Chapter 62 – Have You Calmed Down?

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

Jiang Chunian stopped drinking her milk tea, her eyes lighting up when she saw Song Yu. She waved desperately, her movements very enthusiastic.

Liang Yingying felt that she’d really gone crazy. She even dared to provoke Brother Yu after last time’s KTV. Did she not want her life anymore?

Jiang Chunian: “Brother Yu, come quickly. Bai Xuexin’s a really scheming woman. I’m afraid that God Xie won’t be able to help himself!”

Song Yu walked to the very last row and sat down very naturally, “What can’t he help himself with.”

Jiang Chunian hadn’t yet spoken when Liang Yingying covered her mouth, stopping her death-seeking behavior. Liang Yingying smiled and said, “Brother Yu’s right. God Xie’s reputation as a kaolin flower isn’t for nothing. If he could be seduced so easily, then he wouldn’t be an abstinent male god.”

Song Yu stilled for a moment. He lifted his eyelids and glanced at her.

His brain inexplicably skimmed over some fragments of memory when he heard the words ‘kaolin flower’.

It was the youth’s smiling face under the street lamps, and that languid and easy voice. He gazed at him and said, ‘I’m not abstinent’.

At the time, he’d felt that the atmosphere was ambiguous. That feeling was even stronger now, making his heart confused and chaotic.

More than ten minutes later, people began to come in one after another as it neared the time for the lecture to begin.

Their class monitor was seated to Song Yu’s right. He was a chubby boy who looked left and right, then scratched his head and laughed awkwardly, “Brother Yu, do you want me to leave a spot for God Xie?” He couldn’t be blamed for saying this; from the start of school until now, these two figures had been inseparable, and it was obvious that they had a good relationship. He subconsciously felt that the spot next to Song Yu was for Xie Sui. 

Many people from their class looked their way when the class monitor said this.

They were especially surprised to find that there was half an auditorium between Song Yu and Xie Sui.

Song Yu raised his eyebrows and wondered, “Why do you have to leave a spot for him?”

The class monitor was muddled, “Ah? I thought that God Xie would sit next to you.”

Song Yu glanced over in Xie Sui’s direction.

Bai Xuexin stood beside Xie Sui, smiling and talking. There was only a bit of light in the shadows, but it outlined the girl’s beautiful figure and delicate skin. Xie Sui wasn’t paying attention to her at first, but later on he seemed to have heard something and tilted his head to glance at her. From his viewpoint, the youth looked cold and elegant, while the young girl was bright and attractive. They seemed like a good match.

… Like hell.

Song Yu shifted his gaze back. “No, he won’t come. The school flower is naturally more important.”

The class monitor could only laugh dryly, “Hahaha.”

Jiang Chunian hated iron for not being steel—even if they didn’t have those sorts of intentions, he shouldn’t let his good brother be spoiled by that kind of person. And with that tone, nobody would believe that he wasn’t jealous. She got up to throw away her milk tea, purposely finding a route that took her past the two. Then she looked like she’d discovered a whole new world after listening to a few sentences and quickly ran back, shouting very proactively, “Brother Yu, hurry and save God Xie!”

Song Yu: Little sister, how do you come up with so many plays in your head?

Ma Xiaoding’s love for Jiang Chunian had already gone with the wind after she’d revealed her true self, but a young man’s feelings were always poetic, after all, so he answered her, “What’s the matter? What happened? Is that bad woman going to abduct God Xie?”

Jiang Chunian was filled with righteous indignation, “She’s brainwashing God Xie, and she’s even finding relationships between their relatives! I really admire her; she was even able to bring out Qin Mo and talk about him!”

When Song Yu heard those two words, he raised his head, his gaze cold. “What did she say about Qin Mo?”

Jiang Chunian had really renewed her understanding of Bai Xuexin, “She probably knew that she could only talk to God Xie by using you as a conversation topic, so she’s talking about how you and Qin Mo met at the banquet.”

