Chapter 50 – Truth or Dare

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

Jiang Chunian took out the cards and enthusiastically explained the rest of the rules. “There are a total of 15 cards, from A to K, plus a Big Joker and Little Joker. If you choose ‘dare’, then you can randomly pick a card to interact with. Oh, since it’s a game for 15 people, we should try and maximize the sense of participation amongst the players.”

She spoke very clearly when she mentioned ‘interaction’ and ‘sense of participation’ and looked at Song Yu and Xie Sui with a smile in her eyes.

Jiang Chunian’s ambitions were basically known to the several girls present, who all started laughing.

“Alright then, let’s get started. I feel like you’re going to get beaten up if you keep talking.”

Jiang Chunian: “Alright, alright. I’ll stop wasting time. Draw cards, draw cards, don’t be polite.”

The boys were also in high spirits.

“No peeking.”

“Hurry up, don’t keep me from getting the trump card.”

Everyone took a card and they were soon distributed.

Nobody dared to show their cards casually because they’d be targeted and called up to ‘interact’ if they did. How unlucky.

Song Yu drew a ‘K’.

Ma Xiaoding hadn’t looked at his card yet, but he leaned over and asked, “Brother Yu, Brother Yu, what did you get?”

Song Yu avoided him and slowly said, “A card you can’t afford to provoke.”

Ma Xiaoding: “Wow!”

Xi Bowen pushed up his classes and exposed them on the spot, “Brother Yu, don’t pretend. The only one that can’t be provoked in this game is the trump card, and I’m the trump card.”

He revealed his card on the table. It really was the big king.

“Ha.” Song Yu didn’t feel embarrassed about being exposed on the spot. He leaned back against the sofa and tilted his head to quietly ask Xie Sui, “What card do you have?”

Xie Sui showed him directly. He smiled, “Ace.”

Jiang Chunian had also finished looking at her card, “I’m a number card. Come on, come on, the first round’s Little Joker card should reveal themselves now.”

Only, nobody spoke up.

Everyone looked at each other, then their lines of sight finally fell on Ma Xiaoding, who hadn’t even looked at his own card before worrying about everyone else’s.

Ma Xiaoding, who held the Little Joker, “…”

“Damn, I can’t be that unlucky, right?” He retreated quietly and narrowed his eyes to take a look, then wilted.


He tossed his card onto the table. It was the Little Joker.

He turned his head and pretended to be fierce, “If you dare to punish me, we’re over!”

Song Yu spoke up at this time to maintain the fairness of the game. He placed a hand on Ma Xiaoding’s shoulder and smiled at Xi Bowen, “If you want to ask for a truth, then ask, or come up with a dare. The most important thing is for everyone to play together happily.”

The crowd laughed until they were all doubled over and the boys began to stir up trouble, “Dare! Ma Xiaoding, if you don’t pick dare, then you’re not a man!”

Ma Xiaoding still had Song Yu’s hand on his shoulder. He cowered slightly, then decisively said, “Truth.”


There was the sound of ridicule from the crowd.

Xi Bowen chuckled, “Truth? In that case, I’ll ask you directly. If you had to choose someone from this room as your girlfriend, who would you choose?”

Ma Xiaoding: “……”

Song Yu had never noticed that Xi Bowen had the potential to become a matchmaker. Ma Xiaoding’s feelings for Jiang Chunian could be seen by basically anyone who was familiar with him. This was tantamount to giving him an opportunity to confess.

However, Brother Sadako was still Brother Sadako and didn’t grasp this opportunity at all. He looked at Jiang Chunian and blushed, “What kind of question is that? Pick another one.”

In fact, his attitude towards this kind of question was ambiguous and suspicious. Everyone’s eyes instantly lit up like they’d just discovered a new world.

The soul of gossip in the girls’ hearts started burning.

“Tsk, there’s something fishy about this. Who is it that’s making you so shy?”

“Isn’t it too much of a coincidence? It seems like there’s someone in this room whose name you can’t say.”

Ma Xiaoding bitterly insisted, “Isn’t it because I’m afraid that you girls will start fighting over me?” He spoke angrily to Xi Bowen after that, “Hurry up and pick another question!”

Jiang Chunian finished laughing, “Ghost card player, can you be a little more self-aware? How is it your turn to make the rules?”

Xi Bowen looked at Ma Xiaoding with disdain, his expression saying only one thing—‘Mud can’t support the wall’1Mud can’t support the wall – can’t achieve anything due to his poor ability. But as a good deskmate, he was still kind-hearted, “In that case, punish yourself with a cup of alcohol and I’ll change it.”

