Chapter 57 – Internet Cafe

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A new recommended game.

Song Yu was a little interested. He raised his eyebrows and laughed, “Tell me about it.”

He was bored and idle this evening, anyway.

The boss’s eyes shone when he saw Song Yu being so cooperative and he enthusiastically picked up a sign from the table, “Little friend, have you ever played Fairy Path? It’s that online game that’s been very popular recently. The game I’m recommending now is the edited mobile version of Fairy Path, and it’s infinitely close to the original. It’s called <Extreme Owl Mania>.”

Ma Xiaoding almost choked on his apple.

He yakked on about this game in front of Brother Yu every day; how would Brother Yu get cheated by this?

Boss, don’t use your <Extreme Owl Mania>, an unknown little mobile game, to try and touch porcelain and rub popularity off such a famous game, okay? It’s too shameful.

Song Yu raised his gaze and sneered, “You must be kidding. Why is Fairy Path’s mobile version called Extreme Owl Mania?”

The boss coughed, but he was very shameless and didn’t feel embarrassed at all. He had accepted the advertisement, so he continued to try his best and promote, “Well, why be so caught up with the name? I’ll make a bet with you—this game is really fun, and all the young lads are playing it. <Extreme Owl Mania> currently has a new package for new players. If you want to play, the QR code is here. You can download the game and you’ll get a dragon sword, a world-class mount, and a piece of godly equipment! One hit deals 999 damage! 999 damage!”

Song Yu: “……”

Song Yu: “Badass.”

The boss finally noticed that Song Yu was too cool and too aggressive to be his target customer.

“Little friend, you’re not interested? In that case, just step to the side a bit.”

He turned his gaze toward someone else and put up the sign again, then enthusiastically pulled over Ma Xiaoding, who was still standing off to the side and gnawing at an apple.

“You guys don’t believe me despite all I’ve said, so I’ll let your peers talk to you about it. Little Ma has been playing this all the time recently. Come on, tell them how fun it is.”

The boss shot him a fierce look.


Ma Xiaoding held an apple in his hand and stood there in the middle of the crowd, confused and helpless. He’d come here and played on credit countless times, was old acquaintances with the boss, and felt too embarrassed to counter his words.

He could only cough briefly, “Ah, yes yes yes, it’s very fun. What the boss says is true, you guys can download it and give it a try first. The little sisters who play the game are all very good looking and are especially pleasing to the eyes.”

Song Yu stood to the side and used his cell phone to scan the code. The download page jumped out. It was a classic low-end game page with messy characters, messy art style, and domineering names. The 999 damage sword even flashed brightly.

The teenagers around him all laughed loudly as they watched the show. There were some who were eating skewers and some drinking coke as they asked pointless questions.

“How pleasing to the eye? Is it more amazing than the Kun I’ve raised?”

“I thought that <Extreme Owl Mania> was the name of an instance. Have you heard of <Heaven-defying God of Chaos>? There’s a new update for <Heaven-defying God of Chaos> today.”

The boss nodded wildly, “They’re very pleasing to the eye. There’s even a marriage system in the game. A few days ago, when we were advertising outside, a lot of female students downloaded the game. Most of the boys who play the game have gotten rid of their single status.”


The crowd of students grew interested.

The boss saw that there was a chance and became even more enthusiastic.

“This mobile game is very well designed, and the modeling details are perfectly done. The background music doesn’t need to be explained, it’s magnificent and can allow you to experience a different fantasy world. Especially the game interface after you log in, it’s clear and concise  and very convenient. The game designers were very thoughtful.”

Song Yu lazily clicked around a few times and said, “It’s very convenient. Clicking anything will take you back to the top-up page. It’s too thoughtful, like they’re afraid I can’t find anything to spend money on.”

The boss: “……”

The crowd couldn’t hold back their laughter.

Ma Xiaoding silently hid himself and continued eating the apple in his hand.

The boss had no choice but to smile awkwardly, “Aiya, look, you guys, this little friend has started playing, hahahahaha, it shows that the game is really fun.”

He held up his sign and put his life on the line to advertise the game, continuing, “Most importantly, <Extreme Owl Mania> is currently holding an activity. The first player to achieve a combat power of 100 million will receive a cell phone and 500 yuan prize. This is a rare opportunity.”

