Chapter 48 – Deviation

Transmigrating into the Heartthrob's Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend
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Song Yu was dazed for a few seconds before quickly shaking his head, “No need, I can support myself.”

He touched his nose resentfully, then raised his head. There was a bit of confusion in his eyes, “How did we end up talking about this? Let’s change topics.”

Xie Sui smiled, “Okay.”

Song Yu: “You should go to the Lingqing Street event on Friday, too. I’ll be really bored if you don’t go.”

They’d already entered the apartment building by this time and were at the entrance to the corridor, about to go their separate ways.

Xie Sui watched him go upstairs and said, “Okay, I’ll go.”

After managing to hold on until the end of the monthly exams, Song Yu didn’t want to do exam questions in the evening like he’d been doing before. He relaxed and gave himself a holiday.

He took a bottle of yogurt out of the refrigerator after showering, drank it, then tossed it into the trash can before going to lie down on the bed.

He sent his sister a grinning yellow emoticon.

[ Song Yu: [grin] ]

Song Wanying replied a few seconds later.

[ Song Wanying: What’s up? ]

[ Song Yu: My grades are out ]

[ Song Wanying: So? ]

[ Song Yu: Madam, you’ve missed out on 100 million yuan. Do you regret it? ]

[ Song Yu: The water that entered your brain back then when you didn’t believe in me can finally flow out in the form of tears ]

[ Song Wanying: ………… ]

[ Song Wanying: 6666666 ]

Song Yu decided to use the truth to speak, using data to slap faces.

[ Song Yu: [school transcript.xlsx] ]

A while later, a phone call came from City A. Song Yu picked it up.

On the other side of the phone was a cheerful and clear female voice that couldn’t hold back its laughter.

“Not bad, hey, you’ve made so much progress. How many gods did you worship before the exams?”

Song Yu laughed but didn’t try to posture. He truthfully said, “I didn’t. I met a good deskmate who is first in our grade. He’s particularly good at answering test questions.”

Song Wanying tsked on the other side of the phone, “Yo, you’ve even started acting modest.”

Song Yu smiled slightly. However, he hadn’t sought Song Wanying out this time just to show off his own achievements.

He tried to recall the contents of his dream and asked in a soft voice, “When I was five years old, I went to a manor outside the city to recuperate for a period of time. Do you have any impression of this?”

Song Wanying stilled for a moment and thought about it, “Ah? Recuperating in a manor? I don’t remember anything like that.”

Song Yu: “Then can you ask mom about it?”

Song Wanying: “Mom’s busy, she’s still at the company. That’s not right, hold on, I seem to have a vague impression of it.”

Song Yu fell silent and gave her time to recall.

She thought it over for a long time before catching a hint of it. The memories finally came to her mind.

“Yes, I remember now. It seems to have been during a summer vacation. Your big brother and I were called abroad by our grandfather at that time. Grandfather was so strict. That was definitely the most painful summer vacation I can remember from my childhood.”

“Originally, you would’ve gone too, but mom had just had an operation at the time, and she was strongly advised by the doctor to take it easy. She handed over a lot of things to dad and went to the manor to recuperate alone. She took you along, perhaps because she didn’t want to feel lonely.”

“Why are you asking about this?”

Song Yu was stunned for a moment after hearing this, tightly clutching  his cell phone. His voice was a little puzzled, “So… I wasn’t the one who went to recuperate?”

Song Wanying’s voice was both angry and amused, “Your illness was caused by your own death-seeking behavior when you were six years old, you know? You refused to stay in your own room on a stormy day, ran to the side of the island, and almost drowned to death. You were in a coma for so long that you almost scared the whole family to death.”

Song Yu: “……”

What the hell! This was a bit different from the plot in his dream. So this meant that before he turned six, he’d still been in good health?

But how come he remembered that in <Gentle Control>, Song Yu’s illness was innate?

Song Yu soon recovered from his shock and shook his head. How many details would he be able to remember about a cannon fodder character in a novel that only appeared for a few chapters? Even the author had been too lazy to make up a name for his sickness.

It was probably an illness that had occured after he’d fallen into the water when he was six years old.

…… He was really silly and stupid to take a dream seriously.

Song Wanying’s attention didn’t remain on this topic. She joked, “How can you not have any reward for doing so well in the exams? Yuyu, do you like Wang Houxiong more, or Xue Jinxing1Wang Houxiong & Xue Jinxing – major characters in Chinese education?”

Song Yu was very cold and aloof, “I don’t like any of them.”

Song Wanying tried to tempt him, “They can take you to the peak of learning.”

Song Yu sneered, “No need, my deskmate is enough. It’s better to like Xie Sui than to like them.”

Song Wanying: “……”

After hanging up the phone, Song Yu sat cross-legged on the bed, his expression serious.


He yelled into the empty air for a long time, but there was no response in the room.

Three months ago, the system had said that it had to go back to report to the Lord God, but there hadn’t been any news of it since then.