Song Yu turned and patted their class monitor on the shoulder.

Their class monitor then turned his head and was startled by Song Yu’s face, which was as cold as frost, “Brother… Brother Yu.”

“Make way, I’m going out to do something.”

The class monitor abruptly stood up, sucking in his stomach and holding his breath, trying to reduce his size to make way for Song Yu.

Looking at Song Yu’s figure, it was clear that he was going to look for trouble. The class monitor touched his own head with his chubby hand, a bit confused. Was this the so-called, ‘if the mountain doesn’t come to me, then I’ll go to the mountain’?

In a corner of the auditorium.

Bai Xuexin stood there gracefully, her smile extremely sweet.

Ever since last time’s party, she’d become even more determined to win over Xie Sui.

She hadn’t expected that Song Yu would be A City’s Song Family’s youngest son. After going back, she’d been in a state of anxiety and regret for a long time—but after being beaten back once, she didn’t dare to go and see Song Yu again. Even so, she couldn’t let his impression of her remain bad forever, so it was better if she started from Xie Sui; the two of them had such a good relationship, and if she became Xie Sui’s girlfriend, then she would have a chance to slowly change Song Yu’s opinion.

Besides, she’d originally already really liked Xie Sui.

With a closer look, the young man’s eyebrows, eyes, and every feature were fascinating. His face was lazy and cold, but to her, it seemed extremely sexy. His head was slightly tilted, his eyes dark and lips thin.

She felt her breath stall briefly as her heart thudded non-stop. After breathing in deeply, she started to say the things she’d prepared a long time ago.

“God Xie, I said some bad things last time, and I think I should apologize for them.”

“I’m sorry.” Bai Xuexin’s face was a little flushed and she spoke in a low voice, “You’re right. I shouldn’t have mentioned Brother Yu, because I really don’t deserve to. Brother Yu is so gentle and excellent, and I can’t be as good as Brother Yu in this lifetime. My brain must’ve crashed.”

She tugged at her hair and showed a bit of pretty cuteness, “But that doesn’t contradict with how I want to be good to you and want your contact information. He’s your best fellow brother, and I want to be the girl closest to you.”

Xie Sui leaned back in his chair and looked at her casually. His expression was cold, and it was impossible to tell if he felt joy or anger.

However, Bai Xuexin was caught by his gaze. She clenched her hands tight, feeling as though she’d just given a poor performance and the only audience member had even disdained to give her any criticism.

But the more Xie Sui was like this, the more excited she became. After speaking her words of confession, Bai Xuexin simply became even bolder, smiling a pure and shy smile, “In fact, that day, I shouldn’t have gone to do those messy things and should’ve confessed to you directly. God Xie, can you give me a chance?”

“I know about you from my aunt. She married into the Xu Family, so I know something about your mother… about Aunt Xu’s affairs. I want to be good to you also because of heartache. I want to get to know you specifically—about your junior high school period and your past. I feel heartache because you had to face these things alone, and also because you had to grow up alone. Even if you don’t like me, I still want to be good to you so my heart doesn’t suffer so much.”

Xie Sui’s eyes carelessly drifted to a spot behind her. When he saw a familiar figure, his eyes narrowed, and the disgust and tiredness he felt in his heart instantly disappeared.

“I also asked Brother Yu about how to get close to you in order to pursue you. Brother Yu said that you two felt like old friends as soon as you met.”

She’d also finally discovered that she was only able to make the young man look at her when she mentioned Song Yu, so she’d deliberately shifted the topic in this direction.

“I originally thought Brother Yu was lying to me until I met him at a banquet last week. He really is the type of person who can make people feel close at first sight. The new transfer student from A City, Qin Mo, is also counted in that group. He even took the initiative to greet Brother Yu first. If you guys feel like old friends at first sight, then can love grow between us over time?”

Bai Xuexin toyed with her hair and smiled, “Give me a chance. Let me give you all of my tenderness. Can I sit next to you today?”

