Chapter 61.2 – Calm Down A Bit

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

Song Yu gathered up his books and went straight back to the apartments once he finished class, picking up his pace as soon as he stepped out of the teaching building. He hadn’t yet breathed out a sigh of relief after entering the corridor when his arm was suddenly pulled from behind.

A tall figure approached him. Xie Sui’s tone was cold, “What are you hiding from me for?”

The corridor was very narrow, causing the breaths of the two people to intertwine. Song Yu stepped back to lean against the wall. He felt suffocated all over.

There was a smile at the corner of Xie Sui’s lips, but his eyes were slightly chilly, “Shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

How would Song Yu admit that this naive cold war had been started all by himself? He faltered, trying to change the topic, “About that, what explanation?”

Xie Sui lightly answered, “Weren’t you the one who said that we’d act like nothing happened?”

Song Yu choked. He didn’t know how to explain his own mood to him, “Sigh, isn’t this because I’m afraid you haven’t thought it through clearly? I wanted to stay away from you first and give you enough time to calm down.”

Xie Sui’s eyes darkened to black and he smiled, “I’m very calm.”

Song Yu: “……”

Since he’d already been exposed, Song Yu went all out. He closed his eyes, “I’m not calm, okay!”

He ran straight up the stairs after saying that, taking three steps at a time. He’d practically deserted and fled.

He didn’t know if that sentence of his was really useful or if Xie Sui had gotten angry at him.

In any case, the atmosphere was already like this.

Song Yu felt relieved in his heart.

The two of them seemed to have returned to the feeling of being strangers, even more so than before when they’d met in Linshui. Xie Sui reverted back to the cold temperament that treated everyone like a stranger. In the past, he would still smile slightly, but now he didn’t even bother with any sort of expression. His gaze would skim across him inadvertently, his eyes cool.

Ma Xiaoding and Xi Bowen: Trembling and shivering, not daring to speak.

Once people started paying attention to something, the issue would be magnified infinitely. Song Yu actually felt that the atmosphere was a little strange; dammit, he’d wanted to keep some distance between the two of them first, yet it had turned out like two lovers having a fight. The more he wanted to ignore it, the more he cared. For example, when he was trying to memorize books and Xie Sui was writing, the scratchy sound of him writing was particularly able to affect his heart.

“Student Song Yu, say, should the answer be A or B in this last multiple choice question?”

His attention had been on Xie Sui the whole time during class.

Song Yu only came back to his senses after being abruptly called on to answer a question.

The chemistry teacher had noticed that he was distracted and deliberately called him out.

The corners of Song Yu’s lips pulled down. He looked at the calculation question for aluminum, “I…”

Just now, he hadn’t heard a single thing. How would he know the answer? Xie Sui was indeed his nemesis!


There was a cold voice beside his ear.

Song Yu was stunned for a moment. He looked down, but when he saw that Xie Sui wasn’t looking at him, he lifted his head again to look at the blackboard, his expression cold.

Is it A just because you said it’s A? An inexplicable fire burst out from his heart. Song Yu said, “I choose B!”

The whole class sucked in a breath of cold air.

The chemistry teacher stared at him. He knocked the blackboard eraser against the blackboard and hated iron for not being steel, “Are you still choosing B? I just spoke for twenty minutes about the chemical properties of aluminum. Weren’t you listening? Aluminum is an amphoteric metal; do you not know something so basic? Don’t keep looking at your deskmate during class, okay? Listen properly in class and spare me a glance!”

The whole class, “Er.”

Song Yu: “……”


The last PE class was taken over by Old Cheng. Simply speaking, it became an evening lecture in the auditorium.

“During high school, everyone will more or less be faced with some problems. Between parents, between teachers, and between fellow students. For this time’s lecture, we’ve had Teacher Zhang from the psychological consultation room come to make a speech. It will be held at 7PM, and everyone should go and listen. I will be taking names when the time comes, so you should all be careful.” Everyone had originally had some complaints about having their PE class taken over, but now that they heard that the lecture was replacing the self-study period at night, they all became excited again.

Song Yu didn’t go back to his apartment for dinner in order to avoid Xie Sui. He went and ate at a small store in a back street, eating spicy hot pot with Ma Xiaoding and Xi Bowen.

Ma Xiaoding: “Brother Yu, what happened between you and God Xie?”

Song Yu: “Nothing.”

How could Ma Xiaoding believe this? “Did you guys quarrel because of what happened at the Internet cafe that night? Oh my god, could it be that God Xie did something to you by accident in the dark? Did he hit you?”

Song Yu stuffed a skewer of fish balls into his mouth, “Shut up.”

There was a group of girls from Senior Two sitting at the table next to them. They were currently in the midst of an enthusiastic discussion about the new transfer student.

“A new handsome big brother came to Class One. He’s really handsome, tall, and good-looking. His temperament is mild, and he smiles at everyone.”

“I saw him. He looks very gentle, just like the type I like.”

“Don’t think too much about it. It seems that he’s from A City, and his family background is so good that it goes beyond your imagination. You won’t be able to climb up that thigh; just looking is enough.”

“Sigh, why are handsome guys so hard to get these days.”

Song Yu bit down on a skewer of seaweed, his expression cold. Qin Mo really was used to hiding himself using a superficial gentle appearance.

