Chapter 64 – Sports Event

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Song Yu really wanted to get rid of that fool Qin Mo, but he couldn’t find a way to do it and could only bear with it. Fortunately, the teaching buildings for Senior One and Senior Two weren’t that close to each other, so they didn’t interact much and it wasn’t too terrible.

The weather moved to autumn, and the school’s osmanthus flowers bloomed.

In class, the outside breeze blew into the classroom, bringing with it a faint, cool fragrance.

During a class meeting, their class monitor sent out an application form for their sports event, standing on the platform as he cleared his throat, “This is our first sports event in senior high. Let’s all show our respect for it and sign up for something. The most important thing is to participate, so you can just play around and complete the event. It doesn’t matter if you come last.”

Song Yu wasn’t interested. After all, the mid-term exams were coming up and he had to study carefully in order to maintain his own study god reputation.

However, the sports committee member recognized him when they passed around the application form. He quickly drove away the students in front of him and excitedly invited him to participate, his enthusiasm burning like a fire, “Brother Yu, Brother Yu, sign up for the sports event?”

Though Song Yu took the pen, he refused, “Not going. I want to study and do a sprint for the mid-term exams.”

The sports committee member refused to accept this, “Brother Yu, you’re so good at fighting that you must be good at sports, so don’t waste such good talent. Isn’t winning glory for our class a good thing?”

Song Yu tsked, “Won’t I win glory for my class if I get first in the grade?”


“Brother Yu…”

 The sports committee member looked pitiful.

Of course, while Song Yu’s words were harsh, his heart was soft. He couldn’t stand having a burly boy like this sports committee member acting so pitiful and looking at him with such aggrieved eyes, so he signed up at random, putting his name down for the long-distance run.

He’d always been someone who’d take it to heart and work hard on something after promising to do it.

He didn’t slack off after signing up and would run several laps around the sports grounds after school.

It was boring running alone, so he naturally pulled Xie Sui to come running with him.

Over time, there was a group of girls watching from the sports stands after school, laughing and taking photos. The boys felt that this was a good opportunity to show themselves off in front of girls and get rid of their single status, so more and more people came to play ball as time went on.

After a week of this, the sports grounds became incredibly lively.

The setting sun dropped behind a teaching building and painted the sky red. A group of teenagers played football on the lawn, constantly whistling and shouting and filling the air with youth and vigor.

On the track surrounding it.

Song Yu started feeling tired after ten laps and started to walk instead.

There were slight traces of sweat in the youth’s black hair, and his pale face was a little flushed from the exercise. Song Yu evened out his breathing and started complaining to Xie Sui about recent events.

“Why is it that as soon as exam time comes up, there’s a bunch of annoying things popping up, too? The sports event, the debating competition—Xi Bowen is participating in the debate and was crazily trying to get me to join. It seems like there’s this tradition every year around this month where they compete with Chengnan No.2 High. Xi Bowen said that since I’m so good at it, I would definitely become a seed player. I think he’s looking to die.”

Xie Sui walked with him and smiled, asking, “You didn’t agree?”

Song Yu: “Of course I didn’t agree. Do you know what their topic is this time? The importance of inner spirituality versus external wealth! Jingcheng No.1 chose to debate that external wealth is more important. This topic is clearly targeting me. After all, I see money as dirt and already have billions of assets even before graduating from school. I don’t even rely on my parents.”

Xie Sui suppressed his smile, “Are you relying on your own dreams?”

Song Yu was stunned for a moment before he began to laugh. Two shallow dimples appeared at his cheeks, “How come you’re so smart? That’s basically it. I made it all up by myself.”

Song Yu continued to talk about the debating competition, “The topic for this year’s debate is really boring. It’s far less challenging than last year’s. Do you know what it was last year?”

Xie Sui pretended to be interested, “Hm?”

“Last year’s was: between a hostel auntie and a canteen auntie, which one is more suitable to be a wife?”

He couldn’t hold back and burst out laughing after speaking.

Song Yu praised it, “I really feel like this is an immortal problem. One is in charge of food and the other is in charge of living. They’re both virtuous and able to run their families. How can you ask people to make such a difficult decision?” He slanted his head, a smile in his light-colored pupils that looked brighter than the warm dusk.

“Xie Sui, what about you? If it was you, which would you choose?”

Xie Sui walked slowly, a faint smile on his lips. His tone was lazy, “Then I might as well choose you.”


Song Yu felt that this question was really amazing; he would’ve laughed no matter what Xie Sui’s answer was. After he’d laughed enough, Song Yu suddenly asked, “Do you want to know what my answer would be?”

Xie Sui: “I’d love to hear it in detail.”

Song Yu leaned in close to Xie Sui’s ear, “Only children do multiple choice questions. Adults would naturally…”

He kept it mysterious, suppressing a smile as his breath swept against Xie Sui’s ear, “… Not want any of it.”

Xie Sui’s steps stalled.

In fact, he hadn’t heard what Song Yu had said.

He’d just felt him when he leaned over, with that kind of light scent almost burrowing into his soul, sweet and refreshing and growing as savagely as a wild vine as it burned and set roots in his heart.

Song Yu leaned even closer, a little proud, “Isn’t my answer cool, hm?”

That ‘hm’ sounded a little bit…

His lips rubbed against his ear, so soft that there were no words to describe it.

Xie Sui looked at him.

The cold ice in his heart melted, going into a frenzy along with the vines. The calm self-control that had been built up over two lifetimes instantly collapsed, utterly defeated.

He seemed to have acknowledged his fate as he started laughing, his voice quiet, “Too cool, Brother Yu.”

Song Yu was dazed for a moment by his mode of address and looked up with a bit of confusion in his eyes.

