Chapter 46 – Results

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Six full stops and ‘speechless’ in capital letters. This was Song Yu’s current mood.

After reading the book <Gentle Control>, he certainly wasn’t clueless about the affairs between men. It was just that he’d never thought that the simple friendship between him and Xie Sui would be distorted into this kind of thing.

The CP thread was filled with explosive activity for a while.

The crowd went from disbelief to schadenfreude, and, after laughing about it, they all started to call out to Song Yu directly in the dedicated thread.

[ Brother Yu, welcome, rare guest! ]

[ How were the exams, darling? Do you know, we’ve all been worried to death about your results during this period of time qaq ]

[ We’re worried that you and God Xie will be at the very top and bottom of the list, that would be too cruel ]

[ How were the exams, Brother Yu! Don’t end up too far away from God Xie on the list! ]

Song Yu, as the person involved, felt nothing after being speechless. After all, he knew that he was straight1he knew that he was straight – xiin: uh huh, this is going to slap you in the face… and wasn’t afraid of shadows.

He dropped his gaze and casually scrolled through the thread, his attention immediately diverted when he saw someone asking him about his grades.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: They were alright. ]

He’d changed the topic so quickly that it made the all worried group of girls in the thread exhale a long breath of relief.

They once again came in with a lot of enthusiasm after the embarrassment passed, especially towards Song Yu’s exam results.

After all, in the past few days, just the discussion around his exam results alone had already stirred up an endless bloody rain on the forums.

Those who’d previously been waiting to see him mess up were all praying to Buddha and lighting incense for him, and the whole forum was nervous and excited, praying that he would get good results in the exams. Only one person had achieved this in the whole history of No.1 High.

[ Can Brother Yu make it into the top 100? ]

[ I heard that God Xie gave you one-on-one tutoring. It definitely won’t be a problem, right? Brother Yu ]

[ Don’t let God Xie down ]

Song Yu was in a good mood after the exams, and the night was gentle. He frowned slightly and replied.

[ I won’t let him down ]

These words of his were completely different from his previous style of speech. Countless girls froze for a moment, then they smiled like blooming flowers in front of their cell phones.

[ … You’re too good ]

[ Alright, we believe you won’t let him down ]

[ After entering the top 100, we’ll set up a banner for God Xie—praising him for saving lives ]

[ Hahahahahaha ]

Song Yu’s lips curved and he began to laugh.

He still remembered that when he first entered this forum, he’d thought that Xie Sui’s life should’ve been just like this. Bright, lively, popular.

And now?

It could be considered half done. Although Xie Sui didn’t communicate much with others, he’d received a lot of kindness.

Song Yu put his cell phone to the side, closed his eyes, and went to sleep.

It was just that this time—

He had another dream about Xie Sui.

With the two previous dreams paving the way, Song Yu was quite calm this time.

There was a follow-up to the previous party.

The endless night, drizzling rain.

The man stepping down from the car was tall and wearing a black suit, his temperament cold. His hair was a little long, and he wore an exquisite watch on his wrist.

From beside him, another man took a step forward and opened up a black umbrella for him.

The man walked steadily up the steps.

Those red roses in the manor garden wound around the carved iron gate and the fine rain had dampened the lawn.

The night was dark, and the rain was misty.

The man’s cold face could be seen under the umbrella. His lips were pursed into a fine line, blending in with the indifference and alienation of his temperament.

“Handsome, right?”

The environment in a certain bedroom on the third floor was different from the noisy main hall. It was quiet and cold, and one could see the garden from the window.

The person who’d spoken was a woman in a nude-colored dress, her black hair curled like glossy seaweed. She was gorgeously dressed up, but her hands were very heedless of her image as she stuffed potato chips into her mouth.

She spoke while eating, “That fellow was accepted back into the Xie Family a few years ago. He’s young, but he’s already started taking over the Xie Family from his father. He’s really powerful.”

Standing beside her was a young man. He shifted his gaze away and calmly said, “He’s handsome, but what does that have to do with you?”

The woman muttered, “How can it have nothing to do with me? Maybe I’ll fall in love with him at first sight and, with a moment of carelessness, he might even become your brother-in-law.”

The young man laughed, “That would really be too careless.”

“… Do you want to get beaten up!”

“Wake up, you’re older than him.”

“Age isn’t a problem.”

“Still, he doesn’t look like someone who would like your type.”

“Where did you get that conclusion from?”

“A man’s intuition.”

“You’ve never even been in love. What kind of intuition can you have.”

“But I understand him.” The youth curved his lips and chuckled. His skin was very pale, and his pupils were very light. His whole body seemed to have a fragile, crystal-like feeling, but his eyes held a smile, “Speaking of which, I should have seen him before as a child, but he probably doesn’t remember.”

