Chapter 47 – I’m Not Abstinent

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest 

The physics part of the first monthly exam was relatively simple, and there were several dozen people who’d gotten full marks. As a key provincial high school, other than Xie Sui, who was an outlier far ahead of the pack, Jingcheng No.1 High also had a group of over a dozen students who ranked up at the top. Their scores were all close together.

When the class rankings came out, Song Yu’s heart was very satisfied with his spot in 9th place.

He’d originally studied so seriously just to give President Song the impression that he was focusing on his studies.

He’d gotten into the top 100 in the grade and had even gotten two full marks. He’d completed his task perfectly.

That was great.

Ma Xiaoding was so proud that his tail was pointing up to the sky. It was as though he was the one who’d gotten into the top 100 in the grade, “Let’s just say that my Brother Yu is both a school bully and a study god at the same time. His position as the double daddy of Jingcheng No.1 High is solid.”

Xi Bowen, who was 53rd in the grade and 6th in their class, looked at his transcript in shock and felt that his deskmate was really unshakable, “You’re still able to laugh with this? Brother Ma, your grades are the worst out of the four of us: 10th from the bottom. Shouldn’t you reflect on it a little?”

Ma Xiaoding bit down on his lollipop and fell into a daze for a few seconds, then said vaguely, “The exam’s already over. What’s the point in bringing up the results?”

Xi Bowen peeked at Jiang Chunian, who was sitting in her seat in the middle of the class.

She was currently comparing answers with her deskmate. A few strands of hair fell over the side of her face, and the dimple at the corner of her lips was very shallow. He hated iron for not becoming steel, “But the person you like is 30th in the grade and 5th in our class.”

Ma Xiaoding: “……”

The lollipop in his mouth was instantly not sweet anymore qwq.

He splayed out listlessly on the desk.

By this time, Song Yu and Xie Sui had already come back.

Song Yu put a mint in his mouth. The joy he’d shown on his face earlier was already pressed back down as he sat calmly in his seat, looking as though everything was as expected and showing the appearance of a true study god.

Xi Bowen couldn’t continue watching his own deskmate’s sad appearance. He prodded him with his elbow, “I would advise you to ask Brother Yu for some learning methods.”

Ma Xiaoding rolled his eyes, “Brother Yu’s foundation wasn’t bad to start with, okay? He got just a bit short of 800 in A City’s high school entrance examination.”

Xi Bowen: “The difference in difficulty levels for the exams in A City and Jing City isn’t just ‘a bit’. Brother Yu’s improvement has been quite fast, you know.”

Xi Bowen, as a kind-hearted classmate, decided to help get his deskmate on the right track. He spoke into his ear, “Jiang Chunian was fifth in the class! Fifth in the class! Fifth in the class!”

Ma Xiaoding was instantly injected with chicken blood. He got up from the desk, picked up a pen, and poked Song Yu in the back.

“Brother Yu, Brother Yu, Brother Yu, Brother Yu.”

He was like a noise machine.

Song Yu was in a good mood due to happy events. He bit at his candy and turned back to look at him, “What?”

Ma Xiaoding wanted to learn for the sake of love, “Brother Yu, how about teaching me how to learn? Your full marks for math and physics are too awesome.”

Song Yu felt rather embarrassed, “I was lucky for those two. The last big question in math was a question that Xie Sui had pointed out for me, and even the answer was the same. I was also very familiar with the other knowledge points. The scope of the examination is limited, and there’s also a limit to the types of questions. It has to be said that the questions Xie Sui pulled out for me were very accurate. The exam questions were basically all similar and didn’t deviate too much.”

The more he said, the more touched he was. Song Yu took a mint from his own pocket and handed it to Xie Sui in a show of flattery, “Thank you, my dear deskmate.”

Xie Sui didn’t like sweets before, but he began to try mints ever since he met Song Yu.

He smiled slightly and accepted the pale blue candy, “Don’t be so mushy.”

You can get rid of the word ‘deskmate’.

Ma Xiaoding: “……”

He asked Xie Sui bitterly, “God Xie! Can you point out the key areas for me next time?”

Xie Sui was tearing open the candy wrapper, “The key points I gave Song Yu aren’t necessarily applicable to you.”

Ma Xiaoding was shameless for the sake of love, “They’re applicable, They’re applicable.”

