Chapter 76 – ‘Nice’ Sidelines Type School Bully

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translator: xiin

Ma Xiaoding was just about to speak.

Song Yu had been tossed to the wolves by him for so long that he already knew what kind of crap he would spew. He directly pulled him back by his shoulder and cut off his words before he could speak.

Ma Xiaoding was forced to step back, silently swallowing the words ‘going out to beat up his son’ back down his throat. He remained standing at the back.

Song Yu put aside his fierce attitude. His expression was free and easy as he lied with his eyes open, “I’m not going anywhere, just going out to the bathroom.”

Xie Sui’s gaze was indifferent as he glanced at him, “You need to take someone with you to go to the bathroom?”

Song Yu pulled Ma Xiaoding forward again by his clothes and urged him with his eyes, “Hurry and tell Xie Sui that you don’t dare to go to the bathroom alone ever since you came back from the haunted house.”

Ma Xiaoding was throwing up blood in his heart, but he was being pressured by a higher power and could only nod madly, “Yes, yes, yes, I’m so scared I could die.”

Xie Sui looked at him steadily for a while, then suddenly smiled and said, “What a coincidence. I don’t dare to, either.”

Xie Sui: “Let’s go together.”

Song Yu: “……”

Naturally, it was impossible for the three of them to really go to the bathroom.

Xie Sui walked up ahead, and he didn’t head in the direction of the toilet at all. He went down the stairs on his long legs, going straight towards the library’s main entrance.

Song Yu was a bit embarrassed over having been exposed. He coughed, then told him the full story, “Do you remember Yao Rui, who I beat up last time for being in the way? Taking advantage of the fact that it’s Saturday, a whole group of them blatantly bullied their way to our door. Can you bear it? In any case, I can’t put up with it.”

So, he really hadn’t meant to go looking for trouble.

Xie Sui glanced at him. His tone of voice was cool as he taunted, “Oh, so the school bully is going to go hand out justice again?”

Song Yu explained himself, “No, in fact, I don’t acknowledge this school bully title.”

Xie Sui: “I think you’re very wild about fighting.”

Song Yu: “Do you only think I’m wild about fighting? Don’t you see me studying and burning midnight oil night and day?”

Xie Sui: “Hm? Didn’t I tell you to go to bed early?”

Song Yu: “Don’t change the subject!”

The two youths continued their back and forth as they went through the corridors.

Ma Xiaoding felt that he was only here to make up the numbers, like a big, round, and not-that-bright light bulb.

There was a reading room on the first floor as well. Now that the situation had already progressed to this point, no one had any motivation to study, and they were pushing and nudging each other to go out and take a look. The students from No.13 High were all at the entrance, blocking the way.

Yao Rui sat at the steps, lighting up a cigarette with a lighter. The sky was gray, making the red glow from the end of the cigarette appear very conspicuous.

The person beside him looked around everywhere, “Brother Rui, what if that brat Song Yu hides and refuses to come out?”

Yao Rui spat out a smoke ring and stood up, his face full of evil intent, “Then we’ll go inside and pull him out.”

The design for the first floor of the library in No.1 High was very simple. The entrance faced the stairs that were across the hall.

Song Yu and Xie Sui were coming down the stairs just as Yao Rui and his party walked inside.

The two waves of troops collided.

The scent of gunpowder was very strong.

The crowd of people watching from nearby all sucked in a breath.

Yao Rui could basically be considered an enemy with Song Yu at first sight. His eyes blazed with hate as he tossed the cigarette between his fingers to the ground, stamping it out. His words were practically forced out through gritted teeth as he said, “Song Yu, you can run and hide, but you can’t hide forever. Let’s settle the accounts from last time.”

Song Yu hadn’t yet spoken––

Xie Sui had already opened his mouth, his line of sight indifferent as he looked at the people from No.13 High. He raised his chin, “We’ll settle it outside.”

The onlookers instantly sucked in another collective breath––what was God Xie doing? His boyfriend’s hand was injured, so he was coming out to teach others a lesson?

Song Yu silently swallowed down the trash talk that was at the tip of his tongue, then gave Yao Rui a bit of a sympathetic look.

It was alright if he made a move, but Xie Sui was really fierce when he got started.

