Chapter 85 – Open Your Eyes, It’s Dawn

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

This kiss was aggressive and overbearing, almost forcefully driving away the air around him.

There was a faint, slightly cool taste of mint on the lips.

Song Yu’s back was stretched taut and pinned tightly against the cold wall. Fireworks exploded in his brain and his body stiffened as he accepted the invasion of Xie Sui’s tongue. His scalp was numb, his cheeks burned, and he almost stopped breathing. The most embarrassing thing was Xie Sui’s eyes; his eyes never closed during the kiss, watching him attentively through the faint light streaming in from the window. His peach blossom eyes were dark and deep, his eyelashes thick and long, and it was as though he wanted to clearly see every manifestation of Song Yu’s shyness.

Every inch of skin touched by his gaze seemed to be teased by fire.

Song Yu’s mentality collapsed completely, and all the complex emotions brewing in his heart were overwhelmed. He raised his fair, slender arm and abruptly covered Xie Sui’s eyes.

The youth’s palm was warm; he seemed to be sweating from nervousness.

Xie Sui’s eyelashes fluttered rapidly and his breath froze for a moment before his expression grew fierce. He clenched Song Yu’s hand with even more force and his kiss grew increasingly passionate and unrestrained. It was as though the feelings that had been suppressed for a long time had completely exploded, akin to deep sea magma rolling through his mind.

Winter’s first snow was falling outside the window.

In the narrow corridor was a pair of kissing teenagers. Outside, there was a clear yellow moon and a deep blue sky, with streetlights illuminating the snow that was slowly falling. There were shouts and laughter from pedestrians and the cheerful noise from outside as people bustled around.

Their space was filled with dark waves––a dark tide of desire sizzling with youthful joy.

Xie Sui finally ended the kiss.

Song Yu panted slightly, his eyes coated with a layer of damp mist, but his gaze was surprisingly bright.

The narrow, dark space amplified all their senses.

Xie Sui removed Song Yu’s hand from his eyes, but didn’t immediately straighten. He leaned over instead, greedy for this moment of warmth, resting his chin on Song Yu’s shoulder and hugging his waist. His lips curved up uncontrollably.

He spoke, “Yuyu, I’m so happy.”

All of Song Yu’s strength had been drained away, and he could only lean against the wall for support. The dizziness in his mind receded like a tidal wave, and his fear and shyness dispersed along with it.

When he heard his words, it seemed as though this joy was contagious.

The bottom of his heart was as clear as the first snow.

He smiled, his clear eyes like a spring of water.

“Xie Sui.” His voice was incredibly soft.

He said, “I like you, too.”

He could clearly feel Xie Sui’s body stiffen as the words came out, and the hand wrapped around his waist tightened.

The air remained silent for several seconds, followed by a short, soft laugh from the young man.

Xie Sui scratched his waist with a hint of punishment, his voice incredibly hoarse and holding an almost imploring tone, “We have to go out and see other people later. Don’t provoke me again.”

Song Yu’s heart was still jumping with joy. He suppressed his smile and nodded his head, “Mm.”

“Can you still tell?”

Song Yu felt like they were sneaking kisses behind everyone’s backs, and it was both tense and exciting. However, going out after his mouth had been kissed into such a state was too awkward, so he turned back and asked Xie Sui about it several times. Even then, he still felt anxious and a bit scared.

On the other hand, Xie Sui would rather Jiang Chunian and the others notice it straight away, then let things develop according to the flow and publicize their relationship. However, he took Song Yu’s wishes into account and was willing to wait. His gaze landed on Song Yu’s soft, pink lips and smiled slightly, “It’s okay, it’s not obvious.”

Song Yu let out a deep breath, then asked, “What are we going to say later? We went out together to go to the bathroom?”

Xie Sui curved his lips, “Didn’t we just determine a lifetime together?”

Song Yu opened his mouth and tilted his head to look at him, wanting to say something. But when his gaze met Xie Sui’s, his heart suddenly missed a few beats. He’d always thought that Xie Sui had beautiful eyes, and he was gentle and affectionate when he looked at others, making it easy to get addicted.

When he thought back to just now, Song Yu couldn’t help but laugh, his eyes curving up like crescent moons.

“So, are we now considered lovers? Boyfriends?”


This word flowed through Xie Sui’s heart, making his throat feel a bit dry. His teeth itched, wanting to take a bite out of Song Yu. He lowered his gaze and asked in a low voice, “If not boyfriend, then what do you want to be called?”

