Chapter 59.2 – Loving You Is Instinct

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translator: xiin
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Song Yu was thrown into confusion and it was difficult for him to start talking about this topic, “That’s not it, how could you like me?”

Xie Sui simply said, “Isn’t it normal to like a person who’s good to me?”

Song Yu: “???!!!”

F*ck me!

It was like he’d gotten an instant epiphany.

Song Yu couldn’t even speak. His entire body was stiff.

—Isn’t it normal to like a person who’s good to me?

Yes, it was. How could he forget? The memories from the original story suddenly flooded in.

Hadn’t Qin Mo been able to walk into his heart because he was kind to Xie Sui? Because he’d given him salvation when he was in the dark? Because he’d a as the only light in his chaotic life?

But in the original story, Xie Sui had only treated Qin Mo like his best friend. Where did this ‘liking him’ come from?!

Friendship had degenerated into love.

—Could it be that he’d been too kind to Xie Sui?

… F*ck. The more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed to be the case.

Song Yu was upset, but he also felt that this definitely wasn’t liking him. He looked at Xie Sui’s clear and warm eyes for a long time, then scratched his head and hesitated as he spoke again.

“That’s not it. If you think about it carefully, could you have gotten it wrong? What you feel isn’t like. To like someone because they’re good to you, this… it’s too hasty. How about going back and thinking about it first? It might be that it’s more gratitude and friendship than love.”

Xie Sui was temporarily stunned, a bit of confusion appearing in his eyes. It seemed as though Song Yu had hit on a certain point.

He smiled briefly, “Is that so?”

It was.

Your life was too bitter when you were a child, so even a small bit of gentleness and care was enough for you to commit yourself.

Song Yu didn’t know how to describe the changes in his mood. In short, it was very complicated. He felt like he’d led a child astray and was now trying to straighten out his thoughts for him.

Because he knew the Xie Sui from the book, he knew that his life before high school was like a living hell. So he’d had a mission when he came to his side.

Xie Sui had been so stumped by his kindness the first time they met. It was reasonable for Xie Sui to fall for someone who was good to him. He was clueless and unsuspecting; he’d been good to him, so he liked him.

Xie Sui was very circumspect. He planted the seeds in Song Yu’s heart, then backed off. He knew that he’d really lose him if he backed him into a corner.

He observed Song Yu’s expression. After pausing for a moment, he hesitated, then smiled and said, “In that case, I’ll think about it.”

Song Yu breathed a sigh of relief.

Xie Sui continued, “If you’re going to alienate me because I like you, then it’s better that I don’t like you.”

The stone that was pressing down on Song Yu’s heart disappeared.

Hey, he’d almost been frightened to death. Like he’d said, Xie Sui really couldn’t tell what liking was.

It was just that this one night, this one kiss, this one ‘I like you’ was destined to make him unable to sleep for a long time, and even left with him with a kind of confused and regretful feeling.

Song Yu added, “Don’t say such misleading words next time.” It had made his heart experience huge ups and downs in one night.

Xie Sui’s tone was meaningful, “Okay.”

Song Yu was finally able to concentrate on playing a few games after turning back to the screen.

He discovered that Meng Guang had sent messages to his cell phone after he finished playing.

[ You left so suddenly, just like that? ]

[ What am I supposed to say when grandma asks about it? ]

[ Cousin, you’re really unkind! And you left even before the main character showed up. You’re going to be scolded when you go back. ]

Song Yu thought about how miserable his life would be when his grandmother told him off.

The corners of his lips turned down.

When he went out today, his grandmother had thought that he and Qin Mo could become friends since they had similar family backgrounds and were of similar ages.

To hell with being friends; they might as well be enemies. It was already pretty good for him to not pick up a knife and cut him down at the school gates when school started again.

Although he really had been unkind, Song Yu thought that it would be better to go back later after his grandmother’s anger had passed.

After all, it had been very impolite for him to disrespect Qin Mo like this.

[ It’s okay. Just say that I suddenly recalled that there was a test paper that I hadn’t written yet, so I went back to school for the time being and won’t go home tonight. ]

Learning was the most important thing.

Meng Guang sent over a long string of ellipsis.

[ ………….. ]

[ ?????? ]

[ That’s your excuse? Are you going to leave me to face the elderly alone?!! ]

Song Yu felt guilty as he flattered the other party.

[ Elder cousin, it’s been hard on you. Handsome people always have more responsibilities ]

He turned off his cell phone and took a look at the lower right corner of his computer, where it showed that it was almost 11:30. Ma Xiaoding was in trouble with his father, who’d stopped just short of coming to the Internet cafe to drag him out. He lied humbly and vehemently denied everything, saying that he was already on his way home before turning off his computer in a hurry. He only spared time to say goodbye to Song Yu before slipping away, and the others all started to leave one after another.

“Brother Yu, see you on Monday!”

Song Yu and Xie Sui were the last to leave and did so together.

Xie Sui stood under a street lamp and asked, “Are you waiting for someone to pick you up?”

He was very calm and easy after they’d spoken about the earlier matter, as though nothing had happened at all.

Song Yu secretly spurned himself, thinking that he really hadn’t seen enough of the world. He shook his head, “No, I’m going back to school to sleep for the night.”

Xie Sui nodded.

The two of them separated at the crossroads.

The cool wind blew by, dispersing a bit of the hot dryness Song Yu felt.

He took out his cell phone and chose to call Song Wanying. This elder sister of his had had countless boyfriends, and out of his entire family, it was only her who he dared to ask about emotional matters.

