Chapter 66 – Pretty Fierce

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Of course, this fight never happened.

With his mother by his side, he could only bear with it.

The first time they met, he really wished he could spray the water gun at his face. Naturally, they wouldn’t be able to get along happily moving forward.

Mama Song led Aunt Xu, who looked pale, upstairs. He could only obediently listen to what he was told, suppressing his anger to stay with that annoying brat.

Since he couldn’t go back to his room to play games, life became meaningless. Song Yu sat on the lawn in boredom, dismantling the water gun and then putting it back together again, idling time away. That annoying brat didn’t want to talk to him either and just sat on the swing to read a book.

The two of them remained quiet and peaceful, not saying a word to each other.

When it was time for dinner in the evening—

Mama Song asked, “How did you get along with your big brother this afternoon?”

Song Yu felt annoyed to death when he heard this question.

What could they have gotten up to? He’d already shown a lot of respect by not starting a fight.

But he was bound to his mother for this summer vacation, and even at a young age, he’d already learned to say things that women loved to hear.

He spoke without thinking.

“It was great. We got along very well. I like him very much, and he also likes me very much. We were very happy, like good brothers.”

Mama Song laughed and joked, “I’m not surprised that you like him. After all, your Brother Xie has always been obedient, gentle and polite since he was a child. But how come he likes you? Does he like your bad temper and fussiness?”

Song Yu: “???” Was this something a blood-related mother would say? Bear with it. He felt aggrieved but wouldn’t say so. He was just that strong.

Song Yu used his chopsticks to pick up a grain of rice, “Who knows—maybe there’s just no place for my charm.”

This was a new phrase he’d just learned from TV.

Mama Song didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Aunt Xu came again later on.

She looked like she was in worse spirits than before. Although she was still very good-looking, it had that kind of fatigued and downcast hint to it, which couldn’t be suppressed no matter how delicate her appearance was.

And the boy who followed behind her was more silent than last time.

Their manor was outside the suburbs and had an orchard just a few steps away. Song Yu was eager to go outside to play.

His anger always came and went quickly. His eyes were shining, and he wanted to find a little partner to play with.

Therefore, he was full of excitement as he asked Xie Sui, “Are you interested in coming with me to go on a big adventure?”

Xie Sui dropped his gaze, “Do you think I’m interested?”

Song Yu: “Yes, yes, yes! I can see that our thoughts are connected!”

Xie Sui: “……”

At the time, his mood had indeed been a bit impulsive, so he’d gone off with Song Yu.

Song Yu was in a good mood along the way.

They went to the orchard to steal fruit. This thrilling and exciting adventure was his summer vacation dream.

They finally climbed the hillside, only to find an iron gate blocking their way.

The iron gate wasn’t very high. It was very old, rusty, and covered in vines.

“Brother Yu will take the lead in the charge.”

He smiled and rubbed his hands together, then put all his effort into climbing up. However, even before he could sit still at the top, he suddenly heard a few quick and angry barks, ‘Woof, woof, woof’, which gave him a thorough scare.

The shrill scream he wanted to let out got stuck in his throat.

Behind the iron gate was a big, tied-up dog. It had originally been sleeping, but he’d woken it up.

The big dog thus noticed this uninvited guest and bared its teeth in a howl.

“Woof, woof, woof!”

It frantically banged its head against the iron door, trying to get him down.

The iron gate shook.

Song Yu didn’t want to take the lead anymore. He was scared out of his wits, his legs soft.

He pressed his fingers against the iron gate and turned his head. His small face was pale as he spoke directly to Xie Sui, “Hurry, hurry, hurry, catch me!”

At this point in time, the two of them were still at the stage where they were easily fed up with each other.

Xie Sui was expressionless as he asked, “Why should I?”

Song Yu’s words came quickly, “We’re already calling each other brothers—so what if you catch me? We have such a good relationship.”

It was at this time that he started acknowledging him as his brother.

Xie Sui was amused when he heard him call him a brother. He said slowly, “Oh, I heard that I like you very much?”

Song Yu: “……” ???

What was going on with his mother…

Why would she tell outsiders everything…

Song Yu stiffened for a second, trying hard to keep his expression from collapsing, “This can also be considered one of the reasons.”

