Chapter 30

Yin Chengzhi dared to be so arrogant, not only because he regarded this foolish person as a not well-known star.

He didn’t even pay attention to the whole crew at all.

Haven’t heard of them, there is no publicity in the early stage, there’s even no splash when it started. At a glance, it looked like a poor and dilapidated small crew.

Thus, he dared to be so arrogant.

After that kick, he was watched by so many people, yet he wasn’t nervous at all.

Gu Jinmian asked with a good temper, “Who are you?”

Yin Chengzhi looked at him like looking at a bumpkin, “You still don’t know me in B City?”

Gu Jinmian shook his head.

“I’m Yin Chengzhi.” He said impatiently, “Get lost!”

Gu Jinmian: “……”

Bai Xinyu shrank back.

After the man said his name, he immediately felt a sense of danger, and cast a sympathetic look at the big brother in front of him.

However, if the surname is Yin, and also knows Yin Moshu, Home should be merciful, right?

While thinking this way, he heard Gu Jinmian say, “Turn off all the cameras.”

Having experienced it in the previous film crew, Gu Jinmian knew that there were cameras everywhere on the set, and even if they were not filming, there were cameras on to shoot some tidbits and other materials.

Hearing what he said, the ‘dogleg’ production director immediately waved his hand and asked everyone to turn off the cameras and mobile phones.

“What are you going to do?” Yin Chengzhi sensed that something was wrong.

Gu Jinmian patted the dirt on his leg where he had been kicked.

“Hey! You don’t know who I am, do you? I am…ah!”


Yin Chengzhi couldn’t speak any words, Gu Jinmian simply held his head and pressed it down hard. At the same time, his kicked leg was lifted, his knee bent up and hit his mouth and nose.

As Yin Chengzhi screamed and raised his head, he let go of his hand and then shifted to accumulate force. He raised his leg and gave another kick in the front, accompanied by a “kachak” sound, Yin Chengzhi was kicked out two steps directly, clutching his abdomen in pain.


These two movements were so unexpected, smooth, neat, beautiful, and cruel at the same time, everyone at the scene was stunned.

Even more dumbfounded was Yin Chengzhi.

He was the young master of the Yin family, he hadn’t been beaten for many years, let alone being forced to be beaten by a little not well-known star that he didn’t pay any attention to at all.

Yin Chengzhi was throbbing in pain.

His body twitched, and the face also twitched due to pain and shock.

The nose was bleeding and the mouth might have also been crooked.

“You, fucking, wait…”

Words could not come out clearly.

Despite Gu Jinmian only giving him a knee, elbow and kick blow, and didn’t hit hard with his fists, the kick borrowed force due to rotation, and the instant force of the heel kick was enough to break his ribs.

Let alone talking now, it hurts even just catching his breath.

Gu Jinmian put his feet back, grabbed his collar with a cold face, and dragged him behind the big tree with one hand.

The people who watched Yin Chengzhi being dragged away: “…….”

“Di, director, he won’t kill anyone, right?”

“The investor’s face is too scary.”

“Otherwise, you go take care of it?”

“Why don’t you go!”

Gu Jinmian dragged Yin Chengzhi behind the tree, dragged him up and pressed him against it, “Yin Chengzhi, you better not come out and be an eyesore.”

It was night now. There was no light behind the tree and it was very dark. Gu Jinmian’s eyes appeared like wolf eyes as it shone faintly in the dark.

“Otherwise,” Gu Jinmian seemed to sneer lightly, and giddily, “I’ll hit you every time you come out until you’re paralyzed.”

Yin Chengzhi, who was dragged for a few steps, wanted to scold this fucker very much, but when he saw Gu Jinmian’s face, his ribs and face hurt for a while, and he couldn’t say a word anymore.

The pain was real, it was a bone fracture that couldn’t even be screamed out.

Gu Jinmian’s face was also really terrifying, an expressionless face with ferocious eyes.

The most frightening thing was that his eyes still remained calm, as if he often did this kind of thing, and it’s nothing at all.

Yin Chengzhi finally realized that he had kicked an iron plate.

Seeing the sweat on his forehead, Gu Jinmian chuckled lightly, leaned close to him and said, “You’re actually scared? What is this? This is nothing compared to what you did to Yin Moshu.”

The first time Yin Moshu was beaten in the Yin family, it was done by this cousin.

He didn’t do well in the exam and was scolded by his grandfather in front of many people. As soon as he went out, he was even slapped by his father. Seeing Yin Moshu, who was only seven years old at that time, smiling with a perfect test paper, he went up to Yin Moshu and kicked his abdomen.

