Chapter 69.1 – Crossing The Finish Line

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translator: xiin
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Sports event.

The speeches from the school leaders came after the flag-raising ceremony. The school’s principal and vice-principal stood at the podium and talked for half an hour.

Complaints could be heard from all directions after standing for a full hour. The teachers coughed, then allowed them to sit down and get some rest.

Class One was in the middle of the pack.

After sitting cross-legged on the lawn, Song Yu tore open the wrapper of a mint candy and popped it into his mouth.

He looked at the pile of small, pink envelopes piled up in front of him, his expression rather surprised, and raised his eyebrows, “What are these?”

Xi Bowen looked at the crowd around them, pursed his lips, then quietly said, “Letters. They’re from your little fangirls. I guess they’re all cheering you on for your afternoon event. Brother Yu, quickly open them up and take a look.”

Ma Xiaoding was counting next to him.

“1, 2, 3… 14, 15, 16—Holy, there’s sixteen letters.” He was sincerely moved by this, “Brother Yu is badass, Brother Yu is invincible, and across the whole of No.1 High, only God Xie can vie with you in terms of popularity.”

Song Yu hadn’t slept well yesterday and was now sleepy. He laughed briefly when he heard this, and combined with the candy that left a cool, mint flavor in his mouth, he felt a little more refreshed.

He pulled out a letter, “Are they all love letters? Don’t, it’s too early in the morning for something so embarrassing.” It was just that he had droopy eyes, a lazy slant to his lips, and his expression seemed to say ‘I’m really tired’, and ‘I want to sleep’. There wasn’t half a hint of embarrassment to be found.

Ma Xiaoding looked left and right, then found a key point. He spoke, his tone making it clear that he was taking pleasure in others’ misfortune, “Brother Yu, look, you refused a love letter last time, and now everyone is smart and didn’t write down any names. You won’t be able to find out who they are, and you can’t give them back even if you want to.”

Song Yu focused his gaze and looked. It turned out that these love letters had all been sent with pseudonyms, and if it wasn’t Beauty, then it was Dreamy, or Shallow Night. They were as perfunctory as could be.

He pursed his lips, and the last bit of sleepiness he felt was chased away.

Song Yu opened up a letter and glanced over it.

Cute little emoticons were drawn on the colored paper and, at the end, there was a line of text that said, “Husband, you can do it! You’re the best today!” He tore open another letter, and it was filled with a lot of literature. The handwriting was beautiful, but the ending was signed with “Your future girlfriend”. Of course, these weren’t the most excessive ones; the ones that came after were each more unique than the last.

“The next No.1 High school flower.”

“Will I get to sleep with Brother Yu today?”

“Big Brother School Bully, look at me!”

“Let’s get our marriage license at eight, husband.”

Song Yu sucked on his candy and felt that some of them were a bit familiar. These were probably their forum IDs. In a sense, they were also using their ‘real names’ to make these confessions.

He analyzed these things in his heart, then smiled and said, “High school girls are really too idle nowadays and will casually call anyone ‘husband’. In order to enforce student conduct and discipline, I’ve decided that I’ll add another criteria for my selection of a spouse in the future: I won’t accept any girl’s confession if their total score is less than 600 points.”

“Hiss.” Ma Xiaoding sucked in a breath of cold air. As a learning scum, he felt like he’d just taken a hit, “Can you put a discount on that? Give me a 50% discount and make it 300 points.”

Xi Bowen burst out laughing, “I’m afraid that when the time comes and the whole grade average comes out, it’ll be ten points higher than before and the headmaster will have to send you a silk banner.”

Song Yu: “Don’t do that. I’m just contributing to the school, and not for the sake of merit or fame.”

At this time, Ma Xiaoding suddenly began to smack the grass on the ground in excitement.

“Brother Yu, Brother Yu, God Xie’s going up on stage.”

The rest of Song Yu’s words stopped at the edge of his lips.

There was a stir in their surroundings, sweeping away the dead and stagnant atmosphere.

The girls pushed at each other and whispered back and forth, unable to hide their excitement.

Song Yu put down the letter in his hand and looked up in the direction of the podium.

This was Xie Sui’s second time coming up on stage to make a speech as a student representative following his last appearance as the freshman representative. The teenager wore his school uniform and stood under the open blue sky. He looked outstanding and dazzling as he read his speech from his notes. It was unknown if it was because he hadn’t slept well, but his voice was a little hoarse, clear and cool, but also stirring.

Nobody present paid attention to the content of his words. They were all staring at his face.

The autumn wind stirred the white paper placed at his fingertips.

Song Yu could hear the sigh of two girls to his right that were seated behind him.

“God Xie simply shook up my entire high school experience. He’s good-looking, has a good temperament, good grades, and his voice is so nice. My heart falls for him every time I see him.”

“Who doesn’t like the school grass? Next time, we can propose to the school that putting photos of the first in the grade on the results list will definitely stimulate my desire to study. As soon as I think about how I’ll be one step closer to him with every rise in rankings, I instantly want to go and buy a set of test papers.”