Xi Bowen used a napkin to wipe the fog off his glasses and tentatively asked, “Brother Yu, when will you and God Xie sort things out?” In fact, what he really wanted to ask was, Brother Yu, when will you stop being angry? Because he always felt that between these two, God Xie hadn’t taken this fight seriously at all, and it was Brother Yu who had constantly been stewing over it.

Song Yu stared at him coldly, “We didn’t fight.”

Xi Bowen: “……” Okay, you guys aren’t fighting, you’re playing a game between lovers.

There was a psychology lecture at night, so Song Yu went back to class first, intending to take out a set of homework questions and have a look. Ma Xiaoding naturally followed behind him, talking continuously.

God Xie wasn’t there, so he would accompany Brother Yu and relieve his loneliness.

There weren’t many people in the classroom when they arrived. There was only one girl that they were familiar with there—Lin Shuangqiu. Lin Shuangqiu was obviously stunned when she saw them, then laughed in surprise, “Brother Yu! Oh god, what a coincidence.”

Song Yu stood at the door. He was obviously a little stupefied by her bright gaze and only barely managed to control his expression, “What’s the matter.”

Lin Shuangqiu smiled wide enough to show her two tiger teeth, her eyes as bright as the hairpin in her hair. She quickly took a pink envelope out from her school bag, smiling shyly as she said, “Someone asked me to deliver a love letter, so I rushed to class, but I didn’t run into you. What a coincidence, it must be that the old heavens are helping that sister.”

Ma Xiaoding chuckled briefly, then cheerfully whistled.

Song Yu’s line of sight landed on the envelope in her hand.

It was light pink, with green vines circling around the edges, as well as some budding roses, and there seemed to almost be a hint of fragrance floating around it. The words ‘To My Husband, Brother Yu’ were written in a clear and playful font, clearly illustrating a girl’s heart.

Lin Shuangqiu said, “A girl from Class Five gave it to me. She and I know each other, so I was too embarrassed to refuse.” She covered her face, “Thankfully God Xie isn’t here. Otherwise, I don’t know if I would’ve had the courage to deliver it.”

This was the first time that Song Yu had ever received a love letter.

It was quite strange. They were clearly just as handsome as each other, but Xie Sui had a basket full of love letters with lots of bright and beautiful blessings while he had never even had a peach blossom.

Of course, Song Yu wasn’t particularly concerned about this.

Ma Xiaoding started cajoling, “Brother Yu! I think it’s great!”

Song Yu returned the love letter and said, “I don’t think so.”

Lin Shuangqiu blinked, “Brother Yu?”

Song Yu said, “I can’t accept this. It’s not good to throw it away or just keep it. It’s really awkward, so you should give it back to her.”

Ma Xiaoding: “Brother Yu, you’re breaking their hearts.”

Song Yu was only stunned for a second, but he quickly responded and his tone was careless, “Tell her that although she might not necessarily meet someone better than me in the future, the fact that she likes me proves that she has good taste. Just this one point is enough for her to be happy and proud. Tell her not to be sad.”

Ma Xiaoding: “???”

Lin Shuangqiu couldn’t hold back her laughter, “Okay, husband.”

Song Yu: “…… Don’t call things out at random, little sister.”

Ma Xiaoding was still chattering on the way to the auditorium. “Brother Yu’s really powerful. If it was me, I would’ve accepted it. But that makes sense; Brother Yu, you must’ve been liked by many people from childhood. Even your rejections are so skillful and easy.”

Song Yu was stunned.

Rejecting people with skill and ease.

He frowned, and his light-colored pupils looked lost for a moment.

So then what did he need so much time to calm down for?

The auditorium was very large and could accommodate all three grades. They sat according to their grades, with the Senior One students sitting at the front.

The lecture hadn’t yet started, so there were a few girls who’d sat down and started to chat.

Liang Yingying said, “Is it because you already have a preference in your heart? How come I feel that Qin Mo is pretty good?”

Jiang Chunian was drinking milk tea, “He’s not good at all. Really hypocritical. Ew.”

Liang Yingying’s eyes grew wide, “What happened to you?”

Jiang Chunian hadn’t yet started talking when her line of sight shifted and she almost choked on a pearl in her milk tea, “Isn’t that God Xie?!” They all followed her gaze and looked. Xie Sui sat in the corner and there was a girl leaning in towards him slightly. She had long hair and was wearing a light blue v-necked dress that showed her delicate collarbones. Bai Xuexin.

Song Yu walked over to where they were sitting. But before he sat down, he heard Jiang Chunian’s cry, “Brother Yu, come quickly! Bai Pay The Bill is seducing your man—oh, wait, your deskmate.”

Song Yu: “……” Couldn’t they let him have some quiet for a while?

Liang Yingying: “……” Who was Bai Pay The Bill?


Butter’s Thoughts:
Bai Pay The Bill hahahahahaha I’m dead
Jiang Chunian is such a mood

XavierForest’s Thoughts:
Song Yu: *realises that he’s had a harder time rejecting Xie Sui than he has with any of the girls who’d ever confessed to him*
Me: *dead fish eyes*
Me: “I, your father, do not believe that you’ve understood anything yet.”

xiin: … I love Jiang Chunian.
And Xie Sui’s patiently stalking… 


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