Chapter 56 – Repair

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

Song Yu came and went like the wind, leaving everyone with his natural and unrestrained back figure.

Wei Ze was stunned for a brief moment. He was a bit embarrassed as he tilted his head and looked at Qin Mo.

This banquet was held to welcome Qin Mo, but Song Yu had walked away in front of the main character before the banquet even started, not giving him any respect at all. Anyone would feel embarrassed when faced with such a thing.

He wondered to himself, did something happen between these two people in A City? The scent of gunpowder was so strong when they met.

Qin Mo quietly watched as Song Yu left and smiled thoughtfully to himself.

When faced with Wei Ze’s puzzled gaze, his expression didn’t change. He spoke indifferently, “The Song Family’s Third Young Master has a really unique temperament.”

His tone of voice was calm, but the meaning behind it was unfriendly.

Wei Ze sighed secretly in his heart. These two people had likely confirmed their dislike for each other.

It was just that neither the Qin Family nor the Song Family were easy to provoke. He could only hope that these two ancestors wouldn’t bump into each other in the future.

Although he was more inclined to side with Song Yu, he still smiled perfunctorily and chose to change the topic. “It’s not early anymore. Young Master Qin, let’s go down first. There are many people waiting to meet you.”

Qin Mo returned to his gentle and polite appearance and smiled, “Okay.”

Song Yu didn’t even try to find Meng Guang after he went downstairs.

Waiters were coming and going in the banquet hall as they served wine. There were men and women dressed in fine clothes, chattering and filling the venue with noise under the gorgeous lights.

He looked around and couldn’t find his cousin, but he didn’t want to remain here. He then sent out a short message and walked out of Fuguang.

[ I’m leaving first. ]

The cool autumn night breeze greeted him as he stepped out, dispersing some of his restlessness.

Song Yu’s expression was a little cold. He frowned, thoughtful.

He’d met Qin Mo.

A scum man who liked to pretend to be particularly gentle. Was that how he’d cheated Xie Sui in his previous life? In that case, he’d go a little further in this life.

Song Yu called Xie Sui.

“I’m out. Are you here?”

He stood by the fountain, his figure straight.

Xie Sui had just walked through the carved iron gates outside Fuguang Hotel when he received his call. He saw Song Yu as soon as he raised his eyes.

The youth was beautiful and elegant in the moonlight, so attractive that he lost his senses for a moment.

He was also very cute when dressed in a suit.

Xie Sui casually tossed his invitation into the trash can and laughed into the phone, “Mm, I’m here.”

“Where are you?”

“Turn around.”

Song Yu saw Xie Sui as soon as he lifted his head.

Xie Sui stood by the streetlights and smiled at him. He was handsome and gentle, his figure tall and straight, his shadow stretched long on the ground.

The agitation that Song Yu felt dissipated the moment he saw him.

Song Yu smiled back. He walked over, held up his cell phone, and asked in a tone that seemed to be asking for a beating, “Why did you want to see me so much today?”

Xie Sui glanced at ‘Fuguang’, then cleared the coldness from his eyes. He bowed his head, his smile growing nonchalant, “I must’ve been possessed.”

Song Yu: “???” What do you mean?

Song Yu looked disgusted, “You’re too much of a straight man. Don’t you know how to speak nicely? In the future, you’ll anger your girlfriend to death when you use such a reason to ask her out.”

Xie Sui suppressed his laughter, “Then what do you want to hear?”

Song Yu tugged at his hand and headed outside, “Come have something to eat with me first.”

Xie Sui: “Mm.”

On the way.

Song Yu said, “It’s not about what I want to hear since I’m not the one who dislikes it. The point is that you should say what she would want to hear.”

Xie Sui readily followed such good advice, “What should I say?”

It was likely that Song Yu was so idle that his balls were hurting, because he really began to teach Xie Sui how to flirt with girls, “Just say that you were thinking of her—it’s very simple. Do you need a reason to see someone you like?”

Xie Sui looked him in the eye and laughed lightly, “But I’m afraid that they’ll1they – XS uses ‘he’ here (while SY has been using ‘she’ the whole time), but I’m going to switch it to ‘they’ because it’s more ambiguous… XS is taking advantage of the fact that SY doesn’t know who he’s referring to and he’s never actually clarified to SY that he likes boys (yet) be even angrier if I say that.” Song Yu would generally choose to turn to anger when faced with situations that made him feel embarrassed or angry.