From then on, whenever he got angry, he would go to Yin Moshu to vent his anger, moreover he also brought his siblings together.

The most outrageous thing was that they tied the seven-year-old Yin Moshu to a tree, pulled down the corner of his mouth forcefully, sprayed his eyes with pepper spray, with the intention of definitely “teaching” Yin Moshu how to cry.

Gu Jinmian placed his finger on the corner of his mouth that was cracked by his knee, and gently pulled it down, “Right?”

Yin Chengzhi’s face sweated more, and he shivered.

Gu Jinmian came out after a while and returned to the original position, “Turn on the cameras, resume normal operation.”

One sentence awakened the others.

When everyone started to move in a daze, Gu Jinmian squatted down and said “Ouch”, holding the phone and whispering weakly to Gu Lifan, “Second brother, I was kicked, it hurts so much, it seems like I’ve broken a bone.”

Everyone: “……..”

Yin Chengzhi: “………”

He cursed madly in his heart, staggered out from behind the tree, and at the same time met the eyes of Yin Moshu and Gu Jinmian, and shuddered again.

Yin Moshu smiled and said, “Cousin, go.”

He smiled so nicely that it looked a bit bewitching, “Go, walk backwards, and don’t come here.”

It was unknown whether it was because of the instinct to avoid danger, or because he was bewitched, but Yin Chengzhi really didn’t come over, and only took a few steps back.

“Hey—” a staff member called.


Yin Chengzhi fell into a deep ditch.

Yin Chengzhi was then taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

Whether the ribs were broken, it was unknown, but the calf must be.

Bai Xinyu weighed his feet and watched, “Damn, it’s so dark, can’t blame him, it can’t be blamed on the crew for digging the ditch either. Someone from the crew has already reminded him.”

If that “hey” was even counted as a reminder.

Gu Jinmian nodded and said to everyone, “It’s not our fault, everyone should call it a day and tidy up.”

After tonight, the way everyone looked at him changed again, and they didn’t dare to disobey him at all.

Gu Jinmian comforted them, walked up to Director Liu who was still a little dazed, and patted him on the shoulder, “Director Liu, I think you have misunderstood me a little, which is not conducive to our future relationship and cooperation.”

“After watching you beating someone, I also realized that I misunderstood you.”

Gu Jinmian: “……”

“It’s not a misunderstanding in that regard.”

Director Liu was even more at a loss, “What kind of misunderstanding is it then?”

As he said that, perhaps because he was a little confused under the shock and bewilderment, he actually glanced down at Gu Jinmian.

Gu Jinmian: “….?”

“You didn’t misunderstand me in this regard!!”

“Ah, so it’s not……”

He felt that he couldn’t make it clear.

“You know Director Lin, right?” Gu Jinmian asked.

As soon as he mentioned this, Director Liu’s mind became clear, “Of course I know!”

In the hearts of many young directors, who didn’t know that Director Lin was a master idol.

“Do you have his WeChat account?” Gu Jinmian asked.

Director Liu lowered his head in shame, “I didn’t have the chance to get in touch at all, therefore……”

“I’ll send it to you.” Gu Jinmian directly sent Director Lin’s WeChat to him, “You can ask Director Lin what kind of person I am. I was in his crew before, so you should believe what he says.”

“Believe believe believe!” He didn’t care about asking questions, Director Liu only thought about adding his idol’s WeChat, and began to think about what to say in the first sentence.

“And the screenwriter Liu Mengmeng.” Gu Jinmian said.

“Good good good!” Director Liu seemed to be catching pies falling from the sky, “Give me, give me!”

After Gu Jinmian handed over the task of clarifying his reputation to the two, he thought about it, and went to the camera men to ask if they had caught Yin Chengzhi kicking him.

It was almost time to call it a day, and the other three were standing by the side waiting for Gu Jinmian.

Yin Moshu glanced at Li Lan, thought for a while, and walked towards her.

Seeing this, Bai Xinyu and Du Bai’an also followed.

Yin Moshu asked Li Lan, “Isn’t it strange to see Yin Chengzhi?”

With one hand in his pocket, he kicked a small stone with his foot, asking casually.

“What do you mean?” Li Lan was puzzled.

Yin Moshu: “After all, you know my family background very well, otherwise how would Bai Xinyu’s fans know.”

“What do you mean!” Li Lan asked again.

“If you want to get a hold of Bai Xinyu, then do his job, don’t secretly instigate his relationship with Gu Jinmian behind his back.” Yin Moshu looked at Bai Xinyu after saying this.

