Chapter 29

The production director was still saying, “Young Master Gu is a blessing to everyone, hehehe.”

Hehehe, you big head.

Gu Jinmian’s fantasy shattered.

What can act honestly and upright?


His image in this crew is probably the scariest, even worse than before in Director Lin’s!

Seeing that Gu Jinmian’s expression was not right, the production director asked cautiously, “Is my room arrangement not suitable?”

At this moment, Bai Xinyu happily ran over, “Home, I live next door to you! So happy!”

The production director breathed a sigh of relief.

Gu Jinmian with a paralyzed face: “It’s suitable.”

It’s quite suitable, but it’s not as suitable as they thought.

Bai Xinyu: “Home, let me take you to the hotel first.”

Gu Jinmian followed Bai Xinyu away.

The production director smiled and watched them leave, “Home, family? He really knows how to play hehe.”

Gu Jinmian came to the hotel with a paralyzed face, and the more he thought about it on the way, the more desperate he became, and when he reached the depths of despair, he gave up.

Forget it, so be it.

B City was a first-tier big city, and with Gu Jinmian’s investment, the hotel was not bad, better than the one at Director Lin’s, especially Gu Jinmian’s.

There was a balcony, study room, cloakroom, and a kitchen. The room was bright and spacious with a wide view.

Gu Jinmian asked, “Is Yin Moshu in his room?”

Bai Xinyu: “No, he should be on the set.”

He glanced at the set just now but didn’t see him.

Gu Jinmian took a shower in the hotel, changed his clothes, and immediately went to the set again.

Qiuyang Middle School was very large, divided into junior high school and senior high school. This was not the protagonist’s school. It was not described in detail in the original book, and only a few key areas were mentioned.

The canteen was just below the laboratory, the library was very small, a small three-story building under a Wutong tree, and a male and female dormitories that were separated by an artificial river.

Gu Jinmian walked through these places where Yin Moshu used to stay, and a sense of familiarity arose in her heart.

He attributed this familiarity to the prior understanding in the original work.

Familiar and warm.

However, he did not find Yin Moshu.

When Gu Jinmian came out of the school, there were several field affairs at the school gate, Gu Jinmian asked them, “Have you seen Yin Moshu?” (TL: the person in charge of daily affairs during the filming of TV dramas)

One of the field affairs pointed to the small park opposite the school, “Saw him go in there before.”

This small park on the outskirts of the city should be quite old, the trees were thick and green, there was a layer of gray-red rust on the lampposts, and the paint on the benches was peeled off.

Yin Moshu was sitting on such a bench, leaning against the side.

Gu Jinmian looked absent-mindedly.

This scene was really familiar, yet he seemed to have no idea when he had seen it before.

It was not in the original book, but it was more familiar than seeing the school scenes in the original work.

Gu Jinmian walked one step ahead of his brain, walked to the bench, sat on the other side of Yin Moshu, and looked down at his stomach.

Yin Moshu shook his head, and slowly turned his head to look at him.

Not far away, the field affairs were boisterously cleaning up the venue, and a dozen meters away, luxuriant trees covered a quiet little world.

The sky was dim.

The street lights hadn’t turned on yet.

Gu Jinmian looked up, with his paralyzed face, beautiful almond-shaped eyes, and a cat-smiling mouth.

Yin Mo watched intently, his eyes moved faintly.

“Yin Moshu, what are you doing sitting here?” Gu Jinmian asked.

“Ah.” Yin Moshu came back to his senses, stretched out his hand to press his temple, and looked forward.

With one leg bent and the other straight, he leaned back completely relaxed, “That Qiuyang Middle School over there is my alma mater.”

“Wow!” Gu Jinmian’s paralyzed face had a look of emotional surprise, “What a coincidence.”

Yin Moshu: “………”

Gu Jinmian asked, “What’s wrong?”

Yin Moshu’s captured inexplicable thoughts thus were blown away like this.

