Chapter 8 – Home

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translator: xiin
editor: butter

Song Yu was also surprised by this move. What was this? Those who do evil will be ground down by others who do evil?

Originally, he and Xie Sui had been the main characters, but now that this had happened, nobody paid them any attention.

Cai Mingzhu’s father was the president of a business group in the Jing City area, and she was used to being wanton and domineering. Her character was calculative and petty, and it wouldn’t simply be a matter of losing money for anyone who provoked her. If she wanted, she could drive this family out of Jing City, and she had countless ways to make life difficult for them.

Inside the police station, after they checked the surveillance videos and saw the entire story clearly, Song Yu’s face turned pale with anger. It was the child who’d thrown a stone and almost hit Xie Sui in the eye, causing him to brake abruptly and accidentally fall off the bicycle. This married woman had then fallen over on her own and claimed that Xie Sui had purposely bumped into her. What a villain.

Only, that married woman’s face looked even worse than his right now.

Because the surveillance clearly showed that it was one of her son’s marbles that had hit the car.

The married woman had already dropped to her knees, crying so hard that she was out of breath and pulling her child down to kneel with her. The five year old boy had been beaten until he was crying and howling.

The married woman never stopped crying, “I was wrong, Miss Cai, Miss Cai, I’ll beat this disobedient child to death! I’ll help you vent your anger! I was wrong! Miss Cai, I can’t afford to compensate you, my entire family, from old to young, are all living together in a small house, and I can’t afford it even if you kill me.”

Cai Mingzhu was sneering the whole time.

The married woman finally fainted from all the crying. She thoroughly regretted it. Her intestines were all tied together in knots, but it was already too late.

When they came out of the police station.

Song Yu took Xie Sui to a small clinic to get some medicine for his wound.

“Can you still walk?”

Xie Sui had also hurt his leg when he fell off the bicycle. Song Yu frowned and looked down at his leg.

Xie Sui was carrying a plastic bag that held vegetables in one hand. His voice was muffled, tone faint, “It should be fine.”

Song Yu thought for a moment and said, “I’ll take you home.”

Xie Sui’s expression was a little stunned, and the fingers holding the handle of the bag curled up involuntarily. However, when he looked at Song Yu’s serious expression, he finally nodded after a delay.

His dark, curved eyelashes covered the slightly cold light in his eyes.

It was already evening.

Stars shone down onto the street.

The shadows from the street lamps lengthened.

The July wind carried a slight dryness.

Song Yu’s originally irritated heart also calmed down.

He thought briefly, then asked, “You’re not working at Linshui anymore, right?”

Xie Sui gave a gentle ‘en’ sound of affirmation.

Song Yu breathed a sigh of relief, “Good, that place is messy and chaotic, and it’s not suitable for you to go there.”

Xie Sui hesitated for a moment. It seemed like he was gathering up the courage to ask the words that had hovered in his heart for a long time, “You, why are you so…” Based on his character, he was really unable to say the last three words of the sentence.

Under the streetlamps, the youth’s pale and delicate features carried traces of helplessness and confusion.

Song Yu picked up where he left off, “Why am I so nice to you?”

Xie Sui’s voice was so low that it was almost carried away by the wind, “Yes.”

Song Yu looked up at the night sky. His hair was soft and stirred slowly with the breeze.

“Probably… you can blame it on being too kind-hearted.”

Xie Sui: “……”

It was really, an unconventional answer.

Song Yu just felt that he was too kind-hearted. Originally, it was a good and proper five years during which he could eat, drink and play as he liked and while it away. Yet he’d just had to come to Jing City, tear down rich families, and curse out shrewish women. He was about to be moved by his own actions.

He scratched his head, “I just can’t bear the sight of people being bullied in front of me and, for better or for worse, I keep running into this kind of thing every time.

Xie Sui was unable to hold it in and laughed shortly.

It was just that Song Yu was immersed in his own world and didn’t hear it. He spoke seriously, “Saving you twice is fate no matter how you look at it, so we can reluctantly be considered friends. Don’t get me wrong. I would do the same thing for others.”

Xie Sui smiled slightly, “Okay.” He didn’t believe it.

The Song Family treated this son like such a treasure. How could they bear to let him come to Jing City on his own?

Linshui could be considered an accident, but for Song Yu to appear on Lianyun Street, it couldn’t possibly be due to ‘fate’.

Song Yu had gone there for him.

So… Why? Speaking of which, he and Song Yu had played together before as children, but that was a memory from before they were five years old and didn’t count for much.

Xie Sui was both a little interested in testing him out, and also found the situation a little interesting. He brought Song Yu to his home.

