Chapter 5

The butler came early to pick up Gu Jinmian to go attend the audition.

When he arrived in the garden, he looked up and saw Gu Jinmian smiling at the mirror on the balcony on the second floor.

On a bright spring day full of flowers, the boy in white shirt pressed the corners of his mouth with his two index fingers, pulled it up a little bit, and the small lips were stretched into a smiling arc. The smiling face had the color of the warm spring sun.

As the butler witnessed it, the wrinkles of laughter at the corners of his eyes became more apparent, and he waited quietly for half an hour before saying, “Young master, it’s time to go.”

“Ah! Coming!”

The voice was full of vigor and joy, and listening to it made people feel better.

Before going out, Gu Jinmian tidied up his appearance in the mirror.

He still wore a shirt and a suit today, which he didn’t really like. He couldn’t wait to wear a sweater and jeans, but Gu Jinmian’s closet was only full of such serious and neat four-piece suits.

It took him a long time to choose a relatively casual and pleasing to the eye, loose white shirt and a gray checked suit.

Gu Jinmian, feeling unaccustomed to such clothes, tugged on it. Before leaving, seeing the sun shining brightly outside and the warm weather, he took off the coat, leaving only a vest on his body.

He is finally going to see his cub.

Only by wearing comfortable clothes can people be more relaxed.

Actually, he’s nowhere near comfortable at all.


The wide and comfortable car drove forward smoothly, and the little pervert sitting inside with a paralyzed face became more and more nervous as he got closer to his destination.

After Gu Jinmian made that phone call to Director Lin yesterday afternoon, he added Director Lin’s contact information, and really chatted with Director Lin about the villain’s character design afterwards.

He had seen the description of Director Lin’s movie in the original book, and he had to say, He Bujin really knew about movies and TV dramas very well. In the book, he wrote about the professional evaluation of the film by the major film critics after the film was released, as well as the reaction of the audience after the film was released, which the director would reflect upon.

Gu Jinmian used these topics to chat with the director about the character design.

Director Lin probably didn’t think that such a notorious person in the industry would have such an idea. After listening to him for half an hour, he became silent for a long time.

Afterwards, the director asked who he wanted to play the role of the said character, Gu Jinmian directly said Yin Moshu, therefore the director invited him to see Yin Moshu audition this afternoon.

The director particularly loves his Elder brother’s special effects team and appreciates his advice like chancing upon a great treasure. However, he still had to be responsible for his own film, saying that he would let him give a try, but if the performance was poor, he still wouldn’t accept it.

In fact, Gu Jinmian knew that this was him simply relenting to his request.


The meeting place would be at the audition hall of the entertainment company.

When the car arrived at the entrance of the company, Gu Jinmian put on sunglasses because of nervousness, but because he had facial paralysis, it only made him appear like a cool guy.

The door of the entertainment company was not something that anyone could casually enter in, thus Lin Zong personally went to pick them up. When Gu Jinmian saw him, he immediately asked, “Director Lin, is Yin Moshu here?”

Director Lin was full of helplessness, and said in his heart: I just came to pick you up in person, but you’re only concerned about Yin Moshu…

He felt strange again, “Are you….are you very familiar with him?”

Isn’t it that kind of relationship after spending so much money just to help Yin Moshu get the role?

This question was too difficult to answer. He was indeed very familiar with Yin Moshu, however, Yin Moshu was not familiar with him at all.

Gu Jinmian then said: “He..loves beans.”

Director Lin:”…..”

Listen to your nonsense.

Since he had already asked this question, Director Lin didn’t say much anymore, and directly took him to the audition hall to find Yin Moshu.

“Yin Moshu should be sitting there.” The director pointed in one direction, and then moved his finger to the other side, “After you meet in a while, come to that audition room and watch the audition together with us.”

This was something Gu Jinmian did not expect.

He really let him audition.

It seemed that the director really liked his exposition. Then Gu Jinmian looked at him with a smile on his face, as if treating him as a friend with an already deep friendship despite their age gap.

“Oh good!”

Gu Jinmian responded positively, then pushed him, and walked towards the first direction he pointed with a fixed gaze.

He had already noticed a familiar figure in the distance. 

It’s Du Bai’an.

In fact, there were three very striking young men and a woman in a neat suit.

One of them should be Yin Moshu.

