Chapter 5 – Giving Medicine

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translator: xiin
editors: baumkuchen & butter

In the early part of <Gentle Control>, there were many such plots. The protagonist would be molested by a middle-aged, greasy old man in a private room. When the three psychopath gongs encountered this kind of situation, they usually observed the situation first and waited until Xie Sui couldn’t bear it anymore before coming out and smiling slightly as they said, “Beg me and I’ll take you away.” After that, a dangerous hunting game with an overbearing president would begin.

Back when Song Yu was reading the novel, he’d been so angry that he’d almost wrecked his teeth from gritting them so hard.

What kind of stupid request was ‘I’ll only take you away if you beg me’?

Xie Sui was really pitiful. After being molested and insulted, he still had to suffer being threatened.

Shouldn’t one shout out at the sight of injustice and do something about it? Song Yu wasn’t afraid of Wang Beidan at all. His identity as A City’s Third Young Master Song allowed him to walk horizontally in this dogblood novel about the rich and powerful.

Song Yu picked up another bottle and walked further inside.

“Still feeling turned on?”

Wang Beidan looked at him like he was a madman. He was so furious that he was losing control, “Where is everyone?! Where is everyone?! You group of trash! Hurry up! Why are you scared of a little brat?!” He kicked the table and roared, “Catch him for me! Laozi is going to smash his head with a beer bottle today!”

The crowd who’d been scared silly seemed to wake up at this moment, quickly getting up from the sofa to catch Song Yu.

Xie Sui had already drank a lot of wine, but he forced himself to maintain his calm. Right now, he was already feeling dizzy, but he suppressed his discomfort and stepped forward to take Song Yu’s hand, “Leave quickly.”

Song Yu was immersed in his own anger and was waiting for this group of people to come up to get beaten when he suddenly found that his hand was being held.

Xie Sui’s hand was very icy and his body carried a faint aura of alcohol, but it was a very clear and crisp scent.

Song Yu tilted his head.

Xie Sui was a little taller than he was.

What he saw was Xie Sui’s chin and thin lips, which had been pressed together into a thin line.

Song Yu sighed internally for this unfortunate child. He spoke in a light voice, “It’s fine, you don’t need to worry about me.”

Wang Beidan huffed as he stood up and gritted his teeth, “Leaving? None of you should think of leaving! You two cheap things that put yourselves up for sale, just see if Laozi doesn’t kill you both!”

These words carried and could be heard by those outside 305. Yellow Hair was blocking the door, refusing to allow the manager inside, but he suddenly felt his body lean forward, and he smashed straight into the table.


The door to 305 was kicked open. Meng Guang stood outside with a dark expression.

Internally, Meng Guang really wanted to kill that grandson1grandson – referring to someone far beneath him in status/contempt as he enunciated each word and phrase clearly, “Wang Beidan! You motherf*cker actually dared to touch Laozi’s little brother?!”

Several service staff followed behind this Jing City prince2prince – refers to how his background is more impressive than a mere ‘young master’. They were about to burst into tears.

Everyone in the private room was shocked silly, because there was nobody in Jing City who was unfamiliar with Meng Guang’s face. Nobody dared to offend this prince who could run rampant around Jing City.

Wang Beidan was also stunned, “Meng-Meng-Meng Guang?”

Meng Guang used a foot to kick away Yellow Hair, who’d fallen to the ground. As soon as he went inside, he saw Song Yu holding a bottle of alcohol, and this prince of Jing City’s eyes instantly grew red with rage.

He strode over with big strides and knocked over Wang Beidan with a punch, pressing him onto the sofa to beat him up.

Meng Guang roared, “You f*cker, don’t you know that Laozi’s younger brother can’t drink alcohol?!”

He was aiming to beat him to death. “You actually dared to force him to drink, damn it; if Laozi doesn’t beat you to death today, then my last name isn’t Meng!”

Wang Beidan: “???”

The panic in Wang Beidan’s heart turned into indignation, then anger, “Who f*cking forced him to drink? He’s the one who first picked up a bottle and smashed Laozi’s head bloody!”

But Meng Guang was already mad with anger.

He punched and kicked and had no attention to spare for what he was saying.

“You actually forced him to drink?!”


Wang Beidan was about to die from anger.

The crowd of people in the private room were all stiff as they watched the scene unfolding in front of them. They were numb and frozen, and didn’t dare to approach Song Yu.

The manager also couldn’t understand what kind of disaster he’d set off and was so anxious that he was sweating all over.

The crux of the matter was that the young master standing to the side was also happy to simply watch the drama unfold.

Wei Ze spoke up, “What are you so anxious about? We’ve wanted to teach Wang Beidan a lesson for a long time now. Don’t worry, Meng Guang knows what he’s doing, nobody’s going to die.”

The manager: “……”

As for Song Yu,who was still holding a beer bottle, he’d also been given a scare by his elder cousin.

He was a bit too fierce.

He hadn’t yet come back to his senses when he suddenly felt the person beside him stagger and fall against him.