But he hadn’t yet spoken when—

The silence and ambiguity was shattered by a cry.

“Brother Yu!”

Ma Xiaoding’s call came from up ahead.

Song Yu abruptly came back to his senses and awkwardly turned away.

He saw a group of people from Class One playing in the nearby basketball court.

A few of the teenagers were wearing sweat-soaked jerseys. It was currently time to rest and they were looking over at the two of them, waving and whistling.

Ma Xiaoding jumped up and waved excitedly when he saw them.

Song Yu’s brain quickly booted up again. He coughed and tried to reestablish his previous momentum, “Of course it’s cool. I’ve had enough of a rest, so I’m going to keep running.” He ran forward, and the sunset lengthened the youth’s shadow.

Xie Sui stayed where he was after he left. A long time later, he quietly laughed.

… Really, he’d thoroughly fallen.

Ma Xiaoding and the others thought that Song Yu was running towards them.

The eyes of the boy with the ball lit up, and he was particularly happy, “Brother Yu, are you coming to play too?! Come, come, catch!”

The basketball flew through the air in a perfect arc.

Song Yu, whose brain was filled with confusion, didn’t have any attention to spare for this and was directly hit in the face.

It hurt so much that his eyes were filled with stars.

“Whoa!” This was from the crowd of people who’d been watching from the stands.

Song Yu: “……” F*ck! He was really clear-headed now.

The day before the sports event was to be held, a thread specifically dedicated to Song Yu started up on the forums.

[ Come on, fellow sisters who blow rainbow farts in that special forum every day—for the sports events submissions, it’s up to you all to help with the writing. ]

1L: Lights Are As Bright As Ever, great one, come out to write.

2L: Wuwuwuwu I’m angry when this topic comes up. I haven’t seen the school grass pressing the school bully against the wall yet. Why is the text gone [aggrieved][cry]

3L: ? You should be thankful that it’s the text that’s gone and not the person [lighting a cigarette]

4L: Ahhhhh when is my husband competing? I have a 1000 word confession for him wuwuwu, there’s only one chance a year 

5L: Brother Yu, badass! Brother Yu, charge!

It was already a habit to go to the track after class. Ma Xiaoding scrolled through his phone and read out these messages from the thread for Song Yu, including all kinds of ‘work hard’ speeches and all sorts of personalized messages.

“Your sweat sprinkles on the track, hot and scalding as it enters my thoughts. Your eyes look towards the finishing line, so sharp they pierce my soul. There are too many beautiful words that I can’t share with you normally, and I can only hide behind the scenes to whimper them out at this moment. You are the galaxy, you are the ideal, you are all the beauty that I can imagine.” Ma Xiaoding shook off the goosebumps that rose up and continued to read, “The you of today is shining and bright. You can do it, Student Song Yu of No.1 High’s Class One. Break through the finish line and come to my heart.”

Song Yu was drinking coke and almost choked.

From beside him, Xi Bowen shook his head and sighed, “They even dare to write such a thing.”

Ma Xiaoding’s expression was moved, “Young people these days. Tsk, tsk. What does she mean ‘come to my heart’? Dream on.”

Song Yu tossed the coke bottle into the garbage can and laughed without a care, “How about no. Won’t that just be trampling all over their heart?”

Ma Xiaoding suddenly realized, “That’s right! Break through the finish line and step on your heart. Hahahahaha.”


Xi Bowen didn’t even want to bother with them. That was a literary way of speaking; you guys don’t understand anything.

Ma Xiaoding and Xi Bowen soon went to play basketball.

Xie Sui, who was still with him, continued to accompany him to run.

Song Yu said, “I think I’m good. Can you help time me? See how long it takes me to finish 1,500 meters from this spot.”

Xie Sui stood up straight and smiled as he took out his cell phone, “Okay.”

Song Yu: “In that case, shout when you start.”

Song Yu crouched down, but just when he was beginning to build up strength, he looked up and abruptly froze.

A yellow-colored creature had suddenly come running out from the other side of the lawn.


“Woof, woof, woof!”

It was a golden retriever. It seemed that it had finally been able to break free of its master’s control and was happily running around. It had its tongue out, its eyes shining as it ran over from the other end of the playground and across the grass, heading straight towards Song Yu.

Song Yu: “!!!”

His eyes grew wide as he stared, and he sucked in a big breath. His expression started to crack.

Apart from a slight fear of heights—his second weakness was his fear of dogs!

“Gold Shanshan!”

There was a girl gasping for breath and yelling angrily, a dog leash in hand as she ran over behind the dog.

But this golden retriever named ‘Gold Shanshan’ had already let itself go. It barked and suddenly went airborne, two legs in the air as it leapt towards Song Yu.

“Ah, f*ck!”

Song Yu’s face turned pale with fright. He jumped back and quickly hid behind Xie Sui, his fingers wrapped tightly around his arm. He leaned out, gritted his teeth, and yelled, “Don’t come over here! I’ll stew you if you come over!”

The golden retriever: “Woof!”

Song Yu: “Why don’t you try it again, but louder?”

The golden retriever was particularly obedient, “Woof woof woof woof!”

Song Yu: “……”

Xie Sui was amused into laughter by his actions and had originally wanted to turn his head back to say something.

The moment he tilted his head, something in his mind suddenly seemed to break.

It was like an electric shock that went straight to his soul.

Everything seemed infinitely stretched out.

The youth tightly holding on to his arm.

A running dog.

That same non-threat had occurred in his memory.

It was just that the voice had been more crisp and tender.

Time stopped in that moment.

Xie Sui’s pupils dilated slightly.

He stood right where he was.

It was like something that had been sealed was breaking through the darkness and confinement, giving him a hint of its existence for the first time.

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