Song Yu tsked, “What’s there to be angry about? That’s a standard answer, okay? If she’s so hard to please, then just have her drink more hot water.”

Xie Sui: “……”

They went into a restaurant.

Their waiter finished taking down their orders and asked, “Would you like anything to drink?”

Song Yu hadn’t yet spoken when—Xie Sui had already lightly replied, “Hot water, thank you.”

Waiter: “…… Okay.”

Song Yu: “???”

Of course, he stopped the waiter at the end and didn’t actually order a teapot of hot water like a crazy person.

Song Yu’s heart was in a bind. He wanted to tell Xie Sui about Qin Mo, but he didn’t know how to open his mouth and start. He couldn’t just directly say, ‘this man will cheat you in the future, stay away from him’—only ghosts would believe him.

After thinking about it back and forth, he decided to try another method.

“Do you know why I came out before the party even started?”


“It’s because I met a particularly nasty person there.” When Song Yu was at Grandma Meng’s house, he had to pay attention to etiquette when eating and sleeping, which had almost suffocated him to death. Now, he spoke lightly as he ate, “His name is Qin Mo, and it’s likely he’ll be attending Jingcheng No.1 High. You should try to avoid him in the future when you see him; he’s a very hypocritical person. Although it can’t be seen from the surface, I can tell that he’s not a good person based on my many years of experience.”

When the name ‘Qin Mo’ came out of Song Yu’s mouth—

Xie Sui stiffened, icy coldness flashing through the bottom of his eyes. His expression then grew thoughtful after he finished listening to Song Yu’s words.

It seemed that the truth, which had always been hovering indistinctly, was slowly making itself known.

Song Yu was still speaking, “Don’t believe what he says to you, and don’t trust anything he does for you. This man is a scum, and his gentleness is false. Don’t trust him, and don’t do anything for him.”

Xie Sui acted totally unconcerned, “Do what kinds of things for him?”

Song Yu grew angry when it came to talking about this. His brain stalled, “Bear the brunt of that fool Wang Ci’s anger for his sake!” Song Yu himself was stunned for a moment after he spoke. He lowered his head to eat, “In any case, just stay away from him.”

Xie Sui’s faint smile grew stiff, his dark eyes as cold as night.

Wang Ci.

The topic had gone from Qin Mo to Wang Ci.

The few points on the abacus in his heart that had perplexed him ever since he’d started paying attention to Song Yu now seemed to have an answer. The patchwork of faint clues and traces linked up bit by bit: Linshui 301, his approach and his protection, and his intuitive aversion to Wang Ci and Ou Yilian.

Xie Sui looked at him deeply, laughed, and softly replied, “Okay.”

He thought to himself, he’d confirmed this speculation of his tonight. Sure enough, his Yuyu knew many things, even… things from the future.

Song Yu didn’t notice anything and continued, “Where are we going next?”

Xie Sui was still immersed in his thoughts, “Where do you want to go? I’ll accompany you.”

Song Yu was really idle and bored.

He clicked into the group chat that belonged to their small group of four.

It was filled with messages from Ma Xiaoding.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Nobody wants to play games with me, I’m going to die! ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: The Internet cafe is lonely, and I’m lonely! Is there anyone who cares about pitiful little me?! ]

[ Scholar Bowen: … Did you take the wrong medicine? ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: qwq I want to do an instance but I can’t find anyone to play with me ]

[ Scholar Bowen: ? Are there instances in Extreme Owl Mania? ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: It’s not Extreme Owl Mania qwq are you coming or not ]

[ Scholar Bowen: ………… No, I’m going to do my homework. Weren’t you planning to study properly to chase Jiang Chunian? ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: qwq Don’t mention that. It turned out that she was the one who wrote that ‘Lingering’ novel. My young man’s heart has been shattered. I thought she was the kind of girl who only wrote about romantic themes like the wind, flowers, snow, and the moon qwq ]

[ Scholar Bowen: …………….. ]

Song Yu was inspired. He raised his eyes and said to Xie Sui, “How about going to an Internet cafe?”