Song Yu was looking up combat power.

Xie Sui bowed his head, a smile in his eyes, “Is it fun, little friend?”

Song Yu dawdled and slowly lifted his head to glance at him, “It’s very fun.”

“Oh, yes––” The boss’ ears twitched, but his eyes hadn’t yet had time to grow bright.

He heard Song Yu continue, “I just calculated it. If I go back and sell my house to first charge several million dollars into the game, I’ll probably be able to break 100 million combat power. Although my dad will beat me up and break my leg, I’ll have a Nokia phone and 500 yuan. It’s worth it, I’ll have no regrets!”

The boss: “……”

Was there anyone who could help him kick this person out.

“Hahahahaha.” The youngsters in the audience almost choked on their snacks, rocking back and forth with laughter. Brother Yu really lived up to his reputation as the number one troll in their No1. High forums.

The distance they’d felt when they first saw Song Yu slowly dispersed after such a farce. They felt that this school bully wasn’t so difficult to approach.

The boss set down the sign and said severely, “Little friend, you shouldn’t mislead others even if you won’t play.”

“Sorry.” Song Yu was still someone who knew how to show respect. Just now, he’d been subconsciously complaining about this kind of crude game that aimed for small profits and quick money. Even so, he was still confused and asked the boss, “But I kind of want to ask, why is it that I couldn’t find the girl students you mentioned after shouting on the world channel for a long time? The one who added me tried to sell pirated films.”

The boss: “……”

He had to send this plague god away quickly.

The boss sat down to the side expressionlessly, “Come on, how many of you are there? There are currently nine computers available, which one do you want?”

Ma Xiaoding hadn’t yet spoken when another student from No.1 High finished off his skewers and invited enthusiastically, “Brother Yu can go to Number 31, Number 32 beside it is empty and can be left for our school grass. We’re over on that side and it works out so that we can play together.”

Ma Xiaoding heard him and agreed, “Yes yes yes! Brother Yu! Play an instance with me, I’m about to die from waiting!”

Song Yu glanced at him and ultimately agreed. Number 31 and 32 were in the corner of the internet cafe, which meant that their group of students could sit together in a circle. There were also compartments and wooden doors blocking the area, so they wouldn’t disturb others if they talked too loudly.

Xie Sui sat at the innermost computer, which was set up against the wall.

Only after they sat down together did Song Yu learn the names for the group of boys. They were all in Senior One, from Class Six and Class Seven.

The group was no longer so afraid of Xie Sui, who was always so distant and cold, after discovering that Song Yu was actually very easy to get along with.

“God Xie actually came to an internet cafe! The number one student in our grade really has a unique character!”

Song Yu put on his headphones and thought to himself, your number one in the grade has even worked as a network manager before. He then thought about how fiercely Xie Sui fought and the corner of his lips pulled down.

These days, number one students took on quite a few jobs.

Xie Sui smiled slightly, “He said to come.”

The boys: “Ohhhhh, Brother Yu, you’re so fierce, even God Xie listens to you.”

Ma Xiaoding clicked his mouse excitedly, “Brother Yu! Log in quickly! Help me do that red lotus hell instance!”

Song Yu looked at him lightly, “Who told you that I came to the internet cafe to play games?”

Ma Xiaoding: “???”

The boy next to him found it unbelievable, “Then what are you doing here, Brother Yu? You added that person who wanted to sell illegal films just now, is it that you plan to watch small movies?”

Song Yu: “…… I came to the internet cafe to relax and watch the news.”

Everyone: “……” Badass.

Ma Xiaoding stared at him with wide eyes. Last time in KTV, he’d learned that his Brother Yu was proficient with both fighting and learning, and was also very good at playing games. It hadn’t been easy for him to get him to play together; how could he let the chance slip away?

It was just that he didn’t dare ask and could only click on his mouse aggrievedly.

Song Yu was originally idle and didn’t know what to do.

It just happened that Ma Xiaoding sent out a message at that time, so he’d come along.

He was thinking about how to explain today’s affairs to his grandmother and frowning when he suddenly became aware that everyone’s eyes were on him.