“Hahahahahaha, don’t ask. If you ask, then this is the power of love.”

Song Yu sat on the lawn and looked at that excellent young man. He couldn’t keep his lips from curving up.

His deskmate was really great.

Xie Sui stepped off the stage. The entire place was filled with shrill screams that roared like the tide, the crowd in full swing. It made the class teachers who were watching all shake their heads.

Song Yu came back to his senses. He was still holding an unopened letter in his hand, so he continued to bow his head and read these ‘love letters’ that he’d been sent.

The thirteenth letter.

Xi Bowen asked, “Brother Yu, what do you plan to do with the letters after you’ve finished reading them?”

Song Yu’s reply came very naturally, “Throw them away.”

Xi Bowen instantly made an exaggerated ‘wow’ sound, “Brother Yu, you’re really a scum man.”

Ma Xiaoding shook his head and sighed, “You forget—not only is my Brother Yu a troll, but he also has a cool and cold scum man reputation on the forums.”

Song Yu expressed that he didn’t approve of this at all, “This is called being scum?”

Xi Bowen: “This isn’t scum?”

Song Yu sneered out loud, “In that case, let me show you what a real scum man is.”

He grabbed a bunch of letters with his hand and said to Ma Xiaoding, “Guess which letter I’m most satisfied with?”

Ma Xiaoding was stunned and froze. He blinked his eyes, “Which letter?”

Song Yu took off his school coat and set it down beside him, his sitting position careless and casual. His light tea-colored pupils were filled with laughter and his lips were lazy.

“It’s a little hard to choose.”

He took out a letter and put it down on the grass.

“The one I like the most is Wanwan.”

He put down another letter.

“I very much respect Dreamy’s thoughts.”

He put down another letter.

“But I can’t help but be happy when I see Beauty’s letter.”

The fourth letter.

“Interacting with Xiaoxiao is the easiest.”

It was like he was playing cards as he set down one letter after another.

“But if I have to choose one person to be together with? I choose—”

The letter in his hand hadn’t yet been put down—

—When someone sat down beside him. His voice was clear and cool as he asked lightly, “Who do you choose?”

Song Yu froze in the midst of raising his hand to pick up a letter.

It was like the pause button had been pressed on his body and he was suddenly unable to say the name that was written on the letter.

He turned his head.

The person who’d just been so dazzling on the podium had crossed his long legs to sit down next to him. He looked at him with his handsome face, and his lips were curved with a smile, but his eyes were cold and clear.

Song Yu suddenly felt guilty.

He coughed, then completed his words.

“… I choose to study.”

Xi Bowen and Ma Xiaoding had both been sent into a daze by Song Yu’s scum man, school bully remarks just now.

Only now did they react to what had happened.

Ma Xiaoding stared at him with wide eyes, “That’s too scum.”

Xi Bowen pushed up his glasses and stared, dumbfounded, “Oh my god, Brother Yu, did you open a fishpond or a back palace?”

The more they said, the more off-topic they got. Song Yu rolled his eyes.

They weren’t mentioning the lead-up to it at all. This was simply like splashing dirty water on him.

He explained to Xie Sui, “I was only acting for them just now. It’s not what I really think.”

Xie Sui repeated his words in a slow and orderly manner, his tone still light and indifferent, “The one I like the most is Wanwan; I very much respect Dreamy’s thoughts, but I can’t help but be happy when I see Beauty’s letter; interacting with Xiaoxiao is the easiest—”

Public punishment!

Song Yu pounced over in embarrassment and reached out his hand to cover his mouth. He was both amused and angry, “Enough. I like my deskmate the most. Don’t say it anymore. Stop.”

The palm of Song Yu’s hand was very shallow. His skin was delicate and as soft as jade. To Xie Sui, it felt more like a kiss falling on the palm of a hand when it covered his lips.

‘I like my deskmate the most’. These words went into his heart like sweet spring water.

He suppressed the desire in his heart.

Xie Sui held his wrist and moved it away, laughing lightly and slowly asking, “Don’t you like studying?”

“There’s no contradiction there.” Song Yu purposely shifted the topic away, “Don’t mention that anymore. I’ll show you what they sign their letters with—they’re really bold and there’s all sorts of names.”

He opened up the folded piece of paper in his hand.

The content of the letter was filled with crazy praise for him, calling him ‘husband’, and all sorts of other rainbow farts.

But the inscription at the bottom was—

“… God Xie, you were really great last night?”

Song Yu: “……”

Xie Sui: “……”

Ma Xiaoding: “Hahahahahahahahaha!”

Xi Bowen also choked and laughed, “This one is stepping on two boats at the same time.”

Song Yu silently folded the letter back up.

Beside him, Xie Sui was stunned for a moment, then laughed quietly, “You were pretty good last night, too.”

Song Yu: “……!!”

He tried to drag the conversation back, “I’m even better today. This afternoon will be my home court.”

Xie Sui’s eyes curved, “Okay. I’m looking forward to it.”

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