Chapter 63.2 – Study Hard

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

Song Yu’s hands froze in the clapping position, “……”

Xie Sui, who’d been watching his performance the whole time, couldn’t help laughing out loud, “Hahaha.”

The psychology teacher passed the microphone over to the people in the first row.

The whole auditorium fell quiet for a few seconds as everyone subconsciously looked over to see who the unlucky student was. Yet as a result, their lines of sight froze and then they were scared into dropping their gazes.

—F*ck me! It’s Brother Yu!

After a brief collective sucking in of breaths, a perfect silence prevailed.

The microphone was passed on to Song Yu’s hands. He was under the attention of thousands of people and stood up.

The youth wore his school uniform and held the microphone in his hand. His pale face was frozen, and his expression was very stiff. But he’d always been a ruthless scum man in the rumors, so the crowd didn’t notice anything wrong.

The psychology teacher laughed, “There’s no need to be nervous. Just talk casually about the matter of puppy love.”

Song Yu: “… Can I say whatever I want?”

The psychology teacher replied, “Yes.”

For a moment, there was a wave of giggling and laughing voices. Some people even started calling out, “This fellow student, can you please tell me what your criteria is for choosing a partner.” Then someone beside them scolded them laughingly, “Are you asking to get beat up?”

Immediately after that came a girl who excitedly asked, “Little handsome brother, have you ever been in love?”

After everyone burst out laughing, the phrase ‘little handsome brother’ seemed to become a friendly joke and shouts came from all directions.

“Little handsome brother, do you like short hair or long hair?”

”Little handsome brother, wanna date?”

The psychology teacher was very satisfied seeing the atmosphere so active and engaged, and the more she looked at Song Yu, the more she liked him. She joked, “Just casually say a few words. I saw that you were very supportive of my speech just now. You should’ve benefited a lot from it.”

… In fact, he hadn’t benefited much.

Song Yu bowed his head, glanced indifferently at the audience, then lifted the microphone and said, “Regarding the matter of puppy love?”

The psychology teacher smiled and nodded.

Song Yu’s expression was solemn and serious, “Personally, I really don’t agree with this kind of behavior.”

The auditorium: “Wow!”

Song Yu: “What’s so good about dating and entering a relationship? Is it that there’s too little homework? The real joy and significance of life is to take the weekly exams, monthly exams, and mid-term exams, climbing up to the peak of learning.”

The auditorium: “……”

Xie Sui couldn’t hold back his laughter and stretched out his hands to clap.

The auditorium was too quiet, so this single burst of applause was extremely clear. The crowd followed the sound and sucked in another breath of cold air. Wasn’t that their school grass and learning god? It was just that their cold and aloof school grass was now smiling more happily than ever before, his eyes curved up and sparkling like stars.

Song Yu shot him a fierce glare; shouldn’t you feel too embarrassed to clap?

The psychology teacher was stunned for a moment, then her face filled with relief, “This fellow student’s ideological awareness is really very high. Did everyone hear him? I feel that his words are very correct. This is the goal that you should all have while you’re attending high school. Study hard, climb the peak of learning, and win a great future for yourselves so that you will be in a better place when you meet your love.”

Someone nearby laughed, “Climb the peak of learning—Brother Yu, are you going to take down the number one in the grade?”

Song Yu hadn’t yet had time to answer—

Someone from the same group had already repeated her words, “‘Taking down’ the number one in the grade, isn’t that too simple of a matter for Brother Yu?”


Song Yu sat down and asked the number one in the grade, who was at the peak of learning and sitting beside him, “Is it very funny?”

The number one in the grade laughed and shook his head, his answer very unorthodox, “No, I feel that what you said is very correct. Study hard, and don’t fall in love.”


In the back seats of the auditorium, at the area where the sophomores sat. 

Qin Mo was leaning back in his seat and looked over with a sneer on his face when Song Yu stood up, wanting to watch him make a fool of himself. It was just that, with one glance over in that direction, his line of sight froze slightly, and he could no longer move his eyes away.

He wasn’t looking at Song Yu, but rather at the person beside him.

He stood out from the crowd even while just casually sitting there. He was tall and straight in his school uniform, his facial features delicate, but not soft. On the contrary, there was a kind of cold and sharp feeling, like a hidden sword on a snowy night. His eyebrows and eyes were slightly curved with his smile, dispersing that kind of aggressive and fierce momentum.

Song Yu sat beside him, gnashing his teeth as he said something.

And that person listened attentively, his eyes holding a gentle smile, like being drunk amidst the thousands of stars in the galaxy.

Qin Mo’s fingers briefly stilled and his amber pupils slowly darkened. At this moment, his always gentle but fake smile held a touch of extra meaning, “Who is he?”

There were a group of high school sophomores around him who were all trying to curry favor with him. They all had good family backgrounds in Jing City, which meant that they all felt that they were high and noble, so their voices were disdainful as they said, “Young Master Qin, are you talking about the one sitting beside Song Yu? His name is Xie Sui. He’s the study god from the Senior One group and is also No.1 High’s newly-acknowledged school grass.” They felt that their births weren’t ordinary, so they didn’t much appreciate those who were good at learning. It was even to the point where they vaguely looked down on this kind of nerd and treated Song Yu’s earlier speech like nothing but a joke.

Qin Mo’s mouth slowly formed around these two words, “Xie… Sui…”

The corners of his lips were raised up, and his line of sight was deep, like a hunter who’d locked in on their prey.

Very interesting.


Jing City No.1 High forums.

[ During today’s speech, Brother Yu: The real joy and significance of life is in climbing the peak of learning ]

Original post: I don’t know what to say. Fellow sisters below, you guys go for it.

1L: Does the original poster want to hear this kind of explanation?

Brother Yu: I want to take down the number one in the grade.

God Xie: In that case, I’ll go and be the number one in the grade.

2L: Hahahahahahahahahahaha I was desperately covering my mouth in the auditorium so that I wouldn’t laugh out loud

3L: The Happy Together CP is real. I’ve already said it so much that I’m tired of it

4L: The fujoshis have finished talking, so now let’s have the Yu Haters come up on stage. In any case, you guys are never far apart [dog head]

5L: This hater will politely make a statement. I’m begging him, please stop studying; he’s torturing himself and torturing us as well—isn’t it good being a proper school bully? Damn it, it’s like he doesn’t have anything better to do all day and goes to help the weak; this school bully is acting more like a security guard! Does the security department give him money?

6L: Hahahaha Brother Yu: I am a security guard and I only eat three meals a day.

7L: Brother Yu: I am a security guard and I have a dream—I want to climb up to the peak of learning!

8L: However, speaking of this, Brother Yu is really very low-key as a school bully. In the past, when Chen Zhijie was the school bully, he would go and find No.13 High next door and fight them on an average of once a week. That was really a storm of bloody rain.

9L: Actually, Brother Yu has never admitted to his identity as a school bully… He only cares about whether he’s a study god or not

[Old mother hates iron for not being steel] Sigh, this stinky little brother who isn’t striving for success

Butter’s Thoughts:
I am preparing the oil to pour over Scum Gong Leech and matches to flick at him- who’s with me? For anyone who wants to sit and watch, I will also prepare some melon seeds and milk tea.

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I’m up to watch scum burn. Save some melon seeds for me~


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