Chapter 51 – Ever Since I Met You

Transmigrating into the Heartthrob's Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend
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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest


Jiang Chunian stood up in agitation, wanting to snatch Liang Yingying’s cell phone away.

However, Liang Yingying had known that she would be like this. She leaned to the side to avoid her and quickly handed over the document. She blinked her eyes, smiling as she spoke to Xie Sui, “This novel is called <You’re the One Who Lingers in My Thoughts>. God Xie, just pick a paragraph and read it out loud.”

Jiang Chunian’s eyes were wide, her face filled with a hopeless expression. She now felt regretful, very regretful. She regretted sending the original document to this damned girl and regretted speaking up just now.


The others in the room were also a little confused, but they all suddenly saw the light after they heard the name of the book and soon started to laugh. The incident where Song Yu had entered the CP forum last time had become very sensational, and many threads were started up about it. Many people who spent time on the forums knew about the book’s existence.

Ma Xiaoding happily patted his own belly and egged them on blindly from the side, “Oh, I’ve read this book before. Isn’t that the story about my Brother Yu and God Xie?”

The boy sitting beside him gave him a push and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Ma Xiaoding, what are you so excited about?!”

Ma Xiaoding: “Hahahahahaha, I don’t know, but I think it’s really fun.”

Another boy disdained him, “Admit it, Ma Xiao-gay, you’re a gay man.”

Song Yu: “……” Due to their joking around, he finally recalled what this novel was about.

Dammit. He’d been wondering why this novel sounded so familiar.

A mysterious feeling of embarrassment and shame spread across his face. Song Yu’s ears reddened slightly and he tried to stop Xie Sui. He spoke quickly, “How about picking another dare.”

Xie Sui had already accepted the document. He clicked it open with a finger, his tone calm, “Why?”

Song Yu fumbled around for a reason, “Because the name of this novel already makes it sound like an indecent book!”

“Is that so?”

Xie Sui casually answered as his fingers slid over the screen. He lowered his gaze and skimmed over it quickly.

He stopped suddenly when he reached a certain spot in the text.

Song Yu fell into a daze during this second where he paused and felt like the air around him had solidified. It wasn’t only him; everyone who’d seen the original was stiff and motionless, waiting for the next development.

Then, they heard Xie Sui’s light laughter. His laughter didn’t hold much emotion, but it was thrilling.

Song Yu’s ears turned even redder.

Xie Sui looked up. His eyes were dark and holding a smile as he looked at Song Yu, his tone very casual and careless, “Is it because I pressed you up against a wall and kissed you?”

Song Yu: “……”

Ahhhhh f*ck! All the words in his mouth were swallowed back down in anger! His expression now looked the same as it did when he did test questions. He gnashed his teeth, his face pale and flushed. He appeared especially good-looking.

The group of people who were watching the gossip were also so surprised that their mouths dropped open: Was it so exciting?

Ma Xiaoding was so excited that he couldn’t sit still, “Hahahahahaha, Brother Yu, this can even happen to you!”

His laughter was too wild, and it directly broke the tension in the room.

The two boys beside him couldn’t help it any more. One of them subdued him and covered his mouth while he was at it.

“Wuwuwu (What are you doing)!”

Ma Xiaoding glared.

It was just that whatever was happening nearby didn’t interfere with Xie Sui’s actions.

Xie Sui saw that this child was soon about to die of anger and the evil sense of humor in his heart grew even stronger.

He didn’t plan to stop. It was a rare opportunity to play out a real scene disguised as a joke.

He shifted his gaze away and looked back at his phone. He smiled slightly, “In that case, I’ll flip towards the end and casually pick a paragraph to read.”

Exactly whose dare was this?! Song Yu’s expression stiffened for a second and he tried to save himself however much he could, “There’s no need to bother with flipping towards the end. Just read the novel description.”

—Who the hell knew what would happen towards the end.

Xie Sui raised his gaze. Their eyes met.

Song Yu looked like he was on the verge of exploding. His face was shocked and angry and shy, his pale eyes clear and bright. He looked over, but rather than saying that his gaze was threatening, it seemed to be more pleading.

Xie Sui’s heart was affected for a moment and he smiled, “Okay.”

