Chapter 49 – Qin Family

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

Friday night, Lingqing Street. Everyone wanted to go to a party house, but the most that Teacher Cheng could tolerate was KTV. He insisted that ‘just singing’ was enough, so they could only reluctantly give up.

Everyone went back to drop off their bags after school as the team activity was set at six in the evening.

They had three KTV rooms for the whole class.

They only had an hour before the team activity, so there was no need to go all the way home. Song Yu didn’t call for anyone to come and pick him up. Instead, he put his things back in his apartment and went with Xie Sui to Lingqing Street first.

Ma Xiaoding went with them and dragged Xi Bowen along.

Last time they’d come here, he’d gone to beat people up. Lingqing Street was particularly busy on weekends and, from time to time, groups of motorcycles would shoot down the road; it was always students who were still wearing school uniforms, giving their girlfriends a ride and whistling while wearing sunglasses. They were very cocky.

Ma Xiaoding stuck his head out, feeling incredibly envious, “When can I be that flashy?”

“In your next life.” Xi Bowen pushed his glasses up and asked a very real question, “So, what are we going to do now?”

Song Yu went through his cell phone and looked at the time, “It’s five thirty, we still have half an hour.”

Time was tight. There probably wasn’t enough time for them to go play a game in an Internet cafe.

Ma Xiaoding’s eyes shifted, and he proposed excitedly, “Let’s go buy some snacks and beer and hide it in our bags to bring in secretly.”

Xi Bowen’s delicate face wrinkled, “Won’t Old Cheng not allow it?”

“Just hide it from him and don’t let him find out.”

With that, he pulled Xi Bowen with him and ran off to the mall.

Song Yu stood at a fork in the road, looking at the fading sunset, “Let’s go and sit down first.”

In fact, Song Yu wasn’t very interested in singing. He just wanted to accompany Xie Sui to experience the lively atmosphere of a high school party and make up for the isolation he’d experienced during his three years in junior high.

The KTV that they’d chosen was located in a relatively prosperous area on Lingqing street and its name was ‘Chance Encounter’.

Their class group was very lively now, and everyone was being noisy.

[ Lights Are As Bright As Ever: 45 people, 15 people per room. Who do you want to be with? Remember to make an appointment in advance hehehe ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: ??? qwq ]

[ 90-Year-Old Diseased Jungler: Look at me, I’m online and waiting for an invitation message from a female classmate. I won’t take responsibility for the absurdity of youth, but if you want to rank up in King of Glory, it’s 5 yuan per star ]

[ Sharp Edge: Sisters, maybe you should take a look at me. It’s been a month, isn’t that enough time for you to understand me? ]

[ Rabbit Tail: What the hell, were you guys invited over so that we could listen to your crying and howling? ]

[ It’s Wanwan: Wuwuwuwu, can I be a little more daring—I want to be in the same room as Brother Yu [crazy hint] ]

[ Lights Are As Bright As Ever: I’ll answer for you ]

[ Lights Are As Bright As Ever: You must be thinking about eating farts ]

[ It’s Wanwan: … Jiang Chunian, are you trying to get beat up! ]

Jiang Chunian set down her cell phone, smiled and blinked in front of the mirror, then picked up her notebook and pen and went out. Her mother was in the midst of chatting with another auntie on the sofa when she headed downstairs. Her mother shot her a grumpy look when she saw her.

“Where are you going out to play on this Friday night?”

Jiang Chunian hid her notebook behind her and said in a low voice, “Secret.”

Her mother wasn’t impressed, “Come back early for me after you’ve finished going crazy. There’s a party to attend tomorrow and you have to try on your clothes today.”

Jiang Chunian answered perfunctorily as she changed her shoes, “Okay okay okay.”

The other auntie on the sofa smiled and said, “Chunian is really getting more and more beautiful.”

Mother Jiang’s expression grew better, but she still modestly insisted, “No, she still has a long way to go. Just look at that girl from the Bai Family who’s in the same grade. She knows how to dress herself up and knows what to say. This daughter of mine is only focused on reading and she’s always writing who knows what in that notebook all day long.”