He continued, “That’s a primary school over there.”

Gu Jinmian continued to listen.

“There was a six-year-old kid in first grade who said I had a pretty smile.”

Gu Jinmian was taken aback. This was not in the original work.

In the original work, Yin Moshu had hardly felt any warmth since he was eight years old.

When he was eleven years old, he realized that he could no longer feel any family affection in the Yin family. It was not his home, but a place that would only hurt him.

He secretly applied for a middle school far away from home, Qiuyang Middle School, where he had to live on campus.

But that didn’t make him feel better, and his worst experience started from there.

The Yin family was a very famous family in B City. B City and S City were big cities in the original work. S City had a more developed economy and more freedom, while B City had a stronger political and cultural atmosphere. Most of the families here have profound backgrounds and complex relationships.

Yin Moshu’s adoptive parents were the eldest son and eldest daughter-in-law of the old man of the Yin family. They were more liked by the old man than other brothers and sisters, and they also occupied more property and other resources in the family. They were the heirs.

However, they have never been able to have children.

They have always wanted to adopt a child, it was not difficult for such a family, they have many choices.

After they saw the abandoned Yin Moshu, they took him to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. The doctor said that not only did he not have Angelman Syndrome, but he also had a high IQ, therefore they simply took Yin Moshu home. (TL: Angelman Syndrome-suffering from this disease often have a smile on their faces, lack language skills, hyperactivity, and are accompanied by mental retardation)

At first, it was quite good, they were very attentive and treated Yin Moshu very well.

Gradually, they discovered Yin Moshu’s problem, he could only smile.

As long as he had obvious emotions, he would only smile. When mother Yin cut her finger while cooking, he smiled, when father Yin had a car accident, he smiled, when grandpa Yin fell down on his birthday, he smiled in front of all the guests……..

The Yin family hated him more and more. When they encountered bad things and saw Yin Mo smiling, they naturally wanted to beat him up.

Later, they said that seeing Yin Moshu smile would remind them of bad experiences, and thus beat him for this reason.

Forming a dreadful habit.

They also said in their mouths that this was good to Yin Moshu, that they were helping him to arouse other expressions.

The adoptive parents were also increasingly unable to tolerate him like this.

His adoptive mother once told his adoptive father that he didn’t want Yin Moshu anymore, and had the idea of surrogacy, but father Yin stopped her, not because he was so noble, but because he wanted to bring in the mistress from outside.

Yin Moshu was about to attend junior high school that year, when the adoptive mother finally compromised, the adoptive father took his child who was raised outside home. As a result, the adoptive mother’s life became more and more miserable. She blamed everything on Yin Moshu and became increasingly crazy.

If it weren’t for Yin Moshu’s illness, the mistress’s child would never have been taken home.

If it weren’t for Yin Moshu delaying things for so long, how could she not even be able to do surrogacy, and live a lonely and miserable life.

As long as she was stimulated by the mistress and the child at home, she would come to the school to scold Yin Moshu, scold him for being sick, and scold him for being abnormal.

Several cousins of the Yin family couldn’t possibly like the person who suddenly came out to snatch their property, and often incited their classmates to come and cause him trouble.

Yin Moshu’s first year of junior high school was probably the darkest year in his life, and a large part of the reason was because of his smile.

In that year, one person said that he had a good smile.

To him, this must have an extraordinary meaning.

Like a ray of light shining in his dark world.

Gu Jinmian couldn’t explain how he felt in his heart.

It turned out that Yin Moshu also felt a little warmth when he was young.

That dog He Bujin unexpectedly didn’t write it out, not letting them eat a little bit of sugar.

“That child’s thoughts are unexpectedly the same as mine.” Gu Jinmian smiled and said, “He has good taste, very good!”

He blinked, “Yin Moshu, that little boy must be very special to you.”

Otherwise, how can you keep remembering it until now.

Coming here, likewise, is also thinking about him.

“Perhaps.” Yin Moshu said.

