Chapter 83 – Who Will Go Back To A City

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

The auditorium was filled with singing and dancing, and it was lively and warm. The cold wind swept through the night as soon as Song Yu went outside and stuck to his skin, the chill clearing his head a bit.

Song Yu put on his school uniform jacket and pulled up the zipper. His thick and long eyelashes covered the coldness in his eyes as he walked towards the agreed upon location.

Qin Mo said they’d sit and chat––Song Yu had never had any desire to communicate with this type of scum, just like back then, with Ou Yilian.

He’d simply turned a blind eye to this person before everything had happened, but this type of person’s malice was written into their bones.

Since he wanted to talk, then they’d have a chat.

The performance from Senior Two’s Class One had been at the start of the party and had already ended.

Qin Mo asked him to meet in one of the backstage lounges.

When he went inside, Qin Mo was sitting on a sofa. He’d taken off the suit he’d worn on stage and was now dressed smartly.

Song Yu closed the door, met his gaze, and calmly walked over to sit down.

“I thought you wouldn’t come.”

Qin Mo’s eyes curved and he smiled warmly, “Why did you suddenly change your attitude? Did Uncle Song call you and finally convince you to not be so hostile towards me?”

Song Yu sat down lazily, his expression quite normal. It didn’t look like he was here to make trouble at all, and his tone was calm and steady, “Don’t try these tricks with me. I’ll give you one chance to explain what happened on Friday night.”

Qin Mo’s expression didn’t change. “Friday night? What happened?”

Song Yu’s lips ticked upwards. His lips were very thin and held a sense of mockery and sarcasm, “Qin Mo, you’ve investigated me very deeply, even digging up things that happened during childhood.”

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and was slightly puzzled, “I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

Song Yu: “The auditorium, the rainstorm, darkness––even I didn’t know these three things would have such a big effect on me.”

Qin Mo seemed determined to pretend to be stupid all the way, putting on a concerned expression, “You were trapped in the auditorium on Friday night?”

Song Yu: “Yes, and there was even a signal jammer installed. You were quite thorough.”

During their conversation, Song Yu was so calm that none of his usual irritability could be seen, yet he gave off an even more dangerous feeling, like lava that was about to erupt through a thin layer of ice.

Qin Mo’s eyes flashed and he took a deep breath. “Since I call myself your brother, I won’t hurt you. You don’t have to believe me, but I really didn’t do this. Regardless of whether it was a prank or not, I will find this person and figure it out.”

Song Yu laughed, “Figure what out? Is he a black fan of mine? They’ve disliked me since seeing me in Senior One and wanted to mess with me as a joke. Who could’ve known that I would have such a big reaction?”

It was easy to explain things and clear the blame. After all, there were many people in Senior One who were unhappy with him. To be honest, Song Yu hadn’t found Qin Mo today to get him to admit to anything.

“No, you don’t have to explain yourself. I even have to thank you for creating such an environment for Xie Sui and I to be alone together.”

Qin Mo was stunned.

Song Yu continued, “If you hadn’t done this, I wouldn’t have realized my own feelings either.”

Qin Mo looked straight at him, the curve of his lips slowly turning downwards. It seemed as though he didn’t want to speak about this topic. “Stop for a moment. Would you like a drink?”

“No need. Haven’t you always wanted to have a chat with me?” Song Yu casually opened the window and smiled slightly, “So, let’s talk. To be clear, even if Xie Sui doesn’t like me and we don’t get together in the end, it still wouldn’t be your turn. Does playing with other people’s feelings give you pleasure? Did the Qin Family teach you to gain pleasure from such lowly things?”

Qin Mo couldn’t keep up his kind and pleasant expression. An unidentifiable anger had started to spread as the topic moved from Song Yu to Xie Sui.

Song Yu’s current words pricked at his sore point even more, and his lowered eyes were stormy.

Song Yu lazily hooked his fingers around a cup on the table as though he was talking about something very boring and uninteresting, “I can’t figure out where your sense of superiority comes from, but you should stop thinking that you’re a hunter chasing prey. Even if you want to chase Xie Sui, what makes you better than me? Personality? Appearance? Or your family background, which you’ve always proudly made use of in order to indulge your bad habits?”

Qin Mo tapped his fingers on the table, finally enraged by his provocation. His tone was extremely sarcastic, “When did it become your place to ask so much about who I’m chasing?”

Song Yu slowly stood up. His eyelids were thin, and his eyes sharp and cold when he looked at him, “Do you think I would have noticed you if you hadn’t rushed up to court death?”