Song Yu was speechless, wondering if the Lord God had found it too reliable and had directly destroyed it.

The corners of his lips pulled down and he leaned back. Song Yu’s light-colored pupils were filled with depression and confusion.

008 had pulled him into the book and wanted him to complete the plot that would take place five years later, but the plot that would occur five years later was probably completely off-track.

If Xie Sui didn’t encounter those scum men, then he wouldn’t blacken and wouldn’t require any sort of explanation.

There was already no need for his existence.

Speaking of which, he still felt that the existence of this childhood friend ‘Song Yu’ in the original novel was a role that was forcibly added in just for the sake of maintaining Xie Sui’s good nature.

Song Yu had stopped reading the novel once he got to the forced imprisonment. However, <Gentle Control> was marked with the ‘sadistic love’ tag, which meant that there had to be ‘love’ and a ‘relationship’. Therefore, it was highly probable that Xie Sui, who’d kept his good nature, would forgive these people? And have a happy ending with a certain scum man?

Was the counter-killing just a hope from his dream?


When his thoughts came to this point, Song Yu abruptly sat up in anger!

His chest felt like it was being weighed down by a stone, and his temples throbbed. He got up and poured himself a glass of water.

It had already been so long, but the plot from that stupid novel was still able to disgust him again and again. When he thought about his own role, he was clearly here to promote the development of the plot.

Song Yu poured himself another glass of water.

—Like hell was he going to persuade Xie Sui!

—If he was going to advise him about anything, it would be that Xie Sui shouldn’t put down the past and should directly kill that group of scum!

Besides, he’d always been curious… Why was it that when Song Yu told the protagonist that ‘your mother loves you very much, don’t hate her’, and other such words, it had instantly made Xie Sui realize a bunch of things and even set down his hatred?

It was too far-fetched. Xie Sui didn’t hate his mother.

… Forget it, <Gentle Control> had no logic.

After drinking three glasses of water, Song Yu calmed down and went back to lie down on the bed. He clicked open QQ and found that Ma Xiaoding had sent over a link to join a group called ‘Our Class Is A Happy Family’.

Song Yu: “……”

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Brother Yu, join the class group. Everyone is talking about Friday night. Come quickly, come quickly [happy panda holding a pinwheel.jpg] ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: It wasn’t easy for us to get a team activity. We can’t just go to a KTV and sing, we have to prepare for poker and hide some beer ]

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: . ]

Song Yu didn’t want to enter this middle-aged and elderly styled group for the time being.

There was something else weighing on his heart right now. It left him feeling especially choked and panicked, so he could only go and poke Xie Sui.

[ Song Yu: Do you remember the things that happened when you were a child? ]

The other side replied very quickly.

[ Xie Sui: Why ask about this? ]

Song Yu felt a little guilty.

[ Song Yu: … Nothing, I just wanted to ask. ]

Xie Sui’s finger tapped against the screen. He wondered if Song Yu was thinking about what had happened when they were five years old.

It was just, how could Song Yu remember something that even he didn’t remember?

… That wasn’t right.

As sharp as he was, he almost instantly caught on to that trace of strangeness.

A trace of coldness flashed across Xie Sui’s eyes. He leaned back against the bed with a chilly expression on his face, his eyes dark.

Five years old…

He knew that he and Song Yu knew each other from before.

However, the experience of knowing each other was very vague.

He hadn’t cared about it before, so he hadn’t thought about it in detail.

Now, he had a sense that his memory had been tampered with.

Was it the price of rebirth?

He didn’t believe it.

Xie Sui dropped his gaze and replied to Song Yu.

[ Xie Sui: I don’t remember ]

[ Xie Sui: Do you want to tell me about your childhood? ]

When Song Yu saw his ‘I don’t remember’, he felt both relieved and a little lost.

[ Song Yu: No, in fact, I don’t remember either. ]

[ Song Yu: The thought just hit me, so I asked ]

[ Song Yu: You know how much I like to find random topics to talk about when I’m bored and idle, hahahaha ]

The more he explained, the more it was like a cover-up. His words were full of holes.

Xie Sui chuckled, but he’d always been very patient with Song Yu and wouldn’t force him.

He changed the subject very naturally.

[ Xie Sui: You’re not sleeping yet? ]

[ Song Yu: It’s still early. I wanted to play around a bit after the exams ]

[ Xie Sui: It’s not early anymore. Sleeping late and getting up late is bad for your body ]

[ Xie Sui: Go sleep ]

Song Yu was lying back on the bed, holding up his cell phone with both hands as he typed.

[ Song Yu: … When you act like this, you’re just like my dad. No, wait, my dad has a very hot temper. It should be more like my mom. In any case, it’s like my family. ]

Xie Sui replied.

[ What does your family usually call you? ]

Song Yu thought about it but was too embarrassed to share his childhood nickname with his friends and shook his head.