Xie Sui sneered, “How come I don’t know about it?”

Song Yu: “Ha… Don’t they all say that the person involved is always the last to know?”

This was something he’d seen on TV.

Xie Sui looked him in the eyes for a long time.

Neither of them gave in.

Song Yu was discouraged and tried another method, “Actually, I guessed it.”

Xie Sui: “……”

Maybe it was because he’d never seen someone so shameless, but Xie Sui sighed, then opened his arms, “Jump, then.”

Song Yu’s expression grew happy, and he jumped down.

In fact, the iron gate wasn’t high. He just wanted to find someone to give him some support. There wasn’t anything to be afraid of.

The dog continued barking after he’d landed.

Song Yu was still really angry. He took advantage of how it was locked up, one hand still clutching at Xie Sui’s arm as he shouted back even more fiercely, “Stop barking, you won’t be able to get out even if you break your throat! If you keep barking, I’ll bring over an iron pot and stew you for dinner tomorrow night!”

The big dog was furious, “Woof!!”

Clang, clang. The rusty old iron door made a creaking sound.

Song Yu grew scared and quickly dragged Xie Sui back with him down the slope, running fast.

Without stopping for one second.

Later, at the Song Family home.

Mama Song asked, “Yuyu isn’t bothering you, right? He has a restless temperament.”

Xie Sui looked at the boy who’d quietly perked his ears up beside him, thought about it, and said, “No, he’s very good. Very cute.

Song Yu’s expression froze. His ears were red, and there was a kind of dizzy joy at being praised by his companion. The prejudice he held against Xie Sui lessened significantly, and he smiled wide enough to show a neat row of white teeth.

In the evening, the two of them slept in the same bed and chatted together. It was raining outside, and the summer nights were long.

Song Yu said, “Other than the expression in your eyes being a little mean to outsiders, you’re quite a good person. Loyal enough, and kind-hearted.

Xie Sui was very tired, and his eyelids were fighting with him, “Mm.”

Song Yu felt a little humiliated about what had happened during the day and was determined to prove himself, “In fact, I’m not afraid of dogs. I just had a moment of panic when I sat up there. I’m not scared of anything, normally. My uncle keeps a Tibetan mastiff at home, and I’m not afraid of it when I visit his house.” Even if he’d told his uncle to keep the dog closed up the whole time and he’d never actually seen the Tibetan mastiff.

Xie Sui was too lazy to expose him, “Mm.”

Song Yu was meant to drink milk every day, so there was the scent of milk all over his body. It was just that he always had that haughty expression on his face during the day, and he acted so arrogant that it made people want to beat him up. There was no hint of any softness or sweetness at all.

When evening came and it grew dark, there was no need to see Song Yu’s teeth gnashing expression.

So he could smell that slightly sweet scent.

In a trance, Xie Sui felt that it should be a little girl beside him.

Song Yu was a little anxious, “You don’t look down on me in your heart, do you?!”

Xie Sui placed a hand over his eyes and felt that he was noisy. He said, “No.”

Song Yu: “Then, what did you think of me today?”

“During the day?” Xie Sui was planning to sleep, but he decided to reply to him once before going to sleep and answered him slowly and leisurely, “You’re pretty fierce, little sister.”

Song Yu: “…………”

Take back what you said! You don’t like me at all!

He suppressed his anger and wanted to argue, but a little bit of moonlight shone through the window onto the face of the person across from him. It allowed him to see his sleeping face, which caused him to choke the words back.

His skin was pale and white, and his eyelashes left shadows on his cheeks that looked blue-grey in the moonlight. It seemed that he was very tired and hadn’t been sleeping well.

Aunt Xu wasn’t in good health, and was also in low spirits. He must also be very tired.

This understanding little child turned over, covered himself well in the quilt, then closed his eyes to sleep.

This childhood memory was clear. The summer night, cicadas, the drizzling sound of rain, and the scent of flowers and fruit on the breeze at night.

A gentle and pure summer.


That day, Song Yu was absent-minded at breakfast the whole time, getting distracted with every bite. Aunt Bai thought that the food wasn’t to his taste and steamed a few eggs for him.

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