She gazed expectantly at Xie Sui, a sweet smile on her face. It was just that she hadn’t yet gotten a reply when a sneer rang out from behind her, followed by a teenager’s lazy voice, “How about no.”

This voice was too familiar and brought back very embarrassing memories. Bai Xuexin stiffened and grew pale in an instant.

On the other hand, Xie Sui started smiling, and the cold, examining look from earlier was completely swept away.

The auditorium was slanted downwards. Song Yu slowly came down from the top. He was dressed in his school uniform and was gnawing on a candy as he looked at her strangely, “What is your tenderness? Spilling wine?”

Bai Xuexin panicked as soon as she saw Song Yu. She tried to maintain her expression, but her eyes slowly grew red, “Brother Yu…”

Song Yu was merely aiming at her earlier words. His expression was very natural as he said, “Step back a little. The spot beside him is mine.”

He looked down at Xie Sui from above, and his tone held a hint of a threat, “Make way.”

Xie Sui smiled slightly but didn’t do as he wished. He asked in a voice filled with banter, “Has it been long enough?”

Song Yu: “???”

Then he quickly realized what he meant.

Oh. Time. He’d asked him to give him some time to calm down.

Song Yu: “……”

Dammit! I’m helping you turn down an evil scheming pursuer! What are you doing? Making things hard for people? Is now the time to talk about this?

Bai Xuexin stood beside him, her unblinking stare landing on him. Her expression looked pitiful and pathetic.

Song Yu didn’t want to be embarrassed like this, but he also couldn’t bear to back down. His reply was vague and cold, “Yes.”

Xie Sui: “Not hiding anymore?”

Song Yu glared at him, “Yes!”

Xie Sui: “Are you calm?”

Song Yu couldn’t stand it anymore, “Yes, yes, yes! Are you finished or not?”

Xie Sui couldn’t help it and burst out laughing. His voice was a little hoarse, but it made people’s hearts quiver. His eyebrows and eyes reflected his smile, pure and clear. He got up, “Go in.”

Bai Xuexin was stunned as she watched this scene.

Song Yu finally sat down beside him, but the more he thought about it, the more angry he became.

Bai Xuexin was still there and was about to break her own teeth from gnashing them. She’d tried her best and said so many words, but Xie Sui hadn’t even been willing to say a single sentence. Why?!

But she couldn’t say anything. The other person was Song Yu, who was someone else she couldn’t afford to provoke.

There was nowhere for Song Yu to vent the anger in his heart, so he raised his eyes, his gaze ice-cold, “Did you want anything else?”

Bai Xuexin didn’t dare provoke him. Her eyes were red, and she looked especially aggrieved and vulnerable, “No… nothing. Brother Yu, are you still angry with me?”

Song Yu was impatient, “You’re overthinking.” He didn’t even remember her name clearly.


Bai Xuexin’s face flushed, then paled. She dug her fingernails into her flesh, smiled stiffly, and then turned to leave.

Only he and Xie Sui were left. The atmosphere was a little awkward with just the two of them.

However, he’d already thought about it clearly when he refused the love letter and could now calm down. It wasn’t a big deal; it wasn’t his fault that he was so popular, and hiding wouldn’t solve the problem. Why was it that the one who’d confessed was so calm, while the one who’d been confessed to was so nervous and panicked?

Song Yu stared straight ahead for a long time. After organizing his words, he tilted his head, “What did she say to you just now?”

Xie Sui was in a good mood. His lips curved in a smile, “She said that you felt like we were old friends as soon as we met.”

Song Yu: “That’s it?”

Xie Sui: “Mm.”

Song Yu: “She didn’t talk about Qin Mo?”

Butter’s Thoughts:
Bai Pay The Bill said one truth: Her brain really has been crashed this whole time. 

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Jiang Chunian is Xie Sui’s true wingman and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.

xiin: … thank god we’re over that awkward period.


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