Chapter 13

What kind of scene would a big man with a height of 184 in suit and leather shoes fall to the ground create?

The whole venue became silent.

This action was so beautiful and so unexpected that no matter what they were doing, they paused and fell silent for several seconds.

This loud “bang” made the little idol surnamed Bai pupil’s tremble.

The director’s eyelids twitched.

Yin Moshu slightly raised his eyebrows.

Hang Yuanting was instantly shocked, and then hurried over, “Ji Nan, are you okay?”

Oh, Ji Nan.

Gu Jinmian smacked his lips.

He remembered what the Second elder brother and the butler told him that night, that Hang Yuanting was Jin Nan’s white moonlight.

He did say that to the other’s white moonlight, but isn’t it normal for people to come and reason with him first, he’s not a lunatic.

Gu Jinmian stretched out his hand to him, “Buddy, if you have something to say just say it, why are you charging like that?”

It seemed that Ji Nan, whose world view had been shattered, had not reacted yet, and the expression on his face was about to crack after hearing what he had just said.

Once upon a time, Gu Jinmian was an obedient younger brother who always followed behind his back. Later, he hated himself and blamed himself, but he never made a fuss with him, he didn’t even lay a single finger on him, and he was always being cautious.

He may have been thrown into a concussion, and that his brain may have gone wrong, for seeing and hearing such a Gu Jinmian like this.

Seeing that he didn’t respond, Gu Jinmian directly grabbed his arm and pulled him up forcefully.

After all, his Ji family was also a wealthy family, and this Young Master Ji was also a respectable person.

The arm that was held in the hand was pulled hard again, after the shock was a little bit over, the pain in the back and arm instantly flooded in.

Ji Nan gasped from the pain, “Gu Jinmian, what are you doing!”

In this matter, Gu Jinmian was not entirely rational, he did not speak, and resorted to the safest trick under the circumstances of this unclear relationship.

His silent paralyzed face came before him.

It’s still the same as before, but just now, that was suddenly crazy. Thinking of this, Ji Nan couldn’t help but glance at Gu Jinmian again.

Still, something feels different.

Today he was still wearing a shirt, but it was not the tight and rigid shirt as before, but a very loose light yellow shirt. It fell loosely on his shoulders, revealing his thin collarbone, which was a dazzling white because he didn’t often go out to see the sun.

He used to have long and straight hair, and was full of gloomy atmosphere, but after cutting off those long and straight hair, it revealed a layer of soft and slightly curly hair inside, his thick eyelashes like curls, and the big and bright eyes.

After more than ten years, Ji Nan felt once again that facial paralysis was not necessarily scary, but a cute addition.

In a daze, he seemed to see the little boy who followed behind his back when he was a child again. At that time, he was not yet crazy or gloomy, and he would obediently look at him with his big eyes open.

Really lovely——

Lovely enough that he threw him over his shoulder and hit the ground!

The blue veins on Ji Nan’s forehead bulged.

His head hurt like it’s going to explode and he had no idea what the problem was.

Is this Gu Jinmian’s new trick?

“Ji Nan, are you okay? Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Hang Yuanting’s words gave him a sense of reality. Ji Nan continued to question Gu Jinmian, “Speak, what are you trying to do?”

Gu Jinmian continued to remain silent with a paralyzed face.

He’s still the same as before, he just changed his look.

Ji Nan watched him with a frown, and just as he was about to say something, a hand fell on Gu Jinmian’s wrist unexpectedly.

The fingers were very long, it gripped around Gu Jinmian’s loose cuffs, and clamped along his thin wrist, appearing as if no one would be able to tear it off from him.

The person pulled slightly, and the boy who threw him over his shoulder just now was obediently pulled away by the said person.

“Who are you?” Ji Nan asked subconsciously.

The man turned his head to look at him, and Gu Jinmian also stopped.

Ji Nan recognized at a glance that this was the person who appeared on the Gu’s Building, Yin Moshu.