Gu Jinmian became nervous again, and while being nervous, he walked towards their direction impatiently.

Du Bai’an was standing beside a very handsome boy, but he knew that the said boy was not Yin Moshu. Yin Moshu should be the one sitting on the chair with his back to him.

There were several sofas outside the audition hall. The group were sitting a little far from the floor-to-ceiling windows, which could be considered to be just in a small corner. The sunlight only shone on half of the man’s body. As his left side was full of light, his right side however was hidden in the shadows.

His slender neck drooped slightly, as if staring at his legs.

Gu Jinmian looked at it for a while, then walked in front of him.

“Gu, Young Master Gu.” Du Bai’an was the first to recognize him. His fingers restlessly rubbed on his trousers instantly as his eyes kept averting to anywhere but him.

When the others heard the word “Young Master Gu”, they all looked at him.

Including Yin Moshu.

Hearing these words, he paused for two seconds, then slowly raised his head, and eventually his eyes fell on Gu Jinmian. 

The other person wondered if he was not accustomed to the light because he was squinting slightly, but then he suddenly smiled at him. 

And while looking at him, he slowly got up.

[Yin Moshu was born with a pair of typical phoenix eyes, with narrow and long eye slits and slightly upturned eye tails. His smiling eyes would appear casual and frivolous. When smiling, the eye tails would be even more upturned, which was very attractive. When not smiling, the thin eyelids would be stretched, which would make him look fierce.]

[The lips were very thin, and were naturally hooked at the end.]

The descriptions in the book jumped out one by one, brought light, and turned into a living person in front of Gu Jinmian.

Seeing his smile, Gu Jinmian felt breathless, excited and happy.

His cub is so good-looking!

Much better than the owner’s figure!

No matter how crazy the villain was in his heart, Gu Jinmian still had a stoic expression on his face.

Noticing the tension of the people around him, he realized that he was still wearing sunglasses with a paralyzed face.

Gu Jinmian took off his sunglasses, looked at Yin Moshu, and raised the corners of his mouth. As he planned before, he would give him a smile when they met for the first time.


It was clear that no sound was heard before, but now it seemed that it had become even quieter, so quiet that it was suffocating.

Where Young Master Gu’s smile passed, not a single blade of grass would grow.

Gu Jinmian:”….”

He already had some experience from when he was just a child, and he had almost practiced enough at home, but he was too excited and nervous just now.

Several people turned their heads away, and managed their expressions with great difficulty.

At home, when the Second brother turned his head, he didn’t feel anything at all. However, at this moment, how long ago had it been…he recalled some scenes when he was just a child, he remembered how he stood in the crowd and tried to smile but couldn’t.

It must be because his cub is here.

He looked at Yin Moshu sullenly.

Unexpectedly, Yin Moshu was still looking at him, and smiled at him again with bent eyes.

Gu Jinmian couldn’t express the feeling in his heart, he felt that he was filled with courage that he would dared put the sun in his chest.

“Hello, Yin Moshu, I am your fan, and I have liked you for a long time.”

It’s really for a long time, from when you were just a clumsy little bun to when you became an amazing talent.

From your birth to your death.

“It’s a great honor.” Yin Moshu smiled, his eyes fell on him, and said, “Hello, Young Master Gu.”

Gu Jinmian’s face became more sluggish.

It turned out that besides seeing the words turn into his living cub, there was also the surprise of hearing his voice.

The sound is too nice.

Especially the words “Young Master Gu”, which he said with a low tone, and a little bit gentleness.

Gu Jinmian’s ears moved faintly, and stared at him intently with a pair of almond eyes.


A laugh pulled him back from Yin Moshu’s flourishing beauty, and Gu Jinmian turned to look at the man covering his mouth.

The butler, with an ugly face bowed his head and said to him, “This is Bai Xinyu, the leader of the X-S boy group who made the first debut.”

Oh, the male lead in the book.

He Bujin’s protagonist who used his cub as a stepping stone.

And even used his cub’s death to discredit this male lead’s rival in the end.


Then, the woman next to him should be Li Yuan, the manager of their group at the beginning.

When she was still the team manager, she was partial to the male lead. Later, when the group disbanded due to the expiration of the contract, she became the male lead’s manager.

Gu Jinmian asked with a paralyzed face, “Director Lin also invited you?”