Yin Moshu thought of that tattered little boy who always had a bruised nose and a swollen face.

No matter how intimidated, always following him, and always being able to directly find this little boy.

After experiencing many things, after eighteen years, he thought he had long forgotten the little boy stored in his memories in a distant place, he couldn’t even remember his appearance.

Until his psychologist pointed out, “The only tenderness in your writing was given to him.”

Only then did he know that he actually still remembered him and how he was when he was a child.

He said that because he didn’t have a mother, others always bullied him. Thus in the book, Gu Jinmian had a strong and gentle mother.

He was so powerful that he knocked down all the little boys in the class, but they had older brothers and beat him up again.

He said it was nothing special, he would have older brothers in the future, thus Gu Jinmian had three older brothers in the book, no matter what he did, they would protect him unconditionally.

In that dark book, he wrote about such a person.

But in fact, he didn’t think about what to do. He didn’t expect that someone would transmigrate in and into this person.

This person didn’t tell him that he had a good smile, but every time he saw him, he laughed and tried his best to show a smile.

From a small cup of milk, to a billion dollar resources, he treated him unreasonably well, and even thought about his future prospects.

Presumably, no one would be able to refuse.

However, he hated He Bujin.

He wanted to indulge for a while, but he didn’t dare to take a step forward again.

Yin Moshu turned his head and said, “That little boy is also surnamed Gu.”

“It’s still from the same family, no wonder he’s excellent.” Gu Jinmian said with a smile.

Isn’t your surname also Gu?

Yin Moshu’s eyes fell on his face, and he began to be curious about everything about this person.

Gu Jinmian stood up and grabbed Yin Moshu’s arm, “Yin Moshu, come with me, I found a good place.”

Yin Moshu was dragged to a small shop by Gu Jinmian.

Next to the entrance of the small park, diagonally opposite to the entrance of Qiuyang Middle School, there was a small shop.

This small shop served both elementary school students and junior high school students. Usually, the business was good, but during the summer vacation, the business was a bit bleak.

Originally, the boss planned to close the door and go on a trip with his daughter. Later, he heard that there was a big crew here filming a movie, thus he opened the door overnight to stock goods.

Gu Jinmian saw it when he came to find Yin Moshu. He found that this small shop was actually quite big. In addition to selling snacks, stationery and toys that students like nowadays, there were also some retro snacks. He really wanted to bring Yin Moshu here.

“Boss, I want a lollipop!”

“Okay, choose your own flavor.”

“Boss, I want a bag of spicy strips!”

“Boss, I want a popsicle!” 

“Boss, I want a skateboard!”

Gu Jinmian bought a lot of things, all for Yin Moshu.

Stuffing them into his arms one by one, until he couldn’t stuff more. 

Seeing that he was excited about buying, Yin Moshu took them one by one with a smile in his eyes.

He understood Gu Jinmian’s heart.

When he was studying here, he hardly entered this kind of place, he only ate less snacks, let alone having toys.

Gu Jinmian wanted to give him all the things he never had.

When a person purely wanted to be nice to another person, he could always give the other a piece of candy in an unexpected and ordinary place.

Even going as far as to go over the past, for the one that was standing in the shadows, so that he could be hugged.

At first, the boss only looked at the person who bought things, but when he saw the person holding the things, he hissed, “Hey, isn’t this the big star?”

He raised his eyes, “So are these two as well!”

Bai Xinyu’s voice came in, “Home, I want to eat too!”

“Give, give, give.”

Gu Jinmian gave Bai Xinyu a lollipop and a bag of spicy strips, he also did the same to Du Baian.

He remembered that Du Bai’an was also quite miserable when he was a child, therefore he gave him an extra box of chocolates.

Du Bai’an was slightly stunned holding the box of inexpensive chocolates.

Bai Xinyu had sharp eyes. “Why don’t I have one!”

Gu Jinmian: “Are you short on imported chocolates as a snack?”