Gu Lifan said that this was the person Gu Jinmian wanted to take care of.

He was half a head taller than Gu Jinmian, and as Gu Jinmian stood behind him, although he didn’t speak, he was very well-behaved, just like when he stood behind him when he was just a child.

Like the original brother hating and not wanting him anymore, therefore he found another brother who could protect him?

With an inexplicable emotion in Ji Nan’s heart, he glared at the outsider, “I’m teaching him a lesson, why are you interfering?”

The man’s thin eyelids were slightly tight, and the corner of his mouth curved into a smile that was not a smile. “Lesson? Why would you teach him a lesson?”

After hearing Gu Lifan’s words that night, Ji Nan searched Yin Moshu.

At the age of 24 years old, his fans said that he was the person who smiles the most and who smiles the best.

Is that a best smile?

Ji Nan didn’t know where to start, he didn’t even know whether Yin Moshu was really smiling now. Those eyes that have a slightly curved arc, emitted an alienated and indifferent air, with a thin layer of hostility, neither light nor heavy, just like an ice blade piercing into the heart.

Ji Nan felt a chill, he couldn’t move for a while, and he couldn’t even speak.

“Exactly buddy, don’t push your nose on your face.” Gu Jinmian said after Yin Moshu.

(t/n Push the nose on the face (dēng bízi shàng liǎn) – one party gives face to the other party, and does not care about the other party’s certain behavior, but the other party not only does not appreciate it, but becomes more arrogant and arrogant.)

Ji Nan:”…….”

Gu Jinmian: “Also, I didn’t pester Hang Yuanting.”

Now he really wanted to understand why the two of them disliked him so much.

Combined with what he knew from the book, the original body was a pervert who loved to torture little stars sinisterly and ruthlessly. The time when he transmigrated, Gu Jinmian first saw Du Bai’an, and this Hang Yuanting was actually the same as Du Bai’an in terms of temperament, therefore it was very likely that this category was the original owner’s preferred kind of a person.

Also, combined with what Hang Yuanting said just now, to not pester him anymore, he could draw a reasonable conclusion—

The original owner once attacked Hang Yuanting, or almost attacked him, and because Hang Yuanting was Jin Nan’s white moonlight, thus Jin Nan also hated him.

Therefore, when the Second brother and the butler heard that the protagonist of this drama was Hang Yuanting, they didn’t want him to come. After all, the Ji family was also a big force.

Well, it makes sense, it’s all rounded up.

However, this time he really didn’t pester Hang Yuanting.

“I was wrong just now, I shouldn’t have thrown you, but I really didn’t pester him, he approached me first, and many people should have seen it.” Gu Jinmian glanced around.

Within sight, Bai Xinyu stood up with a jerk, raised his hand and said, “Yes, I can take full responsibility for it and make a decision!”

Gu Jinmian:”……”

Ji Nan:”…….”

“No, not take full responsibility for it and make a decision, but to testify!”

Even Ji Nan was speechless now.

Gu Jinmian merely looked up at the sky.

He Bujin, creator of this world, or the sky, are you seeing my contempt at this time?

Shifting his gaze a little, Gu Jinmian’s eyes met Yin Moshu.

The corners of the eyes twitched.

Then he hastily closed his eyes.

Realizing that Yin Moshu was pulling him, he pushed Yin Moshu’s arm.

Well, the strength was stronger than him, therefore he stopped.

When Gu Jinmian was about to shake his arms, Yin Moshu let go of his hand.

“Cub, Yin Moshu, go and listen to Director Lin’s lecture, this is a rare opportunity, don’t waste time on this kind of thing.”

Director Lin, as a benchmark old director in the industry, was much better than the acting teacher hired by his small company.

The curvature of Yin Moshu’s eyes remained unchanged, and his smile was bright.

Hearing what he said, Director Lin was also very happy.

However, Ji Nan and Hang Yuanting still displayed ugly expressions.

