Chapter 55 – You’d Better Not

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

The young man was very tall. The hair over his forehead had been combed back and he looked handsome and elegant, but his eyebrows were gentle and warm. When he smiled, he appeared friendly and open, his eyes curving upwards. He looked at Song Yu with mild interest in his eyes.

The people on the balcony were stunned when they saw him. The atmosphere grew a little awkward.

Wei Ze was put in an awkward position and could only laugh it off, “Are you guys quarreling?”

Bai Xuexin’s expression instantly became very unsightly. She’d only dared to say those words earlier because she was familiar with everyone on the balcony, and she hadn’t intended to let others see how she behaved in private.

She quickly attempted to change the topic before Song Yu could speak. She pressed her fingertips on the table and stood up, smiling brilliantly, “Big Brother Wei, your timing is perfect. Let’s go down first. Isn’t Young Master Qin about to arrive? We shouldn’t make him wait.”

But Wei Ze only raised his eyebrows when he heard these words and glanced to the side.

The young man in the silver suit smiled slightly. His features were soft, and his voice was clear and rich, “No hurry. I should be the one waiting for everyone.”

His identity was obvious.

The air grew quiet in an instant.

Those who’d started to have suspicions about his identity as soon as he’d appeared now had their guesses confirmed. This young man was the fourth son of the Qin Family who’d come here from A City.

Bai Xuexin felt like she’d fallen into an ice cellar.

Wei Ze smiled and spoke to Song Yu, “What exactly happened just now?”

Song Yu had abruptly raised his head as soon as Qin Mo spoke.

His line of sight passed through the crowd, cold and harsh, his pale-colored eyes icy. He was too lazy to care about Bai Xuexin any more and stared directly at the scum standing across from him.

Qin Mo was stunned for a moment. He could feel Song Yu’s line of sight, but he curved his lips up in a small smile, remaining gentle and polite.

There were many fragments of memories in Song Yu’s mind, and they were all about Xie Sui, a youth who’d been left lonely, confused, and frightened.

Eventually, the more he thought, the angrier he became. He shifted his gaze away, bowed his head, and stopped tormenting himself.

He suppressed his anger, his fingers sliding across the screen of his cell phone as he replied to Wei Ze, “Nothing happened.”

He didn’t want to say anything while that stupid scum was present.

At this time, Jiang Chunian decided to put her presence to good use. She smiled happily and explained, “We weren’t quarreling. We were all being quite harmonious and listening quietly as Miss Bai flaunted her wealth. Brother Yu even cheered her on with ‘666’.”

The group of people on the balcony: “……”

Bai Xuexin felt that she was going to be angered to death by these two people tonight!

She looked at Qin Mo in a panic, only to find that the other party’s line of sight had never fallen on her body at all. He was still thoughtfully studying Song Yu.

Her heart felt both relieved and stuffy. She bit her lip and swept away her arrogant air, acting aggrieved instead, “Jiang Chunian, you’re going too far. How can you splash dirty water on me so easily? How was I flaunting my wealth? I just saw that Song Yu was always playing on his cell phone and wasn’t trying to talk to us, so I came over to talk to him, that’s all.”

Jiang Chunian rolled her eyes, “Oh. You weren’t flaunting your wealth. Then were you pouring wine onto the floor because you’re happy?”

Bai Xuexin pretended to rub sadly at the corner of her eye, “It’s the first time Song Yu’s attended such a banquet. I was only looking out for him as a fellow student from the same school. Everything I did was just because I was afraid that he’d feel too embarrassed, but how come you’ve misinterpreted it all? Brother Wei, maybe you should listen to what the others have to say.”

The more she spoke, the more wronged she appeared. Her eyes turned red, and she seemed to be quite pitiful.

Jiang Chunian felt that she’d start to go cross-eyed if she rolled her eyes again. She laughed loudly and could only express admiration towards Bai Xuexin’s ability to change her attitude and style on a whim.

Only, the group of people who’d been with them on the balcony were all from Bai Xuexin’s circle of friends. No matter how she or Brother Yu explained things, they’d probably still be knocked down.

She could only pity her Brother Yu for meeting this kind of damned person during his first time attending a banquet in Jing City.

Wei Ze finally understood the matter and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “You really started fighting? You children.”

Song Yu looked at the time. 8:30PM.

He’d already seen the scum, and he wasn’t in the mood to remain here and welcome him.

He could leave now.