But Yao Rui was unaware of this and still ran his mouth wildly, “Laozi’s talking to Song Yu. Who are you to him? It’s not your turn to speak.”

Xie Sui’s lips curved, “His friend.”

Many of the young girls who were watching the scene covered their faces, silently adding the word ‘boy’ in front of the word ‘friend’.

––His boyfriend.

The corner of Song Yu’s lips pursed, and a little compassion showed in his eyes. The words were scummy, the tone overbearing, so he’d light a candle for this dear fellow.

Facts proved that Song Yu’s candle was justified.

That afternoon.

The whole of No.1 High watched in dumbfounded amazement as their cold and abstinent school grass, who seemed removed from the mundane world, fought.

And he was handsome and stylish as he fought.

At the end of the day, Song Yu was someone who’d sat on a wall and watched as he fought against ten people on his own, so he wasn’t surprised by the scene at all.

The irritation he felt dispersed when he saw Yao Rui getting pressed to the ground. He cheered from the side, “666!”

And when he saw the group of people from No.13 High all toppled to the ground, he applauded and praised heartily, “Nice.”


Screams rang out from the library.

The onlookers from No.1 High could be divided into three separate categories.

The first group of well-behaved students were very concerned, “Why hasn’t the Exterminator come yet? Is there anyone else paying attention to the gangsters from the school next door coming over to make trouble? I’m dying of anxiety.”

One group of people were totally captivated by how handsome Xie Sui was and covered their chests, “Ahhhhh, I’m dead, I’m going f*cking cheat on Brother Yu tonight!”

And one group of people were shocked and amazed. Most of them were boys, “Holy shit, badass, are all first years so like this nowadays?”

A student from another school who’d come to the library to study with their friends also sighed emotionally, “Is this the school bully from your school that you keep telling me about? He looks really damned handsome when he fights.”

One of the boys from No.1 High who was standing nearby shook his head and sighed, “No, this is the school bully’s desk mate.”

The student from a nearby school, “Ah? Then what about the school bully?”

The boy from No.1 High’s lips twitched, and he said, “He’s the one standing at the side making 666 gestures and saying ‘nice’.”

The student from a nearby school, “???”

After teaching the scum a lesson––

There was a group of girls applauding excitedly nearby.

“God Xie, thank you for your hard work.”

“Big brother, you’ve worked hard.”

Song Yu found it amusing and called out as well, “You’ve worked hard, you’ve worked hard.”

Xie Sui glanced him, his gaze a little cool.

They had to clear out quickly after fighting, since the teaching director was on his way.

One of the girls nearby reminded them, “Brother Yu, you guys should go. The Exterminator is never reasonable, and you’ll be lectured for a long time if he catches you.”

Ma Xiaoding realized it as well, “Oh yeah, Brother Yu, you’re now on the Exterminator’s blacklist––you’ll be punished for being part of the audience even if you didn’t do anything.”

Song Yu’s lips curved downwards helplessly when he thought of the teaching director holding up his loudspeaker, a sharp and angry expression on his face.

He’d already been studying at the library for the whole afternoon, and it was almost time to head back in any case.

He tilted his head to say to everyone, “In that case, let’s all disperse. You guys didn’t see anything. We’ll treat it as though a group of people from No.13 High came to our entrance and performed a suicide.”

Everyone laughed out loud, but they didn’t dare to not listen now that their school bully had spoken, and they slowly trickled back to the study rooms.

Song Yu had just pulled Xie Sui to the library entrance when he found that it was raining outside.

The fine drizzle shrouded the teaching buildings like a layer of fog.

Ma Xiaoding spoke like a little follower, “Oh, Brother Yu, just wait. I’ll go borrow an umbrella for you.”

Song Yu replied, “That’s so troublesome.” Time was pressing.

He dragged Xie Sui with him and rushed out into the rain.

By the time Ma Xiaoding rushed back, he could only stand there at the entrance to the library with wide eyes, shouting loudly, “Brother Yu––umbrella, hey––”

Accompanying his voice was the sound of the teaching director’s angry roar, followed by the sound of his loudspeaker, as he charged in from another direction.

“Where are the people from No.13 High––is Song Yu making trouble here again?”

The corners of Song Yu’s lips curved up.

When would Old Tian finally realize that he was someone that couldn’t be caught? He stopped running, originally planning to turn around to wave his hand at Ma Xiaoding and strike a cool pose.