Looking at them, Gu Jinmian sighed inwardly, thinking that he should try to make it clear.

He looked at Hang Yuanting and said, “I really don’t like you.”

“Heh.” Hang Yuanting chuckled angrily, “Does it need to be said?”

Gu Jinmian: “You are not my type.”

“I don’t know what type you like.” Hang Yuanting asked, “But are you finding fault, or still provoking someone?”

Gu Jinmian:”…..”

I give up.

I’ll just let it go.

Ji Nan still shouted angrily behind him, “Gu Jinmian, after all these years, haven’t you had enough? Stop playing any more tricks!”

Gu Jinmian:”……….”

So tiring.

It was as if Hang Yuanting was the white moonlight he couldn’t ask for, and Du Bai’an and other small stars were his substitutes.

How to prove that he really doesn’t like Hang Yuanting?


Gu Jinmian found a tree and sat down, thinking about the original owner, wondering what he did to Hang Yuanting.

Asking who Hang Yuanting just now was almost a giveaway, he couldn’t ask others now, he could only think about it himself.

In the book, the original owner, this small supporting character only had a few strokes in the corner, and the information he could find was only limited. After he transmigrated in, the world was automatically completed, and the information was obviously not enough to deal with a complete and complex relationship.

Gu Jinmian turned on his phone, this time not only WeChat and Weibo, but he carefully searched for information from Douban, Zhihu, etc.

He searched topics concerning the original owner, and in addition to those destructive and vengeful dark topics, it also included “how to save a person” and “how not to be annoying”.

Poor and vicious.

Gu Jinmian turned his phone upside down and found an encrypted folder in the network disk. He had a hunch that there might be something in it, but unfortunately he didn’t know the password, and the phone number to retrieve the password was not the one he was using now.

After swiping the phone for more than an hour, he still couldn’t find any news about Ji Nan and Hang Yuanting, thus Gu Jinmian had no choice but to give up.

He took a sip of the lemonade handed to him by the butler, and only then did he remember that when he was blocked by Hang Yuanting just now, he was going to find the person in charge with the tea.

The tea group was the embodiment of the economic strength of the crew. Director Lin’s crew had a tea group, not only that, but also a small pergola with three dedicated tea workers.

(t/n Pergola- shed built outdoors with bamboo, wood, mats, curtains, etc. to shelter from wind, rain, and sunlight.)

After applying the ointment, Ji Nan still didn’t recover from the shock just now, and subconsciously looked for Gu Jinmian after he came out.

When he saw Gu Jinmian walking towards the small shed of the crew’s tea group, he sighed inwardly, and followed up immediately.

According to his past experience of Gu Jinmian doing things like a demon, he estimated that he would use money to buy the tea maker this time, and put things into Hang Yuanting’s tea.

Sure enough, he saw Gu Jinmian took out something, but it was not the cash he thought, but the latest mobile phone, and he gave one to each tea worker.

The three tea workers looked at each other while holding the mobile phones.

“Hello.” Gu Jinmian smiled at them while sitting in the small shed. The sunshine was just lovely, and he didn’t appear like a pervert at all, but like a considerate and sensible little classmate.

“Hundreds of people in the crew are waiting to drink tea, it must be hard work because it depends on you all.”

Many small production crews didn’t have dedicated tea workers, and they all did it in turns. When people saw that the three of them were only in charge of the tea, most people would think they were very relaxed, even though they politely say that they’ve worked hard on the surface.

This little classmate was different.

“Directors and actors have their own preferences, and it is very difficult to remember everyone’s taste.”

That’s the key point.

It felt good to see when one understood the other’s difficulties accurately. No matter what the outside world said, the three of them had a good impression of Gu Jinmian.

“There is an app specially for you in these three mobile phones. The names of every director, main actor and staff member in the crew are in it, and some people’s tastes, hobbies and taboos are also in it.”

The three of them looked at the mobile phone in their hands in surprise.

