Chapter 61.1 – Calm Down A Bit

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

The headmaster moved his gaze and noticed Song Yu. He was surprised, “Yu… Song Yu, how come you’re late?”

The teaching director’s tone wasn’t very gentle, “He said he was acting for a just cause.”

Song Yu’s gaze only lingered on Qin Mo for a second before shifting away. He opened his mouth to speak to the headmaster, smiling and happy, “Yes, not only was it for a just cause, but it was also for the sake of our school’s glory.”

The teaching director was so angry that he gnashed his teeth.

The headmaster sighed, then thought about his illness and shook his head, “Ah, you… don’t be late next time.” He then turned his head towards the teaching director and said, “Teacher Tian, students of this age also need their dignity, and punishing them with standing here also delays their morning study time. Have them go back first and write a review.”

The teaching director had to do as the headmaster said, but he was still upset about the late students in his heart. He turned around and lifted up his loudspeaker to shout, “Each person is to write an 800 word review for me! Absenteeism and fighting—are you anything like students? You don’t study properly when attending school and remain at the bottom of the rankings. How will you live up to your parents’ expectations?”

Song Yu was dissatisfied when he heard this and raised his hand, “Teacher, I was ranked eighty-eighth in the monthly exams.”

Ever since he’d come to Jingcheng No.1 High, this was the one thing that was most worth praising.

No one was allowed to not know about it!

Teacher Tian glared at him as if to say ‘you’re so amazing’.

Qin Mo watched on from beginning to end. He had a clear and gentle smile on his face, appearing polite and easygoing.

The headmaster recalled that they were both from A City and asked, “Do you know each other?”

Qin Mo replied lightly, “Not familiar.”

The headmaster didn’t think too much of it and genially said, “That makes it sound like you guys have met before. The teaching building for Senior One and Senior Two aren’t very far away. You guys can be friends.”

Qin Mo laughed briefly and didn’t speak.

Song Yu held his books and headed back towards the teaching building after they dispersed. Ren Wenhan hugged his school bag and ran after him, gasping for breath, “Brother Yu, Brother Yu.”

Song Yu was just about to go upstairs. He stopped for a moment and bowed his head to look at him, puzzled, “What’s the matter?”

Ren Wenhan’s pale face was a bit red, and his eyes, hidden behind the lenses of his glasses, were a bit damp and held a little shyness. He riffled through his bag and handed Song Yu a bottle of milk, whispering, “Thank you.”

His fingers trembled and he seemed very embarrassed.

Song Yu thought to himself: Wow, this guy gets shy so easily.

He felt that this person might end up with eyes as red as a rabbit’s again if he refused, so he was very understanding and accepted the milk, “You’re welcome.”

Ren Wenhan smiled shyly and walked away, still hugging his bag.

Song Yu brought the bottle of milk to class. The classroom that was originally noisy and bustling quieted down for a second when he appeared.

Song Yu held his books in one hand and the milk bottle in the other as he went to sit down at his seat.

Ma Xiaoding was depressed, “Brother Yu, why did you leave on your own today? I have so many questions I want to ask you.”

Song Yu rolled his eyes; it was precisely because I didn’t want to answer your dog shit questions.

Xi Bowen’s gaze was on Song Yu’s hands, “Hey, when did Brother Yu start drinking milk in the morning?”

Song Yu didn’t think about it as he replied, “I helped a boy and he gave it to me as a gift.”

Ma Xiaoding made a ‘wow’ sound and took the lead in applauding, “How can there be such a handsome person with such a good nature as Brother Yu in this world?”

Song Yu ignored him. The spot beside him was empty, so he tilted his head and asked, “Where’s Xie Sui?”

Xi Bowen explained, “God Xie was called out by the class teacher. There’s always an endless stream of teachers to see when one is number one in the grade.”


Song Yu stuck the straw into the bottle of milk and took a sip of the warm milk. He stared at the blackboard, somewhat absentminded.

It had been very calm when they spoke together online, both acting as if nothing had happened.

But he still felt like he was splitting hairs over an insignificant problem, hung up on Xie Sui’s ‘like’.

I want to kiss you, I like you, this is instinct—what do you mean by that, hey.

Even if his heart was inclined to believe that Xie Sui like how he was in the book, terrified and lacking love, and felt too much gratitude towards him, which led to him saying those kinds of words despite not really liking him—

But now that it was Monday and he was about to meet him again in person, he started to think aimlessly again and even felt a little confused.

How should he treat Xie Sui later on? How could he correct his false cognition?

Xie Sui came back from the office when the bell rang to signal the end of class.

Song Yu was still holding the bottle of milk. He looked at him fixedly, inch by inch, his gaze moving over that familiar face, from his eyelashes to his nose, then to his lips, the features familiar, with that same cold alienation.

But Xie Suiseemed different no matter how he looked at him after his confession.

His line of sight briefly met that pair of dark and deep eyes.

Xie Sui stared back at him, smiling lightly, “Did you get a proper count this time?”

Song Yu bit the straw and froze.

He’d been drinking milk, so there was a bit of white staining his lips. Looking at it made Xie Sui’s eyes darken slightly.

