Chapter 70 – Unspoken Desire

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His heart beat wildly. After that strong feeling of collapse, Song Yu’s senses gradually recovered, and cheers from all sides flooded in like a tide.

“Is he first? Is he first?”

“F*ck me! He’s first, he’s first!”

“Ahhhhhh badass, Brother Yu! Badass, Brother Yu!”

“Brother Yu is amazing!”

Whistles, laughter, applause, and broken screams.

His hand was clenched tightly around Xie Sui’s arm. After panting violently, his temples were constantly throbbing, but he raised his eyes to flash a bright, proud smile. His light brown pupils were clear and shiny, briefly making the sun appear less dazzling.

Song Yu smiled and spoke while still gasping slightly for breath, “Am I great or not?”

Xie Sui supported him and was dazzled for a moment, then smiled softly, “Really great.”

To the side, Jiang Chunian almost dropped the fan she was holding, her words incoherent from excitement, “Ahhhhhhh Happy Together is real! I’m dying, I’m dying.”

Liang Yingying was speechless when faced with this mercurial woman and rolled her eyes at her, “Where are those who wanted to give out their first kisses if he won? Go and give it, you cowards. Go and snatch Brother Yu from God Xie and press him to the playground wall for a kiss.”

Jiang Chunian: “No way. In fact, I find it very meaningful to live.”

The audience was as enthusiastic and noisy as if it was the New Year.

In a certain corner, a glib-tongued young man grinned into the camera, “Congratulations to Song Yu for winning first place. After that, let me tell you guys some unfortunate news—my roommate called and said that he’d been kidnapped and had tens of millions in cash robbed. So, he’ll do an IOU for the Rolls Royce first. Debt doesn’t weigh anything, so he’s decided to gift out a Lamborghini next time.”

The 1500 meter race was the last race of the first day.

After his run, Song Yu was accompanied by Xie Sui as he walked around the edge of the track.

Ma Xiaoding had finally snatched the screaming chicken back from Xi Bowen. He was incredibly happy and squeezed it in his hand, making wave after wave of terrible sounds.

Song Yu’s gaze swept over.

Ma Xiaoding held it silently in his arms, his face covered with a ‘qwq’ expression, and stopped playing with it.

There was a crowd of people following beside him.

Xi Bowen was in high spirits, “Brother Yu, you have no idea how crazy the audience was when you ran that last lap. They were all offering up cars and houses, and their roars stunned even the teachers, hahaha.”

Song Yu had already recovered. He opened a bottle cap and drank a sip of iced black tea.

Ma Xiaoding said, “What did one of those big guys say on the forum? If Brother Yu gets first place, then he’d give 100 yuan to everyone who leaves their name in the thread. Now, the thread post count has already broken records, and that big guy secretly deleted his account. Shit, I’m going to remember this coward who owes me 100.” One of the boys from Class One laughed, “Sigh, if their words were credible, would I still be a poor bastard?”

Song Yu couldn’t stop laughing. He turned his head to ask Xie Sui, “Look at what the others are doing. If I win, they’re giving out houses, and even their first night. What about you? What are you going to give me?”

Xie Sui tilted his head to look at him, his cold and dark black eyes holding laughter as he dragged his tone out and said leisurely, “Wasn’t I great last night?”

Song Yu: “……”

To hell with your ‘great’!

That wasn’t what he’d said!

Their class monitor ran over from up ahead, his arms waving desperately, a camera in one hand. He shouted, “School bully, school grass, let’s take a photo of you two together.”

Ma Xiaoding held out the screaming chicken to block the way. He said solemnly, “What are you doing? We have to protect our Brother Yu and God Xie. You’re infringing on their portrait rights!”

The class monitor rolled his eyes, “A girl from the class beside us asked for a photo of the two of you and offered a sky-high price for it—fifty for a photo. I thought about it, and if the two of you stand next to each other for the photo, won’t it be one hundred per photo? Quickly, quickly, quickly, I’m making money for our class fees. We’ll go to the amusement park with the money.”