The call was soon connected.

Song Wanying’s voice was light, “It’s a rare guest, a rare guest. What kind of good thing happened for you to come looking for me? Did your teacher finally find out that he marked your monthly exam paper wrong and accidentally added an extra zero?”

Song Yu rolled his eyes. He wasn’t in the right mood to fight with her and spoke into his cell phone, “I want to ask you something.”

Song Wanying laughed, “Tsk, you’re so young and yet you’re already asking about matters of the heart? I have to go to bed before 12 o’clock, so you’d better hurry up if you have something to talk about.”

Song Yu’s tone was solemn, “Listen to me.”


“I have a friend…”

Song Wanying was already unable to hold back and had started laughing loudly before he could finish.

Song Yu was very indignant, “Can’t you be a bit more respectful? I’m talking to you about my friend’s affairs!”

“Okay, okay, I’m very curious about what happened to your friend.”

Song Yu lightly continued, “He recently encountered an emotional problem and came to ask me, but I don’t really understand so I wanted to ask you about it.”

“He pities a classmate who was bullied all the time. That classmate’s life was really miserable. They were alone for most of the time from childhood, and no one was kind to them. Their life was lonely and empty. My friend finally couldn’t bear it and got close to him, treating him very kindly. Then something happened. That classmate confessed to my friend today, saying that they like my friend. But from his words and expressions, it doesn’t seem like he really likes him. My friend feels that they’re attaching too much importance to kindness and misunderstood the boundary between friendship and love, so they became particularly confused for a moment.”

Song Wanying suppressed her smile as she listened, “So what do you want to ask? Are you asking if they actually like you or not?”

Song Yu coldly corrected her, “It’s my friend.”

Song Wanying: “Oh, your friend. Then asking if they actually like your friend or not?”

Song Yu: “No, I want to ask—how can my friend help him correct this misconception?”

Song Wanying didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “What’s wrong with this? What misconception do you want to correct? Tell your friend that if you don’t like them, then don’t leave the little girl hanging and refuse directly. If you can’t become friends, then break it off so that the other party won’t fall deeper and deeper.”

Song Yu: “… Things can’t be said that way. For better or worse, there are still some feelings involved.”

Song Wanying: “Yo, here comes the classic scum man speech.”

The corners of Song Yu’s mouth curved down. He refused to wear this scum man hat, okay?

And he always felt that Xie Sui’s attitude didn’t seem like his feelings were getting deeper and more dangerous. Just now, he’d acted so naturally that it was like it had nothing to do with him! It was as though the person who’d confessed in the Internet cafe was a ghost! Like it was a dream he’d just had!

He was the one who became more caught up in it the more he thought about it, thinking more deeply and more dangerously, okay? 🙂

Song Wanying: “First of all, I don’t have any standards for family status, and I don’t reject puppy love. But you need to first polish your eyes before you go and find a girlfriend. After all, the threshold for the Song Family is still a little high, and I’m afraid that she might feel bad when the time comes. You’ll also end up regretting it.”

Song Yu: “…… What does this have to do with my girlfriend?”

I already said that it was my friend!

Song Wanying was too lazy to expose him, “It’s not a girlfriend? Then, boyfriend? Tsk. That’s even more difficult. You have to think about how to come out of the closet.”

Song Yu: “I feel that I can’t continue this conversation with you.”

Song Wanying laughed and couldn’t stop.

After finally laughing enough, her soft voice came through the cell phone, carrying hints of a smile.

“Their confession affected your heart and mood, to the point where you even called me. This shows that you are, in fact, not very calm.”

“Friendship and love, and whether or not it came out of kindness, is that so important? Liking someone is liking someone. If two people have feelings for each other, then just be together.”

Song Yu: “In fact, my friend’s situation is very complicated.”

Song Wanying: “I feel that your friend is just finding problems out of nowhere.”

Song Yu: “……”

It really hadn’t been easy for them to maintain their brother-sister relationship until now.

Song Wanying: “First of all, being good to someone because they’re miserable is a very strange premise to start with. How good do they have to be for someone to fall in love with them because of it? What kind of compassion does it take to lead to such a high degree of goodness? Is it doing all sorts of things, no matter how big or small? Is it accompanying them all the time? Darling, you’re so gentle. Why didn’t I know this before?”

Song Yu: … Not only that, it was ‘good’ to the point where he’d transferred schools and came to this city for him.

Song Wanying: “Compared to thinking about how much of that classmate’s ‘like’ is made up of gratitude, maybe you should think about whether or not your friend being good to them is compassion, and whether or not that compassion is really the main reason they’re good to them.”

In fact, compassion only made up a small part of the reason. He was stunned for a moment and felt something that he’d been reluctant to think about flash through his mind. As soon as he’d transmigrated into the book, he’d come straight to Jing City. Was his persistence really because he’d read about Xie Sui’s life in the novel?

But he didn’t know Xie Sui before this!

His mind was in a whirl.

Song Yu spoke into his cell phone very seriously, “Forget it. My friend feels that it’s very troublesome and he doesn’t want to think about it anymore. Goodbye!”

Song Wanying disdained him, “Not only is your friend finding problems out of nowhere, he also has no patience. His classmate’s probably after him for his money.”

Butter’s Thoughts:
Song Wanying, the sister we all need in our lives- whether we know it or not!

XavierForest’s Thoughts: Started the chapter with a retarded smile on my face, ended the chapter laughing myself to death.

xiin: SY’s ability to troll runs in the family.


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