Song Yu sneered at him, “Like hell it’s applicable. You sleep during class and go to the Internet Cafe after class. How about studying properly for a week first.”

Ma Xiaoding: qwq

The class bell rang. 

The next class was math class. Their math teacher directly put the answers to the exam up on a PPT, held up the microphone and happily said, “This time, only four people in the grade obtained full marks, two of which are students from our class. Here, we should pay special attention to Xie Sui and Song Yu. The last functions problem was a bit beyond the class outline, and the second small question was the most difficult one—infinity minus infinity, which uses l’Hôpital’s Rule that you haven’t yet learned. Even Senior Three students might not necessarily be able to answer this question, but both of them did, and the way they answered it was as alike as two peas.”

As soon as his words came out, the whole class was stunned for a few seconds before laughing loudly and egging him on.

The math teacher continued, “The other two people got full marks because their math teacher was the one who made the test. Teacher Zhang had spoken about similar questions before, but only two of his students managed to answer them, which shows that the two students in our class are really outstanding. Well then, let’s not talk about it anymore. Everyone should compare their answers with the PPT. I’ll pick out a few questions to explain later.”

Jiang Chunian snuck frequent glances in Song Yu’s direction, unable to suppress the smile at the corners of her lips.

Her deskmate tugged on her ponytail, “Have you seen enough? It’s time to compare answers.”

“I know.” Jiang Chunian still had a smile on her lips as she picked up a red pen and looked at the PPT. For the last question on her own answer sheet, she wrote down the two phrases ‘l’Hôpital’s Rule’, and ‘Lagrange’s mean value theorem’ in graceful handwriting.

Her deskmate was speechless, “What are you doing?”

Jiang Chunian blinked at her, “Do you know what God Xie said to Brother Yu after I pretended to ask him about the domain of definition last time?”

Her deskmate: “What?”

Jiang Chunian lowered her voice and softly said, “He looked into Brother Yu’s eyes and said, ‘I only answer Lagrange.’ And then Brother Yu was so embarrassed that his face turned red. Tsk, there must be a story there that others don’t know that’s really damned romantic.”

Her deskmate looked shocked, “Oh my, you’re going to get called up by Brother Yu. You’re hovering at the edge of getting beaten up. Can you try not to make trouble for yourself?”

Jiang Chunian thought about it, then sighed and shook her head, “I almost got down on my knees to apologize to Brother Yu that day, but who would’ve thought that Brother Yu would let me off so lightly? The Happy Together CP is real.”

“I don’t know if he continued reading. There’s still a lot of details to be written about pressing him up against the wall for a kiss. These days, nobody’s interested in male leads who don’t love their partners all the way to death and back—they have to block them in the corner for kissing, have reddened eyes, hoarse voices, and be willing to dig out their heart and lungs and give the other party their whole lives.”

Deskmate: “… Damn! How are your results still so good after reading so many love stories?”

Jiang Chunian rolled her eyes at her, “Do you know how hard I work behind the scenes?”

She corrected a question, smiled slightly, and completed what she’d wanted to say on the test sheet, “Lagrange’s commitment, as evidenced by l’Hôpital, is full of mathematical romance.”

“I can add a few more sentences to my copy now.” She propped her chin up with her pen and recited slowly, “Until one day, the students from Jingcheng No.1 High saw their school grass pressing the school bully up against the wall. Xie Sui’s cold eyes were red, and his voice was hoarse, suppressing his unspeakable desire, ‘Song Yu, isn’t it just my life? Take it.’ I’ll just add another line.”

She smiled slightly, held her pen properly, and wrote down every word.

“‘Ever since I met you, the stars in the sky have all been eclipsed. Ever since I kissed you, the long years now hold hope.’”

Her deskmate: “……”

There’s a girl here who’s gone crazy! Can someone come and take her away!!!

Her deskmate gave up and sighed, “You’ll be punished for this.” She was certain of it!

Jiang Chunian just chuckled and tossed aside her pen, “I’m joking. I’m not writing anymore, I’m not writing anymore. Since Brother Yu has discovered it, I should be more circumspect. Playing around is one thing, but life isn’t something to be used as a joke.”

The last class was their class teacher’s. He asked them where they wanted to go for their class activity. In the end, they all decided to go to a KTV1karoke. The time was set for Friday night, and it was on Linqing Street.

