Chapter 60.2 – Late

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

On Monday, Song Yu packed up his books and headed out.

“Uncle Ma doesn’t need to send me back. I’ll take the bus myself.”

Grandma Meng muttered, “Waiting for the bus takes so much time. What’ll you do if you end up late?”

Song Yu: “It’s still early.”

He really didn’t want to be in the same car as Ma Xiaoding. Listening to him ask and chatter on about what had happened in the Internet cafe that day was simply a nightmare.

Song Yu attracted the whole vehicle’s attention when getting on the bus.

But he soon grew accustomed to it. He looked up lazily and didn’t speak.

He pulled on the hand ring and had just steadied himself when the girl beside him suddenly and quietly spoke up, “Brother Yu, do you want to sit?”

Song Yu looked at her bright eyes and raised his eyebrows. He wasn’t old, weak, sick, disabled, or pregnant, so why give him a seat? He lightly responded, “Thank you, but you can keep your seat.”

The girl looked at him tentatively and continued to whisper, “Brother Yu, are you alright?”

Song Yu: “???”

The girl mustered up her courage and earnestly said, “You deserve better.”


Oh, he remembered now. Everyone thought he’d been dumped.

Fine then. He was too lazy to explain. Getting dumped was better than being kissed.

Song Yu bought a cup of soymilk while on the streetside after getting off the bus and gnawed at the straw as he headed to school.

The bus stop was at a crossroads and he still had to walk halfway down the street to reach the school gates.

He’d walked half of the way there when he suddenly heard the sound of fighting coming from the front of a narrow alley.

There were a few curses in the darkness, “Why is there so little? Look at how richly you’re dressed—why do you have so little spending money?”

A boy’s voice was mixed with sounds of crying, “This is my breakfast money for the month.”

“I don’t believe you! You must be hiding it. A brat like you won’t learn your lesson if I don’t beat you up!”

“I really don’t have any wuwuwuwu, I really don’t.”

“There’s nothing? Then you should f*cking know to ask your mother for more money next time!”

Kicks fell down like rain and groaning and crying rang out in the alleyway; the level of noise wasn’t insignificant.

Song Yu finished his soymilk and took a step forward. When he could see the scene in the alley clearly, he saw that the boy being beaten up was wearing a school uniform, and he looked thin and weak as he crouched down crying in the corner.

There was another group of tall and well-built people who were also wearing school uniforms, but the number on their uniforms was ‘13’. They were most likely a group of school scum who went everywhere collecting ‘protection fees’.

“Bring 500 tomorrow, or else you’ll—ah!” The empty soymilk cup flew over and hit its target, smashing against the back of the leader’s head. There was still a little bit of soymilk left, which splashed out and drenched his body.

The young man who’d been soaked by soymilk was infuriated. He turned around, “Who is it?!”

Song Yu wasn’t wearing a backpack. He held his books in his hand and stood with his back towards the light. His tone was mocking, “Your father.”

He was tall, with long legs and pale, delicate skin. His pupils were very light under his thin eyelids.

The leader of the youths was enraged, “You’re f*cking looking to die.”

It was just that his rage hadn’t had the chance to explode when the person beside him grabbed at his sleeve. That person showed a little dread as he looked at Song Yu and quietly said, “Boss, this person seems to be No.1 High’s new school bully.”

The young man was stunned for a moment, but his expression remained gloomy, “What’s there to be afraid of? He’s on his own.”

The person beside him swallowed hard, “Last time, he dealt with Gao Feng and his crowd on his own.”

They and Gao Feng knew each other. The young man fell silent for a while, then cursed, outwardly fierce but cowering inside, “What bad luck. Brat, you should consider yourself lucky that Laozi’s going to be late. Otherwise, I’d beat you up until even your own mother couldn’t recognize you.”

Song Yu sneered. He stood at the entrance to the alley like a plague god, blocking the way, “What are you in such a hurry for? Did I tell you guys to go?”


—The group of people from No.13 High.

“Don’t cue my mother all day long. Call her grandma. Got it, son?”

A series of wailing sounds came from the alley. Finally, the crowd of people from No.13 High left their money behind and crawled away, crying and yelling.

Song Yu crouched down and helped the boy pick up his glasses.

The boy raised his head. He was very thin, his skin milky-white and his eyes red-rimmed like a rabbit. His lips were still trembling.

When Song Yu could see his face clearly, he felt that it looked a little familiar. Eh, wasn’t this the person who’d been sitting in front of him when they took the monthly exams?

He looked like an intense bookworm when he wore glasses, but when they were off, he looked like a crying and chirping… rabbit?

Song Yu gave his glasses back to him and asked him the real key questions, “Fellow brother, what’s your name? How come you always meet such scum?”

“Thank you, Brother Yu.” His hands were still shaking, and his eyes were red. He looked aggrieved and afraid, “My, my name is Ren Wenhan.”

Song Yu chewed on a candy and glanced over him with doubt, but he didn’t know how to comfort others, so he said, “Let’s go to school first. We’ll be late soon.”

Ren Wenhan sniffed, his tears falling again, “Oh, yes.”

He tightened his arms around his school bag and put on his glasses. He looked particularly thin and pitiful.

However, after such a delay, the school bell rang as soon as they stepped into school.