“We weren’t fighting.” He stood up. Song Yu’s features were handsome and delicate, his expression was indifferent, and his tone was very natural, “Fighting is something that also depends on being equal in social status. How could we start quarreling? I think, when it comes to status, it would be very difficult for me to even say a word to Miss Bai.”

His words were so natural and casual that Bai Xuexin was about to die from anger.

Bai Xuexin felt that provoking Song Yu today was really a big mistake. She wanted to throw up the blood in her heart. Digging her nails so hard into her palm that she cut into flesh, cold disgust flashed at the bottom of her eyes—if it weren’t for the fact that Wei Ze and Qin Mo had arrived and she needed to maintain her image in front of them, how would she let Song Yu anger her like this?! Next time they met, she would make sure to pour the wine directly onto Song Yu’s face!

Wei Ze was surprised, “Fighting over social status?”

Song Yu: “Miss Bai’s words.”

Bai Xuexin’s lips parted. There were hints of tears in her eyes, “I didn’t…”

Wei Ze vaguely sensed something from the words. He glanced at Bai Xuexin and started laughing, but his eyes were a little cold, “If it’s about being of the same social status, then perhaps the only person here who could speak with you would be Qin Mo.”

Song Yu: “……”


He would rather speak with Bai Xuexin.

When Qin Mo heard this, he laughed as well. He was as gentle as jade as he said, “Song Yu, it’s been a long time.”

This ‘it’s been a long time’ of his thoroughly froze the atmosphere for a few seconds.

Bai Xuexin was stunned stiff.

Not only her, but everyone else on the balcony was also stunned. A controversial idea seemed to slowly rise up in their hearts.

Qin Mo was saying that he hadn’t seen Song Yu in a long time?

They’d met before?

Could Song Yu know this young prince from the Qin Family in A City?

Song Yu: “……”

In fact, his expression was no better than Bai Xuexin’s.

He was extremely annoyed.

What did he mean, it’s been a long time? They’d never met before, and they were enemies if they met again in the future.

He suppressed his inner irritability and anger.

He treated Qin Mo like he was a transparent person, his attitude showing his obvious indifference, but he spoke to Wei Ze, “Is my cousin downstairs?”

Wei Ze replied, “Yes. I came up to look for you for him.”

Song Yu nodded and headed downstairs, “I’ll go let him know. I have something else to do and will be leaving first.”

Qin Mo only smiled good-naturedly even after being snubbed like this. There wasn’t the tiniest bit of noble temperament in his stance, and he acted like a friendly neighborhood big brother. He’d indeed purposely positioned himself that way.

When Song Yu walked past him, Qin Mo suddenly smiled and opened his mouth.

“Song Yu, Uncle Song specifically told me about you before I came to Jing City this time.”

He quietly looked at him, his smile shallow.

“He also told me to help look out for you at school. He was afraid of your character being too naughty and making a mess of things.”

Song Yu stopped walking and finally tilted his head to look up at him. His pale face was frosty, his lips curving down, careless and mocking.

“You’d better not.”

Qin Mo’s smile never faded.

This scum man hadn’t done anything yet, and it was difficult to determine if the future written in the book would come true, but Song Yu really didn’t want to say anything else to him.

Wei Ze: “You’re leaving early? The banquet hasn’t even started yet.”

Song Yu was holding his cell phone and a charging cable in his hands. His attitude was very natural, “It was on the way, so I came by to charge my phone. Now that it’s charged, it’s time to leave.”

Wei Ze: “……”

He really didn’t know if he should laugh or cry when faced with his good friend’s younger cousin, this youth who tended to think differently from the norm. He thought that Song Yu was throwing a child’s temper tantrum due to the earlier incident and comforted him, “You came by to charge your cell phone, yet you’re dressed up so formally? Don’t be angry anymore. Their words were overboard, but such snobbish words aren’t worth paying attention to.”

After saying so, he turned his head and shot Bai Xuexin a warning look, “You should apologize. The wine that Song Yu can’t afford in this lifetime is probably something you don’t even have the right to take a look at. You may have great ambition, but you should be careful with it.”

Ultimately, he was older than they were and had heard the rumors in Jing City about this Bai Family daughter’s style.

He could see through Bai Xuexin’s intentions with a glance.

Wei Ze lightly continued, “Next time, you should be clear about who your target is before throwing your weight around. If you don’t know about the Song Family, you can go back and ask your father about it. Or perhaps you might have heard of Song Zecheng?”

The last straw1last straw – shortened reference to the last straw that broke the camel’s back pressed down.