The monthly exam was over and the big stone that had been hovering over Song Yu’s heart landed at last. A whole group of people from their class were trying to get him to go, so he agreed to participate.

Since he’d agreed, he naturally asked Xie Sui to go as well.

On the way back to their apartments after the evening self-study session.

Song Yu seemed to inadvertently ask, “When’s your birthday?”

Xie Sui raised his eyebrows and smiled, “You want to give me a present?”

Song Yu choked, “You’re no fun like this.”

Xie Sui: “It’s still early. It seems to be in winter.”

He didn’t celebrate his birthday very often.

Song Yu: “Alright.” He would remember it. The watch he’d asked for from President Song could be put to use.

Song Yu thought back to the whispers from the people around him when he’d looked at the bulletin board earlier that day.

His light-colored pupils also held some doubts as he tilted his head to ask, “Say, are you studying quietly behind my back every night?”

Xie Sui raised his eyebrows again and shook his head, “Why do you ask?”

Song Yu replied, “You’re always sleeping in class. As first place in the grade, you’re really taking it too easy.”

Xie Sui modestly asked, “Oh, what should the first place in the grade be like?”

Song Yu paused and scratched his head, “You should be more serious than I am, at least.”

Xie Sui’s tone was languid, “Then I’d rather take it easy.”

Song Yu raged, “… Are you looking down on diligent, model students like us!”

But even before Xie Sui could answer, he’d already gotten over his anger on his own.

He thought about how Xie Sui had still managed to be first in the grade in the original text despite the environment he was in. Even if he had the protagonist’s aura, it was still really amazing.

Song Yu sighed.

“They call you God Xie. I think that they’re not wrong for calling you that. You’re really like a godly immortal that people can’t figure out, in all kinds of ways.”

Xie Sui felt that this topic was quite interesting, “All kinds of ways?”

Song Yu: “Yeah, I think what they said is reasonable. Your personality, your IQ, and there’s all kinds of mystery and unknowns, but I know that you’re a very good person all the way down to your bones.”

Xie Sui laughed lightly, “That’s too exaggerated.”

Song Yu: “Ah?”

Xie Sui thought about his previous life and those rumors about him in A City that he’d never cared about.

But now, when he listened to Song Yu talking about it, he suddenly found it a little interesting.

“What do other people say about me?”

Song Yu’s mind went back to the thread he’d seen yesterday. After a strange silence, he began to piece it together for him, “They say you have a very high IQ, a mysterious family background, aren’t close to people, and are aloof and cold and abstinent. Like a kaolin flower that can’t be picked.”

Speaking of this made him curious, too. Regarding his family background, how had they guessed that?

Xie Sui quietly laughed out loud. It sounded especially good.

After he’d laughed enough, he analyzed it bit by bit. His voice was light, “My IQ isn’t that high; being gifted with an extraordinarily retentive memory is something I was born with. I’m not clear about my own family background. As for not being close to people, that’s a personality trait. And finally—”

He smiled slightly and looked at Song Yu. His voice was clean and cold, but the sound was low and deep.

“Actually, I’m not abstinent.”

Song Yu stared into his eyes, slightly stunned.

Xie Sui bowed his head a little. Their gazes were opposite each other, and there was only the other party in their eyes. Dark and deep, like a river of stars.

Moonlight flowed over his cool features.

The curve of his lips was gentle, and his smile also held a touch of truth.

Xie Sui said, “What they pass on is false. If you want to know me, you don’t have to go up to the high mountains to pick the kaolin flower. I’ll come to your side on my own.”

Song Yu’s mouth opened and closed. He felt that his heart was beating a little fast, but he didn’t know why.

His face felt slightly hot. He stepped back, his brain a mess. He awkwardly said, “N-n-n-no need. You’d better stay planted on the mountain. I can’t support you.”

Xie Sui was already very satisfied with being able to push him to this step. Song Yu had begun to blush, and it wasn’t because of anger. They’d made great progress.

He stood up straight and chuckled, “I’ll support you, then.”

Butter’s Thoughts:
XS: Actually, I’m not abstinent.
SY: ???
-one day, after a bout of exercise-
XS: See, I’m not abstinent
SY: QAQ My waist

XavierForest’s Thoughts:
I see Xie Sui’s plan to boil the frog is going well.
This frog is dense as heck tho…

xiin: the Song Yu frog is slowly warming up~

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