Yuyang wasn’t the original scum man who’d married him. “What do you think we have to talk about?” Don’t you understand why people cheat?

Ji Ruoran raised his eyebrows, “What do you mean?” An impossible conjecture arose in his heart.

“Divorce.” Qin Yuyang glanced at Su Ranqiu who was mistaken for an escort boy by him and explained for the boy, “He’s not my lover, I forced him. Now that you’ve discovered it, it’s better to directly end all of this.”

The underlying meaning was that he wanted to be with Su Ranqiu?

The hearts of the other two parties present were upset. After all, everyone knew very well that what had happened last night was a novelty; no one took it seriously.

Ji Ruoran was very confident that Qin Yuyang was an ambitious person; one who loved money and beauty. It was clear that Su Ranqiu was just a plaything because Qin Yuyang would never give up his family status for him.

“Qin Yuyang, I think you’re out of your mind,” Ji Ruoran scolded angrily. Even if the other party was joking, it wasn’t funny at all.

“I’d be insane to continue being with you.” Qin Yuyang sneered, “You may not take this marriage seriously, but it doesn’t mean that I’ll compromise.”

Even if I have to compromise, I’ll find someone that I don’t hate and it’ll never be a profit-oriented businessman like you

“That’s enough.” Ji Ruoran warned in a low voice, “Now put on your clothes and get out this instance, I’ll pretend you never said shit about divorce.”

Qin Yuyang asked with a befuddled look, “I cheated on you and you still don’t want to divorce me?” Even for the sake of profit, how do you have so much patience? Are you still human?

Ji Ruoran turned blue. “…” What the fuck happened overnight? Was Qin Yuyang kicked in the head by a pig?

“If you want to get divorced,” he was silent for a moment but then said sarcastically, “then leave your house so all your properties belong to me. Otherwise, I’ll never break this marriage.”

Even Su Ranqiu understood that Ji Ruoran was deliberately making things hard for Qin Yuyang. In addition to deliberately making things difficult, there was a sense of pique in it. “Isn’t it common for a cheater to get kicked out of their house?”

Qin Yuyang replied, “Even if you don’t mention it, I’d be too embarrassed to live with you.”

Anyway, the scum man’s property wasn’t his own so Qin Yuyang had no hint of attachment.

“What did you say?” Ji Ruoran couldn’t believe what he’d just heard. He opened his eyes in disbelief. This fool, what does he mean? Is he really giving up all his property for a plaything?  He said in a tone of disbelief, “Did you listen carefully?  I’m talking about all of your property, not just the joint one.”

Qin Yuyang answered, “Okay, you can draw up the divorce agreement now. Write whatever you want and sign it for me.”

Ji Ruoran’s face was livid as he realized for the first time how suffocating taking advantage of someone could be.

Since the matter had come to this point, Su Ranqiu’s eyes, which had been cold and silent all this time, wavered a little. However, he didn’t believe that Qin Yuyang would divorce Ji Ruoran for him.

But if not for him, then why did Qin Yuyang decided to get a divorce?

“There’s still a few hours before dawn, you’re not expecting to make a deal with me right now, are you?” Qin Yuyang yawned, “If not, then take your men and leave, I’m sleepy as hell.”

The man standing in the middle of the room held back for a long time before stating, “Qin Yuyang, you’re going to regret this.” Then he ordered his people, “Let’s go!”

The group came in, stayed for half an hour, and then went. It left the bedroom with only two people, resuming the silence from before.

The two remaining men sitting on the bed were staring at each other: Qin Yuyang was looking at the slap marks on the other’s face and thought, how miserable; you’re strange yet pitiful.

Su Ranqiu gazed at the bruises on Qin Yuyang’s face and body and thought, it’s terrible, but it really serves him right.

“Sorry.” Qin Yuyang was a very straightforward person, so he said directly, “Last night, I behaved like an asshole because my head was in a mess.” I didn’t want to do anything, but desire won over reason.

Su Ranqiu pursed his lips and didn’t speak.

In his heart, Qin Yuyang was a rapist.

“I married him politically so I haven’t kissed him in three years,” Qin Yuyang explained, “so divorce is good for everyone.” If he had transmigrated earlier, he’d be divorced from him long ago.

On second thought, it was none of Su Ranqiu’s business whether they got divorced or not.

Today, it was only because Qin Yuyang involved himself, that he had to deal with this crap.