Xie Sui hid away all his thoughts and responded, “Sure.”

Song Yu did exactly that.

He sent out a message in the group chat.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: Xie Sui and I are coming. Address ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: !!! ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: It’s the place from last time! Brother Yu, are you for real? Consider it carefully qwq otherwise, it’ll be like I led you astray qwq ]

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: You really talk a lot of crap. ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: The small dark alley behind Linqing Street second floor that’s waiting for you to follow the direction of the brightest star ]

He sent it all in one go.

He didn’t even break up his phrases as he typed.

Song Yu: “……”

Last time, it was the cloud that looked like a baby elephant, and this time, it was the brightest star. Ma Xiaoding’s poetic and picturesque style always seemed to be begging for a beating.

Linqing Street wasn’t very far from where they were. It was only five subway stations away.

In fact, Song Yu couldn’t remember the location of the Internet cafe from last time very clearly, so Xie Sui was the one who led the way. The little alley was very dark, and the light in the walkway was broken. Only the green escape light illuminated a vague outline of the stairs in the small space.

“Give me your hand.”

—Xie Sui said.

It was difficult for Song Yu to grope his way around in the dark. He stretched out his hand and let Xie Sui lead him forward.

Xie Sui’s hands were long, slender, and a little cold.

Their palms touched, making him slightly self-conscious.

It was a Saturday night, and the Internet cafe was full and crowded.

The boss stood at the front of the platform. He was big-bellied and eloquent as he promoted a game to a group of teenagers. Ma Xiaoding had been playing for a long time and his eyes were tired, so he’d come out to eat an apple and listen to the man hoodwink others.

He suddenly noticed Song Yu.

He stopped halfway through biting into the apple and excitedly jumped up, waving his arm enthusiastically.

“Brother Yu! Over here!”

Many of the patrons of the Internet cafe were from No.1 High. When they heard the words ‘Brother Yu’, they all subconsciously looked back.

Song Yu had taken off his suit jacket and was holding it in his hand. His bow tie was undone and his shirt was unbuttoned to the second button, revealing his collar bone. He looked rakish and handsome as he walked in.


The crowd of teenagers from No.1 High were stunned for a moment, gaining a new understanding of this school bully who stirred up the wind and bloody rain and had previously only existed in legend. He was too damned handsome!

And there was also the one standing next to him—wasn’t that their No.1 High’s school grass who was rumored to be cold and abstinent?

The owner of the Internet cafe’s eyes lit up when he saw Xie Sui. He greeted him like they were acquaintances, “Ah! Isn’t it Little Xie? Little Xie! It’s been a long time!”

Xie Sui smiled briefly, “Boss Wang.”

Boss Wang sighed, “After you left, I never found another network manager who was as able to work and understood computers as well as you. Sigh, Little Xie’s going to school now and has no time anymore. You can continue working here part-time over summer vacation and also help me take a look at which computers have problems. I’ll pay you extra.”

Xie Sui laughed despite himself, “I probably won’t have time.”

Song Yu knew from last time that Xie Sui had worked here part-time, but he hadn’t expected that he would be the network manager. For some reason, he found it fun to imagine and tilted his head to ask, “Is it fun being a network manager?”

Xie Sui: “It’s not bad.”

Boss Wang could hear the refusal in Xie Sui’s tone, but he wasn’t discouraged. He cheerfully interjected, “Did you bring your friend here to play?”

“Your timing’s good. Little friend, do you want to learn more about a new game that came out recently before you go and log into a computer?”

Butter’s Thoughts:
Their Figures: Straight and long
Their sexualities: Not straight, maybe long???

XavierForest’s Thoughts:
Xie Sui knows (part of) his Yuyu’s secret
Now Song Yu just needs to find out about his lao gong’s~

xiin: well, Xie Sui’s figured out something’s off…

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    they – XS uses ‘he’ here (while SY has been using ‘she’ the whole time), but I’m going to switch it to ‘they’ because it’s more ambiguous… XS is taking advantage of the fact that SY doesn’t know who he’s referring to and he’s never actually clarified to SY that he likes boys (yet)


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