Qin Mo: “Instead of worrying about these things, it’s better to worry about your own illness.” At this point, his voice that had originally been raised due to anger dropped low. He smiled, but the expression was ambiguous and his eyes were cold and mean, “If you’re suffering from a terminal illness, you shouldn’t act recklessly. It wouldn’t be worth it if you accidentally get yourself killed. Don’t you agree, Song Yu?”

“Not worth it.” Song Yu repeated his words softly. He looked at the things placed on the table––there were two bottles of expensive wine––then lifted his gaze slightly, “So, when you invited me to come and drink something, you planned to give me alcohol?”

“Would you dare?” Qin Mo sneered.

Song Yu didn’t answer his question. Instead, he sneered as he held up a bottle of wine with his hand, “The reason why I was talking nonsense earlier was because I felt that if you knew that not only had you failed in scheming against me, you even helped me understand my feelings for Xie Sui, you would probably be angered to death.”

Qin Mo glared at him. His muscles were tense, his breathing rapid, and even his skin seemed to be quivering.

Song Yu said lightly, “I don’t dare.”

The cold white light shone on the youth. He stood straight, very tall and thin, like a green pine or a strong reed. He held the wine bottle in his hand, and his wrist was delicate and pale, with blue veins faintly visible.

“I believe you also know my second weakness. I can’t drink alcohol.”

Qin Mo’s pupils widened slightly and his fingers involuntarily  clutched at the edge of the sofa.

He suddenly felt that Song Yu was a little unfamiliar.

Song Yu leaned over, his expression cold and fierce, like he was a living King of Hell. His tone was deep and cold, and every word held a blade within.

–– “However, it also depends on whether or not you have the ability to bring the wine to my mouth.”

At the same time, Song Yu grabbed Qin Mo’s collar and pulled him up, raising his hand to smash the bottle down. His movements were fierce and decisive.

The bottle shattered, the shards reflecting dazzling fragments of light.

The intense pain stimulated Qin Mo’s brain, and his entire body seemed to startle. His pupils narrowed slightly, and then he suddenly burst out and shouted, “Song Yu––”

The thin ice that had been suppressed for a long time shattered with a bang, and the magma under the ice erupted completely.

Song Yu stopped what he wanted to say. His eyes were quenched with ice, and he forced back his anger to smile and say, “Just watch, let’s see who will go back to A City with their tail between their legs.”

Song Yu walked out. His school uniform was soaked with alcohol, so he simply took it off and draped it over his arm.

In fact, he couldn’t stand the smell of alcohol. His head felt a bit uncomfortable from the fumes, and the feeling of weakness that followed a sudden outburst of strength surged in like the tide, causing his brows to furrow slightly.

He hadn’t taken more than a few steps before hearing a girl’s shrill scream. Their fight had been quite loud, and people were soon attracted to the scene. Qin Mo, who was on the verge of death, was about to be found and taken to the hospital.

And then tomorrow, there would be another long standoff.

Song Yu wasn’t afraid of him, and he didn’t even need to come up with any excuses. He bowed his head to look at his cell phone and stop the recording.

Qin Mo may have felt that he’d set things up flawlessly, but many things could be discovered by following the clues once the signal jammer made its appearance. Qin Mo had come to Jing City in order to get out of the spotlight. If the Qin Family learned that he’d offended the Song Family for a man, it would be uncertain who would ultimately be taken back.

Inside the auditorium, the performance of <Cinderella> had reached the final stage. Song Yu walked to the entrance but didn’t go in. He leaned against the wall and watched the group of people who were dancing happily on the stage.

After everyone’s creative manipulation, the final scene was a wedding.

The prince and princess walked into the palace of happiness, the animals huddled together to eat melon seeds and watch the show, while the stepmother and stepsister cursed as they swept the floor nearby.

The fairy godmother waved her magic wand topped with a star and acted as the host of the wedding, “Now, I will stand as witness for you.”

She didn’t play cards according to common sense and smiled as she asked, “Who arranged for you two to reach this point?”

Cinderella replied, “It was the school, the teacher, and this New Year’s party.”

The prince replied, “Director Song, who is responsible for our food and clothing. If it hadn’t been for him, the story would’ve ended long ago.”

Everyone laughed loudly.

Song Yu watched from outside and also curved his lips up.

The wedding march began to play after this episode, the music romantic and solemn.

Song Yu suddenly remembered––at first, he’d suggested using a suona for the background music because it was especially festive and joyful. When played, it felt like someone was about to set up tables at the village entrance and treat everyone to dinner.

However, Jiang Chunian had been so shocked that she’d almost bitten her tongue. She’d gone to plead with Xie Sui to persuade him otherwise, so frightened that she couldn’t speak clearly, “Please stop him, God Xie. Brother Yu plans to play the suona for the wedding. I’m begging you, please put a stop to this genius.”