“You don’t have to tell me about it, I have nothing to do with you,” said Su Ranqiu. When he spoke, he decided to resign from his job tomorrow and then forget about everything that happened.

 “It’s okay, I just wanted to make it clear to you that I feel sorry,” Qin Yuyang said. He then got up and walked out of the bedroom in a pair of underpants. He returned with a packet of crushed ice wrapped in a plastic bag and covered it with a towel.

He applied it to Su Ranqiu with such ease that it was clear he usually dealt with similar minor injuries and pains.

Hiss.” Su Ranqiu was surprised by the sudden coolness and looked up at Qin Yuyang with frightened eyes.

“Does it hurt that much?” Qin Yuyang took the ice and carefully looked at the slap mark on the other person’s profile while saying, “It’s really cruel…” The boy’s left cheek was purple and blue, even the skin looked like it was breaking off.

When he applied the ice again, his hands were much lighter.

“Don’t pretend.” Su Ranqiu was in a complex mood. If Qin Yuyang was as frivolous and slippery as before, he’d certainly want to slap him in the face.

But his mind was sensitive. He noticed that since Qin Yuyang grabbed Ji Ruoran’s wrist to stop him from hitting Su Ranqiu, his words and deeds had all felt very different.

Every word was spoken loudly, standing in front of him, without a hint of hesitation.

Su Ranqiu scolded himself for being cheap and forgetting the pain before the scars even healed. Although truthfully, it did feel as if it wasn’t an illusion.

 “Alright, go to sleep.” Qin Yuyang patiently helped him apply ice for about ten minutes before asking, “Does it still hurt?”

Su Ranqiu shook his head, but really, his face was still swollen and painful and his body was exhausted. The situation of his heart was even worse. 

“Don’t think too much. I’ll buy you some medicine tomorrow,” Qin Yuyang said, throwing the melted ice into a pool of water at the side. He then laid down.

A moment later, he heard the sound of a warm body sliding into the blanket next to him.

Qin Yuyang had the intention to sort out the matter, but he was extremely sleepy so upon lying down, he slept like a log. 

Su Ranqiu thought he wouldn’t be able to sleep, after all, he notified Qin Yuyang’s lover of his derailment in order to teach the dog a lesson. But the result was that the other party behaved outside of his expectations and directly filed for a divorce with his spouse, he now had to leave home…

Now Su Ranqiu didn’t know what to do and his heart was at a complete loss.

Before 8 am in the morning, Qin Yuyang was awoken by the sound of a phone call.

He found the phone and picked it up to ask, “Hello?”

“Come to Jiayue Law firm at 9 am to sign the agreement,” Ji Ruoran’s cold voice carried over from the phone.

“Okay, I see,” replied Qin Yuyang as he hung up.

He turned around and looked beside him. Su Ranqiu was blushing in his sleep, but one side of his face was rather frightening.

Qin Yuyang suddenly lost his plan to sleep.  He got up lightly, put on his clothes and exited the bedroom.

He was gone for about twenty minutes and when he returned, Su Ranqiu was in the bathroom. The sound of water splashing made it seem as if he was taking a bath.

Qin Yuyang didn’t really care about him. He held a transparent breakfast box and ate a full meal first.

“Xiao-Qiu.” When Su Ranqiu walked out with full steam, he waved to him and said, “Come over for breakfast and let me apply the medicine.” From Qin Yuyang’s memory, he learned some information about Su Ranqiu, but it was so minimal that it could be seen the scum man didn’t pay much attention to Su Ranqiu at all.

If this happened normally, Su Ranqiu would’ve thanked him, but there was no reason for him to be nice to Qin Yuyang.

“Where do you live? I’ll take you home after breakfast,” Qin Yuyang said.

“No,” Su Ranqiu flatly refused.

“Don’t refuse, the car downstairs won’t belong to me soon.” Qin Yuyang said that as he found the car keys of the scum man, ‘Qin Yuyang’.

Su Ranqiu ate breakfast silently and ignored him.

“Come on, take the medicine.” Qin Yuyang knew that he was still blaming him, but luckily he wasn’t impatient and was able to say in a very calm manner, “You have a reason to hate me, so don’t be hard on yourself. If I were you, I wouldn’t be polite and make the other party pay for their mistake.”

“…” When Su Ranqiu heard this, his drooping eyelids moved silently. The more Qin Yuyang behaved like this, the more he couldn’t justify his revenge.

Alas, he decided to forget about it.


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