Bai Xinyu was stunned for a moment, and then he figured it out, “Last time, the fans quarreled over “The Gift of Time” and even attacked Yin Moshu, so you’re the one who did it behind the scenes! Did you also bring Yin Chengzhi this time too? Why did you bring him here?”

Li Lan hurriedly explained, “No! It’s not me……”

Bai Xinyu didn’t listen to her explanation at all, “That’s right, when Yin Moshu’s identity was revealed so quickly, who else could there be besides you!”

“How could you be so malicious!”

Li Lan was about to die of anger, “Can’t you just listen to me!”

“What else is there to say? I understand it now. You’ve just sent me a message a while back to sow discord.” Bai Xinyu pulled out the chat history, ” Isn’t that what you said? You were in a hurry to say that Yin Moshu was going to explode, shouldn’t you be happy if that happens?”

“Leave quickly, don’t follow us, you’re full of evil thoughts!”

Li Lan felt stifled.

What’s the relationship between Yin Chengzhi and her? She doesn’t even know him at all.

She was thinking about Bai Xinyu wholeheartedly, but he scolded her like that.

She was heartbroken by Bai Xinyu’s anger, while Yin Moshu was watching with half a smile, and with darkened eyes.

She immediately understood. Suddenly, she felt both angry and cold, however she couldn’t say a word.

Didn’t he never care before? What happened this time?

Yin Moshu didn’t look at her again, and merely walked towards Gu Jinmian.

Gu Jinmian found what he wanted from the camera man, and when he saw Yin Moshu, he said happily, “Yin Moshu, I can tell from Yin Chengzhi’s attitude that he has troubled you before, just wait, I won’t let him go.”

“Does your leg hurt?” Yin Moshu asked.

“Ah?” Gu Jinmian said, “His teeth and nose are indeed a bit hard, but my knee is not covered either.”

Yin Moshu: “……” 

There was a smile in Yin Moshu’s eyes, “Yeah, after all, you’re experienced, how can it hurt to beat someone.”

Gu Jinmian scratched her head, feeling something was wrong.

Yin Moshu held back his smile and lowered his voice, “I mean the calf, does it hurt from kicking him?”

Gu Jinmian: “………..”

He said that the fracture was fake, and it was actually nothing if he kicked him twice.

However, if Yin Moshu asked so seriously.

Secondly, it did take some effort to do that to Yin Chengzhi.

Gu Jinmian tugged on his trousers and saw a patch of bruises.

Bai Xinyu, who dragged Du Bai’an over from Li Lan, happened to see it, “Ah, it’s swollen, can you still walk? Do you want Yin Moshu to carry you back?”

Gu Jinmian: “……”

You just have to open your mouth.

What carry back? With just this little injury?

Didn’t you see how fierce he was when he hit Yin Chengzhi?

Yin Moshu squatted down in front of Gu Jinmian.

Gu Jinmian numbly climbed onto his back and hugged his neck.

Damn, he almost forgot that they had to continue acting as a couple in front of these two.

Bai Xinyu and Du Bai’an saw him acting so naturally and obediently, and they couldn’t help but hear the sound of whips that night.

So, who held the whip?

Bai Xinyu coughed, followed their steps, and said, “Home, your actions just now were so cruel and cool, I felt both happy and painful watching them, Du Bai’an was even stupefied. “

Du Baian: “……..”

Just say it yourself, why must you mention him.

Yin Moshu had a flat and wide back, long legs, and walked fast and steadily.

Gu Jinmian, who had never been carried like this before, laid on his shoulders, looked at the back of his head in a daze, he then blinked, and said casually, “Who told him to bully Yin Moshu.”

The two thought that Yin Chengzhi was beaten because he kicked Gu Jinmian, but they didn’t expect this to be the case.

They didn’t know where Yin Chengzhi bullied Yin Moshu. Thinking about what was said on the Internet, that the entire Yin family didn’t want to see Yin Moshu, the two came up with their own ideas. 

Bai Xinyu asked, “If we were bullied, home, would you also help us bully them back?”

Du Bai’an looked at Gu Jinmian just like him.

Seeing these two pairs of eyes, Gu Jinmian snorted, “We’ll talk about it later.”

The injury on his leg was actually not serious, it just looked a little scary.

His hypocritical skin was like this.

And just in time to take a photo of it.

Gu Jinmian took a photo of the bruise on his calf after a while, and immediately uploaded it to Moments afterwards.