Song Yu corrected him, “I’m the one who wants you to call me something else.”

Xie Sui asked leisurely, “Hm? Yuyu sounds quite nice, and it’s cute.”

They were almost at the entrance of their dining room. Song Yu felt like his body had gotten an electric shock from Xie Sui’s ‘Yuyu’, and the tips of his ears turned a little red. Even so, he wasn’t willing to show weakness with his words and said arrogantly, “My ID, ‘Your Husband, Brother Yu’––don’t you get it?”

Xie Sui made a light ‘Oh’ sound, then held the door handle and smiled as he asked, “So, what should I call you?”

Song Yu: “Call me husband.”

The door was pushed open.

Everyone was already tired of eating and were now all playing on their cell phones. The room was incredibly quiet, so when Song Yu went inside, the last word ‘husband’ was clear and crisp, practically exploding in everyone’s ears like landmines. 

Everyone inside the room: “???”

Song Yu caught sight of the slightly mischievous smile at the corner of Xie Sui’s mouth. Turning around, he was met with everyone in Class One’s wide-eyed stares. Ma Xiaoding’s cell phone had fallen onto his lap, and Jiang Chunian was completely dumbfounded. What did she, a CP fan, just hear? Liang Yingying was the first to come back to her senses. She was struck dumb with awe, “Brother Yu… you guys…”

Song Yu: “……”

What to do? It was only the first day of their relationship and his boyfriend had already revealed his true nature.

Beside him, Xie Sui stifled a laugh.

Song Yu remained quiet for three seconds, then calmly explained, “I was just explaining the origin of my username to Xie Sui.”

Ma Xiaoding breathed a sigh of relief and brought up the very topic that shouldn’t be touched upon, “You scared me to death. I even thought that you were calling God Xie ‘husband’ behind our backs in private.”

The boy beside him couldn’t bear to watch him seek death like this and reached out to cover his crow’s mouth.

Jiang Chunian’s excitement was almost overflowing from her face. She asked happily, “Brother Yu, what did you go outside to do? Why were you gone for so long?”

Song Yu didn’t explain.

Xie Sui helped him out, smiling and saying, “It’s snowing outside, so we went to take a look together, which took up some time.”

Jiang Chunian was stunned. With her keen mind, she could clearly sense that Xie Sui was currently in a very good mood. Although everyone normally laughed and joked about their CP, they were only willing to mess around since they knew that Xie Sui wouldn’t get angry because of Song Yu. In fact, they were all a bit afraid of Xie Sui, since God Xie’s aloof and difficult to approach persona had never shown any cracks. All of his tenderness and patience was only directed towards Brother Yu, and his attitude towards the rest of them always held layers of coldness and detachment that kept them separate.

It was rare to see him like this, with his brow arched and his attitude unbelievably gentle and elegant.

She even felt like she was dreaming.

Liang Yingying wasn’t facing Xie Sui’s smile directly, so her first reaction was: It’s snowing! ––For people in Jing City who’d never seen much of the world! Snow was really a pleasant surprise!

She bounced up from the sofa right away, “Ahhh! It’s snowing?! That’s great! That’s the first snow on New Year’s Day! Hurry, hurry, hurry, let me go take a look!” The boy beside her also cheered and stood up, and the laziness that came from eating and drinking was swept away. “Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s head outside to see the snow.”

Ma Xiaoding was pushed and yelled at and felt very speechless, “Didn’t we agree to play werewolf killing? The game is already set up, and I’ve even decided who I’m going to charm during the night.”

Jiang Chunian poked out her tongue, “If we’re going to play anything, it should be the cupid version, okay?”

She picked up her down jacket, got up, and winked at Song Yu. “Husband, let’s go see the snow together.”

Everyone burst into laughter. After all, Song Yu’s words just now had brought back memories of the bloody storm that had taken place on the first day this ID showed up on the forums. Brother Yu was a social creature who could trash talk so damned much.

Xie Sui narrowed his eyes slightly.

Song Yu hadn’t been that hungry to start with, and he’d eaten a little earlier. Then, he’d suddenly been confessed to and became delirious with joy, making him even less in the mood to eat. Additionally, Xie Sui had made things up just now, since they hadn’t gone out to see the snow at all. Now that everyone was egging each other on, the small bit of anxiety he’d felt about sneaking off to have an affair disappeared entirely. He was relieved that they hadn’t gotten exposed, and even started to be a little interested in seeing the snow.

