Chapter 78 – Conversation

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The New Year Party and the final exams came at the same time. After a semester of hard study, Song Yu actually found himself a little relaxed at the very end.

Every day consisted of exams, sorting out the incorrectly answered questions, and looking at notes, but it wasn’t so busy that he was run ragged.

During the rehearsals for Cinderella, Class One didn’t address Song Yu as ‘Brother Yu’, but rather as ‘Director Yu’.

That nickname sounds really foolish.

But Director Song still had a cold and felt unwell, so he didn’t bother to argue with them.

The classroom where they rehearsed in was beside Senior Two’s Class One. It was no wonder that they’d run into Qin Mo last time.

For the next few days, Song Yu saw Qin Mo everywhere. The atmosphere between the two of them had always been tit for tat, like fire and water that couldn’t tolerate each other. Unexpectedly, Qin Mo seemed to have changed temperaments recently, and often acted kindly towards him.

Ma Xiaoding started complaining about him directly during class, “Brother Yu, I keep getting the feeling that Qin Mo isn’t anything good, and he has ill intentions towards you.”

Song Yu corrected him, “That’s not how you’re supposed to use ‘ill intentions’.”

Ma Xiaoding: “Oh, then I mean ulterior motives. Is there something wrong with him? Why does he always want to sit down with you and have a chat? What’s there to talk about?”

Song Yu: “Who the hell knows.”

He felt that Qin Mo must have gone crazy. What was Qin Mo doing? Was he using the tricks he used to deal with Xie Sui in the previous life to deal with him? Please no, the last thing he would fall for was this kind of hypocrisy.

Xie Sui had been busy with matters in A City in the past few days, and he was a little stunned when he heard Ma Xiaoding’s words. His pen left a cold stroke on the paper, and he tilted his head and said, “Where are you guys rehearsing? I’ll come accompany you today.”

Song Yu was surprised. Xie Sui wanted to come––wouldn’t he end up facing Qin Mo? F*ck, how could that work? It hadn’t been easy for his desk mate to finally have the kind of busy life of a first year student. How could he get interrupted by such a scumbag?

Song Yu waved his hand, “No, no, no. Do what you need to do. In fact, it’s nothing. I just hate him; I’m not afraid of him.”

The corners of Xie Sui’s lips hooked up slightly, but his gaze was directed at Ma Xiaoding, “Location.”


Ma Xiaoding was more afraid of Xie Sui than Song Yu. He swallowed, then confessed everything directly.

Song Yu twitched his lips helplessly from the side.

Having Xie Sui watching from the side brought great joy to the actors––Director Song finally stopped drinking water so often! Even the harsh words he used to troll everyone turned gentler.

Sure enough, he still had to control his temper in front of his husband?

Friday was another rainy day. Snow was rare during winters in Jing City, but it rained quite frequently.

Caught off guard by the rain, Song Yu stood at the door to the auditorium, looking outside as he waited for Xie Sui to come pick him up.

It was just that even before Xie Sui could arrive, Qin Mo had come out first.

“Shall we go together?”

A gentle voice sounded out from nearby. It was as modest and polite as always.

He wore a white sweater and gray casual pants, and held a black umbrella in his hand. He smiled as his amber eyes looked at Song Yu.

Song Yu almost started praising this act of his in his heart. He hadn’t paid Qin Mo any attention over the past few days, and now he was upset and irritated due to the rain. He tilted his head and smiled, “Say, Qin Mo, what’s the point of this? It was great when we were mutually disgusted with each other before. What kind of act are you putting on in front of me?”

Qin Mo burst out laughing, “Uncle Song was right. You really have a stubborn temper.”

The corners of Song Yu’s lips twitched sarcastically.

Qin Mo: “I saw that you don’t have an umbrella and only wanted to hep you out. Why are you overthinking it so much? I know you’re prejudiced against me, but as a big brother, I should bear with it more. Not to mention, your body is in poor health.”