Ma Xiaoding cheerfully opened a can of beer and poured himself a drink.

Xi Bowen thought it over and finally asked another question, his tone dull, “I’ll ask, um, what type of girl do you like?”

Ma Xiaoding recovered his enthusiasm and directly started his speech, “I’m a boy who doesn’t pay attention to appearance.” Although his first sentence gained him a great deal of merciless ridicule, he remained immersed in his dream and went on, “I like girls who are gentle and quiet, cute and scholarly. They have to have read many masterpieces, memorized many texts, like writing essays, and can talk about the heavens and the earth and the poetry regarding the ideals of life with me.”

After he finished expressing himself—

The boys were all cold and ruthless, “Okay then, doesn’t exist, next.”

The girls were almost doubled over on the table laughing, “Hahahahaha, let’s order a ‘dream to reality’ for this friend.”

Ma Xiaoding harrumphed and was too lazy to pay attention to these common people.

Xi Bowen couldn’t believe what he’d heard and quietly asked him, “Where do you see these characteristics in Jiang Chunian?”

Ma Xiaoding scratched his head and felt a little embarrassed, “Isn’t she the class representative for Chinese class? I have a natural liking for sisters who are good at Chinese.”

Xi Bowen: “…….”

So you like a girl because she’s the Chinese class representative?


He decided not to worry about Ma Xiaoding’s love life anymore.

To hell with liking. From beginning to end, Ma Xiaoding’s love was only for Chinese.

Later, as they became immersed in the game and everyone chose ‘truth’, Jiang Chunian simply changed the rules on the spot. After ‘truth’ was picked three times, the next round had to be a ‘dare’.

In this current round, the trump card landed in Jiang Chunian’s hands and the ghost card fell to Jiang Chunian’s deskmate.

Jiang Chunian couldn’t stop laughing, “Does it really have to be a dare, Yingying? Oh, I’m sorry, you don’t have a choice, it has to be a dare.”

Liang Yingying laughed sarcastically through gritted teeth.

Jiang Chunian pointed outside, “Darling, go and find a little brother and ask for his WeChat. Take a photo while you’re at it. Don’t come back to see me without one.”

Liang Yingying tossed a potato chip into her mouth, but her gaze could kill people, “Are you playing so hard? You’d better not fall into my hands!”

Jiang Chunian: “Oh, I’m sorry, but I’m not scared at all.”

Liang Yingying stormed out the door, then finally ran back like a red-faced little rabbit. When she returned, she was so embarrassed that she felt like she wanted to explode, covering her face for a long time before the heat faded from her skin.

The crowd watched the excitement and grew more and more energetic. As time went on, more and more people chose ‘dare’. Ma Xiaoding won the trump card, and the ghost card landed on another boy. His momentum rose up and he yelled, “Didn’t we say it had to be interactive? Whoever has the ‘3’ card, come out and act out an affectionate play with our ghost card player.” 

The person who’d gotten the ‘3’ card was also a boy. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he cursed and stood up, “Ma Xiao-gay, you just wait.”

In the next round, Song Yu won the trump card and a girl had the ghost card. She blushed excitedly and volunteered to do a dare, saying, “Brother Yu! I can do anything for you!”

The boys in the room all egged them on, “How exciting?!”

The girls covered their faces, “Damned girl, how embarrassing.”

Song Yu just laughed, “That’s not necessary. If it’s a dare, then recite a segment of a poem for me.”

The girls: “???”

The boys roared with laughter, “Brother Yu is a cold-blooded scum man. Oh, no, his study god identity hasn’t collapsed.”

Finally, there was a round where Xie Sui took the trump card, and the ghost card was in Song Yu’s hands.

When everyone showed their cards, the entire room fell silent for a second, the atmosphere growing tense.

Jiang Chunian acted like she’d been injected with chicken blood, sitting upright and hugging the cushion in her arms.

“Ahhhh Brother Yu, choose quickly, truth or dare?”

Wuwuwu, why wasn’t this a round where he had to pick a dare?!

Xie Sui held up the card between his fingertips. He smiled faintly and asked, “What do you choose?”

Song Yu frowned and thought briefly, “Let’s do truth.”

Xie Sui nodded, his voice light, “Did you sleep well yesterday?”

Everyone in the room: “……”

Jiang Chunian and every other girl felt their hearts shatter! God Xie! What are you doing, wasting such a great opportunity!