Ma Xiaoding immediately grew enthusiastic, “In that case, add me in. I only need twenty per photo. Each photo will be worth one hundred and twenty.”

The class monitor couldn’t possibly be any more disparaging, “Get lost to one side. If we put you in the photo, it’s likely we’ll have to deduct twenty instead.”

Ma Xiaoding was unhappy, “Brother Yu and God Xie’s worth is an even split. No matter what, I should still be worth something when compared with them.”

Everyone laughed out loud.

Song Yu sneered and took a step back, “I refuse.” He pulled Xie Sui along with him and said leisurely, “And my deskmate is a kaolin flower who should maintain his image.”

Xie Sui smiled and didn’t say a word.

The class monitor was very aggrieved as he held his camera, “I’m asking for the sake of the class, alright?”

They didn’t end up taking a photo of the two of them. Old Cheng’s eyes were sharp as he came over, originally planning to tell them off for lingering. Yet as a result, he was dragged over to take a group photo of their class.

“Say cheese?”

“To hell with cheese.” Ma Xiaoding pinched the screaming chicken and laughed as he offered up his opinion, “Let me ask you guys, is Brother Yu badass or not? You guys say badass!”

Song Yu: “……” How f*cking shameful.

It was just that he hadn’t yet had time to reject this suggestion when the class monitor with the camera started waving his hands, “Ready.”

He shouted loudly, “—Is Brother Yu badass?!”


The sound of laughter was bright and clear.

Dammit. Song Yu felt too ashamed to see anyone. He turned his head to the side, Xie Sui’s light laughter ringing by his ear.

At the school gates.

Qin Mo sat in the co-pilot seat. The car window was lowered, and his amber gaze looked silently in the direction of the playground.

The driver had been assigned to him by the Wang Family. He asked tentatively, “Is Fourth Young Master waiting for someone?”

Qin Mo shook his head, “No.”

The driver followed his line of sight and looked in the direction of the playground. He spoke in surprise, “Is No.1 High holding a sports event? It’s so lively.”

Qin Mo’s lips curved with a sliver of a smile, and he asked abruptly, “Do you know Xie Sui?”

At the end of the day, the driver had worked in the Wang Family for many years and used to pick up Wang Ci. His expression grew ugly when he heard this name, “I know him. He’s the one who caused Young Master Wang Ci’s downfall.”

Qin Mo had a certain understanding of his ignorant cousin despite having only been in Jing City for a few days. He thought about Wang Ci’s temperament.

Who exactly had harmed who was unclear.

However, he wasn’t interested in studying it deeply. He tilted his head, “Do you know his family background?”

Back then, the Wang Family had also investigated Xie Sui deeply.

The driver told him everything he knew, “There’s only one elderly person in Xie Sui’s family, and it seems that they aren’t even biologically related. Nothing could be found on his mother’s identity, and it’s only known that she suicided by jumping off a building because she’d gotten sick.”

Qin Mo: “Oh?”

The driver was surprised, “Could it be that Xie Sui is annoying you at school? Is he really so brave?”

Qin Mo spoke slowly, “He didn’t provoke me, but I’m quite interested in provoking him.”

The driver was stunned, and then followed his bad thoughts, “With your identity, he can’t refuse.”

Qin Mo’s line of sight landed on a fixed point, and then he closed the window, “He can’t refuse, but there’s a silver soul beside him that hinders me.”

The driver: “…… Song Yu?”

The affair with Wang Ci had caused the entire Wang Family to collapse. Naturally, the causes and consequences had been spread around. It was difficult for him not to be familiar with this name.

A relative of the Meng family, and the mayor’s nephew. Madame Wang had been both angry and surprised, but after going back and investigating carefully, she learned where Song Yu had really come from. A City’s Song Family. That anger she felt stuttered and could only be swallowed back in silence.