Song Zecheng…

Bai Xuexin’s eyes opened wide. Her entire person was pale and trembling, her attitude crumbling to pieces. She felt like she’d just been slapped in the face, her dignity blown away.

The others on the balcony felt the same way. Both the boys and the girls were pale, the pride they held in their hearts turning awkward and embarrassed.

Just now, they’d been laughing at Song Yu but hadn’t obtained any results. The young man’s every sentence seemed to retaliate back at them, making it look like they were the idiots.

Now, it was even more so… They were idiots who couldn’t judge others and didn’t understand the heights of the skies.

They’d firmly believed that Song Yu was a poor relative of the Meng Family because he’d inexplicably shown up in Jing City without stirring up any waves, and it could be seen from this that the Meng Family didn’t place any importance on him. In school, he hung out with the Meng Family’s driver’s son every day, and he studied and attended classes just like other ordinary high school students.


Everyone wished that they could find a crack in the floor to dive into and hide. Embarrassment and regret were secondary—what they felt more was fear in their hearts… fear of provoking the Song Family and Song Zecheng.

“Song Yu……”

Bai Xuexin was pale, her voice trembling as she called out. Her thoughts were confused and numb, and it felt as though all the blood in her body was rushing up to her brain, making her almost suffocate.

The corners of Song Yu’s lips pulled down again. Wei Ze had guessed wrong; these people weren’t the reason why he wanted to leave.

He wasn’t the one who’d almost been angered to death just now. When dealing with someone like Bai Xuexin, who liked to play with privilege and use her social class to show her superiority, he was too lazy to even face-slap. He’d just let her say whatever she wanted.

He spoke to Wei Ze, “I dressed up so formally to go and meet my friend.”

Wei Ze tone was meaningful, “Girlfriend?”

Song Yu: “Boy friend.”

There was a brief pause in the air. He tried to explain and clarify.

Song Yu: “……”

Song Yu: “A male friend.”

Bai Xuexin felt like her body wasn’t her own. She felt miserable, like her body had been injected with lead. She urgently wanted to say something to Song Yu, her eyes red as she stepped forward, “Brother Yu… sorry. In fact, those words I said earlier… they were all because I was afraid you would feel uncomfortable.”


Jiang Chunian was still sitting in her spot. After falling into a daze for a while, she laughed out loud and let go of her anger.

Looking at Bai Xuexin, who was now in a difficult position, she only felt that the other party was both miserable and pathetic. She had to insult others in order to highlight her own superiority; it was stupid and poisonous, and she deserved what she got.

Song Yu wanted to go see Xie Sui.

He wanted to see him even more after encountering all these messy things. His heart felt sour as he thought to himself, was it because Qin Mo had used such a gentle and warm attitude that he’d been able to enter Xie Sui’s heart so easily back then?

That he’d become the only friend Xie Sui attached importance to, then stood behind him and hurt him in a way that was ten thousand times crueler than the others?

No way. He had to give Xie Sui some reminders for the future.

Qin Mo was sneaky. He had to ensure that he wouldn’t do something bad to Xie Sui when he wasn’t paying attention.

“You guys talk. I’m leaving first.”

“Brother Yu…”

Seeing that Song Yu had been ignoring her the whole time, Bai Xuexin anxiously cried out and stepped forward. As a result, her movements were too anxious and she stepped on the wine that had been poured onto the ground. The heel of her high-heeled shoes slipped, and her entire person toppled to the ground.

She bumped into the table on her way down and also knocked over the glass, causing it to roll down onto the floor.

She was both angry and upset, her chest heaving and her fingers trembling as she pressed them against the floor in distress.

Jiang Chunian covered her mouth to prevent her laughter from escaping.

Reaping the fruits of one’s actions. Bai Xuexin had given a very vivid interpretation of these words today.

These actions were very eye-catching.

Finally, it also attracted Song Yu’s attention.

Song Yu turned his head back, but he merely held up his cell phone and raised his eyebrows, sneering, “Remember to pay the bill.”

Butter’s Thoughts:
The coin was Heads.
Why does it feel like Scum Worm is interested in SY this time and now XS? XS, protect your man!

XavierForest’s Thoughts:
RIP(ieces), Bai XueBin, you will not be missed. 

xiin: i love how SY can just say anything so easily. ‘i got all dressed up for a friend who i decided to go meet on impulse and came to this banquet just to charge my phone’

  • 1
    last straw – shortened reference to the last straw that broke the camel’s back


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