“You’ve seen him before?”

“Yes, when I was five years old. Mom took me to the manor outside the city to recuperate, and it just so happened that Aunt Xu was also living nearby, so we played together for a period of time.”

“Aunt Xu…” The woman muttered lightly, then sighed almost imperceptibly, “She was probably having disputes with both the Xu Family and the Xie Family at the time.”

She shook her head and stopped mentioning the past.

“In that case, you guys should be considered fated. Why don’t you change your clothes in a bit and go down to talk about the old days?”

The youth smiled, “Forget it. Just because I remember doesn’t mean that the other party will. Also, he wasn’t like this when he was a child.”

“Not like this? What was he like?”

“I don’t want to talk about it, but you should listen to me. Don’t go and make trouble for yourself. He’s not interested in a woman with a rich history in love like you.”

“…. Ahahahaha, my little brother is being so considerate of me that it’s making me a little embarrassed.”

The young man looked at her and said understandingly, “It’s okay, you should feel embarrassed about this.”

“Song Yu!”

The woman pretended to get angry and yelled at him, but it wasn’t long before she couldn’t help laughing again. She got up, her pale fingers lightly poking the youth’s forehead, “I insist on trying. Just watch and see if I can get his contact information! Hmph!”

At the end of the dream, it was him watching her back figure as she left, the corner of his lips pursing helplessly.

The next day, Song Yu woke up and rubbed at his brow, his mood low. What the hell was that? Was the system perfecting the plot of the book for him?

Was it afraid that he would forget about it and be unable to act out the details, so it showed him more from Song Yu’s perspective?

In that case, it was no wonder that Xie Sui would show up every time he had this kind of dream.

During their self-study session in the classroom, Song Yu propped up his English book in front of him and tilted his head to glance at Xie Sui from time to time.

The embodiment of a learning god, Xie Sui, was sleeping.

Compared with the man he’d caught a glimpse of in his dream, the younger version of him had slightly immature features, and the sense of danger he gave off was reduced, especially when he was asleep. His eyelashes were black and long, the bridge of his nose was high, and his features were delicate and cool, his lips thin and tightly pressed together.

Song Yu’s thoughts drifted and he started to think back to the problem from his dreams.

From ‘Song Yu’ and ‘Song Wanying’s dialogue in his dreams, in the end, what kind of girl did Xie Sui like?

He was really idle and bored, so he stared at Xie Sui’s face as he thought about this question for a long time. When it came to Xie Sui, he probably liked the gentle and pure type? He liked this type, too. It was best if she showed two dimples when she smiled, wasn’t very strong, and liked to act coquettish.

As he thought about it—

Song Yu and Xie Sui’s gazes met.

Xie Sui’s pupils were dark and deep. He quietly looked at him.

Song Yu was embarrassed for a moment and tried to salvage the situation, “You’re awake.”

Xie Sui pushed himself up from the desk and laughed, his voice a little hoarse, “How can I keep sleeping with you looking at me like that?”

Song Yu: “…… Hey, I was idle and bored, so I was helping you count your eyelashes.”

Xie Sui tilted his head, “How many are there?”

Song Yu: “I was scared into losing count after seeing you wake up.”

Xie Sui’s lips curved briefly. He didn’t expose him and opened up his English book, flipping though until he reached the class content.

The itch in Song Yu’s heart was hard to suppress. He asked directly, “Xie Sui, do you have a girl you like?”

Xie Sui’s line of sight fell on the first line of English text. He lightly responded, “Why are you asking about this.”

Song Yu: “Curious! In the spirit of reciprocity, I’ll tell you first; my type of girl is gentle, good-looking, kind, and it’s best if they know how to act coquettish.”

Xie Sui hadn’t yet replied—

Ma Xiaoding had sharp hearing and had heard everything clearly. He chattered, “Brother Yu. Your answer isn’t like an answer at all. It’s a typical straight man’s perfunctory answer. Why don’t you say that you like sisters with blonde hair? Boys all like blonde-haired little sisters.”

Song Yu looked back, “Shut up!”

Ma Xiaoding: “……”

He made a zipping motion over his mouth.

Xie Sui smiled and repeated, “Gentle, good-looking, kind, and likes to act coquettish, eh?”

Song Yu listened carefully, confirmed that it was right, then nodded, “That’s right.”

Xie Sui’s tone was very light, “What a coincidence. We have some overlap. I like the kind, lovely, and smart type.”

It was true that throwing bricks would lead to getting bricks back.

Song Yu rolled his eyes, “That’s too perfunctory.”

Xie Sui glanced at him, “I’m serious.”