Song Yu: “… Don’t look at me, I don’t play this game. I don’t have an account.”

A spiky haired boy’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Brother Yu! I can borrow an account for you! You can accompany us for the next instance!”

Whether or not they completed the instance wasn’t important, what was more important was playing games together with the school bully.

Song Yu couldn’t bring himself to say any words of rejection when faced with this group of teenagers who looked at him so passionately. He tilted his head and asked Xie Sui, “Did you ever play games when you were working as a network manager?”

Xie Sui started laughing, “I did, but I might be a little unfamiliar with it now.”

Song Yu: “That’s okay.”

Everyone could be crappy together.

He turned his head and said to the spiky haired boy, “Borrow two accounts, then.”

The spiky haired boy’s voice rose up with excitement, “Okay, okay!!”

Ma Xiaoding gave him a thumbs up.

This game was precisely the one that <Extreme Owl Mania> was trying to rub popularity off of, <Fairy Path>. It was a very traditional cultivation game. There were six sects and six professions; swordsmen, mage, beast master, thief, archer, physician.

At the end of the day, it was a mainstream game, and the graphics were very good. When logging into the game, there was a crane that soared over ten thousand miles, its wing tips gliding across vast stretches of mist, covering picturesque mountains and rivers.

The spiky haired boy asked––

“Brother Yu, there are two accounts here, one is an attack-based swordsman, a close combat profession, and the other is a physician healer. Which one’s for you, and which one’s for God Xie?”

Song Yu had only gotten involved because he found it difficult to refuse when faced with their hospitality, so he answered, “I’ll play the healer and take it easy.”

Spiky Hair: “Okay! I’ll send you the account and password.”

Song Yu had played this kind of game before and wasn’t unfamiliar with them. After logging in, he found that the character was a beautiful and bright little loli with two long chestnut colored braids, a light green dress, and a small lantern in her hand. After playing around for a bit, he could even make the character fly.

When she flew up, there was a faint circle of light beneath her feet.

A physician profession.

The ID was also very cute, ‘Can I Kiss You?’


Song Yu manipulated the little physician to turn around in a circle.

After logging into the game, Spiky Hair sent over the coordinates, and he teleported over. When he arrived in front of the quest NPC, Song Yu realized that it was a limited time, multi-person instance for an activity, and required a minimum of 15 players.

It could be completed multiple times, and there was a possibility that high level equipment and materials might drop, so many players were eager to give it a try.

There were seven of them. They spent a while looking for other players and finally gathered together a group of 15.

Ma Xiaoding was playing a beast master. He vowed, “Brother Yu! You don’t have to treat yourself as a healer. Just stand behind me, I’ll protect you!”

Song Yu was familiarizing himself with the little physician’s skills.

In fact, healers were almost all the same, heal, heal, heal, heal. But the owner of this account had focused on leveling up a very slacker skill, called ‘hand in hand’, which locked with a teammate and strengthened each other’s defense when they fought side to side. In short… they could just toss out their hand, close their eyes, and slack off.

The background for Red Lotus Hell was gloomy and dark. There was the river of forgetfulness, the bridge to hell, and a strange and gorgeous stretch of flowers on the shore.

“Where are you?”

Song Yu tossed this question to the person beside him after he arrived.

Xie Sui smiled, “Behind you.”

Song Yu manipulated the little physician to turn around and saw the swordsman standing by the river of forgetfulness. It was a very handsome youth in white clothing with his hair in a high bun and a cold star sword in hand. He looked fierce and cold.

But what Song Yu noticed was the swordsman’s name.

“Go Clear Monsters First.”

The loli in green stood in front of the swordsman.

He looked at his own name, then looked at the other party’s name.

“Can I Kiss You?”

“Go Clear Monsters First.”

Song Yu: “……”

F*ck, it was a little strange.

He took off his headphones, turned his head, and knocked on Spiky Hair’s head, “Are these two accounts a pair of lover accounts?”

Spiky Hair was already immersed in the game, “Yeah! It’s my fellow brother’s account, and his girlfriend’s.”

Song Yu: “……”

Xie Sui chuckled, “It’s okay, it’s not that obvious.”

Song Yu: “No way, I’ll stay a bit further away from you.”

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