Chapter 77 – New Year Party

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translator: xiin

[ Xie Sui has really updated my understanding on the first years ]

Main post: [ Video ]

1L: ‘Handsome’ is just one word, and I’ll only say it once

2L: Badass. I’ve long been unhappy with the people from No.13 High. Watching the video made me so excited that I want to sell my computer and give the money to Xie Sui, but the internet cafe managers stopped me.

3L: Brother Yu ahhhh! You disappointing brat, you did nothing but watch others act handsome from the side while cheering from the side?! –––And you cheered so loudly??? Your voice is everywhere in the video. It makes me so angry! Step down from your position!

4L: Hahahahaha, step down and make way for your husband


99L: After thinking about it for a long time, I’ve still decided to say something.

I’m Xie Sui’s middle school classmate. In fact, Xie Sui has always been very excellent, but he was dragged down by gossip during his three years in middle school.

Sorry, but this can be considered a belated apology.

In fact, Song Yu often got sleepy and dreamed on rainy days, but perhaps he’d been influenced by Xie Sui’s words.

After drinking a cup of hot milk, he actually didn’t dream all night. For once, he woke up refreshed after a rainy day.

The teaching director had already tossed down the gauntlet, and he wasn’t about to let him off.

When the flag was being raised on Monday, Song Yu was caught yawning in front of the whole school. Because he’d slept too well the night before, he forgot to write an essay and had no choice but to make an impromptu speech about why he’d gotten into a scuffle with Gao Feng and his group based off a draft.

Song Yu was stunned for a moment, then said lazily, “Does there have to be a reason for this? Who told me to be a person who preserves safety and security? I get three meals a day in return for ensuring the safety of No.1 High.”

He’d already been the man of the moment, and now, the crowd below burst into mad laughter.

It had been intended as a lesson, but was now more like a concert.

The teaching director was about to die of anger.

––The microphone was passed back to the teaching director.

The teaching director’s expression was ugly, “How do you feel?” Getting punished in front of so many people, he should feel embarrassed and know that he’d been wrong.

Song Yu froze for a few seconds, “How do I feel? The microphone’s sound quality is very good, and the field of vision from the stage is very wide and open. The on-the-scene effects are pretty good, too. Thank you, teacher. I’ll come back again next time.”

The teaching director: “……” If he had a high risk of heart attacks, he’d be dead by now!

Next time!

He even dared to have a next time!

He decided to remove Song Yu’s name from the blacklist and set up a ‘death list’ for him alone.

Of course, the ‘Terminator’s death list was never put into use.

After all, Song Yu’s character wasn’t the type who liked to make trouble. He’d come to Jingcheng No.1 High to study quietly.

It was already winter.

Class One’s performance for the New Year Party was finally decided upon, and it would be a Cinderella stage play. The Literary and Art committee were soliciting a list of actors, and Chunian would be played by Liang Yingying. Jiang Chunian achieved her own wishes of winning the position of the vicious stepmother, and the positions for the rest of the wicked sisters, fairy godmother, all kinds of small animals, as well as the king and ministers were then assigned to others.

Only the choice for the prince remained empty for a long time.

All eyes turned to the middle of the fourth group.

Ma Xiaoding scratched his head in embarrassment, “Why are you all looking at me? Do you want me to play the role of the prince? In fact, it’s not impossible, but I already have the role of a little mouse.”

One of the committee members smacked him on the head with a book, “Just be your mouse.” Her eyes then fell on the two heroic figures up front. She smiled and said, “Brother Yu, God Xie, you two big handsome fellows, one of you should be the prince.”

Others egged them on, “Yeah, we can’t waste resources.”

Song Yu had insisted on wearing a t-shirt in school for a while after winter began, causing him to catch a cold. After getting woken up during class, he swept a glance over them and spoke. His voice was a little nasally, “Don’t look at me, I don’t want to act.”

The committee member sighed, then turned her gaze to Xie Sui and looked pitiful, “God Xie, we’ll definitely be able to shock the entire audience if you make an appearance.”

After Xie Sui saw that Song Yu was awake, he focused on getting him to take medicine and didn’t have time to reply to the committee member. His response was short and simple, “No.”

His slender hand held up the cup, placing it directly against Song Yu’s mouth.

Song Yu’s face instantly scrunched up like a ball after he took a sip of the medicine. Because it was too bitter, he turned and supported himself against the wall as he coughed, “What kind of damned medicine is this? It’s too bitter, did you put poison in it?”

Xie Sui raised an eyebrow, “You’re quite delicate.”

Song Yu was unhappy, “You drink a sip!”

Xie Sui sneered, “Shall I drink it then feed you?”

Song Yu was like a sick cat with his cold, coming up with all sorts of weird ideas, but after being provoked like this, he immediately exploded in anger, “I’m telling you to drink a sip and try it! Who wants you to feed me! I won’t eat it even if you feed me––”

Xie Sui stuffed a piece of candy into his mouth and blocked his words.

It was a fruit candy. It was very sweet and dispersed the bitterness in his mouth.

Song Yu had originally wanted to show his backbone and spit it out, but he discovered that it tasted pretty good after giving it a try. So, he shut up and kept it in his mouth.

The crowd of people who were watching the interaction and conversation between the two, “……”

They felt like they’d been hurt.

A sports committee member spoke up from beside the art committee member, “If you can persuade Brother Yu to play Cinderella, then God Xie will probably agree to play the prince.”

The art committee member wanted to cry but had no tears, “Take a look at Brother Yu, does he look like someone who can be persuaded?”

The sports committee member thought about it, then gave a suggestion, “Persuade him with emotional reasons.”