The young male protagonist moved his hands away from his face, put away the smile, and looked at him seriously but without losing a trace of embarrassment.

Gu Jinmian knew what was going on just by looking at their expressions.

Li Yuan was becoming more and more powerful in the entertainment industry. Later, she became a gold medal agent and became the artist director of the male lead’s company. The most powerful thing about her was that she never misses any opportunity, even a small one. She would dig out eighteen holes and squeeze out all the value inside.

This time, when Director Lin asked Yin Moshu to audition, she also brought the other two along to see if there was a chance for them to play any role, and even if there wasn’t, she could also become familiar with Director Lin’s team along the way.

Li Yuan smiled. “I brought the two of them to learn and gain experience.”

Gu Jinmian continued with a paralyzed face. “Oh.”

Li Yuan: “…….”

Originally, she didn’t think anything at first, but after Gu Jinmian gave a dull “Oh”, she suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

Especially when more and more people were watching.

There were too many rumors about Gu Jinmian in the circle, and they all say that Gu Jinmian was a gloomy pervert. Gu Jinmian truly had a strange facial expression as she observed him, but it did not lessen his identity as the Young Master of the Gu family, and he still looked like a noble man with the air of nobility.

He was wearing a simple white shirt vest, with the hand-carved “Gu” character low-key shining on the buttons, delicate looks, and calm eyes. When he looked at them, it was like looking at poor relatives in the countryside who came to play in the autumn wind.

The two didn’t stand a chance.

“Young Master Gu, why don’t you come in? The audition for the villain male lead is about to start!”

Director Lin poked his head out of the room and called Gu Jinmian.

Gu Jinmian responded, and glanced at Yin Moshu again. Yin Moshu simply smiled at him again, then Gu Jinmian went to find Director Lin contentedly.

After turning around and leaving the beauty and temptation, Gu Jinmian was a little puzzled.

In the book, Yin Moshu’s smiles were different at distinct time periods.

When he was a child, his smile was simple and naive, then followed by a painful smile, a hateful smile, a mocking smile, and a hopeless smile.

During this period of time, Yin Moshu’s most frequent smiles should be a hateful and mocking one.

But why did he smile so nicely at him just now?

Maybe it’s because he’s special!

Gu Jinmian was even more satisfied, and almost bounced on his steps as he walked over towards Director Lin.

“Why did he participate in the audition?”

” —It must be because of an investment.”

“So, Yin Moshu auditioned under some unspoken rules? What ‘I am your fan’? It just sounds so ridiculous.”

Yin Moshu turned a deaf ear to the voices around him. He simply watched Gu Jinmian go further and further away, and in his eyes flashed an unknown light.

Gu Jinmian’s departure made the other three breathe a sigh of relief, Li Yuan pursed her lips, sat down on the sofa, seemingly in deep thought. Bai Xinyu patted his chest and hugged Du Bai’an’s shoulder again.

“Don’t you think that the way Gu Jinmian looks at me is a bit strange?”

Du Bai’an: “How strange?”

Bai Xinyu recalled that moment again. Gu Jinmian’s face had a strange contradiction. His face was expressionless and cold, but his eyes seemed to be filled with the warmth of sunshine at dusk. But the moment he looked at him, it became as cold as a knife, which condensed into a kind of ruthlessness that he wanted him to disappear in this world.

Bo Xinyu: “He looked at me like that of a stepmother’s gaze.”

Du Baian:”……”

Du Bai’an: “Yesterday you said that Yin Moshu looked at you as if he was looking at his son, and now you said that Gu Jinmian looked at you with a stepmother’s gaze, what do you want to express?”

“Wait a minute. When you say it like that, I also feel that Gu Jinmian looks at Yin Moshu like what a mother would, not with a stepmother’s gaze, but a kind of gentle gaze filled with maternal brilliance.”

Du Bai’an: “…..”

Then the family relationship in your head is a bit messed up.

“To tell you the truth,” Bai Xinyu hesitated and spoke again.

Du Bai’an closed his eyes. Wouldn’t it be better to just keep it for yourself?

However Bai Xinyu couldn’t hear his thoughts, and he was desperate to express his confusion and depression to him. “I also feel that Yin Moshu looks at Gu Jinmian as if he was looking at his son, but not a legitimate eldest son like me, but looking at an illegitimate son born secretly.”

Du Bai’an’s head turned into a ball of linen thread.



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