This was so convenient and very considerate!

After seeing the app, they became reluctant to give up the phone.

The three looked at Gu Jinmian at the same time.

Gu Jinmian smiled, “There is no other purpose, this is a bit selfish, I simply just want you to take extra care of one more person.”

He said, “The first one listed in the app, Yin Moshu, is my intention, you can see that he has a lot of notes there.”

In this way, it not only expressed the purpose sincerely, but also gave the tea workers a reason to accept it at ease, at least not like what Yin Moshu said last time of being rewarded for nothing.

Sure enough, the three of them breathed a sigh of relief, “What, it’s just a small matter, we ought to do it.”

Gu Jinmian was happy, and continued to tell them, “The weather has been getting hotter and hotter recently, and ice has started to be added to the drinks. He has a bad stomach, so don’t add ice to his drink.”

He seemed to be simply casually chatting, with a relaxed tone.

The three tea workers also chatted with him like this. One person said, “I think he is very young. Is that why he has a bad stomach? Then he should pay attention.”

“Who doesn’t want to have a good stomach?” Gu Jinmian blinked, paused, and said in a low voice, “He wants to too, but he couldn’t.”

Yin Moshu was abandoned by his family when he was a child, and lived in an orphanage for a while. At that time, he couldn’t eat well. After being adopted by the Yin family, he had a good life for a short time. Later, he couldn’t even eat for a few years, thus he was left with stomach problems.

Living a difficult life, stomach problems are nothing–is what Yin Moshu must have thought.

A tea worker then said, “Right, right, there are often times that I am too busy to even have breakfast.”

“When I was young I skipped breakfast to save money,” said another tea worker.

Gu Jinmian smiled, and said to them again, “I’ll bring some camel milk here every once in a while. Yin Moshu has a slight lactose intolerance, but he likes to drink milk. Camel milk has low lactose content and is easy to digest. Give it to him once in a while to satisfy his craving.”

Ji Nan, who was secretly observing, was surprised when Gu Jinmian said “Thanks for your hard work”, and now he almost felt that didn’t know this person.

Every time Gu Jinmian took a fancy to a starlet, he would order someone to bring it directly. Let alone giving any compensation and even an unfeeling word, he only appeared indifferent and merciless.

Dropped by the crew for a visit and then came to find the tea worker in person, developed an app then gave the mobile phone to them, and then integrated with them with a smile, just to make sure Yin Moshu felt comfortable while in the crew.

This, even he himself hadn’t done this for Hang Yuanting, moreover, no one had done such a thing for him as well.

When Gu Jinmian said that Yin Moshu had a bad stomach, he paused for a moment, his voice lowered, and his beautiful penetrating eyes drooped, clearly trying to hide his distress and discomfort.

It was indeed the same as what Gu Lifan said, he treated Yin Moshu very differently.

This was very good, this way, he and Hang Yuanting would not get entangled anymore.

When he was thinking about leaving, Ji Nan saw Yin Moshu who had just changed into a costume on the other side of the shed.

He stood there alone. He didn’t know how long he just stood there and how much he had heard.

From such a distance, Ji Nan couldn’t see his subtle expression clearly, he only knew that he wasn’t smiling when he looked at the shed.

He stood beside the small wooden door, behind him was the fiery and magnificent red sunset, which made his clothes sparse and his eyes deep.

When Gu Jinmian stood up, he took a step away and left.

Ji Nan, who wanted to leave, unable to explain the reason why, changed direction, and after Gu Jinmian left, he went inside the small shed and took a tea worker’s mobile phone.

Upon opening the app, the first one was indeed Yin Moshu. On the beautiful blue page, nearly a hundred words were marked in various fonts.

He scrolled down and found that all the main members of the crew were there, and nearly half of them had notes on their preferences, which showed the degree of care involved.

His name as an investor took some time to find, and he only noticed two words noted on the unremarkable page that seemed to be copied from the previous page.



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