“In fact, to put it bluntly, I didn’t do anything to you before.” Qin Mo tilted his head and smiled, “Song Yu, the way you act makes me think that we should know each other from before. Have I ever provoked you in the past?”

Song Yu: “Just say it, what exactly do you want to do?”

Qin Mo’s gaze met his, and he laughed, “Let’s sit down and talk about it.”

Song Yu: “Talk about what?”

Qin Mo: “Choose a place to sit down first.”

Song Yu: “Is it about Xie Sui?”

Qin Mo’s hand tightened around the umbrella handle, but he raised his eyebrows, “Who is Xie Sui? Your desk mate?”

Song Yu didn’t expose him, “If it’s about him, then there’s nothing to talk about.”

Qin Mo found it a little funny, “Do you care about hi that much? That’s not like an ordinary desk mate.”

Song Yu: “Then don’t treat it like we’re ordinary desk mates.”

Qin Mo was almost unable to keep up the same expression on his face. He stared at him deeply, then said coldly, “Does Uncle Song know that you have this kind of intention towards a man?”

It was likely that a scumbag’s brain would only be filled with those kinds of dirty thoughts.

Song Yu scoffed and looked straight ahead.

Xie Sui held up an umbrellas as he walked over through the curtain of rain. Under the street lamps, the drizzle seemed to turn to threads of silk, floating like a spray of white pearls on the edge of the umbrella.

Song Yu replied, “My father? Of course he knows. He personally sent over a significant gift.”

––Worth millions.

If President Song heard this, it was likely that he would be jumping and stamping his feet in anger again.

How would Qin Mo believe him? His smile grew stiff and cold.

It was because he was worried about the Song Family that he had never dared to do anything to Song Yu.

It wouldn’t be easy to force Song Yu to drink alcohol and not leave traces that would lead back to himself. Additionally, the data from the investigation had told him that alcohol was fatal to Song Yu. He wanted to get Song Yu to leave, but didn’t dare to do such a big ruckus and provoke the wrath of the Song Family.

After thinking it over, Qin Mo changed his methods. In his eyes, Song Yu had always acted like a child with a bad temper. He was used to acting unruly, and Qin Mo could handle him without too much effort.

It may be easier to approach Xie Sui through him. But what he hadn’t expected was for it to turn out that Song Yu had always had these kinds of thoughts towards Xie Sui the whole time.


Qin Mo smiled. He’d always liked challenging new and fresh things. If it could be said that he’d originally had a crush on Xie Sui because of his looks, then now, because of Song Yu’s obstruction, this feeling had become stronger, and he was even more interested.

Xie Sui, with his straight legs and an umbrella in hand in the rain, was like a cold and elegant painting.

He raised his gaze and his gaze swept faintly over Qin Mo.

This gaze was very light, but Qin Mo could somehow feel a sense of indescribable coldness. He had never interacted with Xie Sui before, but no matter what, he wouldn’t be as difficult to deal with as the Song Family.

Song Yu walked forward and stepped under Xie Sui’s umbrella, “Let’s go, let’s go, I’m starving.”

Qin Mo smiled from the side and spoke to Song Yu in a familiar and intimate tone, “So it turns out that someone was coming to pick you up.”

Xie Sui’s lips curved up faintly when he heard this, but he instead bowed his head slightly and asked softly, “Yuyu, what do you want to eat?”

The word ‘Yuyu’ was gentle and spoken with a smile. It was like a name used between lovers.

Not only did Qin Mo’s expression grow stiff, even Song Yu was surprised.

Song Yu: “???”

It felt like his brain had been electrocuted by something.

He lifted his head up in astonishment, and his gaze locked with Xie Sui’s dark eyes.

After realizing that Qin Mo was watching from the side, he could only steel himself and acquiesce vaguely, “Eating anything is fine.”

Xie Sui: “Remember to call me earlier next time.”

Song Yu swallowed the words that were in his mouth back down, then forced himself to say, “Mm.”

From an outsider perspective, it was a subtle and shy response.

The only outsider present was Qin Mo.