The crowd made disgruntled complaints about being unable to watch anything interesting. Liang Yingying, as the player holding the trump card, protested the most. She thought to herself, God Xie, you’re spoiling your wife too much! “That’s no good. The description doesn’t belong to the novel’s content!”

Song Yu shot her a cold look.

Liang Yingying: “…… But it’s not like you can’t.” She cowered instantly.

Jiang Chunian pinched her from behind, hating iron for not being steel.

Liang Yingying: … Dammit, I have to act so humble despite holding the trump card!

Fortunately, inspiration struck, “However, there’s a condition to reading the description.”

Liang Yingying made use of her own genius brain.

“The condition is, God Xie, that you have to act out the actions in the description. Act them out as you read.”

The atmosphere in the room was immediately pushed up to a new high.

Ma Xiaoding broke away from the boy holding him down, “Hahahahahaha.”

Of course, she still had some desire to survive and added, “You don’t have to be too vivid as long as we see the gist of it.”

Song Yu tried to speak up again.

However, Jiang Chunian was very brave and felt that she might as well indulge before death. She opened her mouth and spoke up before he could, “Other players should remain quiet. It’s currently a confrontation between the trump card and ghost card players, and irrelevant people shouldn’t speak. Ensuring that everyone is having fun is the most important thing.”

This last sentence was obviously aimed at Song Yu.

Song Yu: “……” Dammit!

Xie Sui hadn’t thought that a game of truth or dare would give him such an unexpected surprise. He tilted his head and asked Song Yu, “Can you accept that?”

Song Yu tried to recall what was in the description. Besides the ‘pressing up against a wall’, it didn’t seem to have anything excessive. Additionally, that part was at the end, and there wasn’t any specific imagery. Just a bit of false positioning should be enough, and it didn’t matter if everyone else didn’t see what they wanted.

He was now extremely regretful. Why had he messed with Ma Xiaoding like that earlier? Now it had rebounded back on him. It really was a matter of what went around came around.

He weakly replied, “Read it, then.”

Xie Sui smiled softly, “Okay.”

The melon-seed-eating audience all consciously held their breath. Jiang Chunian’s smile was especially happy—Brother Yu probably didn’t know that the document she’d sent Liang Yingying was actually an, edited, version!

Soft and gentle music drifted through the room. The KTV lights switched to a blue shade, shining on the two teenagers. The scene was beautiful and extraordinary.

“… Later on, there was a new transfer student, a young man. His appearance was clean and excellent, his character eccentric and unreasonable, going up against the heavens and earth. At the start of school, he beat up the former school bully and became the national husband.”

Xie Sui’s voice was cold and clear, and he read the words steadily, just like how he’d made his speech at the opening ceremony for the start of the school year.

It made the crowd slowly calm down and they listened to his every word.

“The two of them became deskmates. One mountain couldn’t hold two tigers, and everyone felt that they would either never say a word to each other and act like strangers, or fight and find fault with each other. Until one day, when they saw the cold school grass who had always been cold and indifferent pressing his little deskmate up against the wall.”

“There’s a perspective change after this.”

Xie Sui smiled as he spoke. He glanced over the content that came after. There was a symbol indicating a break in the text, and the second half of the novel’s description was given from his perspective.

He put down his cell phone, stood up, and went to Song Yu.

Song Yu was stunned.


Wasn’t that the end?

… In fact, it was just the beginning.

Xie Sui had a perfect memory and wouldn’t forget something once he’d seen it. Reading through it once was already enough.

“He looked down…”

Xie Sui read out loud.

Song Yu was growing more and more confused. Wasn’t this description a little different from the one in his memory? But things soon developed to a point where he wasn’t able to think about these things any further.

The youth was tall and upright. His back was to the lights, and the sense of oppression from his presence assaulted him head-on.

Xie Sui leaned in close.

Song Yu stopped breathing for a moment.

“… This was the first time that he’d seen Song Yu look so shy.”

He read the words in a soft voice, his eyes dark and deep.

His hand pressed down on the sofa behind Song Yu and he slowly came closer.

His tone was calm, his actions natural.