[ Song Yu: They just call me Song Yu ]

The other side was very straightforward.

[ Xie Sui: You’re lying ]

Song Yu was shocked.

[ …………. ]

[ ???? ]

[ How could you tell. ]

[ Xie Sui: I’ve been to your house. Your grandma called you… ]

[ Xie Sui: Yuyu ]


Song Yu’s hands weren’t steady and his cell phone dropped and smacked him in the face.


He sat up in pain. He felt embarrassed, angry, and depressed all at the same time and wiped a hand over his face—how could his grandma shout out his nickname so casually in front of others!

[ Song Yu: … You heard wrong. Forget about it. ]

[ Song Yu: Don’t use it, don’t be shameless! ]

Xie Sui started laughing, and the coldness in his eyes gently melted away.

[ Xie Sui: Didn’t you say that I’m like your family? In that case, I’ll be more like them ]

[ Xie Sui: Yuyu, be good, go sleep, goodnight ]

Song Yu: “……”

He was so angry that his face was about to burn to death!

Dammit dammit dammit!

What else could he do?!

He was in a state of flustered anger as he typed.

[ Song Yu: Sleeping sleeping sleeping sleeping! ]

[ Song Yu: Goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight! ]

Shut up, you!

After exiting the chat interface with Xie Sui, Song Yu’s heart was a mess. How could he sleep? He stared at the ceiling for a long time, breathing deeply, then clicked into the group link that Ma Xiaoding had sent him.

“Our Class Is A Happy Family”.

The conversation inside the group was enthusiastic and the screen was swiping by quickly, so very few people noticed when Song Yu joined the group.

He skimmed through the previous chat records.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: qwq Brother Yu won’t come, he feels that the name we came up with doesn’t sound good ]

[ Lights Are As Bright As Ever: ??? Is Brother Yu so cool? But, speaking of which, who came up with the name? It’s so backwards, it makes me want to beat people up, too ╯^╰ ]

[ Matcha Milk Without Ice: If Brother Yu doesn’t come, we can gossip about him behind his back [comical face] ]

[ Scholar Bowen: … What ]

[ Han Sheng: You guys must be itching for a beating. What’s there to gossip about? He’s just good at fighting and handsome and fierce at scolding people and even has good grades, right? As a man, I already can’t maintain any jealousy for him. Brother Yu is badass ]

[ Autumn Water, Endless Skies: Those are the key points that you boys can see. As for us, we all sigh when we gossip about why Brother Yu is able to have a perfect deskmate like God Xie at fifteen years old. ]

[ Sharp Edge: Yeah!! He’s even able to harvest God Xie’s love and gentleness, wuwuwuwu, this beautiful friendship makes me want to cry ]

That last female student simply sent out a whole row of lemons and filled up the whole screen.

[ It’s Wanwan: He has a learning god to help him study and buy him cakes in Senior One, but I have nothing in my Senior One year wuwuwuwu ]

At this time, a familiar ID appeared.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: Oh? ]

[ …… ] The people in Our Class Is A Happy Family were unable to be happy for a moment.

This ID?

Ma Xiaoding, didn’t you say that Brother Yu hadn’t joined the group?!

[ It’s Wanwan: …… Brother Yu?? ]

Song Yu looked at their description of the situation.

He didn’t feel particularly good about it.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: What do you mean by this? ]

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: Do you think I’m taking advantage of Xie Sui? ]


[ It’s Wanwan: That’s not it wuwuwuwu Brother Yu, that’s not it wuwuwuwu, don’t misunderstand ]

We just feel that it’s right and proper for God Xie to spoil his wife!!

Song Yu chuckled sarcastically.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: Am I inferior to him? ]

Wanwan was going to cry.

[ It’s Wanwan: No, no, no! You’re the national husband! You’re more popular than God Xie! You’re every girl’s dream lover! ]

Song Yu had ended up hitting a wall with Xie Sui and smacked himself in the face with his cell phone, so he hadn’t been in a good mood. Now he felt a little more comfortable, and the corners of his lips curved up slightly.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: So there’s no need to be jealous. ]

[ It’s Wanwan: Ah? ] Confused.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: It’s very enviable to have a school grass deskmate at fifteen years old. But you’re able to be in the same group as me at a young age, so you’re not losing out either. ]

The whole class: … After studying hard for such a long time, they’d almost forgotten that Brother Yu had originally been a master troll.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: Isn’t that so, little sister? ]

Little sister: TAT

[ It’s Wanwan: Yes yes yes yes yes yes! Heavens, how could I be so lucky qaq! I’m so amazing at such a young age! But I was actually ignorant to my blessings before and didn’t understand I was wrong Brother Yu let me off please! ]

Butter’s Thoughts:
I just had a revelation.
MX’s user is Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well… but why do I feel like he’s the one digging pits [wells]??

XavierForest’s Thoughts:
RIP It’s Wanwan

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    Wang Houxiong & Xue Jinxing – major characters in Chinese education


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