The teaching director had recently been very strict about catching students who arrived late. He held up a loudspeaker and angrily roared, “Those who came in at the end should all come over here and stand still! Arriving late on a Monday—what are you guys attending school for?!”

The group of students who’d rushed over all howled to express their sorrow, then gave up resistance and lined up to stand silently at the gate like a welcome brigade.

Song Yu internally lamented over how his luck was really bad.

Ren Wenhan was still crying beside him, sniffling and unable to catch his breath, “Brother Yu, I’m sorry, I pulled you down with me.”

Song Yu was still eating candy, “I don’t blame you. I was in a bad mood. I should actually thank you for sending me a group of people to vent my anger out on.”

Ren Wenhan looked at him in a daze.

The teenager’s side profile was very excellent and handsome in the golden morning light. They were all wearing school uniforms, but he had a school grass’s exuberant, youthful spirit, and was coated with a lazy attitude that made him stand out from the others.

His breathing stalled and he couldn’t help but clench his fingers tightly around his school bag.

There was someone cursing and scolding nearby, “In the whole school, it’s just this disciplinary teacher who comes up with so much crap, and he even stands here for a morning self-study session. When he leaves, Laozi’s gonna bail.”

“It was him last time at Shushan Building too, right? Dammit, we should find a chance to beat him up.”

“Put a sack over him and block him in a corner, then toss the blame to Song Yu. Isn’t he the school bully? We’ll teach him what a school bully should do. He must’ve turned into an idiot from all the studying.”

“Like I said, what kind of sense of existence does he have as a school bully? He was only powerful for a while on that one day.”

Song Yu wrapped his tongue around the candy and treated them like a bunch of fools.

The teaching director finally dragged back the person who’d tried to escape on a bike, pulling him over by the collar and setting him down next to Song Yu. He sneered, “Want to run? You even tried to run? I’ve taught students for so many years, yet I haven’t had any students manage to slip away from my hands!”

The student with the bicycle forced a smile onto his face, “Teacher, I was just helping an old grandmother cross the road.”

The teaching director: “What a coincidence. The people in front of you said the same thing. According to your words, an old lady passed by the red street light in front of the school gate at an average of once per minute.”

The bicycle student couldn’t smile anymore.

The teaching director held up his loudspeaker and shouted at him, “Late is late, and you even tried to quibble. Write a five thousand word essay!”

After telling off this student, the teaching director came to a stop in front of Song Yu, still holding his loudspeaker. The bellyful of words he’d been about to say regarding bad students were all stuck in his throat when Song Yu looked up.

The two of them looked at each other.

The teaching director, “How come it’s you again?!”

The student who’d run faster than a rabbit last time at Shushan Building.

This disciplinary teacher had always been selfless and didn’t fear Song Yu’s background. He was a good, upright man and had nothing to fear even if the mayor came to ask him questions.

Song Yu: “Hello, teacher.”

The teaching director: “… Tell me, then. Why are you late?”

Song Yu chuckled, “I was acting bravely for a just cause.”


“A group of No.13 High students bullied a student from our No.1 High. As the school bully, I must take the lead in the fight to stop this evil behavior.”

Ren Wenhan’s eyes were still red. He weakly raised his hand, “I… I can testify.”

The teaching director: “……”

Gao Feng’s group: “……”

They all turned their heads to look over when they heard the words ‘school bully’, rather like a group of sunflowers, their eyes filled with shock.

“Song Yu?!”

The first one to shout out was Gao Feng.

Song Yu smiled slightly, “Hi.”

Gao Feng: —F*ck!

Can you not say hi? Dammit, he didn’t want to hear this word again in his life.

The teaching director was half-believing and half-doubtful. Suddenly, the headmaster’s voice rang out from behind him, “What’s going on here? Why is everyone standing in a row?”

The teaching director looked back and found that not only was the headmaster there, but two vice-principals were too, and they were following behind a tall boy.

“Headmaster, I’m punishing late students.”

The headmaster laughed genially, his tone kind, “There’s no need to stand at the gate to do it. Students still need face; ask them to go back and write an essay.”

The teaching director: “… Yes.”

The students who were standing in a row all subconsciously looked over at the young man who was of a similar age to them.

His clothing didn’t look cheap and his temperament was clearly that of someone who had been raised well and lived comfortably. His smile was warm and gentle; while everyone was looking at him, his eyes were focused on Song Yu, his gaze a little cold, “Song Yu?”

Song Yu’s eyes were icy.

Qin Mo didn’t back down.

In fact, he’d first felt quite positive about Song Yu. He liked people who were good-looking, regardless of whether they were men or women. Song Yu’s personality suited his tastes, his attitude on the terrace both cold and wild, and he’d likely be interesting to play with. But later, Song Yu had made his antipathy very obvious, so his interest had faded. In the past, when he encountered these kinds of difficult targets, he would use less-than-gentle means to make them yield.

But he was from the Song Family, and there was too much to consider.

After losing interest, he felt bored after a few glances.

Moreover, he preferred the cold silence of an arrogant beauty in comparison, whereas Song Yu had already been spoiled into lawlessness by the Song Family.

Butter’s Thoughts:
Brother Yu will now teach Scum Bag the true meaning of lawlessness…

XavierForest’s Thoughts:
Trash Qin better stay away from Xie Sui. There’s no need to pollute his poor eyes any further.


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