The art committee member: “I don’t know if I can persuade him, but I know that I’ll definitely get beaten up.”

The two of them looked at each other silently, their tears quietly flowing back into their hearts.

It was just that no one dared to go up and touch these two walking disasters. The role of the prince was finally given to a tall and thin youth.

Everyone was involved in this New Year Party.

After many twists and turns, the role that finally landed in Song Yu’s hands was that of the director.

The art committee member had this to say about it, “Brother Yu, no one would dare to not listen with you organizing it. Our class will become very efficient.”

Song Yu raised his eyebrows, “Am I so terrifying?”

Ultimately, with nothing else to do, he accepted this task out of boredom.

Rehearsals for the play took place in the backstage of the auditorium.

Song Yu was a very qualified director. After all, he was a man who took everything seriously. He sat to the side with the script, and watched the rehearsal intently.

On the first day, Brother Yu, who’d made his debut as a troll, once again showed his talent in trolling. He started his own personal show.

“Come on, give Cinderella a song about the little widow going to visit the grave to set up the atmosphere. Have her not smile so happily in front of her father’s body.”

“Looking at this kind and gentle expression, I suspect that Student Jiang has been staying up late every day to read the parenting encyclopedia in order to be a good stepmother. A mother’s love is really great.”

“Ma Xiaoding, are you still missing a tail? Can you squeak for us to listen to? You’re already able to walk upright, have you become sentient? You don’t seem to need to think of yourself as a mouse anymore.”

“Speak slowly. Your mouth isn’t on loan, and you’re not in a hurry to return it. Could it be that this line is burning your mouth?”

The art committee member: “……”

If they didn’t get number one in the competition, they wouldn’t be able to live up to Brother Yu’s honest and genuine teachings.

There was a bottle of mineral water beside Song Yu. Everyone had already figured out Brother Yu’s habits. Nothing good would come out of him drinking water.

As long as he unscrewed the bottle cap, the air would freeze in an instant. By the time he finished drinking and set down his water bottle, the entire audience would wish that they were death.

The rehearsal ended at 7PM.

Song Yu was getting ready to leave and began to put on his coat.

Ma Xiaoding stepped forward and asked ingratiatingly, “Brother Yu, how was my performance towards the end today?”

Song Yu glanced at him.

In the play, the other animals enthusiastically helped Cinderella with her housework. Ma Xiaoding was the only one who really thought of himself as a mouse during the entire process, standing beside her with his hands at his sides and even feeling good about himself.

Song Yu said lightly, “Very good.”

Ma Xiaoding was overjoyed.

Song Yu finished pulling on his school uniform and walked out the door, “A thief’s eyebrows and a rat’s eyes. You’ve acted out your true colors.”

Ma Xiaoding: “……”

Song Yu stepped out of the rehearsal room and ran into the last person in the whole of No.1 High that he wanted to see in the corridor.

Qin Mo was leaning against the wall. His temperament was as gentle as ever, and he smiled when that pair of amber eyes looked at him, “Song Yu, you’ve finally come out.”

Song Yu looked at him coldly. When it came to people he didn’t like, he wouldn’t even bother to ridicule them. His expression was icy as he continued walking forward.

Qin Mo stood up straight and he looked at ease and relaxed, “I think we should talk. After all, we’ll meet often when we return to A City in the future. Our relationship is so strained that it’ll cause embarrassment for our parents.”

Ma Xiaoding came out behind him. The words that he wanted to holler out instantly became stuck in his mouth when he saw a handsome looking boy pestering Song Yu.

Song Yu was amused when he heard Qin Mo bring up their parents and said, “No need, please don’t take yourself too seriously. My father isn’t as fragile as you may think.”

Qin Mo had been investigating Song Yu over the past few days, and he naturally learned some things about his temperament. Song Yu’s reply was within his expectations, and he didn’t get angry. He smiled self-consciously, and his gaze was mild and a little distressed, “I still don’t know why you’re so hostile towards me. We haven’t met before, right?”

Song Yu didn’t want to pay any more attention to him and continued walking straight ahead.

Ma Xiaoding had felt hostile towards Qin Mo right from the start. Only after following Song Yu out of the auditorium did he open his mouth to ask, “Brother Yu, who is that?”

Song Yu replied succinctly and coldly, “An idiot.”

Ma Xiaoding breathed a sigh of relief, then whistled, “That’s great. I originally thought that God Xie was about to pick up another love rival.”

Song Yu’s steps paused. The corners of his lips pulled down, and he turned around, “What are you talking about? What love rival”

Ma Xiaoding remained silent, “……”

In fact, he’d just been joking around. After all, the entire No.1 High knew that the two most influential figures in Class One liked to stick together every day.

Of course, unlike the girls’ excitement that was akin to having taken drugs, coming up with things like ‘Happy Together’, the comments amongst the boys were much more proper. In one sentence, it was ‘Song Yu and Xie Sui really look like they’re gay.” If they were really gay, then the boys from No.1 High would probably set fireworks at the entrance to celebrate the death of countless young girls from No.1 High’s secret crushes––perhaps their future girlfriend may even be amongst them.

Song Yu said, “I don’t mind if you say such things for me to hear, but don’t let Xie Sui hear it.”

It hadn’t been easy for him to convince Xie Sui that his ‘like’ wasn’t the type of ‘like’ that happened between lovers. Don’t lead him to think too much about it due to some messy gossip.

Ma Xiaoding: “???” Was God Xie very against hearing such things? It didn’t seem so.

Of course, he still raised up his hand and promised, “Brother Yu, I was wrong. My Brother Yu is the straightest man in the world, as straight as a telegraph pole, standing up 90 degrees from the earth’s surface.”

Song Yu: “……”


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