Xie Sui had been amused, the coldness in his peach blossom eyes melting away. He curved his lips and turned his head to ask, “So, you like this kind of thing?”

Song Yu didn’t actually like it.

In fact, he’d just been talking nonsense and said a little extra, but no one dared to counter him.

Of course, this genius idea ultimately wasn’t implemented.

The screen behind the stage showed a dark night with snowflakes, and the story came to an end as Cinderella and the prince held back their laughter and looked into each other’s eyes.

He suddenly wanted to go and see Xie Sui. His heart was confused, and there was a sense of loss that was difficult to shake off.

Did Xie Sui know that he liked him? And did his current state even mean anything to him?

–– “Those who approach you inexplicably and make advances are all coveting your looks!”

–– “You, too?”

–– “Of course I’m not!”

His own clear and confident words from back then rang in his ear. Song Yu closed his eyes; he’d really dug a hole for himself.

Their performance of <Cinderella> ended, and their class group chat exploded.

[ Lights Are As Bright As Ever: Wuwuwu, it’s finally over. My goodness, my hands were shaking as I held the broom in the last scene. ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Celebration dinner! Celebration dinner! Celebration dinner! Hurry and choose a place! Let’s celebrate the new year together! little-panda-raises-a-pinwheel.jpg ]

[ It’s Wanwan: Your Husband, Brother Yu, Director Song, Husband, Brother Yu, where are we going to celebrate? doghead.jpg ]

[ Wait For Me: I suggest eating hotpot! A new restaurant opened up on Linqing Street and the reviews are very good! ]

Song Yu clicked in and read the chat, but didn’t reply. He held his cell phone and started heading outside. He saw the message that Xie Sui had sent over just as he was about to exit.

[ Xie Sui: Sorry for being late. Are you currently in the auditorium? ]

Song Yu was stunned for a moment. Even just seeing Xie Sui’s name was enough for him to stop breathing for a few seconds in his current mood.

His fingertips brushed the cold screen, calming down his chaotic emotions.

[ Song Yu: No, I went outside. If you head this way, we should be able to meet ]

[ Xie Sui: Mm ]

After resolving things with Qin Mo, it was Xie Sui’s turn.

“I seem to have fallen in love with him already.”

So, when did it start?

Song Yu didn’t know, either.

However, by the time he’d realized it, it seemed that he already liked him.

He walked outside. He was afraid that he’d be too nervous when the time came, so when Ma Xiaoding called, he casually answered the phone.

Ma Xiaoding’s side seemed to be quite lively, with everyone talking and making noise in the background.

Ma Xiaoding had no choice but to shout loudly into his cell phone, “Brother Yu, we’re trying to decide where to go eat. Half of us are proposing hotpot, and the other half want barbecue. What do you think? If you ask me, both sides are crazy. Aren’t hotpot and barbecue pretty much the same? Yet they ended up being equally disgusted with the other side, and those who want hotpot are saying that barbecue is troublesome, while those who want barbeque are complaining that hotpot smells too strongly. They’re coming up with all sorts of reasons. Dammit, I choose to eat a spicy pot instead.”

Song Yu listened absentmindedly. He finally walked out of the building and saw Xie Sui.

Xie Sui was standing under the sculpture at the school gate, next to a street lamp that cast a slightly cold light. He was wearing a trench coat, and his legs were slender and long.

He was tapping on the screen with his head bowed, his eyelashes drooping and his expression lazy and cold.

Ma Xiaoding was still talking, “I don’t understand them, but everyone’s preferences are different. Brother Yu, pick one. Just choose whatever you like.”

The word ‘like’ struck a nerve in his numb state. Song Yu held his phone and was preparing to say, “I pick…”

Over there, Xie Sui seemed to have noticed him and raised his head. His eyes curved as he smiled, light blooming brightly through the snow and ice in his gaze.

The words in his throat stopped instantly.

Ma Xiaoding: “Brother Yu, which one do you pick? The whole class is listening attentively and waiting for your instructions. Speak up! ––Hello, hello, hello?”


Song Yu hung up the phone directly.

It was as though a bolt of lightning had struck his body, blessing his soul and making him feel numb from his scalp all the way to his toes. He admitted that he’d fallen completely .

He chose Xie Sui.

The author has something to say:
They’re finally together!

Butter’s Nonsense:
SY wins MVH for Most Valuable Hoodlum
Also, hotpot is better than barbeque and I will die on this hill! Even as the Sichuan Mala Tang kills my stomach lining!!! (・`ω´・ ●) 

XavierForest’s Thoughts:
But the real question is, how long until Song Yu confesses? Because it looks like Xie Sui is waiting for Yuyu to do it. 


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