Chapter 60.1 – Late

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Song Yu: “……”

Song Yu: “Not everyone is as superficial as you and only has money in their eyes.”

Song Wanying chuckled. As the only daughter of the Song Family and a top celebrity in A City, the one thing she disdained the most was money, okay?

“Okay, okay, okay.” Song Wanying continued after insincerely and perfunctorily agreeing, “I’m the superficial one. I hope you can succeed with your pure love as soon as possible. Since they’re so amazing, you can take them home for our parents to see, hey.”

This last sentence was a direct provocation.

He’d likely end up with broken legs if he took Xie Sui home. Wait, that wasn’t right. Why would he be taking Xie Sui back to the Song Family in the first place for the new year?!

Song Yu: “You talk too much. I’m hanging up.”

He was really crazy to try and talk about such things with Song Wanying.

Song Yu went back to his apartment by himself. He went to bed after washing up and dropped his head on the soft pillow, feeling that things weren’t right no matter how he thought about it.

He clutched at his head, sat up, and took out his cell phone, wanting to send Xie Sui a message. It was just that, after typing out a line of text, he reread it for a long time, then deleted it, then typed it out, then deleted it again. After hesitating this way for seven or eight minutes, he pursed his lips and chose to sleep.

“Why are you so innocent, big brother? You’re the one who kissed him first, even if it was an accident.”

He was muttering to himself.

He briefly closed his eyes, then changed his personal signature so that Xie Sui could see it.

[ We are too young to know how to love and be loved, only because our hearts have been hurt before ]

Do you understand what I mean?

It was just that someone else from Class One sent these words to the forum and the entire forum ‘got it’ before he could figure out if Xie Sui had understood or not.

[ Take a look at Brother Yu’s signature. What does it mean? ]

Main post: It was changed at one o’clock in the morning. He didn’t go to sleep in the middle of the night and sent out these kinds of words. What’s going on with Brother Yu?

1L: What else could it be? He’s trapped in love. Aren’t people who are in love all overly sentimental and earthy [picks nose] I never thought that a cool boy like Brother Yu would also embark on this road of no return

2L: Look at this stupid style? How come I feel like Brother Yu copied it from Baidu’s ‘annual list of sad personal signatures’?

3L: Was Brother Yu dumped by a bad woman?

4L: ? Can us Happy Together CP shippers say a sentence [wants to speak but stopping.jpg]

5L: What? A bad woman made Brother Yu cry?

6L: I’m so sad, my heart is broken, it’s broken wuwuwuwu

7L: Brother Yu’s crying, I don’t want to live anymore [wail][wail][crying]

Other people: “……”

That night, this thread became a late-night crying and mourning brigade.

Song Yu went home on Sunday.

After one night’s separation, Grandma Meng had finally lost most of her anger. Her voice was soft as she reprimanded him, “If you don’t like that child from the Qin Family, you can not attend. But to shame others like this is intolerable. Don’t do that next time.”

Song Yu thought to himself, as long as Qin Mo didn’t come to provoke him and Xie Sui, who would care about him? But his mouth was very obedient and his smile even revealed his dimples, “Yes, I know.”

In the afternoon, he did his homework in the garden.

Song Yu received a message from Ma Xiaoding.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: ? Brother Yu, you were crying?! ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: My god, what happened to you during that time when the power went out in the Internet cafe qwq ]

Song Yu almost dropped his cell phone. Why did he have to bring that up? He didn’t want to think about what had happened when the Internet cafe lost power at all, okay?

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: You haven’t woken up yet, right? ]

What were you chattering on blindly for?

Ma Xiaoding sent him a link to the forum.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: qwq The tragedy caused by your personal signature ]

Song Yu clicked into the thread on his cell phone. The thread had started off relatively normally, but the back was filled with strings of [wailing and crying] expression packs, a crying and mourning brigade, ‘I’m lovelorn wuwuwuwu’ ‘Brother Yu’s crying, I’m dying’, and enough tears to create a river. Looking at it dazzled his eyes; when did he cry? How come he didn’t know about it?

But then Song Yu went back to see his personal signature and ended up choking on his own saliva, coughing extremely awkwardly.

He guiltily and quickly went to delete it, wondering if he’d had water in his brain yesterday.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: I’ll go ask God Xie since he was closest to you. What exactly happened that day? qwq ]

“Damn it!” Song Yu glared. He typed super quickly, “Ma Xiaoding, don’t—”, But before he could even send it out, Ma Xiaoding’s next message had already arrived.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: ??? God Xie said that it’s a secret. What? ]

Song Yu: “……”

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: 🙂 ]

He exited out of their conversation and saw Xie Sui’s message.