Bai Xinyu: “…….”

In this case, he can only…..

“Which idiot author wrote me as the protagonist!”


Yin Moshu: “………”

Gu Jinmian happily waved his hand, “Buy buy buy!”

When he was about to give it to Bai Xinyu, Du Bai’an opened the box of chocolates and gave half of it to Bai Xinyu, “One box is enough to eat.”

“Ah yes, we can’t eat too much.” Bai Xinyu took it and put it in his pocket, “Enough, it’s enough.”

Gu Jinmian was still happy, then he asked without knowing the danger, “Ah? Yin Moshu, did you dream of who the author was when you were dreaming?”

“Isn’t it difficult to dream about it?” Bai Xinyu said.

“I still actually dreamed of it.” Yin Moshu said.

Gu Jinmian immediately looked at him, thinking that there was nothing wrong with it.

Yin Moshu said with a smile, “Peng Minghui.”

Gu Jinmian: “…….”

Damn, why is this name the same as their boss, the general manager of X Airlines?

Yin Moshu: “From now on, you can directly curse Peng Minghui as an idiot.”

Bai Xinyu immediately said, “Peng Minghui is an idiot!”

Gu Jinmian: “……..”

Unexpectedly………there is still another sense of refreshing feeling?

He quickly shook his head and coughed.

Yin Moshu looked at him and chuckled lightly.

Gu Jinmian silently savored it for a while, and bought another skateboard for each of them.

“Do you know that Qiuyang Middle School is the middle school that Yin Moshu attended, when there are no students, let’s skateboard together and go around.”

“What a coincidence.” Bai Xinyu said with certainty, “Then Yin Moshu could have been the school grass back then right?” (TL: heartthrob of the school, school’s prince charming)

Where could he become the school grass, he’s been living under strange gazes.

Gu Jinmian: “Of course, it goes without saying, even a city grass is also enough!”

Bai Xinyu chuckled twice, “Our school grass Yin is now a big star, and at present, is returning with glory to his old school.”

Seeing Yin Moshu’s relaxed expression, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Alas, every time Home finished saying what he wanted to hear, Yin Moshu became very dangerous.

This is how to do it.

A few people said it well, but in the end, except for Gu Jinmian, none of the other three knew how to skateboard.

Yin Moshu didn’t have the time and energy to play, Bai Xinyu, a wealthy young master, learned golf and fencing when he was a child, and Du Baian had no money to buy toys when he was a child.

Thus, Gu Jinmian taught the three of them himself.

Fortunately, skateboarding was not difficult at all for young men who have practiced dancing for many years. It didn’t take long for the four of them to skateboard and rush into the school.

“Oh oh oh!” 

Bai Xinyu, who was skateboarding for the first time, was very excited, even though he could only go forward, and had to come down when making a turn.

Even the timid and introverted Du Bai’an was so happy that his eyes lit up.

Gu Jinmian looked at Yin Moshu happily, and bent his eyes at him.

He looked small, yet in truth he just graduated from university. Wearing a white shirt, he looked like a high school student, looking like Yin Moshu’s classmate in his high school days.

On the skateboard, the night wind blew his hair back, revealing a smooth forehead. Under the streetlamp, his eyes had a gentle and bright color.

He stretched out his hand to Yin Moshu.

Yin Moshu’s gaze stayed on his face for more than ten seconds, then he stretched out his hand.

Gu Jinmian grabbed his wrist to speed up.

“Oh? Wait for us!”

In the past, only Yin Moshu walked on this road alone.

Now, he had someone to accompany him.

The four teenagers shuttled along the Birch tree campus path, and the summer night wind bulged their shirts, leaving longer and longer shadows behind.

This once remote and indifferent gray school had become a little bit brighter and lively.

“Yin Moshu, where is your classroom?” Bai Xinyu asked.

“In front, Zhixing Building.”

“What about the dormitory?”

“Building 5 by the small river on the right.”