“His earlobes were slightly red, his beautiful face full of awkward discomfort. It seemed that if he came any closer, Song Yu’s entire person would explode.”

“‘How cute’, he thought to himself. In fact, when he first met Song Yu, he’d already felt that he was cute. He’d been munching on a mint candy, wearing their school uniform, careless and casual as he sat down beside him. His body was full of youthful spirit, like Jing City’s September breeze, blowing away the frozen dust in his heart.”

“It also made him want to hold this breeze in his heart.”

The soft music in his ears faded away, leaving only his low and deep, slightly hoarse voice.

Every inch of space was covered in Xie Sui’s aura.

Song Yu stared into his eyes.

Dark and distant, endlessly deep.

Heat mixed with confusion climbed up his face. Under the shifting blue lights, Song Yu’s ears were clearly crimson, and he shrank back uneasily.

“Song Yu was a little annoyed. He seemed to be too angry to speak, but there was nowhere to hide. His eyes were clear as he asked, ‘what exactly do you want to do?’”

Xie Sui continued reading, his tone light.

“The desire for possession in his heart finally exploded. He stepped forward and wrapped an arm around his waist.”

He really reached out a hand and held the child’s slender waist.

Song Yu was completely petrified. His body was tense, and it felt as though the hand on his waist had completely confined him to where he sat. It was overbearing and cold, allowing for no resistance.

The smile hovering at the corners of Xie Sui’s lips became even more difficult to read, and the mood reflected in his eyes was enough to frighten people.

“What do I want to do?”

“He gently leaned in, approaching his little deskmate’s ear.”

Hot air blew into Song Yu’s ear, the tingling feeling making his scalp numb.

After a brief hesitation, there was the sound of a light chuckle.

“I want to kiss you.”

Five words, spoken in a slightly hoarse voice.

The sound was so low that the two of them were the only ones who could hear it.

At this moment, Song Yu’s brain had completely exploded. It was blank, his reason temporarily unable to return. His light-colored pupils held a coating of moisture from his confusion, and his entire person looked extremely cute and well-behaved.

Xie Sui felt that he was lovely when he was angry, and well-behaved when he was confused.

There was probably no saving him.

Xie Sui paused for a few seconds, then couldn’t hold back anymore. He leaned against his shoulder and started laughing.

The sound of his laughter was very wonderful, stirring up his nerves.


Song Yu finally came back to his senses a little.

His well-behaved appearance disappeared right away and his face flushed so hard it seemed to be about to explode as soon as he recovered his wits. There were countless curses in his heart, and his anger soared to the peak. He stretched out his hand to push Xie Sui away, “Are you done reading?! Are you done or not? If you’re done, then let’s hurry up and start the next round!”

Xie Sui’s voice had been too serious, his performance too engaging. Everyone else in the room was pretty much in the same state as Song Yu, immersed in the scene and those repressed deep emotions.

Now that Xie Sui had burst out laughing, that sense of drowning and suffocating emotions that swept over like the tide all dissipated.

The crowd was left in a stunned daze and could only sigh over how God Xie was too strong.

Song Yu raged, “Get up! Are you done yet?!”

Take away that hand from his waist!

Xie Sui’s laughter had been deliberate, meant to break through Song Yu’s uneasiness. He pushed up against the sofa and straightened up.

“I’m not done. There’s still a few more sentences.”

“Then hurry up and read them!”

Song Yu’s pale face was a little red, either from anger or shyness.

It was probably 90% anger.

Xie Sui stared into his eyes and spoke word by word, his tone tender and gentle, careless and casual with a hint of a smile, “I forgot to tell you—ever since I met you, the stars in the sky have all been eclipsed. Ever since I kissed you, the long years now hold hope.”

“My dear Yuyu.”

The main character hadn’t yet answered, but the crowd in the room had already started making ‘wow’ noises.

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha!” Ma Xiaoding laughed like a 800 pound fat man. It was clear with a glance that he hadn’t been beaten up enough. Xi Bowen tried to hold back, but the boys around him were laughing so hard that they were rolling around everywhere. The girls had already covered up their mouths to keep themselves from calling out accidentally.

Song Yu: “……”

Song Yu covered his eyes painfully, “If you’re finished, then hurry up and start the next round.”

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