The complex where Grandmother Chen lived was very old, and the sound-controlled lights only worked sometimes. Song Yu had to stomp his feet several times before the murky yellow light bulb turned on. The stairs were very narrow, and Song Yu supported Xie Sui as they walked. There were flyers piled up in the corridor and an old, out-fashioned smell permeated the building. Because the space was so narrow, Song Yu was almost pressed up against Xie Sui.

The faint scent of grass and trees lingered on his clothes, light and pleasant. Xie Sui bowed his head and saw the youth’s white and fragile neck.

“Which floor?”


In this kind of small building, the third floor was the top floor.

When they pushed open the door, Grandmother Chen had already fallen asleep while waiting on the sofa. She’d covered herself with a blanket, but hadn’t touched the food on the table at all. It seemed that she’d been waiting for Xie Sui.

The yellow light shone down on this small yet cozy room.

Xie Sui placed the vegetables on the table and went to the sofa.

Song Yu knew what he wanted to do and said, “I’ll do it. It’s not convenient for you with your injured leg.”

He picked up Grandmother Chen. Grandmother Chen was old and her eyes weren’t very good. She woke up in a daze, “… Ah-Sui, you’re back, why were you out so late?”

Song Yu said softly, “Grandmother Chen, I’m Xie Sui’s friend.”

Grandmother Chen was still half asleep. She mumbled, “A friend, that’s good, Ah-Sui has always been alone…”

Song Yu thought about it for a long time, then spoke in a whisper.

“He won’t be alone in the future.”

The warm yellow light illuminated the youth’s eyebrows and lashes, gentle and soft, like a snapshot of old times.

Xie Sui was behind him, his eyebrows chilly and haughty.

A long time later, he sneered briefly, turned to wash his hands, and dropped the marbles hidden in his sleeve into the garbage can.

The fifteen year old Xie Sui had never had a friend from childhood to adulthood. Even though he looked indifferent on the surface, he still yearned for beauty in his heart and would be moved by trivial, insignificant things. However, the twenty five year old Xie Sui had experienced too much flattery and hidden agendas. His appearance and family background had brought him too much fawning and compliments, both real and false.

Indifference now permeated his bones. Kindness and gentleness could no longer move him the way it had when he was fifteen years old.

Xie Sui thought of some of the disgusting things from his previous life and his lips curved in a mocking smile. Even he couldn’t say who it was directed at.

How much of an inferiority complex did one have to have to dig out their heart and lungs for someone for the sake of a little warmth? How weak and cowardly did one have to be to need others’ support to step out of an obsession?

When Song Yu came out.

Xie Sui was cooking noodles in the kitchen.

Song Yu sat down politely at the table, “Aren’t there dishes here?”

The fire was turned off.

A bowl of hot noodles was brought out and served.

Xie Sui’s cooking skills were very good. There was chopped scallion on the surface and a layer of minced meat and oil, and it looked very delicious. The fragrance entered his nose and Song Yu, who hadn’t eaten all day, suddenly felt hungry.

“The dishes are cold.”

Xie Sui sat down across from him and pushed the bowl of noodles in front of him, “Eat.”

He’d thought of how Song Yu hadn’t eaten all day. This could be considered a form of repayment.

Song Yu was stunned, “It’s for me?”

God, what kind of little pitiful wife and loving mother1wife and loving mother – Song Yu is referring to how Xie Sui is so good at taking care of the home, how pitiful it was for him to have to learn to do so much was this?

Xie Sui seemed to grow a little shy under his gaze, “Yes.”


Song Yu stirred the noodles with his chopsticks and sighed internally. How could such a kind-hearted and cute person have been abused so badly in the book?

He left after he finished eating, calling the driver over to come pick him up.

When he was seated in the car, the driver wondered, “Young Master, weren’t you going to buy books? How come you ended up shopping your way to such a place.”

Song Yu looked out the window, “I met a very important friend and temporarily changed my mind.”

The driver was surprised, “You’ve only been in Jing City for a few days, yet you’ve already made a very important friend?”

Song Yu made himself sound very reasonable and logical, “Uncle, you don’t get it, this is called feeling like old friends at first meeting.”


Butter’s Thoughts:
There’s a wise saying out there; talk shit, get hit. The villains should learn this well before they start lining up to get smacked.

xiin: Song Yu darling, if only you knew about the marbles hidden up Xie Sui’s sleeve…

  • 1
    wife and loving mother – Song Yu is referring to how Xie Sui is so good at taking care of the home, how pitiful it was for him to have to learn to do so much


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