When he tilted his head to look over, he found that Xie Sui’s face was pale and his forehead was covered with sweat.

Startled, Song Yu quickly called out, “Hurry, hurry, come and help bring him to the hospital!”


Xie Sui ultimately didn’t go to the hospital. He merely went to the rest area to sit down.

Once out of the smoky private room, the cold, white lighting made Xie Sui’s facial features more clear and defined. After all, he was the protagonist heartthrob shou who entranced everyone and whose appearance value alone was enough to win fights. His eyelashes were very long, and his pupils pure and dark. The inner corners of his eyes tilted inwards, the upper corners of his eyes curved up, and he looked cold and gorgeous.

Right now, Xie Sui was still a pitiful child who was sensitive, conscious of his inferiority, and stubborn. When faced with sudden kindness, he would feel fear and unease.

He could remain indifferent to insult and ridicule, but he didn’t dare to look directly into a person’s warm and concerned gaze.

“You really aren’t going to the hospital?” Song Yu asked.

Xie Sui bowed his head and made an ‘en’ sound.

Song Yu thought about it and understood why.

After all, Xie Sui still had an elderly person in his family. All this work that he was doing was probably done behind his grandmother’s back, and he didn’t want her to know about it and worry.

Song Yu: “Give me your cell phone number.”

Xie Sui froze for a moment. A strange expression flashed across the youth’s pallid features, and he kept his head bowed for a long time before saying, “I don’t have a cell phone.”

Song Yu: “……”

Sorry, he’d forgotten.

Grandma Chen currently lived on a very small subsidy. The entire family lived very frugally.

“Then, tell me your home address.”

Xie Sui was stunned.

Song Yu spoke very reasonably, “I saved you. Since that’s the case, I certainly have to take responsibility to the end. Otherwise, won’t it all have been a waste of time and energy?”

Xie Sui pressed his lips together, lowered his eyelashes, and covered his pupils. He gave Song Yu an address.

Song Yu wrote it down. He was in a good mood and his lips curved upwards.

Tsk, garbage 008, what’s the use in having you? Wasn’t the address in his hands now?

Having obtained the address, Song Yu was very happy. He said to Xie Sui, “My name is Song Yu. I’m new to Jing City, and there’s a big probability that we’ll become classmates.”

Xie Sui was a little distracted. Perhaps he was bewildered by the kindness shown by strangers, causing his words to be a little delayed, “My, my name is Xie Sui.”

Song Yu’s lips curved in a smile. His appearance was cute and obedient, and he looked particularly likable when he smiled seriously, “Mm, Xie Sui, your name is really nice.”

He’d listened to people singing for a whole afternoon. After this farce, it was already nighttime. After such a major event had happened in Linshui, they no longer had the mind to continue business for the day. They quickly cleared out the venue and asked the staff to leave work early.

Song Yu handed Xie Sui the medicine he’d asked someone to buy for him as he was leaving.

“Take the medicine when you get back and have a good sleep. You’re young, but you shouldn’t play with your body like this.”

Xie Sui accepted the medicine. Moonlight shone down and, under the streetlamp, the youth’s eyelashes trembled. His delicate and cold facial features appeared somewhat stunned.

A long time later, he lifted his head and whispered, “Thank you.”

His voice was indifferent, but if one listened carefully, a trace of hoarseness could be heard. It was as though he was forcing down some emotions that he shouldn’t be feeling.

Song Yu sighed internally. He waved his hand in farewell and headed back.

After all, there was still something that needed to be dealt with.

Were they kidding? Although his cousin had caused trouble and put someone into the hospital, it had all been for him. Besides, Song Yu had felt great watching and, at the time, he’d been praising him crazily in his heart. When his uncle and aunt asked about it, he would definitely say good things to bail him out.


The moment he left Linshui.

The fear on Xie Sui’s face disappeared completely, and his temperament became mysterious and dangerous in an instant. His brows and eyes were still cold, but it was now the kind of indifference and carelessness of one who had been in a high position for a long time.

Xie Sui opened his hand. A small recording device lay in the palm of his hand.

It had recorded all the conversations in the private room.

Xie Sui dropped his gaze. His eyes were cold and mocking, and there was a slight upward arc to his lips.

The Wang Family would be destroyed in this straw bag Wang Beidan, who had no taboos and no bottom line, sooner or later.

The bustling high-rise buildings blotted out the sky.

He stepped forward on long legs. When he walked past a garbage can at the intersection, he planned to throw away the medicine he held.

It was just that Xie Sui paused at the last moment. The face of the youth who’d appeared beneath those flashing, bright lights appeared in his mind and, for some unknown reason, his fingers tightened slightly, grasping the medicine firmly in his hand once again.

He laughed in a low voice.

“…… Song Yu?”

Butter’s Thoughts:
XS: …… Song Yu?
System: THE PLOT (゜ロ゜)

xiin: plot? that went out the window from ch 2~

  • 1
    grandson – referring to someone far beneath him in status/contempt
  • 2
    prince – refers to how his background is more impressive than a mere ‘young master’


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