“Then let’s go and look.”

“Ohhhh––” Everyone in the room ran off all at once, leaving the pitiful class monitor to cry and pay for dinner.

Ma Xiaoding’s expression was bitter as he left, wailing loudly, “I want to play werewolf killing! I want to play werewolf killing!” The boy beside him elbowed him, “The first night, you poisoned the prophet’s genius witch with your intuition. You might as well shut up! Shit-stirring stick!”

Ma Xiaoding defended himself, “Just blame me! What was he doing moving around when the werewolf opened his eyes!”

The prophet defended themselves, “Laozi was f*cking hungry! Can’t I eat with my eyes closed?”

Everyone burst out laughing again.

Song Yu walked at the back of the group. In front of him were his endlessly chattering classmates, and he deliberately slowed down his pace.

The red lanterns from the hot pot restaurant provided light and made the atmosphere warm and festive. As he walked the dark stairs, he started to calculate accounts for what had happened earlier. He pinched Xie Sui’s arm and asked, “You did that on purpose just now, didn’t you?”

Xie Sui let him do as he pleased and laughed, “What did I do on purpose?”

Song Yu: “You purposely made me call you husband.”

Xie Sui smiled slightly, “Mm.”

Song Yu: “Mm?!!! You’re even ‘mm’-ing?!”

Xie Sui said lazily, “I can’t count on you to call me like that normally, so I wanted to enjoy it now.”


Song Yu suddenly felt that––Xie Sui might have a deeper understanding of himself than he did. For example, when they’d been walking in the playground back then and he’d said, “Maybe I’m also a little bad.”

Really, he was quite bad.

The hallway was narrow and dark and Song Yu was still mulling over how to lecture him when he suddenly felt his hand being held. His words became stuck in his throat.

Skin-to-skin contact. Then, their fingers slowly interlocked.

They seemed to slowly grip his heart as well.

Liang Yingying had been the first to run outside, directly pulling Jiang Chunian’s arm to bring her along. The two girls were walking in front of the crowd, running down the stairs. The sound of shoes hitting the wooden boards was lively and filled with youthful vitality. They chatted and laughed, their voices fresh and clear.

Jiang Chunian said, “If we were to play werewolf killing, I would definitely play the cupid version. Guess who I would connect together?”

Liang Yingying couldn’t stop laughing, “Tsk, does this even need to be guessed?”

Jiang Chunian started laughing, too. “The sky is dark, please close your eyes.”

Liang Yingying jokingly continued the game, “Cupid, please open your eyes. Tonight, you will designate a pair of lovers. Who will you pick?”

Jiang Chunian’s eyes curved with her smile and she dragged out her words and jokingly said, “Of course it’s the match made in heaven, my Brother Yu and my God Xie.”

They were walking up ahead and the staircase was a bit long, but their voices could be heard even across the distance.

After making their way down the stairs and going out, they were greeted with the vast and pure stretch of snowflakes. The street lamps let out a dim yellow light, illuminating a peaceful world. Pedestrians who came and went all looked up at the night sky, smiles spread on everyone’s face.

It was snowing. Snowflakes fell onto their shoulders and brushed across their eyebrows.

Jiang Chunian and Liang Yingying felt like they were far enough away that the parties involved couldn’t hear them and started to make arrangements for the game. They laughed, “Then, lovers, please open your eyes and confirm each other’s identities.”

Lovers, please open your eyes.

Xie Sui and Song Yu suddenly looked at each other.

Song Yu couldn’t hold back and started laughing.

As they walked out from the dimly lit corridor, the sky outside was clear and the fresh snow was white.

“And then, what?”

“And then, dawn arrived. God no longer wants to worry about these light bulbs.”


And then, what?

It was dawn.

Xie Sui tilted his head and looked at Song Yu’s side profile.

The teenager was looking up, his figure as pale and delicate as snow.

He smiled slightly and thought: Yuyu, it’s dawn.

Sparks spread like wildfire, burning away the barren and frozen soil. From then on, light from the sky shone brightly in the abyss.

Butter’s Thoughts:
JC and LY at the front narrating what’s going on in the back without even knowing it. Everyone eats hidden dog food!

XavierForest’s Thoughts:
Ay, that’s some good dog food. 


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