Song Yu’s expression was sheepish. He’d been able to answer that he’d been counting eyelashes very naturally last time, but this time, a bit of embarrassment suddenly floated up from deep within him. He silently turned his head after being stunned for a brief moment and acted as though nothing had happened.

Xie Sui raised his eyebrows a little and asked, “When did you start drinking milk?”

Song Yu hadn’t yet had time to answer—

Ma Xiaoding had already spoken for him, “A boy gave it to him out of gratitude. Tsk, I feel that Brother Yu’s really kind. He always acts bravely for a just cause and helps the weak.”

Song Yu’s mood was complicated as he corrected him, “Not always.”

Ma Xiaoding: “Brother Yu, don’t be modest.”

On the other hand, Xie Sui seemed quite interested in this matter. He casually asked, “What did you help that person with?”

Song Yu didn’t dare to meet his eyes as he spoke, “I just helped him get rid of a bunch of gangsters from No.13 High.”

Xie Sui fell silent for a moment, then laughed briefly. His mood couldn’t be determined from his tone, “What a coincidence.”

Song Yu: “What?”

“You once helped me get rid of a bunch of gangsters, too.”

Xie Sui’s eyes seemed bottomless as he indifferently asked, “Are you so good to everyone?”

Song Yu could detect that Xie Sui’s current mood wasn’t very pleasant.

Ma Xiaoding, as someone who’d professionally screwed him over for ten years, certainly lived up to expectations at this point, “God Xie, you’re the only one amongst us who is the most unqualified to ask this question, okay? Brother Yu put in a lot of effort in order to become deskmates with you. How well he treats you is visible to the naked eye!” 

Xi Bowen also chose to insert his comment at this time, “The whole class can see how well God Xie treats Brother Yu, too.”

Song Yu gritted his teeth. Finally, the two deskmates who were speaking in perfect harmony both shut up and fell silent under his cold gaze. They put up their Chinese books and began to memorize the text.

Xie Sui: “Let’s talk?”

Song Yu muttered, “There’s nothing to talk about.”

Xie Sui laughed lightly and didn’t say anything else, but the last look he shot at him made Song Yu’s entire back stiffen.

Song Yu frowned briefly.

He dispiritedly thought—it’s still better to stay away. He’d been too good to Xie Sui, making it so that he’d mistakenly started to think that he liked him. He’d stay away so that Xie Sui could think clearly!

Song Yu was particularly serious in class that day. He didn’t doze off and he sat up straight. He continued burying himself in writing after class; in any case, he didn’t try to say anything else to Xie Sui.

Ma Xiaoding wasn’t sensitive to these things and was oblivious, but Xi Bowen frowned and smacked Ma Xiaoding’s arm, “Do you feel like there’s something wrong between Brother Yu and God Xie?”

Ma Xiaoding: “Ah? How so?”

Xi Bowen hated iron for not being steel and sighed.

Song Yu did exam questions. He encountered a pressure axis question, but it was wrong no matter how he calculated it. There was also a step he couldn’t understand when he looked at the answer. He subconsciously wanted to ask Xie Sui, but the sounds in his throat hadn’t yet come out when he shut up again. After this inexplicable ‘not speaking’ began, it became particularly embarrassing to open his mouth again.

So Song Yu turned around and placed the exercise question on Xi Bowen’s desk. He used his pen to draw a line, “This step, explain it to me.”

Xi Bowen: “???” This was the first time Brother Yu had ever asked him about test questions. What should he do? He was in a really damned complex mood.

Ma Xiaoding: “???” That’s not right, Brother Yu, don’t you have a number one in the grade as your private tutor? Why aren’t you asking such a badass learning god?

Song Yu: “Take a look. Can you do it or not.”

Xi Bowen’s hand trembled around the pen he was holding.

Although Xie Sui didn’t look over and his line of sight didn’t turn back, he felt as though the air had chilled a little bit.

He didn’t dare be able to do this question.

Xi Bowen wanted to cry but didn’t have the tears, “Brother Yu, you should ask God Xie.”

Song Yu: “Oh.” He took it back and didn’t say anything else as he continued to study in silence.

Ma Xiaoding finally realized that something wasn’t right after this event. “F*ck, they’re really not talking. Weren’t they fine during the morning self-study period?”

Xi Bowen calmed down his own heart, “I told you, but you didn’t believe it. You can see it now, right? I’m depressed about it, too.”

Ma Xiaoding opened his mouth wide. Something suddenly seemed to connect in his mind, scaring him so much that he didn’t hold his book steady and smashed it against his own face, “No way, could it be because of that secret?”

Xi Bowen’s ears perked up and he lowered his voice, “What?”

Ma Xiaoding’s expression was sad, “God Xie made Brother Yu cry, you know?”

Xi Bowen: “……”

Butter’s Thoughts:
God Xie will make School Bully cry one day… but this is not suitable for children, and so Butter will stop talking, because Butter is only 5 :3
Butter denies being an adult with all of her being

XavierForest’s Thoughts:
But Xavier is not five and boldly supports God Xie in his endeavor to make School Bully cry via this “unsuitable for children” method~

xiin: Ma Xiaoding, always saying the truth but missing the main point~


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