Yin and Yang Strangeness accompanying text: [On the first day I came to B City, I was kicked twice. I heard that he is the son of the famous and wealthy Yin family in B City. Miserable. ]

(t/n Yin and Yang strangeness-sprung up as a kind of communication literature on the Internet, and has become a famous Internet surfing theory. The core of yin and yang strangeness is suppression and negation, which takes the form of not speaking directly and cursing others, and the meaning of words often has two kinds of superficial and deep meanings.)

[Gu Lifan: sharpening the knife.]

[Gu Qingyang: Congratulations!]

[Director Lin: My crew is still safe.]

[Liu Mengmeng: What about Yin Moshu, quickly let him blow your wound.]

[Fan Jiancheng: How amazing is the wealthy son of B City? That he dared to hit our Young Master Gu of S City?]

[Ji Ming:??? Wait for me to call you back.]

The people who knew the truth would simply “Hmmmmm” when they saw this circle of friends.

Especially Director Liu, however he saw the comment of his idol Director Lin.

[Director Liu: This kind of thing will never happen in the future!]

Regardless of what the comments said, the brothers still came to care about him in private.

Everyone grasped the issue clearly, and only the third brother said things that shouldn’t be said, until Gu Jinmian sent a photo of the third brother in a skirt when he was a child from Shi Yi.

Gu Qingyang: “……..”

[Gu Qingyang transfers 5201314 to you]

Gu Jinmian: “……”

He took the money happily, and pressed the next photo of the pink dress that was about to be sent.

“Can I apply the medicine now?”


Gu Jinmian looked up and found that the butler was gone at some point, and the medicine in the butler’s hand was transferred to Yin Moshu’s.

“Apply medicine.” Yin Moshu said.

He sat across from Gu Jinmian, with his legs straight. When Gu Jinmian placed his foot on Yin Moshu’s leg, he realized that he’s capable of healing his calf injury. The butler just wanted to give the medicine to the “boyfriend”, and now had gone away. They obviously didn’t need to act right?

When thinking this way, Gu Jinmian let out a “hiss”.

When the medicated oil first comes in contact with the skin, it feels cool and prickly.

Gu Jinmian’s trousers were rolled up to his knees, his feet rested on Yin Moshu’s legs, and his calf was suspended in the air, so that it was convenient to apply medicine both front and back.

Yin Moshu first rubbed the medicated oil in his palm, and then pressed it on Gu Jinmian’s calf.

He had large palms, and Gu Jinmian’s calf was very slim, two palms could completely wrap around it. The palm was hot, but the bruised area where the medicated oil touched was cool and prickly.

Hot and cold.

The calf that was held by Yin Moshu straightened instantly, there was no obvious reaction there, but after the instep on Yin Moshu’s leg was stretched, several toes curled up.

Gu Jinmian: “……”

His foot was slim and white, with thin skin. When the instep was stretched, the blue and purple veins protrude obviously, the toes were round and white as well.

After a few more glances, Gu Jinmian felt inexplicably ashamed, and he quietly put away his toes.

Yin Moshu only glanced at it before withdrawing his gaze, “It’s essential to knead, better heating effect.”


His fingers were really long, with well-defined knuckles, slender and powerful.

Gu Jinmian’s calf that was suspended was soft, and his fingers could almost sink into a layer of soft flesh when rubbing.

Gu Jinmian felt that he had started to get hot before he even kneaded it more, and the heat was still spreading.

Being unable to keep watching, Gu Jinmian looked away and his gaze landed on Yin Moshu’s face.

Half a month later, the scar on Yin Moshu’s forehead was almost healed, leaving only a light pink undulating trace that could only be seen at a very close distance.

This very shallow scar was connected to his smooth forehead and the slightly sharp corners of his eyes.

At this time, he was very serious, with his eyebrows drooping slightly. Gu Jinmian realized that the flamboyant Yin Moshu actually had very long eyelashes. At this moment, he was quiet and half drooping, which added a touch of affection to his eyes, unlike the shallow lips and sharp jawline.

The room was unusually quiet, with a faint medicinal aroma lingering.

The calf was getting hotter and hotter, and Gu Jinmian couldn’t stand it anymore, “That’s enough, Yin Moshu, it’s very hot.”

The hand on the calf paused, Yin Moshu lifted his eyelids, “Hot?”

His reddened ears could be seen.

Yin Moshu let go of his hands, put his leg down, got up calmly and went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

His fingers that were stained with medicinal oil, he simply put them under the faucet.

Gu Jinmian in the room hastily pulled down his pants, jumped off the sofa, opened the window for ventilation, and lowered the temperature of the air conditioner by 5.

The action was done in one go.

When Yin Moshu came out, Gu Jinmian was sitting upright on the bed.

