Chapter 69.2 – Crossing The Finish Line

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

Classmates naturally had to cheer each other on for this sports event.

In any case, Song Yu was in high spirits as he watched.

Someone stuffed a small flag into his hands. He felt that it was novel and interesting, so he followed suit and waved it around randomly.

The cheers from around him swept by like the tide.

The sounds of ‘you can do it’ ringing out were very exciting.

He joined in and enjoyed playing together with them.

Lin Shuangqiu was the announcer, her voice spreading throughout the field.

“Once you go beyond the white starting line, you’ll be like a golden lightning bolt. On this autumn day, there is unlimited youth. Charge ahead, athletes, take off like eagles and conquer your battlefield!”

Afternoon, the boys’ 1500 meter long distance race.

When Song Yu came out after changing his clothes, there was a group of girls nearby giggling and playing around as they took photos with their cell phones and sighed emotionally, “Why is Brother Yu so handsome.”

Jiang Chunian was holding a small electric fan, which she attentively held out towards him, “Brother Yu’s going to fight hard for the glory of our class.”

Song Yu laughed briefly.

A boy beside him cajoled, “Brother Yu, some people from the other classes are looking down on you, and people on the forums are taking bets again. I refused to accept it and bet my virgin body! You have to get first place, hey, my first night is now in your hands.”

His roommate was dumbfounded, “You f*cking sent out your first night again?! Didn’t you already send that out last time?”

The boy, “Sigh, it’s a long story.”

Song Yu drank a mouthful of water, smiling as he set the water bottle on the table. He said carelessly, “Don’t worry. My goal in participating in this long-distance race is to prove something to everyone. A person who is born handsome can simultaneously also run very fast.”

Jiang Chunian: “???”

She turned the fan up to the highest speed, “666.”

Song Yu walked onto the track.

There was another round of “Ahhhhhh, too damned handsome” from the field and the sports stands.

A boy with a cap held up his selfie stick in his direction, speaking passionately, “Hello, it’s me again, your good friend Big K. My love for Song Yu is f*cking deep, and I like to record any damned thing that’s related to him. See that cool brother over there? Although he can’t come over and talk to us, we can interact with him in our hearts. My roommate isn’t sending out a Maserati this time, he’s starting to send out Rolls Royces. He’ll send one out if Song Yu gets first place, and Big K will tack on a friendly 8 yuan discount voucher for it.”

Ma Xiaoding and his group of followers were all armed up again with whistles, clappers, and neon sticks, holding them up in their hands.

Xi Bowen had snatched away the screaming chicken to avoid getting embarrassed.

Ma Xiaoding waved his arms and whistled shrilly, “Go, Brother Yu!”

Song Yu was now on track number three and was the most eye-catching one there.

There was a boy with tanned skin beside him, who glanced at him and smiled, “Brother Yu, how do you plan to do in the race?”

Song Yu: “Is this something I can decide? You should take a look at how much responsibility I’m carrying.”

Countless people’s first times, countless luxury cars.

The bronze-skinned boy: “Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.”

The sound of a gunshot rang out.

The race began.

The good-looking youths rushed out from the white starting line like bolts of lightning, charging forward.


There was another round of shrill screams from the audience.

Jiang Chunian was so nervous that she was about to pinch her deskmate’s hand until it turned green.

Liang Yingying couldn’t bear it anymore, “You’re not sending out your first night, what are you nervous for!”

Jiang Chunian: “Ahhhhh, I’m giving it out, I’m giving it out, if Brother Yu wins, I’ll give him my first kiss!”

Liang Yingying: “… You’re trying to get beaten up.”

Song Yu’s physical strength wasn’t bad, but at the end of the day, he’d only trained for a week. Compared with the students who specialized in long-distance running, he was still a bit lacking. During the first two laps, he was shoulder to shoulder with another tall boy and far ahead of the crowd, but neither party was able to get half a step ahead of the other.