When they reached the front of the honor list, “Has school grass Yin ever been on the list?”

Yin Moshu laughed, his laughter was full of youthful joy and confidence.

Gu Jinmian jumped up and turned around, and said loudly, “Of course our school grass Yin will never be somewhere lower than at the top of the list!”

The four skated coolly or clumsily through every part of the school on their skateboards, and finally returned to the small shop, put away their skateboards, and squatted in front of the small shop’s door to rest.

They squatted in a row, catching the night breeze, each with a lollipop in their mouth.

Bai Xinyu put his arms on his knees and hung them in front of him, “So happy!”

Du Bai’an nodded, “Yes!”

They didn’t know how long it had been since they were so relaxed and happy. They obviously didn’t do anything, but as they stood on skateboards and crossed the campus, the world seemed to be a better place. 

“What is this?” Gu Jinmian murmured with a lollipop in his mouth, “I will take you to play more fun things in the future.”

After he finished speaking, he saw Yin Moshu turn his head.

His hair was a little disheveled, and his face was even more unscrupulously handsome, but his eyebrows and eyes were slightly raised, and his smile was half a smile but had a gentle undertone.

Gu Jinmian sucked on the lollipop, his Adam’s apple moved slightly, and he swallowed a mouthful of sweetness.

He thought about his own appearance, calling himself brother in front of such a person was indeed a little bit.

But Bai Xinyu saved his face, “Right, it’s a lot of fun to hang out with home!”

He also raised his hand.

Du Bai’an burst out laughing, “Are you stupid?”

Bai Xinyu smiled and withdrew his hand.

The four continued to eat lollipops contentedly.

After seeing it on the side, Director Liu murmured, “This is different from what I imagined.”

The assistant director asked, “Are they okay like this?”

Director Liu thought of the joyful, youthful smiles on their faces just now, “It’s nothing bad, I think it’s pretty good.”

Parts of his film were about that feeling.

He thinks it’s good, but some people think it’s bad.

One was their manager, Li Lan.

Bai Xinyu was playing with them so happily in the crew, she really couldn’t stand it anymore, thus she sent a message to Bai Xinyu.

–How can you still have such fun with them? Don’t you know that Yin Moshu gained more than 7 million followers just by relying on a few magazine materials and movie trailers? Do you know what this concept is? It’s unprecedented. He’s going to explode! 

Over there, Bai Xinyu took out his mobile phone and frowned.

He looked at it for a long time.

He bit the lollipop, and replied: -Sit down, this is basic skill and not worth mentioning. He is Yin Moshu, it’s very normal.

Li Lan choked up

Another one who felt very bad was Yin Chengzhi.

The Yin family cut off all of Yin Moshu’s financial resources, and did not give him any help when they sent him, a person who could only smile, to become an idol. Many of them were waiting to see the joke.

However, they didn’t see it for a long time.

So disappointing.

Recently, Yin Moshu’s name had appeared several times in his circle of friends. Today, he saw Yin Moshu’s return to B City with a group of dog friends, and returned to Qiuyang High School. He got off of duty and excitedly came to see it.

But what he saw was completely different from what he had imagined.

Yin Moshu actually had friends, and he was smiling very happily against this gloomy Qiuyang High School.

Yin Chengzhi felt very uncomfortable, he also couldn’t see Yin Moshu’s PTSD smile, let alone that really happy smile.

It shouldn’t be like this.

Seeing him biting a lollipop and a skateboard worth more than a hundred dollars behind him, Yin Chengzhi sneered and stepped forward.

Looking closer, there were two familiar little fresh meat stars, but in his eyes, they were nothing.

And the other little fresh meat was not even familiar, must be someone not well-known.

He kicked him, “Get out of the way.”

Seeing him dumbfounded, as if his reaction was slow, Yin Chengzhi kicked him impatiently with more strength, “Didn’t you hear? Get out of the way quickly! I want to talk to Yin Moshu.”



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