[ Xie Sui: Crying? ]

Song Yu’s heart stopped for a moment. His heart, which had calmed down with much difficulty, was once again disrupted into chaos.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: How could that be ] I haven’t cried in this lifetime.

[ Xie Sui: That’s good ]

Another message slowly came over from another side a minute later.

[ Xie Sui: I thought I made you cry with my kiss ]

Song Yu: “……”

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: Let me discuss something with you! Since it was an accident! Let’s just pretend nothing happened last night, okay? ]

[ Xie Sui: Okay ]

Originally, he’d thought that he would have to wait until school started on Monday to make things clear, but unexpectedly, after a series of accidents, they were able to clarify it all today.

Song Yu breathed out a long sigh of relief. He kind of wanted to ask Xie Sui ‘have you thought about it clearly’, but his fingers paused on the chat interface. His eyelashes trembled, and he gave up.

Looking at Xie Sui’s attitude, he should’ve thought things through. They were all teenagers who’d only just started to understand love, so how could they act so naturally towards the people they like?

Xie Sui set down his cell phone and dropped his gaze, smiling faintly.

He told himself that he couldn’t rush things. He really was surprisingly patient when it came to this child.

His gaze drifted back to the computer and the rows of files that were in his mailbox. They were all related to the ‘Xie Group’.

The look in Xie Sui’s eyes turned to one of indifference.

He’d been in power in the Xie Family for many years in his previous life and he knew the Xie Group well. With his help, Qu Rong had easily been promoted to Xie Mingsen’s side.

[ Qu Rong: According to President Xie, Xie Mingsen should be transferred out of headquarters next year and will first take over ‘Xinrui’ as CEO. ]

Xinrui was a technology company under the Xie Group which had very promising development prospects. Rather than calling it a transfer, Xie Sinian had given Xie Mingsen a springboard from which he could make some achievements. He could use these achievements to win over the board of directors at headquarters and pave the way to take over the Xie Group in the future.

It was just that this eldest son was doomed to let him down.

Xie Sui’s memory was especially good. The Xinrui scandal from his last life seemed to have happened in Xie Mingsen’s hands.

The game they’d developed was sued for plagiarism and their user information was exposed. There was an overwhelming amount of negative publicity, causing the stock price to plummet and breaking their capital chain, which made it difficult for Xinrui to recover. In the end, Xie Group’s headquarters had to come out and make a move to save the situation.

He tapped his fingers twice on the desk.

Xie Sui laughed briefly, his eyes cold.

Repeating the same experiences from his previous life after being reborn was too boring. Last time, it had only taken him three years to go from being the illegitimate son of the Xie Family, unacknowledged by anyone, to thoroughly reshuffling the board of directors and firmly grasping power. This time, it might happen even earlier. He would return to the Xie Family sooner or later, but he wanted to first give them a surprise before then.

[ Pay more attention to Xie Mingsen’s decision making. Make some audio recordings. ]

[ Make a trip to Qinghe Mansion at the end of the year. ]

[ Qu Rong: Okay. ]

Xie Sui flipped his pen, then received a call from Xu Shi’en.

His eyes darkened, but his tone was calm, “Hello, little aunt.”

Xu Shi’en’s voice held suppressed excitement, but she pretended to be both sad and angry, “Ah-Sui, your little aunt finished reading the diary from last time. After reading it, I was so angry I was shaking all over and it took me a long time to calm down. My poor sister. Alas, how could she encounter such a thing?! Qin Qiuyun is simply not human. I’ve already contacted people, and I’m investigating Chengnan Club. I’ll definitely get justice for your mother. I want Qin Qiuyun to know that in A City, our Xu Family isn’t so good to provoke.”

Xie Sui curved his lips, mocking and sarcastic, but his tone was sad, “Thank you, aunt.”

Xu Shi’en continued, “After Qin Qiuyun is pulled down, Ah-Sui, come back to A City. Your grandmother and grandfather miss you very much.”

Xie Sui carelessly replied, “Mm.”

He wasn’t interested in their biting at each other. He couldn’t even muster up the desire to make a move on Qin Qiuyun himself.

The Xu Family and Xu Shi’en’s purposes were very obvious. The Xu Family wanted to use him as a chess piece and have him become a point with which to establish a relationship with the Xie Family. But Xu Shi’en was even more daring and coveted the position of Xie Family’s main wife. She’d been eagerly waiting to make a move for many years.

What he’d met the most while in A City was this kind of smart fool.

The Xu Family wasn’t good to provoke, but did that mean the Qin Family was? Even though Qin Qiuyun had never been liked by the Qin Family, it had been beyond everyone’s expectations for her to marry Xie Sinian back then.

But at the end of the day, she was still surnamed Qin.

Xie Sui hung up the phone and laughed mockingly.

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Brother Yu, heartbreak? Nah…


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