However, when it came to the last round of the track, his disadvantages made themselves known. He didn’t have enough explosive power, and he grew increasingly tired at the final sprint stage. It was like his body was filled with lead, and his pace gradually slowed down.

“Brother Yu—you can do it!”

Almost everyone was nervous along with him, cupping their hands around their mouths and shouting loudly.

Ma Xiaoding shook the plastic clapper in his hand, each of his whistles higher than the last.

“Go, Brother Yu!”

The last lap.

As he watched the finish line get closer and closer, the other person started to pull ahead from Song Yu.

The audience burst into howls that tore through their lungs.

“Brother Yu!! My first night ahhhhhh, you have to take responsibility for it ahhhhh!”

The audience: “…… ???”

The shouting and roaring seemed to have been struck back by a landmine.

With that person in the lead, the cheering after that changed as well. Everyone became more and more excited as they got closer to the end.

“Brother Yu! The phantom of a Rolls Royce! Do you see it! It’s waiting for you at the finish line!”

“Brother Yu! A seascape apartment is right in front of you!”

“Who has a recording of the sound of barking dogs? I think that bad idea is feasible.”

“What kind of dog barking do you need? —Brother Yu! Quickly look at God Xie! There’s such a handsome boyfriend waiting for you at the finish line, do you see him?”

Everyone at the edge of the tracks were neatly cheering him on.

Song Yu could only hear the sound of the wind, and the air was stuck in his chest, making it difficult to breathe. His line of sight was locked in on a certain point.

At that time.

It was time to sprint.

At this moment, he suddenly burst out. It was like his entire body had been filled with a new round of energy. He gritted his teeth, going as fast as a gust of wind.

Sprinting forward like lightning.


The audience all stood up in excitement.

In the studio, Lin Shuangqiu took out a new cheering draft and read it softly into the microphone.

“Screams, excitement, joy, this is us at the moment. Chasing, pounding hearts, perseverance, victory and defeat determined in only a moment, this is your battlefield. Vying for the throne, this is the spring of youth that belongs to us, which won’t scatter with the golden autumn.”

Almost there.

Song Yu looked at the figure of the person in front of him, his heart feeling like it was about to jump out of his chest. A strong competitive spirit suddenly rose up, and there was only one idea in his mind.

Overtake him!

She switched to the next draft.

Lin Shuangqiu stared at it in a daze.

Then, she burst out laughing.

Her voice suddenly slowed down.

Her sweet voice held traces of a smile as it drifted over.

“Your sweat sprinkles on the track, like pouring into my thoughts. Your eyes look towards the finishing point, so sharp they pierce through my soul.”

Almost there, almost there.

Song Yu gritted his back teeth.

His entire soul felt like it was on fire.

“There are many beautiful words that I can’t say on ordinary days, and can only say quietly behind the cries of this moment.”

“You are the thousands of stars in the galaxy, the flow of grass and trees, you are all the beauty I can think of.”

He could hear his own heavy breathing with every step. His throat was dry, and his heart and lungs were burning.

“Thank you for appearing in my life, embellishing all the ordinary and boring years. Let the peppermint flavored midsummer wind hang on the tail of my youth.”

“Ah, kind, lovely, smart, my husband Brother Yu.”

In those last few seconds, Song Yu’s brain was blank. He didn’t know if he’d overtaken that person or not, and was only focused on the end.

Xie Sui was standing there.

“A bit faster.”

The sound of a whistle rang out.

The moment he crossed the finish line, it was like the last string holding him up broke. Exhaustion and disorientation swept through his entire body.

“Even faster.”

There was a lot of noise around him, shrill screams from all directions.

He couldn’t see anything and was about to fall to his knees when he fell into a powerful and cool embrace.

“Crossing the finish line, and arriving at my heart.”

Butter’s Thoughts:
Punched by the sudden peppermint sweetness, in ER again…


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