But the aunt shook her head, “That girl from the Bai Family schemes too deeply. I don’t like her much. Speaking of which, the Wang Family’s descendants have really gotten their just desserts and won’t be able to recover for a while. Now, the Qin Family is also sending their Fourth Young Master to Jing City, but nobody knows why.”

Mother Jiang: “Who knows?”

Later, the reserved room numbers were sent out into the class group chat: 303, 304, 305.

Song Yu froze for a moment when he saw 305 and couldn’t help laughing out loud, “What a coincidence, it’s another 305.”

Xie Sui’s steps paused for a moment, too. “Let’s go to 305, then.”

‘Chance Encounter’, third floor.

The decor for room 305 was done in cool colors and the space was dark. Only the effects light at the center of the room shone brightly as it changed and rotated.

The lights were white when they went in, cold and quiet, countless rays shooting across the space and linking together as if they were living in a quiet universe.

Song Yu’s lips curved and he opened his mouth to suddenly ask, “Are you curious about how I showed up in 305 that day?”

Xie Sui had long investigated the causes and effects of that night, but he still smiled, “A little.”

Song Yu became energetic, “It’s because I heard someone chatting, and they mentioned your name, so I found out that someone needed me to go and save them.”

Xie Sui suppressed a smile, “So you came.”

“Yeah, so I came and taught the scum a lesson.”

The rotating lights landed on Song Yu’s eyes. They were bright and smiling, as clear as the stars. His voice was light and held traces of the proudness of youth.

“But when I saw you for the first time, I felt that you were really very good-looking.”

Xie Sui tilted his head and gazed at him, his eyes deep. He smiled slightly, “Where am I good-looking?”

Song Yu was never stingy with praise for his friends, “Everything’s good-looking. You’re especially handsome when drinking, and your eyes are particularly attractive.”

“You like my eyes?”


Xie Sui chuckled, “I’ll remember it.”

There was nobody else in their room when Ma Xiaoding snuck in with his schoolbag. He set everything down in one corner of the sofa and then immediately sat down, using his body to block it from view. He gave a long sigh of relief.

Xi Bowen opened up a packet of potato chips to eat. He spoke vaguely as he ate, “Look at how nervous you are.”

Ma Xiaoding wiped away his sweat, “I’m just afraid that Old Cheng will see it.”

Xi Bowen: “How many bottles of wine did you buy?”

Ma Xiaoding: “They’re cans. There aren’t that many. Oh, right, Brother Yu can’t drink. I almost forgot about it. We’ll keep it further away from Brother Yu when the time comes.”

Xi Bowen rolled his eyes, “Brother Yu obviously doesn’t look like the type to get involved with you.”

“What do you mean? Are you belittling me?!”

However, he was concerned about something else in his heart and didn’t get caught up in this topic any further.

Ma Xiaoding was looking forward to something, his line of sight never straying from the door.

Xi Bowen was curious, “Is Jiang Chunian coming?”

Ma Xiaoding: “Hehehehehe.”

Xi Bowen: “…….”

A few boys came in intermittently. They were stunned after seeing Song Yu and Xie Sui but didn’t leave, calling out Brother Yu and God Xie awkwardly before going over to sit nearby.

They’d been students together for a month. Although they were still somewhat reserved, it wasn’t that difficult to let themselves go.

It was probably more troublesome for girls1troublesome for girls – xiin: i’m guessing that this is referring to how it takes girls longer to get ready to go out (which is why they haven’t shown up yet) when they came out to play.

Ma Xiaoding was bored while waiting and proposed playing games to pass the time. It just so happened that there was a MOBA game that was currently very popular. He asked Song Yu if he wanted to play or not, but Song Yu naturally refused, saying that he didn’t want to be dragged down, thank you very much.

They gathered together five people and started a game. Ma Xiaoding sat beside Song Yu. He was a crappy player but liked DPS positions. After his ADC spot was snatched up, he switched to mage instead. Song Yu had originally been playing on his cell phone, but he couldn’t help leaning forward to take a look when he heard the system prompt announcing that Ma Xiaoding was being killed from time to time.