Song Yu: “I’m serious, too!”

Teacher Cheng came in before they could finish their argument. After setting his thermos down on the platform, Teacher Cheng showed an expression full of complacency, unable to stop his smile from rising up on his shining face.

“Boys and girls, I have good news for you.”

“This is your first monthly exam in high school, and the grading group takes it very seriously. Everyone is eager to know the results, so the teachers worked overtime to finish marking the papers yesterday so that you could obtain the results today. The bulletin board with your grades should’ve already been put up by now.”

“I haven’t looked closely at the results for everyone in the class, but our class average is number one in the grade, which can’t be separated from everyone’s hard work during this period. The whole class is worthy of praise; let’s give ourselves a little applause first.”

Teacher Cheng took the lead in clapping.

The class of students who’d been shocked by the news about their grades could only clap along.

Clap, clap, clap.

Teacher Cheng was in high spirits, “Class monitor, make a class group later. You can pull everyone into the group to discuss what class activity you want to have.”

He said it out loud! The students’ eyes all grew bright!

The whole class was suddenly boiling with excitement, and the applause grew much more enthusiastic compared to how it’d been just now!

Song Yu’s thoughts were all focused on the fact that the results were out. He was absent-minded during the whole class, and when it was almost over, he took out the coin from yesterday and began to flip it in secret. Heads was good, tails was bad.

The end of class bell rang.

He opened his hand.


“Go, go, go!”

Song Yu pulled Xie Sui with him and ran out—with such good luck, he might actually have gotten into the top ten in the grade.

The bulletin board was at the base of the teaching building. There was currently a group of people surrounding it, but everyone consciously made way after seeing them.

Xie Sui was calm and leisurely as he walked behind him. He wanted to see Song Yu’s results more than he wanted to see his own.

Song Yu stood under the bulletin board and looked up. The one in first place was indeed Xie Sui.

The full score was 750. He’d gotten 748.

There were hisses and whispers all around them.

“God Xie really lives up to his reputation.”

“Is this a score that normal people can get?”

He’d gotten full marks for every subject other than Chinese.

Xie Sui was much calmer than the people beside him. With the protagonist’s aura, people had no choice but to be convinced of his strength.

Xie Sui didn’t care about his own grades. He stood beside Song Yu and asked, “Do you see yourself yet?”

Song Yu had started looking from the hundredth place, his voice a little hollow, “No.” He was going up one line at a time and was a little nervous.

Xie Sui smiled, “I’ve already found it.”

Song Yu: “Mm.”

Xie Sui extended his hand and pointed to the first line of the second column, the name right next to his own.


Song Yu lifted his head. He looked at it for a long time as the persistent worries at the tip of his heart settled down. When he smiled, his pure and clear eyes were even brighter than the morning light.

[ Spread the happy news! Brother Yu is 81st in the grade! ]

Main post: Oh my god, he’s really amazing. He was in the top 100 in the grade in Jingcheng No.1 High! He really is a study god! Full marks for math and physics! Shit! Can’t win against him in cursing, can’t win against him in academic results, and you can’t win against him in a fight. I’m going to close myself up.

1L: Ahhhhhhh I’m so excited that I decided to ask my mom to add dishes for dinner tonight. Kill the chickens and ducks, slaughter the pigs and cattle.

2L: Are the haters slapping themselves in the faces?! Come out to get scolded!

3L: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, previous poster, Brother Yu’s monthly exams aren’t a face-slapping, feel-good story, they’re a once-in-a-century disaster. I think even the haters are going crazy with joy.


15L: Brother Yu did so well in the exams thanks to God Xie’s hard work. Of course, all the students in Class One, me included, didn’t go and disturb him either.

16L: That’s reasonable. So, I’m going to send out 500 to Class One as a reward.

If you’re not satisfied, I’ll add 100. If you’re satisfied, then pretend I didn’t say anything.

17L: The students from Class One: ????

18L: Hahahahaha, you’re talking about sugar, right.

Wuwuwu Brother Yu and God Xie are right next to each other in the rankings. Oh man, what kind of destiny is this? I’ll always be standing in the place nearest to you, right from the first day when we started as deskmates.

19L: Whew. This damned monthly exam is finally over!

Butter’s Thoughts:
Study God Brother Yu confirmed

XavierForest’s Thoughts:
Xie Sui could be Yuyu’s private tutor from now on huehuehue
Also, did Yuyu really just ask the MC of BL novel (Gentle Control) if there was a girl he liked??? When he knows that Xie Sui is gay???

xiin: maybe he thinks XS was forced into it?

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    he knew that he was straight – xiin: uh huh, this is going to slap you in the face…


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