“Good night.” He smiled.

“Good night.” Gu Jinmian said with a paralyzed face.

As soon as Yin Moshu left the room, Gu Jinmian leaned over and rolled up his trousers again.

He stared at his calf.

He poked it hard with his finger and made a dent, “It doesn’t hurt at all, why are you hypocritical!!”

“Also getting hot, do you know it’s embarrassing, and being unable to explain it!”

“What about the muscles? I worked so hard to keep fit, yet how come the muscles disappear at the critical moment?”

He stood up angrily, and when he stood up straight, the muscle lines of his calf appeared.


Gu Jinmian sneered and glared at it.

After staring for a long time, he retracted his gaze.

Forget it, at least it was useful for hammering Yin Chengzhi today.

Gu Jinmian, as the young master of the Gu family, was born in the wealthy circle of S City, and there were a lot of social friends in the circle of friends.

In just half an hour, there were more than 100 likes and a long list of comments on that circle of friends.

His circle of friends was relatively small, but many wealthy sons have a full circle of friends, not only in S City, but also in B City.

They were curious about who beat Gu Jinmian so amazingly, so they went to ask their friends in B City.

Indirectly, many young masters in B City also knew about this matter.

They have a wide network of contacts, and it was not difficult to know the answer.

As soon as Yin Chengzhi woke up from the hospital, he received a lot of messages on his mobile phone.

There were so many messages that it was hard to tell what was said at first glance, but seeing the name of the sender, Yin Chengzhi, was a bit happy in his heart.

The Yin family was pretty good in B City, but the Yin family has had many children since the previous generation, moreover his father was not very capable, thus he didn’t stand out among the children of the Yin family.

He had a circle of wealthy young masters, there were also those that didn’t like him.

Today, a few people who usually don’t play with him send messages.

Before opening WeChat, Yin Chengzhi thought–they must have heard that he was injured and sent a message to express condolences to him, right?

Not bad.

Even if the person didn’t come, he was satisfied.

With such a mood, he clicked on each message box one by one.

–Yin Chengzhi, I didn’t expect you to be so amazing.

–Yin Chengzhi, I was the one who underestimated you before, you are so amazing, Awesome Chengzhi [thumbs up.jpg]

–Yin Chengzhi, you’ve given us, B City, something to be proud of.

Yin Chengzhi: “???”

He was at a loss, how could he not understand the world the moment he woke up?

Could it be that this sleep is actually doing a great thing?

He patted his head, it was not hit.

Puzzled and excited, with a secret excitement akin to a big pie falling from the sky, he continued to read the messages below.

The next one still praised him for being amazing, and told him to go to the evening bar.

Finally, in the next page, he found useful messages.

There was a screenshot of a Moments in this chat box. The most obvious thing in the screenshot was a photo. There was a slim calf in the photo. The skin on the calf was thin and white, therefore the injury on it looked very terrible.

If it wasn’t for the current situation, when he saw such a photo in the Moments, he would have thought it was posted by some dandy young master that loves to play, and abusing a little girl.

Obviously it’s not at this time.

The accompanying text in that Moments was [On the first day I came to B City, I was kicked twice. I heard that he is the son of the famous wealthy Yin family in B City. Miserable.]

The person who sent him the screenshot should have something to do with Gu Lifan, and the name of the person who posted it was [Gu Lifan’s Baby Brother].

Yin Chengzhi: “…?”

Wait, wait, slow down.

Of course he knows about Gu Lifan, but who is Gu Lifan’s baby brother?

It was the same person who was abused.

It was the one who was kicked by the Yin family.

Is this specifically for him? The praise for being amazing?

He abused… no, kicked someone today?

When Yin Chengzhi was about to react, his father sent him a voice message, pulling up his message box that was suppressed at the bottom, and the messages in that chat box in front of him——emerged as well.

“Yin Chengzhi, where are you, you little bastard? Don’t pretend you’re not there!”

“Good, I always thought you were only domineering at home, but I didn’t expect you to even dare to beat Gu Xijun’s younger brother.”

“Kicked him on the first day he came to B City, you are so fucking amazing! Should I call you dad!”

“You have the ability to beat people, if you have the ability, don’t hide, you stinky grandson!”

Yin Chengzhi: “…….”

There were a few seconds of silence.

Yin Chengzhi: “!!!”

After he reacted, he waved his arms wildly like he was going crazy, as if he wanted to swing something, or as if he wanted to hit someone.

Then there was a “kacha” sound.

“Oh fuck! It hurts so much!”

He’s doomed!



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