“Remember to tell Old Tian for me––hey––!”

Unexpectedly, there was a sunken puddle in front of him. He almost stepped inside and was pulled aside by Xie Sui just in time.

“Song Yu!” Xie Sui’s voice contained faint traces of anger in the rain.

After he stumbled and regained his footing, Song Yu kept his hold on Xie Sui’s wrist. Rain splashed up onto his trouser legs.

The grumpy teaching director was behind them, and the gangsters were on the floor everywhere. There was also the stunned Ma Xiaoding, who was still holding onto an umbrella.

For some reason, Song Yu found it increasingly funny the more he thought about it. He couldn’t help but bend over and laugh.

“Hahahahaha this is amazing.”

The anger that was stuck in Xie Sui’s chest cavity spread out into helplessness. He could feel the temperature of Song Yu’s palm against his wrist––

The youth’s laughter rang in his ears, like a damp wind, bringing with it the scent of soil and grass as it curled into his heart. It brought him back to their real age of 15, and for a moment, many various emotions melted away in this misty rain.

Song Yu laughed until his stomach hurt, then spoke to him, “You know, I heard just now that I’ve picked up another character setting, called ‘‘nice’ sidelines school bully’.”

This really amused him, and he laughed until tears came to his eyes.

When he thought back to what had just happened, it was true––

Xie Sui was the one who fought and looked handsome, while he was just a salted fish.

He held back his laughter and raised his head His eyes were bright as he said seriously, “Big brother Xie Sui has worked hard.”

Xie Sui looked into his eyes, and the words that had rushed up to his mouth were ultimately held back. His thin lips pressed together to form a line.

Old Tian was still refusing to let him go. After handing over the crowd of people from No.13 High to the security room, he chased after them and roared across the distance with his loudspeaker, an umbrella in hand, “What are you running away for, Song Yu! Who else other than you would go and provoke No13 High?! You won’t be able to get out of being called out under the national flag on Monday!”

Song Yu complained, “In that case, I can’t let you catch me as it’ll affect my evening study time. Let me enjoy my weekend first.”

After saying so, he dragged Xie Sui with him and hurried away.

“Let’s go.”

The teaching director was so angry that he was practically jumping around on the spot, “Song Yu!”

The wind and rain dampened his black hair.

Song Yu even turned back to whistle at him, waving his hand.

Very provocatively.

“See you on Monday, teacher!”

This teenager period was wanton and unrestrained, like grass before spring.

Xie Sui stared at his side profile and finally couldn’t hold back. He started laughing, and the frostiness at the bottom of his eyes melted away like moonlight on the sea.

He said softly in his heart, just let things be like this.

The black mud and dirt that was wrapped around his heart, layer by layer, seemed to be washed away by this misty rain.

He’d never known before that he would one day be able to put down something so easily. But it didn’t seem to matter. He might have missed him in the last life or walked the path of strangers; maybe it was a regret, or maybe it was a separation caused by life and death. However, in this life, he was still by his side, and there was still enough time for everything.

There was time to make up for whatever they’d missed in the past.

They finally shook off the teaching director and came to a stop at the bus stop.

“Song Yu.”

He whispered his name.

The smile on Song Yu’s face hadn’t yet faded, and he tilted his head in confusion, “What’s the matter?”

Xie Sui dropped his gaze and said faintly, “In the future, don’t dream.”

Song Yu: “???” He was stunned for a moment, then didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “You’re concerning yourself with a lot.”

Xie Sui added, “Don’t dream of me anymore.”

Song Yu’s eyes were wide, and he stared at him in a daze. Although he was the one who’d confessed the matter, he still felt a bit annoyed, embarrassed, and a mix of some other strange emotions when Xie Sui spoke about it thus.

––What do you mean, don’t dream of me? Do you think it’s something I want to dream about?

No, wait.

Song Yu came back to his senses, “Didn’t you not believe it?!”

Xie Sui replied, “You always thought that I didn’t believe you. Don’t you have nightmares every time you dream of me?”

He gazed into Song Yu’s eyes, smiled, and said quietly, “Everything in dreams is false. Open your eyes.”

The last sentence seemed to be spoken to himself.

“I will always be by your side.”

xiin: i love the way XS can’t hold onto his anger in front of SY <3


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