Song Yu was confused, too. He replied, “I slept very well. It was a rare dreamless night.”

After all, every time he dreamed, it was about Xie Sui. He really didn’t sleep well at night.

Xie Sui’s lips curved as he smiled. He tossed the card back onto the table—if he wanted to know Song Yu’s secrets, he would look into them himself. Of course, only he could know them.

However, Song Yu’s luck was very bad and he picked up the ghost card again.

This time, the trump card was Jiang Chunian’s. She’d been so sad that she’d almost gone into seclusion due to the previous question, but now she’d come back to life!

Originally, her brain was filled with questions like, ‘How do you feel about God Xie’, ‘Is there anyone you like’, ‘How would you rank your deskmate in your heart’, and so on, but when she was faced with Xie Sui’s cold eyes, these thoughts withered instantly. She kneaded the cushion aggrievedly and then casually asked, “A dreamless night? So, Brother Yu, have you been having nightmares?”

Song Yu only thought that they were taking his school bully identity into account and didn’t dare to make trouble for him, so he answered honestly, “I haven’t been having nightmares, I just keep dreaming about a person.”

Everyone: “???”

Xie Sui was stunned for a moment, his eyes narrowing slightly. His smile grew a little cold.

Jiang Chunian: “!!!”

Damn! Her heart had really gone through several ups and downs today. “—Who is it?”

Only then did Song Yu realize he’d set himself up. He was annoyed over how he shouldn’t have added the second sentence, but fortunately, there was still a way to save the situation. He leaned back, “I don’t have to answer that. That’s a second question.”

Jiang Chunian was particularly enthusiastic about collecting the cards again, “Hurry, hurry, shuffle the cards and pick.”

She had to know who that person was, today!

Xi Bowen picked up another trump card.

Then, Xie Sui picked up the first ghost card of his life.

Xi Bowen was both respectful and scared of Xie Sui. “God Xie, truth or dare?”

Xie Sui: “Truth.”

Xi Bowen didn’t know what to ask.

However, every line of sight that landed on him was filled with threat, making him feel that he would be beaten up if he didn’t ask anything.

So he could only ask a very careful question, “God Xie, is there anyone you like right now?”

Xie Sui smiled, his peach blossom eyes curving and his voice growing gentle, “Yes.”


A stone set off a thousand waves. At this time, both the boys and the girls were all howling and calling out!

Song Yu was stunned. Xie Sui liked someone? Who? Who had Xie Sui gotten to know when he wasn’t paying attention?

However, it was like Song Yu’s situation in the previous game. They knew that there was gossip, but there was no chance to ask the next question. Their hearts itched and they could only continue playing.

The game went on.

As a result, the next trump card went to Liang Yingying.

And the ghost card—it was Xie Sui again.

Everyone sucked in a breath of air and felt like their hearts had leapt up to their throats. The person that their school grass liked? It would probably startle the whole school if it was spread out.

Liang Yingying’s hand was shaking with excitement. She naturally lived up to everyone’s expectations and asked what everyone wanted to know, “God Xie, who do you like?”

But Xie Sui only laughed, “I choose dare.”

Everyone: “……” They’d forgotten that there was another choice.

Liang Yingying was very disappointed, “Oh… okay.”

She looked at Xie Sui again. For a moment, she felt a little intimidated and didn’t dare to make any particularly excessive requests.

“In that case… God Xie, how about reciting a segment of a poem, too.”

Jiang Chunian rolled her eyes from beside her, “Yingying, that’s no good. You’re even learning from Brother Yu for your dares.”

Liang Yingying: “……”

She looked down at Jiang Chunian and suddenly remembered the embarrassment and indignation she’d felt when she had to go find someone and ask for their WeChat. She also remembered her original bold words.

There was a flash of inspiration in her head.

She laughed loudly, “You’re done for.”

Jiang Chunian: “???”

Liang Yingying turned back, “Oh, wait. God Xie, I’ve changed my mind. You don’t need to recite a poem. How about reading a book? I saw a very good story recently, and it just so happens that the main character is exactly like you. How about reading a paragraph from that?”

Everyone: “……………”

Jiang Chunian: “……………”

Butter’s Thoughts:
And so XS transmigrated into a fanfic- I mean… *cough* 

XavierForest’s Thoughts:
Did anyone else enjoy the sip of vinegar from Xie Sui this chapter or was it just me?

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    Mud can’t support the wall – can’t achieve anything due to his poor ability


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