Qin Mo was completely expressionless––he thought to himself, he had to get Song Yu to leave, even if it wasn’t through drinking alcohol.

On Saturday.

Song Yu had been forced to call home by his grandmother and keep in touch, but in fact, the only person who was free enough to pick up the phone at home was Song Wanying.

Song Wanying had recently taken a fancy to an actor who performed in costume dramas. The image of this swordsman in white had pierced into her young girl’s heart.

She said, “I’ve decided that I’ll enter the entertainment industry for him.”

Song Yu was in the midst of doing his homework, “How do you want to enter the entertainment industry? Just ask dad for money to start up a company and support him.”

Song Wanying: “You’re so vulgar.”

Song Yu: “Don’t mention it. Do you know what nickname I’ve gotten in school recently? Everyone calls me Director Song. When you enter the entertainment industry, you can be the female lead, and I’ll be the director.”

Song Wanying: “…… 6666.”

Song Wanying: “This play is going to be crap for sure.”

Song Yu started laughing, completely unbothered by her words, “Who would want to be Director Song? It sounds so foolish. I’d rather be President Song.”

Song Wanying couldn’t stop laughing, “In that case, you can disprove the rumor that the members of the Song Family are all business wizards all on your own.”

Song Yu: “……”

Song Yu replied calmly, “Yeah, it’s not ‘wizard’, it’s ‘genius’. Genius businessman President Song.”

When he said this, the pen in his hand that was copying a term suddenly paused, and he remained stunned for a moment. The future? When had he started unconsciously planning for things that he hadn’t thought about back when he first came to this world?

Song Wanying was laughing so hard that tears were coming out of her eyes, “Hahahahaha, forget about genius businessman President Song. I’m afraid you’ll be a genius money spender, closing down every company you start.”

The two of them snarked at each other for a while.

Song Wanying told him about the recent events in A City, “I wonder why the scumbags these days all end up with fame and fortune. That’s not right, I’ve gotten the order wrong. Maybe only the men with both fame and wealth will have women sending themselves up to get treated badly. Who would’ve thought that it was Xie Sinian who treated Aunt Xu badly back then?”

Song Yu’s eyes widened slightly, “What?”

That wasn’t right, wasn’t this plot point appearing a bit early?

Song Wanying lamented, “You didn’t expect that, right? Mom didn’t, either. Aunt Xu was a famous beauty in A City, but she was actually ruined by Xie Sinian? I heard that she was even cheated into being a mistress. However, Aunt Xu’s temperament was really helpless, not saying anything and getting depressed all alone. Even at the end, she broke off contact with everyone directly and disappeared without a trace.”

“Now, what happened is finally clear. Aunt Xu was too miserable, and was forced out of A City by Qin Qiuyun. The surveillance has been released, I, sigh… how could there be such a vicious person like that? Say, she was already the first wife. Why did she have to do such an absolute thing in private? Is there something wrong with her brain?”

As for what happened in the surveillance, it made Song Wanying feel heartbroken when she brought it up.

“Say, what kind of affair is this? The one who was most in the wrong was Xie Sinian, right, but this is the gratitude and resentments of the Xie Family, and it’s hard for others to interfere. Xie Sinian pretends to be deeply in love and asks the Xu Family frantically about Aunt Xu’s whereabouts––but the Xu Family absolutely refuses to say anything and wants him to step up first.”

“It looks like Xie Sinian intends to divorce, and the Xu Family also plans to file a lawsuit against Qin Qiuyun. The whole of A City is just watching the show.”

Song Wanying sighed, “I’ve never met Aunt Xu before, but mother seems to have some friendship with her before marrying into the Song Family, so it’s not good to talk about these things in front of her. I’ll just talk about it to you. Her and Qin Qiuyun are both pitiful, one is miserable because she’s silly and sweet, and the other is miserable because she’s heartless.”

Song Yu felt cold all over, but his mind was filled with, “The Xie Family is now looking for Aunt Xu?”

But Aunt Xu was already dead… the only one left now was Xie Sui…


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