“This member of the Song Family…” The driver started vaguely, “Really likes to involve himself in other people’s business.”

Qin Mo: “Start driving.”

He leaned back in the co-pilot seat, his gentle appearance falling away. His voice was cold, “Since he likes to meddle so much, then I’ll make him get lost back to A City.”

The driver was stunned, “What?”

Qin Mo said, “Doesn’t the Song Family treat this little Young Master like such a treasure?”

He rubbed his knuckles, then smiled and said, “Let’s see if his family can bear to let him stay here when his illness acts up.”

Qin Mo’s tone was as cold as a poisonous snake inside the dim car carriage.

“I’ve heard that he can’t touch alcohol?”

The night after the sports event.

One video and one sentence remained at the top of the forum threads, its popularity on the rise for a full week.

[ Crossing the finish line, and arriving at my heart. ]

Main post: Let me show you guys something. I took it from the top of the audience stands and then did some post-processing. Pay attention to what happens at 3 minutes and 12 seconds. Sigh, it’s the fairytale love between the school grass and the school bully.

1L: I finished it, I’m dead, damn it

2L: I finished it, and I’m dying and coming back to life again, doing sit-ups in the coffin, damn it

3L: What the hell is this? A run has been cut up like a TV show. Song Yu ran really fast during that sprint at the last second, why do you have to slow it down [nose pick][nose pick]

4L: My key announcer is calling out husband. If I’d known earlier, Laozi would’ve written a ‘you can do it’ draft for myself and gotten myself a girlfriend for one and a half minutes.

5L: Upstairs, respect. I suggest that the original poster add a sentence to the post—straight men, retreat.

6L: ??? Why was I cued

7L: Hey, you’re looking down on people. The straight man are grumbling and swearing as they post

8L: Ahhh, a confession and cheering script. The sister who wrote this copy is a genius. Let me offer up my pen to the genius. Lights Are As Bright As Ever, Lady Genius, is it you?

9L: Hahahahaha it’s not. The credit goes to everyone, I just put in a little effort. Lovely, kind, and smart. This is what God Xie said when he described Brother Yu ^^


20L: I’ve read it over and over twenty times. To sum it up, I’ve been gifted with Happy Together.

21L: In the last three seconds, it seems like I’m running with all my life’s strength, going through the crowds to embrace you. Colored stationery drifted all over the ground, and pink balloons were released from the audience stands. People are shouting and laughing, filled with an earthly joy.

You come into my heart, it’s an unspoken desire, an earthly love.

22L: Wuwuwuwuwu unspoken desire, earthly love.

23L: I want to say something, but it just won’t come out. I’ll just wish them a future like the sea, and many are the years to come.

“The future is like the sea, and many are the years to come.”

In Chinese class, their teacher picked up a piece of chalk and wrote out these words on the blackboard. He then drank water from his thermos before starting to talk about extracurricular content, “Liang Qichao’s prose was written after the failure of the reform movement in 1898, during the late Qing Dynasty.”

The weather was getting cooler, and the windows and doors to the classroom were closed tight. The warmth inside made people sleepy.

Their first class was Chinese class. Song Yu had always spent it lying lazily on the table.

Yet when he heard these thirteen words, his ears moved, and he abruptly lifted his head from his arms.

He turned his head subconsciously, and what he saw first was Xie Sui’s side profile. Pale and handsome, his dark eyes looking at the blackboard. He was serious and focused.

After thinking about it briefly, Song Yu set his head back down again.

The mid-term exams arrived as scheduled. Song Yu was more confident about this exam than he’d been for the monthly exams. When the results came out, they showed that he’d really entered the top thirty. During the class meeting, Old Cheng directly called him out by name and spent a full half a class praising him, just like rewarding small children. Finally, he smiled so hard his eyes curved and asked him to go up on stage to talk about his learning methods.

What else could Song Yu say? “It’s thanks to my deskmate.”


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