It was simply too painful to watch.

“Using purification for nothing, then using immunity just to wait to die. Your jungler is about to cry, stop sending yourself off to get killed.”

“You have full health and full mana, are you going home to recharge your courage?”

After being cut down for the nth time, Ma Xiaoding was about to cry. He handed Song Yu his cell phone, “Brother Yu, you play, you play.”

Song Yu leaned over and accepted the cell phone. After a month without any leisure and entertainment activities, he was really about to become an old fossil. He controlled the character in the game to take down a pentakill in the dragon cave, and Ma Xiaoding exclaimed in excitement, “A pentakill?! Holy shit! Brother Yu, badass! Brother Yu, badass!”

He leaned over pitifully.

“Brother Yu, I’m begging for advice on how to avoid enemy assassins. I always get cut down in the first second when we fight.”

Song Yu: “Your operation level is hopeless.”

Ma Xiaoding: “Ying.”

Song Yu said lazily, “Your operation level is no good. You can act cute to make up for it. If you send the other side’s jungler a few ‘qwq’s, they might let you off.”

The others in the room didn’t try to be polite and laughed out loud.

Ma Xiaoding took his cell phone and felt rather embarrassed, “Isn’t that just like pretending to be a girl online to trick people? I’ll just get laughed at—”

“You have been slayed.”

[ You’ve been killed by the enemy ]

Ma Xiaoding: “……”

Ma Xiaoding: “Do I need to add two more words and call him big brother?”

“Yingyingying, big brother, let me off for once qwq. You mean like that? Is it cute enough?”

Song Yu: “It’s cute enough, Little Sister Ding.”

Ma Xiaoding really sent out a whole pile of qwq in the public screen of the game, naming the other side’s jungler and acting coy, “Don’t kill me, okay?”

It was just that the other side’s jungler was cold and heartless.

Ma Xiaoding was caught and killed again when he tried to cross the river.

He was anxious, “Ahhhh, he doesn’t buy it. He even started targeting me. How could he be such a scum? What should I do?”

Song Yu was even more callous and indifferent than the enemy. He sneered, “Then just die for him.”

Ma Xiaoding: “???”

Everyone else couldn’t help it and burst out laughing.

After playing a game, the atmosphere in the room finally relaxed completely. The girls at last also belatedly arrived.

The class teacher first gathered everyone together at 305, and the class monitor took a group photo.

Teacher Cheng coughed as he held up the camera in his hand, “You guys play as you like. I’ll record some videos for you guys of all the classmates who sing. You can watch them again after graduation.”

The crowd covered their faces and wailed.

The atmosphere in the KTV was very harmonious. Jiang Chunian had changed into a light yellow skirt and let down her long hair. After singing a few songs, she held the microphone and looked at Song Yu and Xie Sui with bright eyes. She smiled, “Do God Xie and Brother Yu want to sing? Will I be able to have the honor to hear you guys sing while I’m still young?”

Song Yu: “……”

Song Yu: “No need.”

Xie Sui sat beside him, his smile cold and distant. It was that familiar style of refusal.

Jiang Chunian blinked. She’d expected it and smiled slyly, “No way, if I can’t hear you sing at fifteen years old, then I want to play games with you!”

Her deskmate covered her face and tugged on her sleeve. She always felt that her good friend was digging her own grave.

Jiang Chunian: “Truth or dare. It’s simple, wanna play?”

Ma Xiaoding would give all of his support to the target of his secret love. He roared louder than anyone else, “Okay okay okay okay!”

Everyone accepted this proposal under his loud urging and support.

They all sat down at the table.

Jiang Chunian was overjoyed. She coughed, “It just happens that I prepared poker cards. We’ll use the big joker as the trump card, and the small joker as the ghost card. The person with the trump card decides the question for truth or the content of the dare, and the ghost card holder is the one who has to do it.”

She sat down and put down fifteen cards on the table for everyone to draw at random.

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    troublesome for girls – xiin: i’m guessing that this is referring to how it takes girls longer to get ready to go out (which is why they haven’t shown up yet)


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